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Dr. Kent Hovind - Carbon Dating Dinosaur Bones. 7-7-17

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Text Comments (271)
Alexander Wallace (3 days ago)
So you don't believe any Carbon-14 results unless it reinforces your YEC worldview?
Mary Tocco (7 months ago)
It was this day in 2017 that I was making the hardest decision, do I stay with Kent? I was in SC attending my daughter's wedding on 7-7-17, thinking of my own wedding that took place 9 months earlier...
David Jefferies (8 months ago)
This is irrelevant. Someone presented unverified opinion that went against EVERY OTHER PIECE OF EVIDENCE and it was removed as a result.This has nothing to do with ‘ignoring contrary evidence/ as it is not evidence. These are the irrational views of conspiracists. Sorry, not convinced.
Smoking Beauty. UK. (1 year ago)
I will see you in hell, sir.
alicia mcdowell (1 year ago)
Are you puting your new teaching on dvd
Rik E Shay (1 year ago)
“Yet one thing secures us what ever betide, the scriptures assures us that the Lord will provide.” ― Isaac Newton
Rik E Shay (1 year ago)
“OUR ORDINATION: Sir Isaac Newton, 1642 – 1747 About the times of the End, a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecies, and insist upon their literal interpretation, in the midst of much clamor and opposition.” ― Isaac Newton
Paul Miller (1 year ago)
expelled is a ridiculous movie. Genesis is not to be taken literally. evolution is fact. God is not real.
206jamesglenn (1 year ago)
dinosaurs never existed , its a lie,... carbon dating is FAKE SCIENCE , just like fake gravity, fake dinosaurs fossils
David Bradley (1 year ago)
Now we should not discount the fact that the concentration of C14 in the atmosphere takes about 30,000 years to reach equilibrium ..ergo what goes in to it equals what goes out of it. But recent studies show that atmospheric C14 conentrations are still increasing. No where near equilibrium and the study indicated that C14 has been accumulating for only 3,000 to 6,000 years at the most. Hence, when we carbon date something that existed at a time when atmospheric C14 concentration was less than today it would appear (via C14testing) to be much older than it actually is... A very good teacher taught me this.
David Bradley (1 year ago)
Good stuff Doc, once again.
Lisa Kuechler (1 year ago)
Kent's purpose is to win people for Christ. He says that all the time. The proofs for a young earth are not nullified because of anything that has been presented by "scientists." All verifiable science supports that God made this world. God has been good to me and he will always be good to you too. "Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and humble of heart and you will find rest for your souls, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light." That is what Jesus says to you. Give him a chance to show you.
osgood isgood (1 year ago)
This has been debunked many times already Kentypoo. Have another go
Mark Arellano (1 year ago)
Awesome Video :D
tee morris (1 year ago)
people so mean and petty!grow up
Phantasmal Spectre (1 year ago)
Hi Kent, if these so call clever, highly educated Scientist, say that dinosaurs lived millions and millions of years before man; why do we have stone carvings of dragons/dinosaurs from all over the world that are a few 1000 years old, that would not be possible unless they had seen these creatures. To my mind that makes these scientists, liars, and they are educated to the level of stupid and foolish.God bless and keep bursting their bubbles.
Thomas Rottiers (1 year ago)
+Phantasmal Spectre Any thoughts on the links?
Phantasmal Spectre (1 year ago)
There is lots of evidence, The Ica stones from Peru, Cambodian temple 10th centre, if you can't see a Stegosaurus you should have gone to Specsavers. A series of 14 human footprints with at least 134 dinosaur tracks in the bedrock of the Paluxy River, near Glen Rose, Texas. Just a few reference's and its clearly more evidence that man lived with dinosaurs, rather than the no evidence of them being millions of years apart.
Thomas Rottiers (1 year ago)
+Phantasmal Spectre 1. You would need actual evidence to show that these carvings really depict dinosaurs. 2. In the case that they would depict dinosaurs, you would need to rule out any other explanation.
Joseph Basham (1 year ago)
I'm amazed that there is still a creationist subculture on Youtube today. Fortunately, based on the traffic on this channel, it looks like it's been greatly diminished.
Ping Pong (1 year ago)
vincent vanWyk (1 year ago)
That's great news to hear you are recording an updated seminar. When will it be available? Plus/minus....
cindi lincoln (1 year ago)
I thought the soaking in acid was to remove possible contaminants. Soaking in acid does not remove minerals or unpetrify. It was not petrified/mineralized the way one would expect if it were millions of years old. She said that if you cut it open, it looked just like a modern-day bone, " airy and light," not hard and solid like a rock since it was not petrified . There are videos of the flexible tissue that she found. The video shows tweezers picking up and stretching the tissue and putting it back because it still flexible. That is not millions of years old.
