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Naruto Gets Way More Girls than Sasuke!! All Naruto's Prospects in Entire Show!! part 1

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Text Comments (3559)
I actually messsed some more xD here is part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7VVlywZq0M
MERTIMER WESLEY (1 month ago)
And now u made me hate Sakura even more, thanks now i wanna kill the voice actress, good job!
Blessed musosi (1 month ago)
Mannylo Anime Squad
ScammerStayPut YT (1 month ago)
Mannylo Anime Squad 13:44 Those Totts Doe JK She/He
black flames (2 months ago)
Mannylo Anime Squad You're a beta cuck who thinks if a girl interacts with you it means they like you. You claim naruto gets more girls than Sasuke yet all of these girls in your video are filler characters who don't even exist in the story, and these filler characters weren't even attracted to him to begin with. You just made a compilation of all the girls naruto has merely just interacted with and claimed he gets more girls than Sasuke. You're pathetic. Sasuke gets more girls than anybody in the series, make no mistake about that. I really wish I could meet you in real life. Give me your address.
Srpski Piloti (2 months ago)
Pls pls name of song at 6;22
Retaliate (2 hours ago)
9:50 Lmfao lucky bastard
Convoy Havoc (4 hours ago)
Shion got them titties👀
8:01 the hair flip! Hahha! And the priestess fell in love.
Men, The english dubb it's so terrible!
Project X Gaming (16 hours ago)
where were all the girls he saved in the 4th ninja war? That would be better if everyone who naruto saved showed up.
BeHappyGames (19 hours ago)
5:49 eww
sNippSss bts (19 hours ago)
The funny thing is his first kiss was with sasuke
fuk haters omg dab 2 (20 hours ago)
Lucas Ribeiro (1 day ago)
EP 9:37 ?
Daniel Herrera (2 days ago)
What is the ep when he meets the priest
0 Gemini 0 (2 days ago)
14:02 Taylor Swift in anime 😂😂😂😂
0 Gemini 0 (2 days ago)
Naruto is way better then sasuke. He is also way cooler.
Austyn Taha (2 days ago)
RiotLoot !!!! (2 days ago)
4:42 krillen!!!!
NurD_ Sönmez (2 days ago)
8:04 episode?
xJzustAli x (2 days ago)
Intro music?
"Ouch don't bite" 😂😂😂😂
Diamond Girl1 (3 days ago)
1:12 so sad that was the exact same way narutos parents had died💀💔
Neaveh Madrigal (3 days ago)
mjm,b,dglmgmbmttorrtyyij5yyyjhjhjh;8jhijhhttttijhtihttihmgfxfgrjgonrrthrktohrthijrthirtjhitrijjhtrigurirufurugutguuttutugbvbbbhhbhbhbhbhbbbhbhbhbhlbhhhhhhbhbbhbbhhfhfhfhfhfhfhhfhffhfhfhffhfhfhffhfhhhhvvvffffffffffffghhk WS X VGGBGFGRVC C FSVGDBFVFV
Niko Verdianto (3 days ago)
Kenapa Pas Naruto Lawan Fuuka Bukanya Ngeluarin Jubi
Ivan De La Cruz (3 days ago)
Me when i come out of the shower 8:00
ruben silos (4 days ago)
Da fuck krillin on the background
Ssj3 Rapper (4 days ago)
Lunar Moon (4 days ago)
*When will y’all understand that it’s obvious that Naruto and Sasuke are meant for each other*
Lucas Haskett (4 days ago)
4:43 I seen that krillin
CPT Tv (4 days ago)
I swear they make Sasuke look so cool with all the girls in the beginning but in Shippuden Naruto gets way more girls
Avery Sumatzkuku (4 days ago)
I'm dead at 12:12
Lil-key23 Johnson (4 days ago)
Ouch! Don’t bite!! 😂😂
Yaayayeet Yret (4 days ago)
4:54 And people say Sakura Is useless...
M (4 days ago)
4:09 that moment when you... deep penetrate her
Peterson Kasa (5 days ago)
The girl that takes chakera from other people when she kiss naruto sakara was jeles
Tahj TheEAGLESFAN (5 days ago)
I see krillin
Mekhi the Illuminated (5 days ago)
Why was krillin there
Nfgghrgyrhcdgdhd bugs vzb b big b
it's about time somebody woke you up *slaps* DAAMMMMMMMMM HOMMIE
Mic Rangiris (5 days ago)
Shut your MOUTH
goten (6 days ago)
naruto hitten it from the back and making her but clap clap
Death The reaper (6 days ago)
12:13 oh shit XD
Matthew Meme Boi (6 days ago)
chase couser (6 days ago)
12:10 ahahaahhahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahah😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 Savage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HQ Starlord (6 days ago)
Intro music?
