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Microsoft Pledges to Protect and Defend Linux!!!

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Microsoft has joined the Open Invention Network (“OIN”), an organization dedicated to *protecting* Linux from patent trolls and companies antagonistic to Linux and open source. In doing so it has added its portfolio of over 60,000 issued patents to the OIN. But, can you believe it? == Useful links about OIN == https://www.openinventionnetwork.com https://www.openinventionnetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/OIN-LF.pdf https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/microsoft-joins-open-invention-network-to-help-protect-linux-and-open-source/ https://github.com/Microsoft Introduction to Android app development: https://www.dgitacademy.com Let Me Explain T-shirt: https://teespring.com/gary-explains-let-me-explain-2 Twitter: https://twitter.com/garyexplains Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/garyexplains/ #garyexplains
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Text Comments (958)
Maniesh Ramanayake (2 hours ago)
After being defeated by open source solutions like android and chrome, they can no longer ignore the profitability of being partially open source. They also will gain greater control over platforms, just like Google.
Ron Maimon (12 hours ago)
The reason? They have an idea of contributing code under GPL, and then RESCINDING THE GPL, meaning the code is no longer GPL, they take it back. The precedent for this is the talk about people being able to retract their GPL contribution because of the code of conduct.
Gary Explains (5 hours ago)
Surely a better statement would be from all the companies that make daily important contributions to Linux. Why focus on Microsoft. I think you are targeting Microsoft unnecessarily when really its current role in Linux development is limited. What about Red Hat, Canonical, IBM, Arm, Linaro, etc.
Ron Maimon (5 hours ago)
Let's put it this way: it would make me happy if they issued a legal statement of an opinion that it can't be rescinded. This is what Stallman designed and intended for the GPL, it was a response to the "rescinding" and closing off of some emacs software in the 80s. Stallman consulted with a lawyer to ensure that such "rescinding" couldn't happen with the GPL, but now this is contentious, due to insincere corporate lawyers getting their creative juices flowing as to how to destroy software freedom. The Microsoft corporation invented software copyright in 1979, controlling what people can do with code was their central business model. Their entry into the free software world is accompanied by simultaneous legal claims that GPL can be rescinded from anonymous lawyers. It would be nice to hear a guarantee that this is not a maneuver by Microsoft, otherwise it is just reasonable to be paranoid, no? There is no point in these large companies, they should have been busted into smithereens by antitrust law decades ago. But a legal clarification on Microsoft's legal opinion on the status of their contributions would be appreciated, as, if the absurd precedent is established that the GPL can be rescinded, every contribution to a project like Linux gives the corporation control and power to rescind, which then can be turned into payments to not-rescind, the equivalent of ransom, or of the ridiculous licensing fees that are currently Microsoft's bread and butter. This would be the end of free-software, and would require a total rewrite of Linux under GPLv3, which would be a waste of 20 years of development effort.
Gary Explains (5 hours ago)
Wow, that is a strong statement, "The Microsoft people want to establish the precedent that GPL can be rescinded." Do you have any proof of that?
Ron Maimon (5 hours ago)
It is (and of course, must be) impossible to rescind GPL code, but with the recent controversy, lawyers from obviously corporate environments are running around suggesting that contributors could rescind contributions. It will be much easier for a court case if the first court-test of rescinding comes from Alan Cox, rather than a Microsoft hack. That's why this absurd idea is floated. The Microsoft people want to establish the precedent that GPL can be rescinded, just so they can get power over the code-base by contributing.
Gary Explains (6 hours ago)
What is the connection between GPL code and the OIN. Microsoft could have added GPL code and then rescinded it any time until now, these things aren't related. Also, the whole ability rescind GPL code is dubious at best.
BlueSatoshi (14 hours ago)
Embrace, Extend, Extinguish. Never forget these words.
Gary Explains (6 hours ago)
Written by people who no longer work there...
Bjorn Roesbeke (14 hours ago)
Open source is still not free, libre.