Dannyboyz (1 year ago)
Is that microphone head made of REAL SOLID GOLD!?!?! Like a real televangelist!? lol just kidding.
Kman (1 year ago)
REQUEST.......................Kent...While I'm sure you don't oppose opposition or go out of your way to avoid it, but those folks who get so vulgar in their posts...could you PLEASE either delete their posts, or ban them or at least lay down some ground rules for your channel?  We all get enough of the garbage and vulgarity from other channels, but would hope from a Christian channel there could be somewhat of a haven from the filth.
Mack Junzun (1 year ago)
I think I am a backdoor Christian. I got injured in '92. Since then I have had a lot of time to "investigate" my world via the unfiltered internet. After a lot of reading and watching I discovered almost everything I was taught is a LIE. For example: Why do they not teach fractional reserve banking in High Schools? War is a Racket - Gen. Smedley Butler. Government is not "for the people". Everything is upside down. The Patriot Act is unconstitutional. DFACS hurts kids. etc.. I have a standard statement that encapsulates my "research": This world is ruled by Satanic Pedophiles and has been for centuries. They have an understanding of the human mind that borders on the supernatural. They abuse/exploit humanity with impunity. No one seems to notice. No one seems to care. I discovered the Devil is real before I would accept that God was. Is the Devil a Demon, Fallen Angel, time traveling multi-dimensional alien race or a pre-flood Terran race? I do not know. I just know he/they have been in charge for a very very long time and I don't like'em. Once this discovery became my truth. Then God must also be real and if I must choose a side. I choose God. Everything I looked into would circle around and end up back at the Bible. In my mind there was no way any book could have be written, translated, edited over the course of 2K years and still be remotely accurate. I now know I was wrong. There is truth in the Bible. This was hard pill for me to swallow. My Wife is the only person that have ever bent my knee for. I had unknowingly installed a God Block in my mind. It is a process removing the 45 yr old God firewall. I think this firewall was installed after discovering the hypocrisy of religions and not the Word itself. I just wanted to thank you for helping me understand the Word and the practice of faith. I want to fight this Satanic NWO. Like you I have grandkids and I want them to live free and happy. Thank you for your service, Sir.
Joseph Underwood (1 year ago)
Hello Kent. love you man. never give up on what youre doing. you're changing peoples perspectives every day. i saw one video of yours and loved it. Im down with HovindTheory.
steven ellis (1 year ago)
Why is religious people against the work that there fellow Humans do, I've just completed my four year college course on Anthropology & can't think why any Human being wouldn't want to learn & if your smart enough really understand our origins. As the only intelligent species on our planet its our duty to work out how Nature & the universe works, One thing Adult Humans should know for a fact in the 21st century is that there is NO such thing as a magic man with unbelievable magic powers, I will say this till the day i die, ADULTS who believe in a magic man in the 21st century is shockingly embarrassing. Superstitious thoughts came before intelligence (FACT).
renegadekav (1 year ago)
Our designed and obviously programmed selves did not come from nothing or no mind. Only an indoctrinated person has that much faith in that.
Jordan Watkins (1 year ago)
Steven, science is fun and Creationists are never against it. I really don't understand why the religion of evolution has to build straw men and beat them down. We love science I would never want someone to not take a science course. In my opinion, you will never need evolution to obtain higher learning in any degree offered unless you are an evolution preacher. We as creationist only disagree on starting conditions, most evolutionist have a bias to billions of years in order to give them time to create life. I just urge those who are teetering on their belief in God to not automatically jump to evolutionary beliefs just because it is jammed down your throat in public schools. I got my engineering degree without an ounce of evolutionary science used! In real life you will find no use for cosmic evolution, chemical evolution, abiogenesis evolution, and macro-evolution. Natural selection we agree upon and is used in daily lives. If you are force fed the false basis's of evolution and your mind is not already made up, please search this stuff out for yourself looking at all the evidences, including the many highly regarded Creation scientist all over the world.
