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Mac vs Windows for Software Engineers (best laptop for programming)

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Ex-Google tech lead Patrick Shyu reviews Mac versus PC for programmers and software developers. For the tech field, is there a clear choice on which laptop/computer to get and what's the reasoning? Why is it that every developer at tech conferences or in Silicon Valley seems to have a Macbook, and what's the big deal behind Unix/Linux? How about Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). 👇 SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL 👇 http://youtube.com/techlead?sub_confirmation=1 ** Apple updated their Macbook line up July 2018 (a month after this video came out), with an improved keyboard! Also, I should have mentioned Linux installations more. My opinion is that since it doesn't support Adobe Creative Suite / Photoshop / Lightroom / Premiere / After Effects (dealbreaker for many), Sketch, iOS, and other general quality-of-life apps, I think that overall limits its usage towards just backend engineering. It may be restrictive for general product/ui/full-stack work -- I can't even do my YouTube video stuff on a Linux since there's no software for it. As for dual-booting, it's a pain to manage two computers, especially with different OS's -- you have to do everything twice: app installs, OS updates, system configuration, etc., You're getting yourself into years of extra computer management in exchange for slightly better hardware. If you're a college student or beginner, your life would probably be far simpler to avoid that route so you can focus on the code and not fussing with the OS, in my opinion. One more bonus of a Mac is you don't need to run antivirus. Share your thoughts in the comments below, whether you agree or disagree -- I'd love to see what others think. http://instagram.com/patrickshyu/ http://twitter.com/patrickshyu/ For more tech tips & tricks, check out TechLead: Season 1 Complete HD available for purchase. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wbKUHBPkh4 Here's my tech setup (★★★★★): My Desk Lamp: https://amzn.to/2xDguWy My Mouse: https://amzn.to/2DrGuJD My Keyboard: https://amzn.to/2xEOaTy My Camera: https://amzn.to/2W5dm0k My Macbook: https://amzn.to/2OuKJFj My Headphones: https://amzn.to/2phsWqj My Multitool: https://amzn.to/2xwf9zJ My Monitor: https://amzn.to/2RdlDzD Listen to audiobooks to save time on your drive, here's a free book coupon: http://audibletrial.com/techlead Video explanations of popular interview questions: http://algoexpert.io/techlead (use code "techlead" for a discount)
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Nadia Haroon (9 hours ago)
Help me... m going to buy a Apple Mac air 128 gb is it enough for me?...my background is database developer.
CarpetEraser (11 hours ago)
It's all about triple boot yo
asmcriminaL (12 hours ago)
Come on, dude. Apple is such a pos. Not the product so much but the business ethics and tactics. It's immoral what they do. You have to buy all these dongles, they are way overpriced. The cost to repair them is stupidly expensive, up into 1000's of dollars. Apple just rapes its customers and their customers don't even know it. If you want a terminal just install Linux on your pc. You can even do a dual boot.
Mingming Zheng (17 hours ago)
n8ged8 (19 hours ago)
I never understood why developers sell their heart to apple - the most expensive and proprietary system you could find on earth. I was on Ubuntu for some time but there was too much that did not work out of the box (and I have spend a lot of time to make some things work). For several years I am on Windows (first 7, now 10) and I am happy with it. For web development I just need a browser, a text editor and FileZilla. Works fine on Windows. For some time I worked on a customers MacBook and I did not like it. Just my point of view. I use python for writing small scripts on Windows. One example is managing my video collection ( thousands of files on several hard disks), another example is transcoding video files in a kind of batch mode. I write those scripts in a text editor and start it by using the windows terminal. It's simple. Dealing with data science I think about using python in the cloud. Any tip? Using GCP?
n8ged8 (19 hours ago)
Just forgot to say that I hate laptops. I like the PC setup (3 monitors, Cherry keyboard, 3M ergonomic mouse). This setup is fun to work with and I'm productive with it.
n8ged8 (20 hours ago)
Bluetooth and WLAN are both on 2,4 GHz so there's often a problem usign both at the same time - e.g. a smartphone using WLAN and Bluetooth with a portable speaker when trying to listen to spotify.
Jeff M (23 hours ago)
Ubuntu Linux running on Lenovo ThinkPad P1, FTW.
SymbolX (1 day ago)
Considering that "good design" is design that is so well integrated that you don't need to think about it, I would say that Windows is garbage... I lost so much time debugging and fixing Windows! It's similar to the comparison between Python and C++... You lose so much time debugging, trying to understand semantic and having to learn specific syntax on C++! You don't actually compose anything during this time! This is time wasted on C++, not on writing the actual software!