Karmic Serpent (15 hours ago)
Yeah we saw how much they cared about FOSS and users when people found out that VS Code and .NET Core sent telemetry data without permission. Good fucking job MS. You had your shot at a peace offering with the Open Source Community, what makes you think people will trust you now?
Plot twist: _[enter your plot twist here]_
Cristian Timofi (21 hours ago)
Microsoft killed: Fox SW, and used FoxPro engine to power it's Outlook servers, and such; Skype was bought and they brutalized the free version, while including all of the bofore-that free features in the paid version, which is now skype for business; Navision, Danger, Tellme, all met their end at the rich hand of M$; Nokia almost didn't survive the awesome partnership with M$; Microsoft has a shitload of rivals on the Linux side of things. For servers they have SuSe, and Redhat, as the biggest ones. They have Steam, on the gaming side of things, another rival which runs on Linux distros. If they would suddenly make a pledge that they by no means will harm those companies that implement in their open source projects, the shitty M$ patents, irrelevant of how much time may pass since those technologies are used, then i might have 1% of belief that they genuinely intend for good things to happen. As far as protecting Linux, the single greatest threat to Linux and open source is M$. Then i ask, why would they not consider playing along for a while and then try to nuke the whole ecosystem from the inside? Never believed anything M$ has said, when they had "good intentions". Never have i been wrong. Also it is interesting that the SJW assholes flooded the Linux ecosystem just recently, and devs threaten to pull their code. I will just leave this comment here, so that i may tell you that i was right, just give it 2-3 years!
Vivek Nair (22 hours ago)
Let's look at a hypothetical situation. Microsoft spends money on some really good advanced piece of code for Linux. It solves some really important problems for the Linux ecosystem. No developer looks for an alternative to that as there is no need. Over time it becomes an integral part of the OS. Then one fine morning, Microsoft decides to retract that code as the open source allows the developers to do that. Suddenly Linux is broken, without that code. Developers would take incredible about of time to compensate for that loss of functionality. Microsoft gets the opportunity to put its foot in the door.
Vivek Nair (20 hours ago)
+Gary Explains Well, based on the last article that I read about Microsoft and Linux, it stated they contributed close to 20,000 lines of code. Probably they are waiting for some inflection point or for their code to become part of some critical component to make the move. But that is just me being cynical. People at Microsoft and Google have really intelligent and smart. Just by the virtue of the access to the data points that they are exposed to, they might be able to see some future advantages (to these decisions) that we common humans might not. Really happy to see your reply on this thought experiment.
Gary Explains (21 hours ago)
Microsoft could have done that before joining the OIN...
Vivek Nair (22 hours ago)
Unless Microsoft is changing business strategy. And that would be a good thing for everyone. With the advent of high-speed internet and online services, it seems illogical to have a stand-alone OS installed on the machine. Future seems to be OS-as-a-service. They might be geared towards that.
Barindra Bal (22 hours ago)
Now that GitHub is Microsoft's property, Microsoft has big stakes in Linux's software development. So I won't be that surprised.
Megalus Doomslayer (1 day ago)
Microsoft claimed Windows 10 is the final version of Windows. It seems like they intend to start using Linux for their future products. They'll wait for someone to develop something through opensource licensing and they'll tweek it and sell it as their own with their own lawyers going on the attack against anyone who questions their predatory acquisitions.
Megalus Doomslayer (19 hours ago)
+Gary Explains It gets updated every other week with something that fixes one thing and breaks something else.
Gary Explains (1 day ago)
No. Windows 10 is the final version in that Microsoft has changed its model. Haven't you noticed how it gets updated every 6 months now?
DaSnipy (1 day ago)
Tunir Ghosh (1 day ago)
Me: What is MICROSOFT's motive in this? Inner mind: SEEEE.....RRRRRVVVVEEEE....RRRR
The Mastermind (2 days ago)
It can only mean one thing: Microsoft is planning on acquiring Linux
Gary Explains (2 days ago)
chuNito (2 days ago)
Cancer never dies. It will be just hidden but will comeback stronger. :D It is a compliment.
