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Jimi Hendrix - Spanish Castle Magic - Guitar Cover

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Support me on PATREON - https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2903854&ty=h or directly - https://www.guitarforce.com/support-me/ This is my cover of "Spanish Castle Magic" by Jimi Hendrix. Learn this song HERE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUQtI9uYvmE
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Text Comments (20)
Franck Mollard (11 months ago)
Merci beaucoup : ) Won Won~~~~ WON WON~~~~~~~~~
GRUMMAN ROY (1 year ago)
you know what dude, when i was play this video, some girl in back me she dance with crazy, and she says, o my god, i wanna orgasme,.. and little bit scream, aaawww... play again please she said ..
Romuald Riou (1 year ago)
very good ! you are my tutor on this track ! thanks
JRainsMusic (1 year ago)
your great man,. great work very impressed
Flueesy Blueesy (1 year ago)
Great cover man. Are using a Fuzzface?
SandoBG (1 year ago)
No, I'm using "Guitar Rig". Thanks!
Osvaldo VG (1 year ago)
Great cover man! Do you have the tabs? 😎
Osvaldo VG (1 year ago)
SandoBG Thanks bro 😉
SandoBG (1 year ago)
I've got a full lesson on it with tabs - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUQtI9uYvmE
TashNight Drawings (1 year ago)
Great cover dude. Can u upload the presets u use? In a RAR file. You Rock!
K RODGER (1 year ago)
jimi starts this solo an octive over watch isle of wight concert but non the less this is pretty awesome version friend
eMiuaN98 (1 year ago)
Great!!! Nice cover!
Carlos Rabelo (1 year ago)
Amazing tone
J C Productions (1 year ago)
Nice love ya
CorbCorbin (1 year ago)
Smooth tone.
pisto lero (1 year ago)
great one alex!
Tony Barber (1 year ago)
JRainsMusic (1 year ago)
fuck off
Rudolph V (1 year ago)
no views and 2 likes?
Rudolph V (1 year ago)
nice guitar though

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