Cadath (1 day ago)
One reason I will never go to windows 10 are the pesky uncontrollable changes or updates to your system without your knowledge. One update ruined my windows 10 setup and caused a permanent black screen after boot. I lost hours on re-installing my setup on windows 7 afterwards.
Tamamo No Mae (1 day ago)
16:9 not standard?
Scott Chiste (1 day ago)
buy a macbook, dual boot windows, install ubuntu through windows in a VM, ?????, profit
Van Long (3 days ago)
my sony is still running strong for 11 years.
KidA Crimson (3 days ago)
Going on nearly a decade working in IT Support now, currently a SysAdmin doing Cloud Ops stuff. Anyhow, all the stuff you mentioned around 3:42 is why people hate Windows, and they aren't wrong to TBH. These kinds of small quirks _are_ less common on Macs, *but they **_do_** still happen sometimes!* Anyhow, just use whatever works best for you and the kind of work you do, simple.
Unnati Agrawal (3 days ago)
KidA Crimson what kind of laptop do you use if it’s not a Mac? Or even if it is a Mac. I’m looking to buy a new laptop that will be good for learning diff langs soon (I’m a beginner rn but wanna make sure I’m making a good investment yk) is
KidA Crimson (3 days ago)
CMD.exe isn't hard to use or obtuse IMHO. PowerShell though....FML, geez, lollll (I'm a SysAdmin BTW)
Oleksii Buheria (3 days ago)
Damn. Man. You complain about windows using XP
Sm4shy (3 days ago)
Do you mean from 13:35? This is Windows7 with a different theme. The theme just looks like the old Windows98 interface. There are some who use it instead of the Windows Aero theme, especially on Windows servers, because it is "faster" or feels better.
DjornNorthfield (4 days ago)
git bash for windows is amazing. You can also get a number of linux tools working on windows if you know how to install them yourself.
ramsingh India (4 days ago)
Best job
Capn Sebastian (5 days ago)
So basically any setup with terminal, Linux, Windows or Mac. As an INDIE dev, if you plan on pushing apps or games to the Apple Store and Google Play Store, getting a Mac will cover all your bases since Apple is the most restrictive in terms of licensing, but can support Android and Linux dev, and can probably push to Windows OS no problem.
LOST131100 (5 days ago)
as a beginning Java learner, i have no freaking idea what’s he talking about, but knowing that i should know it all eventually pains my little heart
Unnati Agrawal (3 days ago)
LOST131100 literally same
Don Johnson (5 days ago)
Don't you need a mac to develop ios apps anyway?
KidA Crimson (3 days ago)
Yes, without a doubt. it's written in Swift or Objective-C, plus you need a Mac to test iOS apps.
commenzator (5 days ago)
Sony. Hah. There's your mistake. ASUS is the gold standard for PC laptops. I've owned an N53, N550 and now using an N580 and not a single problem after setting up properly. Asus is usually the number 1 rated PC laptop on Amazon and one should really buy the top rated laptop as this is a sure sign of no problems. Laptops I wouldn't touch with a bargepole - Acer, HP, Sony. You're safer with either Asus or Samsung. I hear you about Mac's but they have plenty of hardware issues.
Kenny McFarland (6 days ago)
Would you recommend using an Ubuntu live disk oh, I think that's a pretty good option. It helps you get used to the Moon to but you could still run it on your Mac without installing it
Yar Ilich (6 days ago)
I got tired of having to reinstall rotten (slowed down) windows every half a year, so I switched to Linux about 4 years ago. I was interested in figuring it out back then, but now I just want a system that works out of the box, and Linux just doesn't deliver that. I had numerous problems with Kubuntu, (Gnome is just not that configurable), tried a few other distros like Fedora and Solus and had to return to Arch, which I have used the most. It takes a lot of time and manual labor to set up, but once it is done, it works like a Swiss watch, and you don't have to reinstall it ever. It is rolling release, which is extremely convenient, so you don't have to install a newer version every time it comes out, you just update all your packages to the latest versions (although sometimes upgrades require some manual intervention). My HP ProBook has been working for me for 8 years, there were issues with a leg, a display hinge, the battery deteriorated a bit, now it has become a little hotter and noisier, but overall I'd say it was a pretty reliable workhorse. I added 8 GiBs of RAM to the existing 4 for Scala development and performance wise it has been good as well.