Jordan Watkins (1 year ago)
Thomas, "Sir Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe, Evolution from Space (London: Dent, 1981), p. 148, 24." For getting the proteins aligned capable of life.  “The order of the amino acids in a protein determines its function and whether indeed it will have a function at all.” Lee Spetner, Not By Chance (New York, NY: Judaica Press, 1997), p. 31" There are over 300 different types of amino acids. However, only 20 different amino acids are used in life. Each type of amino acid molecule comes in two shapes commonly referred to as left-handed and right-handed forms. Only left-handed amino acids are used in biological proteins; however, the natural tendency is for left- and right-handed amino acid molecules to bond indiscriminately. The various left-handed amino acids must bond in the correct order or the protein will not function properly. Proteins range in size from about 50 to over 30,000 amino acids. To get a small protein of 100 left-handed amino acids from an equal mixture of left- and right-handed amino acids, the probability would then be 10x30 or 1 followed by 30 zeros (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000). This number, 10x30, only measures the possibility of getting all left-handed amino acids. It does not say anything about their order. We have a chain of 100 amino acids. Each position can be occupied by any 1 of 20 different amino acids common to living things, and these must be in a specific order to form a functional protein. What is the probability that the correct amino acid will be placed in position number 1 of the chain? It will be 1/20. What is the probability that the first two positions will be correct? This can be calculated by multiplying the two probabilities together (1/20 x 1/20 = 1/20x2). Therefore, the probability of getting all 100 amino acids in the correct position would be 1/20 multiplied by itself 100 times or 1/20x100 (this equates to 1/10x130). This is 1 followed by 130 zeros! That is just the probability of getting a single small protein by random chance. Not including the proteins in order to sustain life hence the 1 in 10X40,000 chance according to Sir Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe. "Emile Borel, Probabilities and Life (New York, NY: Dover, 1962), p. 28." For the probability bound!
Jordan Watkins (1 year ago)
I agree, lots of chemical reactions happen, but they must happen under certain conditions and in a very sensitive timeframe and in the right order 100% to create a simple building block to life, protien. If it were chance we could do this in a laboratory setting with accelerated results, but we haven't and I would go so far as to say you simply can't by chance alone. This requires a higher than imaginable force that we will never be able to put a number too. In the Miller experiment he left out crucial starting conditions and therefore got wrong answers. He left out oxygen, why you might ask? He knew oxygen would destroy the very molecules he was trying to create. Did the earth not contain oxygen at the beginning? If so how would they survive the harmful uv rays from the sun? Also the heat energy produced by the sun has to be harnessed by some form of transformer in-order to be useful. How was this obtained? Even if you want to say maybe no oxygen was present, every rock in which we have tested contained oxygen as far as we can dig. So there has been no proof of absence of oxygen in or on our earth. Miller wanted to make amino acids, and he got amino acids (along with sugars and a few other things). Proteins in living cells are made of just certain kinds of amino acids: those that are “alpha” (short) and “left-handed.” Miller’s “primordial soup” contained many long (beta, gamma, delta) amino acids and equal numbers of both right- and left-handed forms. Problem: Just one long or right-handed amino acid inserted into a chain of short, left-handed amino acids would prevent the coiling and folding necessary for proper protein function. What Miller actually produced was a seething brew of potent poisons that would absolutely destroy any hope for the chemical evolution of life.
CriticMasterZ (1 year ago)
There's a whole sheet of different dating methods just not c14, Kent!!!
renegadekav (1 year ago)
And none have samples from millions of years ago.
Westydowns (1 year ago)
Nym, I know when I say "beginning material" the response is about radioactivity and not "beginning material" which is the subject matter. So either you are trying to cover up the problem or you are stupid and can't tell the difference between radio activity and "beginning material." Perhaps both. Both are evidence of you being a propagandist.
Scott Shirey (1 year ago)
The Ben Stein movie, Expelled is out of print, I think. Now, another movie with the same title comes up when you do the search. I saw it twice at the theater when it came out, and I still have a copy on DVD. I noticed they did some edits after the movie. Apparently he upset A LOT of people. Truth has that effect.
CRSEF obtained several fragments of fossilized dinosaur bone from the paleontological collections of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History "by disguising the nature of the creationist science group" (Lafferty 1991:2B) and by misrepresenting the nature of their proposed research. James King, Director of the Carnegie Museum, says Hugh Miller and his party identified themselves as chemists who wanted to do some analyses of the chemical composition of the fossils. King says that small "bits and pieces" which had spalled off the surfaces of various specimens were offered to Miller with the explicit warning that the fossil bones had been "covered heavily in shellac" and other "unknown preservatives." Miller accepted the fragments and indicated that the coatings posed no problems for the analyses they were considering. - Bradley T. Lepper, Creation/evolution, vol 12, nr 1, 1992.