The Londoner (2 days ago)
Aren't Linux programmers up in arms about contract stuff and threatening to pull code at the moment? SJW stuff
MR M (2 days ago)
I believe a company has a right to make a profit however I also believe that no company has a right to spy on me or sell my data and that is why I will never use Microsoft software again.
Gary Explains (2 days ago)
Or any website again, or any online service, I guess.
____ eCLiPZ (2 days ago)
Microsoft Protecting Linux against Microsoft?
muayyad alsadi (2 days ago)
quote: "Microsoft has not included any patents they might hold on exfat into the patent non-aggression pact." https://sfconservancy.org/blog/2018/oct/10/microsoft-oin-exfat/
Gary Explains (2 days ago)
That blog is wrong. It covers all patents.
Rahul Bali (2 days ago)
This is just a Trap. So, the people can use their Windows Subsystem for Linux. Once people use it, then they can access all data from it, and have good natured monitoring.
ravi shankar (2 days ago)
only valid as long as satya nadela is ceo.
Gary Explains (2 days ago)
Namidu Indunel (2 days ago)
Secure boot *cough* *cough* All my GitHub is now officially owned by Microsoft.
Gary Explains (2 days ago)
You can't have a secure boot process if you can install any operating system, that is the point.
Mark Bunds (2 days ago)
My cat promised to protect and care for my hamsters...
Brandon N. (2 days ago)
My bet's that Microsoft is trying to emulate the redhat revenue model in IoT and cloud. As for what they're planning on desktop they might look to offload the burden of maintaining an entire OS to linux and focus on maintaining and developing key Microsoft services and software instead on the platform instead.
Brandon N. (2 days ago)
I'm just trying to imagine the monstrosity Microsoft will use in place of systemd.
Code Underground (2 days ago)
All that is fine and dandy but doesn't change the fact Microsoft is shit. Windows particularly.
Sayem Prodhan Ananta (2 days ago)
Wait few days "Linux was licensed by MicroSh!t"
Gary Explains Don't really know. But I suspect the possibility.
Gary Explains (2 days ago)
And how can it do that?
Spatry (2 days ago)
Instead of getting billions from suing over BOGUS PATENT TROLLING, now they make their money by selling your personal information to third parties! The cost of that FREE copy of Windows 10 is TOO HIGH!
Gary Explains (2 days ago)
You mean like the time that Microsoft refused to comply to warrant demand to hand over an enterprise customer's Office 365 messages held on a cloud box in Ireland?
Andy Turfer (3 days ago)
I don't buy it. In a way, Microsoft are partially telling the truth. But what Microsoft are not telling you is that they now use a subsidiary to sue companies that embrace and use Linux.
Gary Explains (3 days ago)
Do you have any evidence for that statement?
vanhetgoor (3 days ago)
If a fox is preaching the passion, farmer look after your chickens! That is a nice way of saying NEVER TO TRUST THE DEVIL!
ZoneofA (3 days ago)
With CoC and upcoming purges of most competent coders and developers Linux is pretty much dead anyway.... They already purged Linus himself. There is nothings left for M$ do defend or fight.
Gary Explains (3 days ago)
I am not a gullible buffoon and you know nothing about me. And I think it is insulting to assume you know what my views are on privacy etc. Don't be an idiot. If you have a point to make, then do it, but do it rationally and intelligently. Ranting about the surveillance state etc makes you look like a buffoon, not me. Your views need a world context.
ZoneofA (3 days ago)
I guess laughing is all gullible buffoons do this days. I'm sure you LOL when google revealed Google+ personal user data was hacked years ago and they kept it secret, I'm sure you LOL when Facebook was exposed for selling and/or revealing private user data for political and commercial purposes. I'm sure you LOL when Heatbleed, Meltdown and Spectre were exposed. i'm sure you LOL when NSA unwarranted surveillance was exposed to public, I'm sure you LOL when Microsoft was exposed for selling private user data to US police and FBI. I'm sure you laughed at great many thing normal sane person would be worried abut.