Leon Krugliakov (7 days ago)
Why not just make a dual boot hackingtosh? I know that macOS will be a little bit unstable but it will save you several thousands of dollars (if you build it yourself) and you get the best of both worlds Could even partition it 3 ways and install Linux Could even go crazy and partition 4 ways and install ChomeOS
lulzb3rt (6 days ago)
My ThinkPad T430 is some days old ;-) Works fine with Windows 10, WLAN and i can connect to Linux server via ssh. Yes it's in my Powershell :D Great vid!
Christian Steinmann (7 days ago)
didn't know Sony made laptops... Should've bought an Asus...
Unnati Agrawal (3 days ago)
Christian Steinmann what did you buy
Milton Waddams (7 days ago)
Guy buys a shitty Sony laptop, blames all PCs for it. All the while many have ThinkPads and HP EliteBooks that work flawlessly. I know people who are Apple fanboys and they often have to contact the Mac Store.
Quaek (7 days ago)
I have a Macbook Pro and a Desktop PC with dual boot Linux and Windows (Linux for work, Windows for games) and my take is that Linux is just as good for developing as macOS. So my next laptop will probably be a Dell or something because I just really hate the Macbook's new keyboards.
Quaek (3 days ago)
+Unnati Agrawal If you don't mind the less than average keyboard on the macs, definitely pick up a Macbook Pro. If you really value a good keyboard, I recommend the Dell XPS. It's up to you. I've been thinking about it and I've decided I don't mind it as much as I thought. I mainly write code on my mechanical keyboard at home and I can still type pretty fast on the Macbook. I think having such a well-built laptop and macOS are good enough reasons for having this not-so-good keyboard.
Unnati Agrawal (3 days ago)
Quaek I’m actually looking to buy a laptop rn good for programming? Did you have any in mind?
Maniac50AE (7 days ago)
Louis Rossman would so disagree with you about apple laptops breaking. Eli would agree with you about apple as an os
Balazs Bohonyi (8 days ago)
I was recently considering updating my laptop to a MacBook Pro... but I decided to stay on Windows. The reasons you might ask ? The exorbitant prices of recent MacBooks + all the problems I heard about with the keyboards, screens, and the fact that the recent MacBooks are not upgradable at all... then the dongle mess and the lack of ports... so instead of buying a MacBook Pro I bought a pretty decent Windows laptop + a 4K UHD monitor for half the price of the MacBook Pro I wanted to buy. The laptop comes with an SSD and a traditional HDD, and 8GB of RAM.. I can upgrade these anytime I want. As for the terminal, I always have programs like cmder or I can just install Linux on it. My old laptop was 8 years old and served me well!!!
Travis Burns (8 days ago)
As a senior full-stack PLSQL Spring Boot/NodeJs dev I disagree with you i7, 16 gb of ram , ssd., 3 simul vmware instances, intellij, vcs, xcode. anything is possible
Larry Cherry (8 days ago)
Well said. I agree that windows is a pain to work with. I had to literally figure out how to do the same stuff you could do with a Mac on a Windows machine. Took a while to figure it out. Tried Cygwin, WSL, and finally learned about chocolatey which combined with vscode makes a decent work environment. If Apple could release a new MacBook with a decent key board I would probably buy one. Until Apple makes a decent keyboard for the new MacBook computers I will stick to Windows.
Brian Karcher (8 days ago)
You can get Bash for Windows. Works fine. My issues with Mac are the software. I need full Visual Studio, as well as a device that can play games. Macs might work ok as strictly work computers, but I don't want to pay the Apple tax.
FangerZero (6 days ago)
VSCode is all I need, and that works on any system. For me there's no real reason to learn how to use an iOS machine, I build web apps. If I could choose what to develop on 24/7 it'd be my surface book 2, I absolutely adore that machine. Is it over priced, oh most definitely, but I don't regret paying the Microsoft Tax.
Christian Francia (8 days ago)
@1:34 neither/nor.... sorry it's a pet peeve. either/or (I want either want a linux or a mac) neither nor( I want to program on neither a Windows nor a tablet).
Ben Jackbag Mank (9 days ago)
Dude, I'm pretty sure my windows computer from 2004 still works. Buy a computer you can repair and upgrade yourself.
CiniCraft (9 days ago)
Command Prompt for Windows is garbage. Docker-CE won't load containers on Ubuntu subsystem for Windows 10 due to some "socket" issue even though the docker daemon shows no errors in the log. So I turned the Winblows machine into a Hackintosh.
Omkar More (10 days ago)
MBP 18 has real problems with keyboard. The membrane doesn't help at all after 7-8months.