Els (1 year ago)
Wow, that man actually created a Jesus not in his own image, but one dumber than himself.
Philip Yates (1 year ago)
Take the "Dr" you don't have off your name please.
Scott Summers (1 year ago)
Doesn't matter what the origins of a word is. I know you religious freaks are stuck in the bronze age. What does matter is what the word refers to now. A "doctor" is someone who has attained the level of education at the doctoral level. Above an underrate and masters. It's takes years to attain this level of education and qualification. Your cult leader is not a "doctor" and does not deserve to use this title. Your cult leader is a fraud and a conman.
Jerry Luckey (1 year ago)
you showed your true colors long ago phil ....
Rik E Shay (1 year ago)
77 days left.
Rik E Shay (1 year ago)
Someone bet me from one site about large Earthquakes. Above 7 mag. I have a screenshot of an 8.0 that occurred that was shortly removed from the feeds. 55 days and counting down.
Brawnic (1 year ago)
I wish i was in the few areas where the total eclipse would be visible. unfortunately ill be to far north during its pass over to effectively see it.but theres always videos and photos i guess.
Rik E Shay (1 year ago)
Do not forget to wear your brownpants! lol If you are Stateside you may get an early preview during the solar eclipse. Less than 50 days away.
brandon albright (1 year ago)
Rik E Shay till the 23rd?
Mac Pelao (1 year ago)
Kent.. I just saw a a documentary on Netflix called "Is Genesis History?" - - It was pretty good. They interviewed several scientists to get their perspective of life and the universe. I wonder if you've seen it.
God Exists (1 year ago)
Scott Summers acknowledging Freemasonry is paranoia? lol. you crack me up. who brainwashed you?
Scott Summers (1 year ago)
Actually no. The only joke here is you. You are paranoid and in need or serous psychological intervention. Hopefully before you go spray a play ground with n automatic weapon. Maybe a strong anti psychotic would help too.
God Exists (1 year ago)
Scott Summers joke is on you. the Freemasons denier. lol.
Scott Summers (1 year ago)
Like I said, living breathing joke.
holdontoyourwig (1 year ago)
For a start off.......This was a presentation and not a peer reviewed paper. If someone stood up and declared that the world was pyramid shaped............ i would delete the findings. If someone wrote a paper showing ( using science ) that the earth was indeed pyramid shaped......i would have to publish the paper in order that other scientists could review the findings. Hovind could never publish a paper as he has NO science to back up his claims. If the current science is wrong then please show us the CORRECT science.
God Exists (1 year ago)
holdontoyourwig Mark Armitage and Robert Gentry all published papers to debunk evolution and big bang. didn't turn out so well for them.
Abir (1 year ago)
From now on I believe the earth is only about 6k years old. <3
Westydowns (1 year ago)
Kal El, Does the military use religion to brainwash? No, they use a scientific method called compartmentalization. We detect this compartmentalization of evolutionists here when they make statements like there is no evidence for creation. This is a completely false statement, yet you can't see that. You don't have to believe in creation to know this statement is false. Only logical analysis. The Bible is evidence for creation. It doesn't require you to believe the evidence for it to be evidence. So when you say that "There is absolutely no evidence to support creationism" then you are repeating a compartmentalized statement that you haven't even analyzed. And since you continue the repeat the same phrase and can't adjust your thought process for reality, then it is obvious you are brain washed. There are many phrases that evolutionist repeat like this, so it is not a fluke. Not only do evolutionists repeat these phrases but they tend to repeat them the same way. Thus you are the one brain washed and you opinion is not your own, so can't be counted for anything.
Abir (1 year ago)
You mean from now on I have freed myself a little from brainwashing. Now its your turn to see clearly. But I fear you never will...
Corner Staple (1 year ago)
From now on you are wrong.
cindi lincoln (1 year ago)
Dr. Mary Schweitzer  also discovered her T Rex bones were not decayed much either. She found blood, collagen, and tissue UNdecayed! That speaks to recent burial also. And she is not a young earth creationist, yet...
phoebe blusky (1 year ago)
carbon dating is know longer accurate due to all the radioactive fallout from all the nuclear weapons that were tested. It has altered the dirt air. Every person born after 51 will have some of the chemicals(iodine 13i) from the tests in there tissues.
phoebe blusky (1 year ago)
God Exists there testing the organic material which has been altered by the testing some of the chemicals have a half life of 24k years. So the actual content of the earth before testing began is was they base off. I read all about it thanks to Dr Hovind he made me what to know more. Also I correct my date above anyone born since 1951 has iodine 13i in them
God Exists (1 year ago)
MsBleau lol. we are not testing plutonium and uranium.