Gary Explains (3 days ago)
LOL. Thx, nice chatting with you,
ZoneofA (3 days ago)
Corporate interests and surveillance state is behind it.
Gary Explains (3 days ago)
So Intel is behind all this?
J L (3 days ago)
So if you don't understand why Microsoft will be defending Linux, the new business model will be like the Google Play store. Open source in the way that it operates, but legally defending its product line as a proprietary entity. This way, both the developers in the open source community AND Microsoft get money out of it. This just means you'll be paying for anything you want to download. Some stuff I imagine will still be free, but the majority of it will have to be paid-for software and services, so both open-source developers and companies like Microsoft can make a profit. I actually like the idea. There are some very dark "what if" scenarios that come with this idea, but I think more good would come of this than bad.
Gecko o (3 days ago)
I have a bad feeling about this, no linux no alternative to windows, sun its too complex for the average user and mac, well its mac, windows would earn a monopoly if they decide to pull the plug on linux and they are kind of earning enough influence in the open source terrain to start to push that. That would mean spyware even in the toilet and... yiagh windows store.
Gary Explains (3 days ago)
How does MS joining the OIN = No Linux no alternative to Windows?
Dawaleeb Alhawa (3 days ago)
I f Linux have access to 6000 Microsoft patents why it is still shit? (Desktop wise). On the server side, we use it because it is free not because it is the best.
augm3nt (3 days ago)
The OIN was started in 2005 !! M$ is just becoming irrelevant to computing so they need to capitalize on the buzzwords like Open and Linux. Its Embrace Extend Extinguish .. the only M$ that can be trusted is a dead one.
Christopher Staples (3 days ago)
My mind just got blown away
Fuseteam (3 days ago)
what you up to microsoft?! win32 integration into linux? The Great Windows-Linux Merger? Recruiting Linus Torvalds? What are ya up to?! i can't figure it out D:
Gary Explains (3 days ago)
It isn't that hard. Linux is now essential to Microsoft for its cloud services. To gain trust of system admins and top level executives it needs to make significant changes to its previous business practices.
Andrew York (3 days ago)
I think this is a back door way to buy out Linux, a GPL can be pulled from a project for any reason.
Andrew York (3 days ago)
+Gary Explains I will have to read up on my copy right law then. I still think this is a way to get more control of the tech space. Just not sure how.
Gary Explains (3 days ago)
No, it can only withdraw itself completely from the OIN. It can't target individual projects.
Andrew York (3 days ago)
+Gary Explains my thinking is if a project does something that they do not like they can revoke there code from the project.
Gary Explains (3 days ago)
What do patents have to do with backdoors and GPL?
Music Factory Studios (3 days ago)
The next version of windows will be based on a form of linux, open source is the only way for microsoft to stay profitable in the ever smaller computer market. Sadly no other OEM has invested in their own OS to push microsoft out of the OEM market. Think of a PC with integrated hardware and software like Apple & MacOS without the added tax based on Linux or Unix/BSD. This could be the future if Microsoft move to linux. YES OPTIONS besides Mac's or Windows for professionals!!!! Everyone WINS!
Music Factory Studios (3 days ago)
At Least somebody got the joke LOL
Gary Explains (3 days ago)
LOL, "The next version of windows will be based on a form of linux." Nonsense.
Bob Wareham (3 days ago)
Microsoft is a thief so come on think about it do you trust Microsoft?
Gary Explains (3 days ago)
How is it a thief?
Kevin Bates (3 days ago)
I think Gary drank the kool-aid.
Kevin Bates (2 days ago)
Sorry for the sarcasm. You have some good points but your 2-prong argument at 8:45 in about MS as a legal entity? They will always be a legal entity no matter how many good and right thinking people join the dark side. As new paradigms come onto the horizon I see no reason to think they will be any different. The purchase of GitHub is just a small example of the wolf in sheep's clothing. Thanks for the good content. I appreciate it.