Richard Nicholas (10 days ago)
Everything you say about windows cmd prompt is correct. It’s crap and should never be used. I also used Cygwin for a while as a Linux like environment but that is cumbersome to install and maintain. And it has issues with paths. Now I use Git Bash for a bash shell with a Linux environment. It’s very nice. Install git bash, vscode, wamp server and python if you need it. After those ten minutes you have a terminal, git, best code editor, Apache, php, MySQL, python and more.
mpumi (11 days ago)
Cmder does the jobs folks
Young Song (11 days ago)
Your not my dad, but you obviously have the benefits of each clearly defined so thx for helping me pick.
Topher J (11 days ago)
Lol mac doesn’t have games cause their awful intel APU’s suck and overheat. NOT because the user gets more work done
Topher J (11 days ago)
And for Those who paid a thousand for a mid-range eGPU for your Mac. It still sucks price / performance
Rich C (12 days ago)
I used to have only Windows based machines. My wife was using Mac and I (being a computer scientist) often found myself helping her out and in turn, getting familiar with Mac. Ultimately, I decided to give Mac a go and bought my first MacBook Pro. I've not looked back (other than at my wallet a few times) and do not think I will ever go back to Windows. Mac is just so much cleaner, easier to use and less glitchy. Also, now that Visual Studio is available for Mac and IntelliJ have released Rider, I really see no reason to code on Windows other than for Windows Desktop apps (no forms editor in Rider or Visual Studio for Mac). On top of that, I sold my last MBP (I'm on my second one) after 3 years for £1100 (original price £1800). I'd like to see you do that with any Windows based machine.
Andrey Doichinov (12 days ago)
thinkpad + windows + vm + putty
Alex M (12 days ago)
A lot of the software points are well taken. Most Windows laptops are garbage compared to a Macbook Pro. Surfaces are nice but before that, most were not as good as a Macbook. On the software side, I think both are pretty comparable now. A lot of the open source stuff was made for Linux subsystems but they all work well now on Windows. Windows Subsystem of Linux is good but I wish it were easier to access the filesystem.
Alex M (12 days ago)
+Hunter Vallejos I cd /mnt and then whatever else to get to the Windows file system. Yes, setting up an alias on startup would speed things up (I need to do that). Not that it is hugely important but it is impossible to access the Linux filesystem with Windows programs.
Hunter Vallejos (12 days ago)
Can you not just set up an alias on start up of the terminal? I use WSL and only work in my Windows filesystem.
HOUSE OF MANA (12 days ago)
+Louis would like to have a word with you about how shitty Apple support is in the after-sale repair industry. https://youtu.be/AUaJ8pDlxi8
jonneymendoza (12 days ago)
windows now have powershell or built in ubuntu shell
mohammad (13 days ago)
this guy is sponsered by amazon
Lucian Sturião (14 days ago)
You have to add these paths to your global path (the same that you do on Linux and Mac) so that all command line tools are available in any place that you need. But is it a different experience indeed.
Saitama (14 days ago)
16:9 is a weird aspect ratio? wtf? xd
Falcon 712 (14 days ago)
Come on Techlead we all know Linux is best. I say this tounge and cheek of course.
Chris Froman (15 days ago)
I was a dedicated Linux users for 15 years. Switched to MacOS in 2015. Reasons are simple. I'm a consultant with many customers. I need to be able to work with everything. Everything I can do on Linux I can do on Mac, but not everything I do on Mac can I do Linux. Need to edit a powerpoint doc/word doc and I needs to format perfect? Need to join some obscure video chat? This sucks on Linux. I also work with a lot of audio software for fun (this really sucks on Linux). You need things to work the first time with zero fuss when clients are paying you $1000s.
Scott Burgert (15 days ago)
A few years ago, you might not have been able to use NodeJS or Ruby on Rails but like you said that changed and so has the windows laptop industry. Windows laptops now have amazing screens (many are even better then the latest Macbook screens because of their HDR and higher refresh rate) and specs (CPU, GPU, RAM, Storage) that continue to outmatch Macbook specs (like one of the latest macbooks only has 2 cores like seriously how fun would it be to compile something on that) for a cheaper price. Your absolutely right that the Windows OS, although its been getting better, is still trash. However its trashiness (not being able to get sketch or a real unix terminal) is canceled out in my opinion by the fact that you can get a better specced machine for a fraction of a Macbooks price. If you are going to do UX design, there are plenty of great alternative apps for Windows and if you are going to do backend development, you can just load linux on to your device with either an emulator, dual booting, or just wiping windows and installing linux. I own a Razer Blade and I have never had any problems with it.
