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Daydream Shimmer defeats Midnight Sparkle | MLP: Equestria Girls | Friendship Games! [HD]

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Text Comments (6920)
Mercedes Colon (5 hours ago)
Imagine in Equestria you just see like people falling out through the portals Ponies in equestria: WTF!!!!!!!
miracle1diva (6 hours ago)
Bleached Animations (13 hours ago)
I'm sorry but Twilight's horn looks like swiss cheese.
Ending: Twilight:MUHAHAHA spike:twilight!*puppy face* Twilight:spike Twilight:NOOOOOOOOO! Sunset:take my hand twilight let me show you theres another way,just like someone once did for me Twilight:*grabs sunsets hand* Twilight:I'm so sorry I didn't mean for any of this to happen Sunset:I know and going by my own circumstances they'll forgive you THE END! Alternate ending: Twilight:MUHAHAHA! Spike:twilight! Twilight:*doesn't listen* Twilight:*defeats sunset*I told you that I CAN AND WILL HAVE EVERYTHING I WANT! And everyone dies THE END!
Honeydew Lucky (1 day ago)
If sunshine glimmer doesn’t exist, midnight sparkle will basically make human and ponies live together, not too bad!
sad asd (2 days ago)
奈々桜 (2 days ago)
imagine ponies look up at the sky and say "wtf is dat"
cool kwensa (2 days ago)
1:28 I saw pony twilight
Tan Cao (2 days ago)
I hate Sunset Summer
SilverBow FTW (3 days ago)
Omgg I remember watching this movie once it came out. I was in my mom's room or outside of ot eating marshmallows :,) so nostalgic
ianos Dodo (3 days ago)
Good one
Soulless Winter (3 days ago)
So... All I see in this battle was celestia and luna. *sigh* I guess history does repeat itself.
Kayla Williams (4 days ago)
It principal cinch fault for turning twilight evil in the first place!
fluttershy reacts 2 (4 days ago)
Twilight needs a snickers
TenzoG (4 days ago)
MLP isn't with Disney is what's insane.
Mar Sar (4 days ago)
If this was Anime I would die Like if u agree
Rocel Mendoza (4 days ago)
xxangel_catherinexx (4 days ago)
I'm feeling chills oml I love mlp
Molly Webster (4 days ago)
I thing they all look ugly af but I mean nvm meh : c
Faudel Hosany (4 days ago)
Sonic: super sonic
Irma Meskauskiene (4 days ago)
Jv Bryan Olunan (4 days ago)
This is the only movie that they made twilight the enemy.
Theo Oliver (4 days ago)
friendship isnt important!
Carolina Estrada (4 days ago)
I just see princess cadence and Luna in the background doind nothing for a second
Gray Wolfe (5 days ago)
It's kind of old principal sans's you'll even get me confused play White play wait from Crystal prep it's it's her principal fault becoming like CD princess when it's Dying Light simmer got hold up princess crown of the Pony world
Olivia Harden (5 days ago)
Princess Olivia harden 17 and Joe's Carioca falling in love in my dreams with you in my heart and my memories of you and me lived happy ever after best friends forever and ever
Doğa Akpullukcu (5 days ago)
Joanne Liu (5 days ago)
Sunset's voice got deeper when she turned into Daydream.
Saiyan Duck (5 days ago)
That's what a I call a kamehameha
estevan medina (6 days ago)
Cc. C. ,c. L. C. Mm. ,
estevan medina (6 days ago)
Yin Tun (6 days ago)
Isn it me or does midnight sparkle' horn look like dhrysalis'nhorn?
Matt Gancero (6 days ago)
Sunshine simer save twigliht
Matt Gancero (6 days ago)
Matt Gancero (6 days ago)
Its thair faulth 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖
Matt Gancero (6 days ago)
Noooooooo twilight became midngit twilight
kidz D (7 days ago)
The part where twilight is in that ball with sunset simmer is weird ager
Clara Mello (7 days ago)
U a u aí quem gosta de mlp quurt i ai
Pawel Wozny (7 days ago)
You know my birdthay number 6is of mi little pony and number 5 and number 4 and number 3 and number 2 to 😱i love my little pony ☺️
emiri har (7 days ago)
Awwww Spike.
VagueKinfa (7 days ago)
han thaw (8 days ago)
what did sunset say??? plz someone explain me
Twiligjt and Sunset is like luna and tia
EXPERI MENTALS (8 days ago)
Krystal Gutierrez (8 days ago)
I saw a pony
Narumi Kihara (9 days ago)
4:57 she says like twilight was died
I'mSuperVegeta X10 (9 days ago)
0:21 boys be like ;)
Vinay Vue (9 days ago)
Пускай будет перевод по-русски
Англ не по
Legend_of_Zelia (9 days ago)
You know, after this movie, I was really hoping for a world's collide movie. I'm disappointed it hasn't happened yet...
