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Introducing Microsoft Surface Hub 2

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Turn any space into a teamwork space. Built for teams to work seamlessly together wherever they are, it scales and adapts to any space. Say hello to Surface Hub 2. Read the announcement: http://bit.ly/2DqY54s
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Text Comments (1687)
Vishnu aranmula (16 hours ago)
I want this one
braddy allans (1 day ago)
lo amo
Opheos Media (2 days ago)
They need best minds to gather and think of how the screen can be used without the feel of wasted money
Adam Apple (3 days ago)
$5000 for a giant tablet, which is kinda like a tv, no additional features: ok! $1000 for a phone with face recognition, almost all covered screen, and good cameras:so expensive! I’m not buying it.
manco82 (11 hours ago)
One is for businesses and the other for consumers. Yet you think it's valid to compare them.
Tony G (3 days ago)
We are turning into robots. I really don't see how all these smart devices is good for people in the long run. Not that corporations care since they just wanna make money, but still.
Zim O.E (4 days ago)
Microsoft is cool again. And thank the editor for not using any of those cheesy tech ad music.
Mohamed Abdelazez (4 days ago)
*A* *W* *E* *S* *O* *M* *E* .
Microsoft Surface (3 days ago)
We love your excitement!
Nobil (4 days ago)
Vector (4 days ago)
Microsoft Surface 2021 will be Battle Royale
Ted Hawk (4 days ago)
“I love this computer”...”I could stand here and watch it all day”
Krushnaal Pai (5 days ago)
Everything was going good until 1:55 where I lmaoed
apdroid geek (5 days ago)
when you bought one of these just so you can have it as a picture frame
吴旻睿 (6 days ago)
I have to buy one and hang it on my wall just for a wallpaper or a print
Obsidian (6 days ago)
This looks like future
David Bryant (7 days ago)
1:30 loving the ff7 music :-)
김원준 (7 days ago)
Only if they were transparent when not in use. Real life Windows.
sergiomarchelli (7 days ago)
and the screen must be extra glossy and reflective.
wedwal wedwal (8 days ago)
i love it
wedwal wedwal (8 days ago)
Microsoft Surface (7 days ago)
Thanks for the love!
E (8 days ago)
so, a small tv ? LOL
N8 Mare (9 days ago)
I'm getting 5 and creating my own view of the balcony. Better than seeing the building next door.
Montpbm Crawford (9 days ago)
Say what you want about Microsoft haters, but at the end of the day they are the only company innovating and making great looking devices that are amazing every year.
Microsoft Surface (7 days ago)
Thanks for the kind words!
yummy냠 (9 days ago)
This is looks like before microsoft made future video since 2010.
Benjamin Valerio (9 days ago)
And i thought my surface pro was nice😒 thanks for throwing that out the window.
Sitty M (10 days ago)
Sabvachi Leng (10 days ago)
This is all for em busines folks ain't it
Prince Blake (10 days ago)
Looks amazing. don't know WTF I'd use it for though
Carlos Rainha (10 days ago)
All yours for the small amout of 20 000 dolares, or if you want it with the pen, 25 000. Good to help Small Medium Companies look like they are in the business. Don't believe, grab your hard earned cash, sell half of your company and house, and buy the Microsoft Hub 2, and you'll see, in no time, it's gonna replace even your wife. (Now with the Special Gold Premium More Than Limited Edition, in yellow coulour, (not gold), and with diamonds ( just a bit of plastic), for more 10 000 dolares. No pen included.)
manco82 (11 hours ago)
Oh let me guess, you're an Apple fan.
MOHAMED DHOUIB (10 days ago)
Jan k (10 days ago)
But does IT run Minecraft
1- Up THAI (10 days ago)
Omfg Microsoft replied to my comment
1- Up THAI (10 days ago)
Looks like the future
1- Up THAI (10 days ago)
Microsoft Surface Thanks for the reply
Microsoft Surface (10 days ago)
Thanks for the support!
Sergey Stepanov (11 days ago)
Mohamed Gamal (11 days ago)
Can I run Microsoft whiteboard on it. OPTIONAL!
a god (11 days ago)
Only at the minor price of $8000 probably lol
TheVideoMaker 1234 (12 days ago)
The video was originally released on May 16 or May 17 of 2018. This is a reupload!
Klumsy Kameleon (12 days ago)
Should be used in schools
Panji Anom (13 days ago)
AbdUllah Sameh (13 days ago)
i think touch screen will be good this hub will be expensive
Gustavo Marra (13 days ago)
I want one!! Where i can buy one ?
LoGnomo (13 days ago)
Crysis run?
Revulsion OK (14 days ago)
Thats crazy cool
Revulsion OK (11 days ago)
Microsoft Surface not a fan of the price to spec though.. too expensive.. can’t afford
Microsoft Surface (13 days ago)
We appreciate you being a fan!
Charanyan Sriram (14 days ago)
People need to understand that this isn’t really meant for the average user. It’s cool and all but most likely it is orientated around businesses or maybe rich schools based on the price and features. It looks cool though and would love to use one
Prizzy (14 days ago)
Is funny how ads here always put black and asian peoples in focus because the dont wanna be racist. Im in southeast Asian right now and when i make tv on you see never a black or a west looking person in a Ad.