Peter Twiss (15 days ago)
He is 100% right. I do HW, and I am forced to use Windows HW CAD tools are on Windows. NO ONE makes a solid laptop compatible to macbooks, except Razers, and they are the same price. Macbooks are expensive but they also last you 4-5 years (we still use a 2012 macbook pro), vs. a windows laptop will last u 2 years, it pays for itself. If you still need windows, load windows using bootcamp.
RoeslerSWE (15 days ago)
I have Surface Pro 3 with 256gb harddrive... still works like a charm. Been working as a .net web-developer since 2011, still only need my onenote as a private knowledge base, minimal terminal usage and then MS-programs mostly exactly as you say. Visual studio, Vs code, SSMS, git extensions, IIS is my daily stuff... only reason for me to look at a mac is for compiling the crossplatform apps.
RoeslerSWE (15 days ago)
Surface pro 3 comment was just about the longitivity if you pay a little extra for a win-pc. And the dev-stack was the windows dev contrast instead of terminal in mac. Thank you for good video.
Lord Nicenstein (15 days ago)
Yeah, cause new MacBooks are known for their greatness nowadays,also the reason for declining sales.Sry dude, but how can you defend those butterflykeyboard having pieces of non upgradeable shit, that even takes a couple of steps back ( Mag safe 3 where is it?) I use(d) and sold Mac, windows and Linux and many different devices of alot of brands without becoming a fan boy, but the supposed quality of MacBooks died with jobs, whoever says otherwise doesn't know shit about computers and their construction. If you disagree explain the following:How come people still use MacBook Pros from 2011/2012 while people who bought one I'm 2015/16 had 3 machines since?
Matthew (16 days ago)
What about Windows 10 Linux Subsystem?
CiniCraft (9 days ago)
Docker-CE doesn't work on it. It's garbage.
Joey Laflamme (16 days ago)
Linux + mac = *0*
dorbie (17 days ago)
Come on dude, you either run python on a script or you run python and input script commands interactively. This is not unique to Windows. You launched the python installer and acted confused, then ran python in interactive mode rather than on a .py script and acted like this confused you. The only real mystery involved was where it dumped your python executable and of course adding the new executable to your path which is basic platform competence. Windows has a command line interface, whether you call it a "shell" is just semantics. I agree Unix is better with Windows command line and file system still struggling under its DOS legacy and that many modern tools particularly for the web are Unix native (and the package management is better) but this critique/demo appended at the end was ridiculous and didn't make you look competent.
Djay Sharma (18 days ago)
I agree with people that Linux is also a good choice. Both Mac and Linux have terminal. But the problem with Linux is its instability. Yeah I know if you take good care of Linux system then Linux is fine but it's like really easy to break Linux system. Plus Linux have so many distributions. On the other hand Mac a consistent os with consistent user interface and overall stability and performance. Also Mac have more software support compared to Linux. Hence developers prefer mac over Linux.
TheSalaryman (16 days ago)
Could you elaborate on the part where you say "easy to break the Linux system"?
Martin Kulik (19 days ago)
i am not a programmer, but a lower end user, who bought macbook 5 years ago and it runs smoothly ever since then. windows on the other hand was pain, slowing down, freezing, etc......no comparison. apple is superior but there is more software, freeware option for windows, hands down.
SmileBot (19 days ago)
after working on these machines since 1988 I totally switched to Apple once they went intel. i got tired of ripping my hair out with the garbage windows machines and garbage os.
Rod Trendy (19 days ago)
Wow, you're really a good software engineer. Typing cmd in windows search and entering "python" would have been to difficult for you, wouldn't it?
Tristan Brooks (15 days ago)
Lol I mean I remember day long efforts getting Python set up in my second year of college trying to find the fucking .exe and add it to PATH. It’s easy enough now but I watch people fumble it to this day.
Jan Hoekstra (19 days ago)
Well, you try install Ruby On Rails on Windows with max. 2 commands. Anything you try counts. After the two commands it must all work, including the sqlite library. Prove it to me.
Shinpachi ? Is that you ?
chromosome24 (20 days ago)
I disagree. The best choice for developers is the Teletype DMD 5620.