Gary Explains (3 days ago)
No, I think I have looked at what Microsoft has been doing lately, in terms of open source, and I have concluded that MS joining OIN is something positive. Do you think it is something negative?
deckard163 (3 days ago)
Microsoft has changed? LOL!! shilling for the sponsor.. SCO Linux lawsuit anyone?? "Embrace Extend Extinguish" - Bill Gates, found in a email during the Federal Antitrust lawsuit, which they were guilty, but George Bush pardoned Microsoft from the lawsuit.
Gary Explains (3 days ago)
I think we agree more than you appreciate, the difference is that when I see a positive move I call it a positive move, rather than decry it. As for your 2 points: 1) Yes, Microsoft is a business and it has had competition and it has beaten that competition. But so has my local hardware store and my local grocery store and my local mechanic or whoever, that is the nature of business. 2) There are very few companies that follow an open source model. Even Google with all of it open source projects like Android and Chromium etc doesn't release everything under open source. Please Google can I have the source code to your search engine. I don't hear anyone saying that. But its dev tools like Go Lang are open source. And now Microsoft is starting down that path with dotnet being open source etc. Why isn't everyone moaning at Google to release the source code for its search engine? Then there are loads of other companies like Apple, Oracle, Adobe and so on. The problem is that the only way to generate income from an open source project is via services. That is it. Yet there are loads of software companies making money using a different business model. It is fine being idealistic, but we leave in the real world, were people need jobs and have kids to educate and food to buy. We can't all fantasize about an open source utopia. Lastly Microsoft isn't becoming irrelevant, quite the opposite. Microsoft's net income hasn 't dipped below $12bn per annum since 2004. It is making money and it is profitable. But it is also making changes to keep up with the changing times. We don't live in shrink wrapped software off-the-shelf world any more... and neither does Microsoft.
deckard163 (3 days ago)
Gary Explains - We'll just have to agree to disagree. I see 2 things: 1. a the long list of dead bodies on Microsofts road to the top, Gary Kildall's CP/M, Lotus 123, Word Perfect, 3Com, Netscape,etc.etc.etc. Which according to your analysis is irrelevant if, in fact, they have magically changed. 2. But more importantly Microsofts current business model, which admittedly does not allow them to release their source code, amongst other things..thus, things have not changed that much... ..and lastly I see a face off situation, where Microsoft is becoming irrelevant in their central product, as PC operating systems play less and less role in technology, and that does not bode well with their business model. Something has to give, and Microsoft will do WHATEVER to survive. The "whatever" is the unknown.
Gary Explains (3 days ago)
I disagree with your initial deduction. The problem with your thinking is that ANY positive move by Microsoft other than your self-proclaimed test, can be interpreted as the first step of E E E. Microsoft has made huge strides in releasing important projects as open source. Can it do more? Sure. Do I want to see more? Sure. But, your logic is still flawed as according to you all and any positive steps it makes, you just wail EMBRACE, EXTEND, EXTINGUISH. If you were a realist you would understand that Microsoft can't releases the sourcecode for Windows. You would understand that it is a corporation (with all the positive and negative things associated with that). You would understand that it has a business model. A different business model than you would like, but still it has a business model. But all this is falling on deaf ears, your mantra is Microsoft only works on the E E E principle. You ignore that there have been two CEOs since Bill Gates, you ignore that the software landscape has changed radically in the last 15 years, you ignore the rise of cloud services, etc. You ignore everything at the expensive of your own logic. "Changing" would not entail releasing source code for Windows, that is just absurd.
deckard163 (3 days ago)
Gary Explains - The logic is very simple. All we know for sure is that: 1) Microsoft is "Embracing" Linux. That's all, nothing more. Anything else is PURE speculation. Thus the logical deduction is the following: "Embracing Linux" is the first step of their KNOWN MANTRA "Embrace, Extend Estinguish". This is the FIRST AND MOST obvious deduction. To the contrary there is ZERO proof of microsoft "Changing", rather, only continuing their tried and true tactics from their beginnings. "Changing" would entail releasing source code, etc. Because that DOES NOT ENTAIL any previous tactic that microsoft is known for employing. In fact, it's beyond logic, it's common sense. If I am wrong, and Microsoft doesn't pull any dirty underhanded tricks in the years to come, I'll be the first to admit it. But time will tell...