Jessica Reinhart (1 year ago)
Awesome work Kent!!!! You still need to look into the biblical earth model though. But thank you for all you do!!!!
captain fatfoot (1 year ago)
Carbon dateing doesn't work for things older than 10000 years old. Scientists use radio-metric dateing instead.
Thomas Rottiers (1 year ago)
+Jonathan Roberts Watching the video didn't make any difference. They do know what the error is. Read the link.
Refuting Atheists (1 year ago)
+Thomas Rottiers Good for you for finally watching the video but you still didn't pay attention, there wasn't any spin. I can tell just by reading that link (without clicking it) that you've still missed the point, If they had really thought c14 was a bad way of measuring they would have said that not 'there must have been some error' and not specified where the error was, you can't claim an error unless you know where the error is but that's very clearly what they did, they claimed an error without knowing where the error lied.
Thomas Rottiers (1 year ago)
+Jonathan Roberts Actually, it isn't. He reads a letter and then puts his spin on it. But that's good enough for you, isn't it? Here's an explanation why his research is bad: https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/154588/is-it-a-problem-with-radiometric-dating-that-carbon-14-is-found-in-materials-dat
Refuting Atheists (1 year ago)
+Thomas Rottiers The evidence was given in the video, if you actually watch the video instead of just trolling the comment section you would have seen that.
God Exists (1 year ago)
captain fatfoot how do you even know the thing is older?
Brad (1 year ago)
Potholer54 addresses these problems in his video 'Carbon dating doesn't work -- debunked'. You should probably give it a watch Kent.
erictheawful69 (9 months ago)
C Brown, I've read most, if not all of your post on this thread. I'm with you 100% and in my opinion, evolution is just as much a religion as Christianity. It is an unproven theory that takes a leap of faith to believe after making many assumptions.
erictheawful69 (9 months ago)
Brad, You stated.... "P.S. information is not embedded in DNA any more than information is embedded in a rock layer. To put it simply DNA is simply specifically arranged chemicals. " You need to research DNA because your statement is totally inaccurate!
Frog Stew (1 year ago)
You didn't miss much tech.. I'm glad to see that you on YouTube now. I would encourage anybody to switch from the windows operating system to the free and open source Linux operating system.
Roy Klopfenstein (1 year ago)
You cannot carbon date dinosaurs. They are gazillions of years old. Carbon dating is only good for zillions of years.
God Exists (1 year ago)
Roy Klopfenstein yes you can
Roy Klopfenstein (1 year ago)
More degrees than you have, but keep getting stupider.
Kal El (1 year ago)
For YEC, being uneducated and ignorant is a virtue. They are actually proud to be morons.
Cactus Jack (1 year ago)
thumbs up!
Conspiracy Cuber (1 year ago)
Great point on the peer review thing. The thing that I like to tell people about peer review is that it does not determine truth, it just determines how likely most sheeple are to believe it.
Darth Bane (1 year ago)
How many times are scientist going to get a fossils age hilariously wrong before people just stop believing their bullshit?
Kal El (1 year ago)
Of course they did. That's what creatards do. The lie through their teeth to preserve their faith. It's a sign of fear that science is winning the fight against ignorance. Which they are.YEC is on the decline here in America. What you are witnessing here is the temper tantrum. LOL
John Faraday (1 year ago)
Darth Bane in this case the scientist was a creationist. You would expect the results to be incorrect. In this case they fraudulently contaminated the samples.
seek truth (1 year ago)
My wife and I love all of your videos Kent! Thank you for being like an Elijah of our day. we home school our kids, dont vaccinate, and use your videos for our 4 children. THANK YOU FOR BLESSING THE WORLD WITH YOUR UNDERSTANDING! MAY GOD CONTINUE BLESSING YOU!
seek truth (1 year ago)
Scott Summers why are you worried about money lol. oh am i out of touch with reality? money is everything? money is worthless... i cant even debate you buddy cause you dont know enough... if you think for one second u need vaccines to have a healthy immune system your mislead. the babies immune system has no chance to develop naturally. on top of the risks of auto immune diseases. or they could get severely handicapped and or die. the mmr vaccine is the worst. if you ever have a baby DO NOT LET THEM VACCINATE! the side effects are way worse than the mumps or measles! those are not life threatening! but the vaccines can be.