Milly Pie (9 days ago)
Nicole Simerly (10 days ago)
Why do you want to take the magic tiwlit
/Shana Gachalife\ (10 days ago)
ianos Dodo (10 days ago)
I will show u da wae
ianos Dodo (10 days ago)
Dis is not da wae
Smithy Back (10 days ago)
Ikhilq y . a. ₩_?€₩+ "-( 11+
Noviana Purwaningrum (10 days ago)
Wow sow byudefow
mark marabe (10 days ago)
wow like
Mario is Here (10 days ago)
64mil views jesus chirst
himawari nine9 (11 days ago)
Hey if you were fighting midnight sparkle write your name in the reply like a fight. You vs midnight sparkle who will win???🏆🏅🏆🏅🏅🏆🏅🏅🏆🏅🏅🏆🏅🏅🏆🏅🏅🏆🏅🏅🏆🏅🏅🏆🏆🏅🏅🏆🏆🏅🏅🏆🏆🏅🏅🏆🏆when sunset shimmer helped twilight to be her again rember guys just be you.
muk_er QWQ studio (11 days ago)
Daniel Rosu (11 days ago)
?.......... 📪🧽💊🖼🖼🖼
Ralsai Lenovi (11 days ago)
This looks like Luna and Celestia fightings '^'
ness endpie (11 days ago)
Andrea Tawil (11 days ago)
To be honest... I think that Twilight and Sunset are both using their friends' powers and they say that it is the "magic of friendship" but I think that it is the magic of stealing other people's magic! If it wasn't for the mane 5, twilight wouldn't be the princess of friendship and Sunset wouldn't be the other twilight... well this all is in my opinion and all of you have their own opinion I just wrote this to express what i feel about Twilight and Sunset... hope that Starlight wouldn't do the same thing again
Glacha Galツ (12 days ago)
Wow the shadowbolts are scared of twilight and they wanted it. Great choice guys. 😐
marc den (12 days ago)
But in yesterday i watch the new video in my Equestria Girls
marc den (12 days ago)
I hate you sunset shimer
Fatiha Eldaoud (13 days ago)
илкееееееееекеееее еееннеее.еееееееееееееееееее.ееееееееееееееееекееееееееее..
Fatiha Eldaoud (13 days ago)
Etfdgcv v bbhfsdae
KR Vlogs (14 days ago)
3:35 my element 😂😂😂💗💗💗
바닐라 (14 days ago)
Oh sunset u think u are the princess of friendship its twighlight not you but i still like it that you save equestria
Marcos Mautari (14 days ago)
🇧🇷drug Bijo,
fit mircea (14 days ago)
Hesmeralda Radillo (15 days ago)
Wow looks like sunset shimmer is not the only freaky demon -_- welp sunset shimmer is an angel now
Gordito Anguiano (15 days ago)
50t Steve (15 days ago)
Spike, everyone saved, yes he is a hero!)
Zoeypetzaza -.- (16 days ago)
Why does sunset have to be a hero lol twilight has to be the hero its more cooler lol
Express evoulution (16 days ago)
I like rainbow dash-loyalty
Ayesha Al-Hameli (16 days ago)
Rener Rener (16 days ago)
NongpinThailandChannel (16 days ago)
They're so freaking out but still standing!?
NoMercy (16 days ago)
I like Luna and Candace just doing nothing to help those students like "Meh, we know they would learn friendship and save each other, that happens all the time"
Cherry Falls (16 days ago)
sun is a lesbiran
白川るいこ (17 days ago)
白川るいこ (17 days ago)
Madi N (17 days ago)
I wonder what princess Luna would have thought had she seen this.
Tanya Gatlin (11 days ago)
Uh she pretty much did the human luna
Humberto Lemus (17 days ago)
I love you
Humberto Lemus (17 days ago)
Dato Gamer (17 days ago)
Wombo combo
Dato Gamer (17 days ago)
You win finish him
Katsuki Bakugou (18 days ago)
Why am I here.
Love_Ariana (18 days ago)
Midnight sparkle is actually really pretty
patriciabaha (19 days ago)
Everyone could've seen her underwear already...
Dog Fabulous (19 days ago)
... Wait... if it’s that easy to get into Equestria and you just dig a hole, then do ponies look up and see a ceiling? Have any of the Pegasi or Griffins ever flew too high and bumped into this ceiling, hallucinated, and said they were hit by lightning?...😳😶
Eduardo Quiroz (19 days ago)
Uh oh 2:35
Kim Chau (19 days ago)
I cryed because it was so sadisfiing

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