Gary Explains (3 days ago)
I see, so only Microsoft releasing the source code for Windows will convince you that it intends no harm towards Linux... Interesting logic.
ZXcrossbow (3 days ago)
Not really a surprise if you keep in mind that Microsoft is getting out of the OS game.
DRS_ au (3 days ago)
The key words are (protecting Linux) not protecting the developers or coders. Microsoft will go to the politicians and courts of law to steal all rights to Linux under the guise of (grater public good).
Gary Explains (3 days ago)
And how will it do that?
ryche rising (4 days ago)
So... no more reverse engineering on SMB? they will make the source available and develop a network stack with the Linux Foundation?
Gary Explains (4 days ago)
I doubt it. Why do you think it would?
THE16THPHANTOM (4 days ago)
dx 12 open source? i'd be like good bye microsoft, closure, i forgive you for everything you have done. maybe i'll subscribe to that neat office 365 you have. just bring it over to linux. i'll even try your browser, heck i will even give Bing a chance.
James C (4 days ago)
The OS wars are over. Microsoft was fighting Linux for OS dominance on three types of platforms: desktop, server, and (against Linux-based Android) mobile. They won OS dominance on the desktop, and lost it on the server and mobile. More importantly, there is a shift from data being stored on the local device to it being stored "in the cloud", and this is where the new war is. Microsoft is now fighting Google for dominance over "the cloud", and they depend on Linux as much as Google does.
Meleeman (4 days ago)
if this is true. software is going to get a lot better real quick.
CRAIG ADAMS (4 days ago)
Microsoft is make a lot of money from Linux on there Cloud system (Azure).
StallsWall (4 days ago)
MS wants to insert bad code, back doors into linux
Gary Explains (4 days ago)
How? And what does that have to do with the OIN? If it could/wanted to try and insert bad code it could have done it until now. What has changed?
Tony me (4 days ago)
All you people bitchin' about conspiracies do realise MS has offically been part of the open source community since 2011? All they are doing is releasing their patents to the OIN.
Tony me (4 days ago)
MS didn't "cause" damage so there is nothing to apologise for. They own the patents and they were used unlicensed so it is their right to sue. You should be thanking them for going open source for the future, I mean, they did pay the people who developed the software. Stop bitichin about nothing. Just more misinformed/misinterpreted BS.
Peter Grahame (4 days ago)
Who cares ReactOS is the future
Loa Tat Ann (1 day ago)
Nah TempleOS is the real OS for the future
Jaya Kumar V (4 days ago)
I hate windows, only reason it's still on my pc is software availablity!
Joel Silva (4 days ago)
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win" ? Hmm... I am not completely sure
Harald Heijmans (4 days ago)
I can’t believe you guys don’t see were this is going. MS is now integrating linux with all kinds of MS subsystems. When this all works flawlessly they will port over or create a ui on top of linux. Now they don’t need to maintain their own kernel. Why would they want this. Because they make more money if they just have to maintain ui for the home user market. And running it on top of linux would then in the server market make them king. As then they have linux but running the ms ui on top. A ui that we need to pay for btw. That ui shell will be proprietary. Now we have the desktop and server running ms ui. And it starts with the desktop. That’s why they chose canonical as their partner. Ubuntu is one of the largest in desktop land. (Not talking about servers here ) servers will be the next step. After their desktop ui with linux has become successful.
Harald Heijmans (3 days ago)
Gary Explains that is true. But now they are committed to maintaining a linux subsystem as well. I’m wondering why would they take that extra cost. Just to get some vm running devs on board? Maybe I’m missing the point of the linux subsystem. But MS must look at linux servers like amazone and other companies are using. And think we want that to be our windows servers.