Mickey Z (21 days ago)
If u can afford Mac just get if not use linux or dual out but linux is better
Mac vs Windows... Here is my personal opinion: Both system are cool and nice. Many apps run better on Windows than on Mac or Linux. Sometimes you get more FPS in your favorite game, sometimes your professional app works just as expected. That is what Windows is. There are apps for Mac only. I have never used any of those. Well, I have never used a Mac. It seems like it has taken the worst from both Windows and Linux worlds, added some price/branding and just a few Mac-only features. Both systems limit the user. Windows however seems to be less restrictive than Mac. It feels like your hardware is not yours if you have Windows or Mac on it. If you just got unlucky and something just does not work the only thing you can do about it is "go fuck yourself"... My Linux OS survived so much. I dropped using Windows around 10 years ago. I have changed the hardware a few times but never had to reinstall anything! I am literally using the same system I started with. It changes slowly over time - I change some configs, recompile some apps, change the kernels, DE, install/delete some software. All the changes I was making were small and I was gradually studying and changing my system to suit my needs. I feel really attached to it now. I remember when KDE 4 got released and I shipped it to the system. I remember, when steam client was released for Linux. I remember changing kernel options to be able to run virtual machines, docker and other cool stuff. I remember switching to the new udev ethernet device naming rules. I remember replacing ethernet device with a better one and keeping the old MAC address. I remember switching to a different machine with UEFI instead of BIOS. I remember switching to SSD. There were times when my system was booting over PXE on a diskless machine. There were times when I lost my sound card and had to use native pulse audio protocol to play sounds on a different machine. Oh... I remember the time when I did not use pulse audio at all! I remember my machine greeting me with a supplied audio sample during the boot process and saying goodbye during shutdown. I remember my system living on a USB stick, so I was using it on machins I did not own at the time. And when I bought the laptop I just plugged the stick in it at the store and immediately checked whether it had everything I needed and everything worked. I also remember difficult times, like those when nothing shows up on your screen and there is no framebuffer, yet you already know your system so well, so you can blindly switch to a console, blindly login and blindly start sshd, so you can login remotely and fix it. There were times when I would connect a machine with a powerful GPU to my less powerful laptop just you use it for gaming by booting it over PXE and using VGL. So much time has passed, I have KDE 5 now and the environment is shared between my phone and the computer with KDE Connect, the kernel supports MTP and Android USB tethering. I learned how to use "screen", "taskset", "ps", "kill" and many other useful commands. I learned the differences between different file systems. I had my hard drive failed once and I was able to recover from it. Do you remember when there were problems running 32-bit apps on a 64-bit system? I do - I remember switching from 32-bit emulation to a multilib. I remember changes in gcc, that were breaking binary compatibility from time to time, I remember using different SSL/TLS implementations. We survived it all - me and my Linux. That is long term relationships paying off. The world have switched to systemd and we are still on OpenRC. There are more things to come to the system. One day I might even get Blather working and star coding with voice or learn vim.
I'm in my acer Notebook since 2013, just started developing hard this 2~3 years or so, but I always used Windows, it always worked out for me, my changing point was last year that I started using Netbeans and Eclipse, that I put a Linux Mint here, it's pretty stable, pretty good, but because the pachage manager I'm going to Manjaro for advice from a friend, because It looks more stable and have a pacman that is good. Anyway, I'm buying another pc soon, but I definetly won't buy an apple, their products nowdays are so expensive in my country, even that a friend told me that i's pretty good, it just doesn't worth it.
Felix Perktold (22 days ago)
install gentoo
Ger Tar (22 days ago)
You're not my dad? But you are the Tech Lead!!
Matthias Schneider (23 days ago)
linux is absolutely hell for developers. so many bells and whistles. one can compile, interpret, do some regex and all that stuff nobody cares about. its free of charge and therefore it cannot work out. every good product must have a price, right?who needs a console when can use a big ide with colorful windows and stuff. but the most important thing to become a reliable programmer is to buy a new pc at least every two years. go for it! and a garage of course... every bil gates came out some sort of garage.
Cote Azur (24 days ago)
after switching to Mac after using windows for so long, i really regret not switching a lot earlier. never going back...
MLGJuggernautgaming (24 days ago)
It’s amazing how much people love to hate on Mac. These comments are gold. Every professional programmer I know uses Mac and I’m talking about a wide range of ages.
n4vyblueyes (25 days ago)
So a Mac versus Linux... any version that you want
Lunch Boxer (25 days ago)
"My opinion is that since it doesn't support Adobe Creative Suite / Photoshop / Lightroom / Premiere / After Effects (dealbreaker for many), Sketch, iOS, and other general quality-of-life apps, I" Literally all of those are supported, you're just too much of a retard to install WINE apparently. no wonder you got fired from google.