HQ Starlord (6 days ago)
Link to beats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuMofqqfvJs
cololboygamer Jackson (6 days ago)
I think I seen enough damn memes already okay
Berk Can Everded (6 days ago)
9:44 ohhhhh my boi misses his goallll
Manuel Barro (6 days ago)
Man, americans are just awfull at dubbing
Hananto Han (7 days ago)
Naruhina naruto hinata
Balai Roy (7 days ago)
Chouji stop stuffing your face
보꽗트더롤 (7 days ago)
싫어요 누른 사람 최소 히나타
Antonio HD (8 days ago)
MobileGame Channel (8 days ago)
I'll tell Hinata
Einar Blood-Axe (9 days ago)
Damn naruto called her a slut. Is naruto a potty mouth in the Japanese version?
Ismaelb604 bautista (9 days ago)
Bruh XD 4:41
Out of those many strong and powerful girl, Hinata wins the battle. Lol.
iiKinq_ Rozez (9 days ago)
12:12 that slap thoooo 😂😂😂
Jake Vaynagiy (9 days ago)
4:42 got exposed
Naruto Uzumaki (9 days ago)
The first one reminded me of MINATO and kushina where They both got stabed IN The chest and sacrificed There Life for naruto with ryu
Jabari the savage13 (10 days ago)
4:12 i started dying of laughter when naruto called her a slut
Pika Pika (10 days ago)
Omg the damn in the back round
Triston Tirado (10 days ago)
I love his intros
Joseph Sparrow (11 days ago)
How many times naruto gonna fall in a ocean
Charles Andres (11 days ago)
Bryan Valladoid (11 days ago)
8:00 L'Oreal ad much?
Candy Fitzler (11 days ago)
Ouch don't bite XD oh my God why would you put that in I died
mohd adilah (12 days ago)
What the first song....i want the song i like it
Saul Jacobo (12 days ago)
*slaps isarebe* DAMNNNNNN
Itz Ash (12 days ago)
4:42 why is there a krilin?
Qasim Ali (12 days ago)
7:04 look at hinata🤣😂🤣😅😂
GamingKakarot IsHere (12 days ago)
Pause at 4:43
the continuous one (12 days ago)
princess, rare justus users, pervy sage deals , miko, , he could have did a Jamie Maddox
Nasima Abdi (12 days ago)
All the dislikes are from sasuke
Djibril Fall (12 days ago)
Djibril Fall (12 days ago)
Djibril Fall (12 days ago)
Comme ' ' ' ' ' ' @ ongbhkhfbnf
Djibril Fall (12 days ago)
Ruairi_Doyler (12 days ago)
Don’t read more Your 2019 is now cursèd łikè this comment and śùbćribè to me to undo
Jokerzwild 13 (9 days ago)
Guess what... I already have croup at age 13 so um,....I don't know what to tell you ..........
your bad (11 days ago)
i already liked a comment to undo all curses 🛡
Vanessa Aguado (12 days ago)
Where do u find these awesome beats
➤INTRO AND OUTRO BEATS LINK here Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mannyloanimesquad/?hl=en
Nana Deviluke (13 days ago)
12:12 HAHAHA
Menma best girl
Otaku 4 (14 days ago)
Thats because he is nice to people and he wants to protect his comrades.....thats what I like about him he is friendly (I guess)
Samuel Jeon (14 days ago)
Naruto is so dense
DarkShahan (14 days ago)
Sakura could destory the stone cave but nahhh sora can handle it ._.
Jokerzwild 13 (14 days ago)
*hinata has left the chat*
zuru zatuchialferi (15 days ago)
Hintas face.. doe
zuru zatuchialferi (15 days ago)
That damn SUBICUS took all my juice that I save for next week of poorn😡😡😡😡
Daniel S. (15 days ago)
Should have shown the Sasuke kiss
Hanging Gaming (15 days ago)
Hahaha. Naruto called the first girl a transvestite 😂
Sate sate Sate (15 days ago)
i be pimpiiiin i be pimpiiiin
Awab Fadl (15 days ago)
was i the only one that saw the krillin
Latifラザン (15 days ago)
Chasalee DIY (16 days ago)
DAYUM NARUTO!! How many people did you kiss boi!😂
Darryl DaBomb (16 days ago)
4:42 pause it and a dragon ball references
Anthony Parrales (16 days ago)
Same with deku
aj barnard (16 days ago)
anyone else realize that shion was basically just a blonde hinata? or was it just me? that and she basically just offered to fuck his brains out. watching all these makes me think naruto has a few illegitimate children running around the shinobi world.
Cris (16 days ago)
He gets all the girl in the fillers lmao
The english dub is so fucking bad. JAPANESE ONLY
Andutzu Yt (16 days ago)
14:40 what episode
RT (17 days ago)
1:14 Wait.... WTF WTF WTF how can they survive this but Minato and Kushina couldnt????????? What the actual fuck.
Kyle Jackson (17 days ago)
the thing is. sasuke doesnt have to try orbdo anything. they just fall naturally for him based on looks. with naruto its more of getting to know who he is and what he stands for that gets him the girls
DropZ Savix (17 days ago)
Eric Ceron (18 days ago)
Enyone else see krillin
Kisna (18 days ago)
Anyone knows the background music name of the peaceful good bye music during the last sence of Naruto's Haruna Episode?
Mido Kono (18 days ago)

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