Westydowns (1 year ago)
Seek truth, You are right. The shots are suppose activate the immune system and side affects can be harmful. But the chicken pox, measles and mumps are rarely deadly and activate the immune system with fewer side effects. When the shots cause as much or more harm then the disease then we have a problem. It is the health of the child that determines how severe or not his illnesses are.
Donna (1 year ago)
He needs to put the website up on where to send donations to for what he does...
suorastas1 (1 year ago)
Well if you get a c-14 date of 40k years that basically means that c-14 is probably the wrong method to use to date whatever you are dating. C-14 cannot be used for things older than 30k-40k years so if you carbon date a thing that you know is 10 million years old guess what result you get? That's right: about 40 000 years. If you throw a thermometer meant for measuring human body temperature to a vat of liquid nitrogen it still shows a result of about 35 degrees celsius because the scale won't go any lower. That doesn't mean that the nitrogen is actually 35 degrees. Also the source you cited was highly dubious. Also it claims to be about geology and not paleontology which would be the relevant branch of science when investigating dinosaur remains.
Tgon Mwort (1 month ago)
Your reasoning is idiotic.
suorastas1 (1 year ago)
bobbyshark -Sorry bud. Still nothing. You keep trying though. I admire your persistence.
suorastas1 (1 year ago)
Westydowns - Nobody assumes the age of the layer. They measure it. Why would I assume layer is say 65 million year old instead of 650 million year old. Using fossils to date the layers and vice versa is only used to cross confirm the results of the dating. So if the measurement doesn't fit that you should check if there was something not quite right with your measurement which does occasionally happen. If however you keep getting contradicting results then you might want check for other explanations. Nothing circular about it and so far no data exist to support the idea that dinosaur fossils and layers that contain them are just a few thousand years old.
Westydowns (1 year ago)
suorastas1, Exactly what I am saying. You assume the layer to be an particlular age so then assume the fossil is of that age. It is circular reasoning as God Exist said. you have already determined the age by your bias not by science.
Josh Williams (1 year ago)
Carbon dating has an age range of about 50,000 years so it is entirely to be expected real scientists would throw out an experiment that obviously used the wrong dating method to determine the age of dinosaur bones.
Tgon Mwort (1 month ago)
+Josh Williams I didn't any animal was made of Potassium Argon.
Dave Powers (1 year ago)
Zoran Petrović - Šane there’s got to be a trickier way to disguise this illogic. I think he needs to go to the school of evolution a little bit longer. Funniest thing I’ve ever heard.
Xaxaxaxa, what a load of ;) .... "Since most dinosaur bones are older than 65 million years..." So? You say that WE KNOW that those bones (has to be) are 65 million years old, so we have to use the method that will "prove" that!? If some other method PROVES that they are NOT 65mill years old, you say "No, we have used a wrong method", so you go on and on untill you find a "method" that - FITS!!!!? And that is a point... You have to FIT those bones in the dirt to somehow fit into your religion! Wow, I bet you went to a school that indoctrinated you with evolutionism, beacuse you've had to had some help to be that dumb! ;) .)
bobbyshark (1 year ago)
Happy trails brother.
seanlaca (1 year ago)
Now we know why they never "find" human bones with dinosaur bones. Can't accept the findings, so we must erase the data.
Scott Summers (1 year ago)
What did you and Robert say to Rki retard to send him into such a psychotic rant? LOL
Kent Hovind OFFICIAL (1 year ago)
I MAY have the fancy $29 microphone figured out!  Sorry about the previous problems.  I was gone for 9 years and technology got ahead of me! :) If all goes well I'll be home for Monday night Bible study as usual. The 1999 Motor home runs great and serves as an OK studio on the road but I'll take my own bed and office over this any day! We have retaped several parts of the creation seminar here.  We should have them in production soon. Thanks for your prayers and support.
Jamus Steelblood (1 year ago)
Hey Nym, did they change into something other than a fruit fly? No? Oh well, keep hoping. Your faith is strong. Although, funny thing about those mutations, they were induced by an intelligence within a laboratory environment under non-natural conditions. Hmmmm.
Jamus Steelblood (1 year ago)
Thanks Kevin. That means so much coming from you. On the bright side, you might hit puberty some day.
NightWolfWillis (1 year ago)
Usuwhwhaj Djhdjs (1 year ago)
Usuwhwhaj Djhdjs (1 year ago)
Kellen M. (1 year ago)
When will you be in DFW TX!?

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