Shota Tamura (25 days ago)
Oh, Picasa! You were alive!
Victor Mendoza (25 days ago)
Heck you can use powershell to ssh into a linux machine.
pixel Hammer (25 days ago)
I’ve had the same MBP since 2011, working perfectly (with a new SSD)
Cake Batter (9 days ago)
A perfectly working 2011 laptop sounds more impressive than the reality of it.
veganaiZe (27 days ago)
Sony VAIO has always been complete crap (HP always been total crap too). I have the last Toshiba consumer laptop (AMD quad core 2gHz -- 2014), only cost around $300 USD, and it's still serving me very well. It's not that difficult to calibrate your color profile (only gotta do it once). I use the MSYS/BASH that comes with Git for Windows (not slow -- faster than CMD prompt). I run GNU/Linux in a VirtualBox VM. All Apple products are made in a persecuting country (China). Objective-C is also crap... Oh yeah, Mac also has shitty Java support. ☺
Jason Sykes (27 days ago)
I think the real reason people go into mac is because they think they need to build for mac as well. Not true at all. You can easily make any mac compatible application on a website. So to think that owning a mac gives you anything is a bit naive. On the other hand windows and linux hardware can support much more power. Power that you can use to do very advance calculations and graphical outputs. You cannot simply do this on a website. Unless your using aws and just porting to a linux or windows, but then your just wasting more money. Thanks mac for being completely useless. When you buy a apple product your basically setting yourself back 2 years in technology.
Jason Sykes (27 days ago)
The correct answer is, "If your trying to decide what laptop you should buy. Buy a Windows and put linux on it. MAC AND WINDOWS ARE BOTH SHIT!!! Everything runs on linux. You need to know linux. Windows is for gaming and business and mac is for jackasses." That was the right answer.
Cherubino (27 days ago)
LOL you bought SONY PC.....
hercion (1 month ago)
Mac? This certificate prison that does not allow you to run your own programs longer than 7 days and does not allow you to distribute your programs due to decaying certificates.. Unless you pay the monthly fee for dev subscription . And even then you can't distribute your software easily without going through the pain of appstore registration ..
Sean Morrison (1 month ago)
Yeah, I wasted many years hanging in there and being a Windows/PC guy. For years my experience with my Dell laptop was: Power on computer, login to Windows, wait for slow computer to run Windows Updates, reboot, then maybe finally get to use my computer. Constantly doing that. But in 2014, enough was enough and I bought my first MacBook Pro. Best computer I've ever had. Now here's my experience: Open lid, start using computer. Done. Easy.
Justin Bearden (1 month ago)
Most people I see who do professional programming use either Windows of Mac while developing on a Linux VM. Cool thing about a Macbook tho, is that you can run a Windows VM or Linux VM depending on what you want to do.
Drew Brown (1 month ago)
I can't tell if he is just being humorous or not. Is he just trolling Linux users?
Drew Brown (18 days ago)
+thebiggestredd But he's still willfully ignorant on this issue and wrong. At most, he can argue that the highly-paid people that he met in tech could afford to blow money on pretentiousness. Or, he could argue that videographers and front end designers want to be able to make amazing images that no one else sees (over the Internet). But . . . that would be overlooking . . . what runs the Internet and the system specifications of that environment. If you want to be a professional programmer . . . and you're not already so highly paid that you can afford to pay too much for a laptop . . . and you want to be exposed to learning opportunities regarding programming, system administration, security, and spend a few hours finely tuning your personal laptop (or just spend the 30 minutes it takes to install Debian stable) . . . then spend too much on a laptop so that you can quit your programming job and be a Youtube celeb . . . like him. To be very fair: He's been a successful programmer and content creator. However, the limit should be giving content creator advice to programmers (who make up the majority of his audience).
thebiggestredd (18 days ago)
+Drew Brown yeah I personally don't own a Mac and never will but I could see the logic and reasoning behind why he thinks Macs are good. I personally grew up with a PC and learned how to game on super old rigs by turning all the settings down, editing how it handles memory, CPU prioritization, etc. Many of which is locked on a Mac
Drew Brown (18 days ago)
+thebiggestredd He's wrong. Many people (like me) learned about system administration by playing video games, moving to Linux, and becoming a "power user". It's no different than training a dog. It's super difficult to train a dog if you rarely expose them to the circumstances that you are training them for. A developer SHOULD know system security, installation, programming, database administration, etc etc etc. My GUESS is that since he produces Youtube videos, he gives far more value to video editing, working with images and stuff that (backend and full stack) developers don't need.