Eric VT (14 days ago)
Imagine 5 blue screen of deaths
Spoodle Productions (14 days ago)
Is this gonna replace the Smart Board as the most expensive thing schools have and don't use?
Adam Tran (15 days ago)
When are they going to make make hologram tables
¿ (15 days ago)
If I could, I would cover my whole living room wall with this...
Mihail Georgescu (15 days ago)
snuzelbufsnk (15 days ago)
this is the future giant screens with cameras
Reed Cunningham (15 days ago)
The future has come to fruition!
Tai Lopez will need it !!
Lenny Just Lenny (15 days ago)
sooo cool. let me see how much this costs...OOOHHHH MYYYY GOOODDDDD!!
King (15 days ago)
Amazing. But one for everyone obviously, high class architects may be
Eren (15 days ago)
Is dat Westworld new season trailer?
Levi Ackerman (15 days ago)
Now available for the price of your soul and firstborn.
Khalid Abdi (15 days ago)
Though they re-uploaded this video, but why don't Apple these kinds of products???????
AiguilleVoodoo (15 days ago)
Min H. OO (15 days ago)
Weesy (16 days ago)
Low fps will look great on it
Benjamyn Hazelton (16 days ago)
Is this bloody real!!?!?
Model n. LK-7T2 (16 days ago)
I just want to check my email.
TeddyLeppard (16 days ago)
I'm willing to bet it does not work as smoothly as portrayed in actual use. Leo Laporte (of the TWiT Network podcasts) has one that regularly crashes.
I would love to have a live wallpaper on my wall. It will look like a piece of art lol.
Kojets Kojets (16 days ago)
Vitor YAAAS (16 days ago)
Nice, but does it run league?
Ruthwik Rao (16 days ago)
The people whom this is meant for and can afford this are too busy at work to be watching this ad.
Leena Sfar (16 days ago)
Another one? Huh. y'all never seem to run out of money 🤔
locant23 (16 days ago)
People do buy these I assure you.
Doctor Whom (16 days ago)
iPhones now - no headphone jack Microsoft whiteboard that has rare use - Has headphone jack.
ActionTV (16 days ago)
iPad plus
Sachin Chadha (16 days ago)
Introducing Wall-E
DikoMan (16 days ago)
I can see the idiot CIO from my last company replacing all conference room 80” TV’s with these... just because they are cool and the owners don’t understand a thing...
bigdud (16 days ago)
is this just a touchscreen tv?
Musyabbir Haqim (16 days ago)
Man always amaze me that we live in this era, truly living in the future
AtrumNoxProductions (16 days ago)
But can it run Doom?
George Mccullen (16 days ago)
Kurt Schwoerer (16 days ago)
can I get one for personal use? XD
Anonymus Anonymus (16 days ago)
Isaac newton discovered gravity force stuff as he sat under a Microsoft tree and a windows flag fell onto his head. APPLE IS TRYING TO FAKE HISTORY XD
Cypher NX (16 days ago)
That girl is supa cute!
Wow , this is when microsoft combines apple design and morphs into a BEAST
manco82 (11 hours ago)
Yeah Steve Jobs ghost designed this.
Trym Braathen (17 days ago)
This is so cool, but I don't think that many people actually need it
Grey Tech Guy (17 days ago)
The wave
Grey Tech Guy (17 days ago)
Lol Microsoft used and old Apple iPhone background in iOS 6 😂😂😂
Mařtin Nedvěd (17 days ago)
Little Fanz (17 days ago)
Is this the new IPhone XX
john tran (17 days ago)
Lol if thats how big it is then it would cost a small fortune
Machuka Tv (17 days ago)
Woooow i love it👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🔥🔥 please make sure to make it a durable screen! (Kids in the house)
Shanty Town (17 days ago)
Next year it’ll be surf pro, enjoy your office work while you carve out waves on your surf pro, batteries not included
popcorn pop (17 days ago)
i would say take my money if it wasnt full of lint
Desolo Zantas (17 days ago)
I wish the made a Monitor like this
Awesome Face (17 days ago)
Where's the skip ad button?
Ezra Lecter (17 days ago)
I want four of them just bc
s2mple (17 days ago)
Cool but can I instal linux on it?
ViralPlague (17 days ago)
Para qué quieres un proyector si por sólo 15k dólares te puedes comprar una pantalla que hace casi lo mismo xd
Mark Laurent (17 days ago)
This is good for office work, architecture. school presentations.... This is a replacement for projectors.
Jam Lee (17 days ago)
Tablets becoming bigger and bigger
Garilee McGlumphry (17 days ago)
I’m calling it a desktop computer because if you laid it down it would be the size of the top of your desk
Baumstumpf Network (17 days ago)
Music: Main Theme - Final Fantasy VII
Shaba Laba Ding Dong (17 days ago)
They’ve been introducing this wall pancake for the past 4 years tf
amit s (17 days ago)
Waiting for Microsoft surface phone

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