thebiggestredd (19 days ago)
I think he's mostly speaking to young programmers just starting out that will need a laptop for school and programming. MacOSX is Unix based so you can pretty much do what you can in Linux on a Mac, but with the added benefit of running Photoshop and other industry grade applications not on Linux
Val Notman (1 month ago)
Adobexd is cross platform and blows sketch out of the water
Jonaq Niveer Sarma (1 month ago)
1. You're just bashing the unfamiliar system at this point. You're not prepared to discuss this actually. 2. WSL is much slower than a proper linux distro. 3. Dual boot windows and a Linux distro of your chioice. That's how all of us broke hobos work. I'm doing all of my machine learning stuff in windows. 4. Fucking hate Apple as a company. Also, I'm not dumb enough/hippie enough to to buy a trash laptop. You buying the Sony shit? That's on you.
Thomas Jessop (1 month ago)
Or buy a a Windows laptop, save a lot of money. Resize your disk partition so that Windows has enough space to run but isn't taking over your entire machine and then install Ubuntu on the rest of your drive. Keeping Windows around is for convenience because not everything will work with Linux so it makes it easy to switch back and forth. Before doing this though do a very close check on the proposed laptop to make sure that your Wi-Fi and sound cards are going to be compatible with the version of Ubuntu you plan on installing. PS at the this particular Moment In Time I would not install Ubuntu 18, I would install Ubuntu 16. The reason for this being brought compatibility with build tools, especially if you're planning on using anything in the hyperledger family.
Yingdi Xu (1 month ago)
Bootcamp on a MacBook Pro......
D3n N3sm (1 month ago)
DELL is better than macpook. System is irrelevant, BUT any software works better on Windows, any working moments can be solved using SSH, FTP etc. Windows, KALI and linux mint are the best working/hacking systems. For any graphic work stationary Windows PC is necessary. Mac for Perverts only.
Joe (1 month ago)
I'm a cs major and it's my first year. If i bought a mac right now would it be good enough for the rest of my time in the uni?
Sam Cee (1 month ago)
joe DeLaFuente yes. My MacBook was loyal as fuck.
Bryan B (1 month ago)
DOS commands are not really that hard or different from Unix commands. Just spend two hours studying it and type help into your command prompt.
erratictools (1 month ago)
I am in Linux domain, but I love macOS. Really beautiful
Bela Bronson (1 month ago)
Just wondering why in all videos I watched from techlead I never hear the word linux. As if he never heard of it once. I like to play and know about all three major OS at least a bit. and even if my experience with macOS is the shortest by far and as far as coding goes linux works really good for me (even macOS 8 was my first computer), I like the Idea of having a unixmachine with a unix-like commandline and at the same time being able to start major commercial software like photoshop or other convenient software.
OpenWorldGamer (1 month ago)
lol everyone knows sony is trash, you are better off with a lenovo, or Asus, really cheap machines and get the job done, I personally prefer a linux Distro
gdaaps (1 month ago)
Jon (1 month ago)
Thinkpad x230 with Debian and the MATE desktop is the best setup I've had so far. Used to be on windows, had to use macs in work. Never really liked either. With Linux your computer becomes an engineering tool for almost anything.
Bruce Chastain (1 month ago)
Ubuntu Mate on a business class notebook like the thinkpad, that's my favorite setup.
Petr Zurek (1 month ago)
Hardware wise, in Windows world you have to know which laptop product line to buy, because of the crazy product fragmentation you never know what effort the manufacturer put in to test/optimize the laptop product line (with Mac it is easy). To cut to the point, from my long-term experience I only use and buy and recommend these: - Dell Latitude (14") or Dell Precision line (higher end models) - Thinkpad T or X or P line These lines have a long history and are slowly improved/udpdated each year as new generation is released, they are easily serviceable with reliability in mind, usually come with 3 NBD on-site warranty. That doesn't mean they always get it right, there are issues, but that can happen with Mac too (and I don't really hear good things about new Macbook Pros lately). For your Macbook Pro 15 the best windows laptop equivalent would be ThinkPad X1 Extreme or Thinkpad P1. I don't recommend the Dell XPS line cause it is plagued with issues.
terroare (1 month ago)
Sensei, you can create Linux C++ projects in VS 2018, which I think it's pretty cool :P I never bought Sony laptops, always found a better alternative from MSI or Lenovo. What I like about VS and Windows that it works out of the box. Anyway, every tool has its purpose. PS: I'm a .net developer ;)

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