Gary Explains (3 days ago)
I think the point your are missing is that Microsoft won't get a Linux kernel for free, int he way you are implying. While it has access to the source code and it can use it freely under the GPL, a company like Microsoft can't just use Linux in the hope that someone else, somewhere out there on the Internet, is fixing the bugs. Even Linux only companies like Red Hat have huge engineering teams just to keep their Linux version up to date and secure. If Microsoft is offering servers to big enterprise companies, governments and the military it can't rely on Fred fixing a bug in the Linux kernel when he has time. No sir, it will need its own Linux engineering team. After speeding years creating Windows why would it just throw it out to take different source code and start maintaining and supporting that. Makes zero sense.
Harald Heijmans (3 days ago)
Gary Explains maintenance on ui is not free either. And with the linux subsystem all ready able to see windows processes and disks etc. Don’t you think that when they have to do the next iteration of the ui (win 11 or 12) they may go for it to make work on linux. If they do they then also have the server side of linux too. Is it really that weird? You may be right. But them giving all their patents will result in more and more ms code going to linux kernels (for free) even if they do not get involved the community will pickup some parts and integrate it. Would you ever believed it when someone told you linux would be available as a subsystem in windows. Again you may be right but think about it. Windows home and windows server both based on a linux kernel. What kind of linux kernel would a big company choose the Microsoft one or the some other linux kernel the boss never worked with. I can’t imagine they are so scared of a few devs using linux that they integrated linux in to windows just to keep the devs on board. Think of the costs of integrating linux. They may have done that to go after the vm ware guys. Maybe I’m wrong. And you are right.
Gary Explains (4 days ago)
LOL. So, in your mind the cost of maintaining a kernel is more than, and I quote, "port over or create a ui on top of linux". All that engineering, porting and support just so it can use a different kernel. LOL.
Mr Buzz (4 days ago)
99,9% of those patents are just garbage and i guess most of them would be thrown in the bin if they where challanged. Fat and Xfat old crappy tenchiques that impresses no one. I guess Microsoft know that those patents are rather useless so why not spin the PR wheels and give them to the opensource foundation. A zero sum game. Microsoft can't protect anyone. In the long term Windows is dying and Linux/Unix is the future.
AK Chaos (4 days ago)
behold the windows linux distro, i wish it comes true tho.
InkOnTube (4 days ago)
What a time to be alive :O With that said, .NET technologies are already present on the Linux, not in full but it is advancing. .NET is huge for Microsoft and having it everywhere will boost their business. Ironically, they have invented it as a response to Java as they didn't liked the idea of having universal platform which could be executed on every OS.
Iason Gram (4 days ago)
Is it something they can revoke? Or is it a one way thing? Because if all of that is implemented and then revoked Linux will be set back in a major way...? Does somebody know if they can revoke this decision?
0B ZEN (4 days ago)
Although I'm interested to hear what Bill Gates has to say about this. Purely for entertainment reasons.
0B ZEN (4 days ago)
It's a trap.
Magnus Sörensen (4 days ago)
I actually think that MS is going to drop there own operating system in the future in support of running everything on GNU/Linux. Why? Well making an operating system is very expensive. Perhaps just implementing a very good interface for GNU/Linux is way cheaper, way less risky and way more profitable. Releasing BASH for windows subsystem is perhaps the first step om migrating Windows user over to GNU/Linux. Office 365 web interface already works on GNU/Linux. =)
zionlee1004 (4 days ago)
What is going on...??? I am so confused?.?.?.? :|
Arvie San (4 days ago)
Remember how Microsoft helped dying Apple before? Not to save Apple but to save themselves against legal stuff.
Lalit Kumar (4 days ago)
MS is behind the curve by few decades
Young Leaper (4 days ago)
It’s cause they’re going to shift to being a support/open source company in the next 5-10 years
Steve, TheDailyShaver (4 days ago)
Linux is the FUTURE of WinX. The same as apple had to get from PowerPC OS to OS9 and then OSX, so windows has to migrate its customers from the steaming pile of shit thats the windows code base to LINUX. They can run a simple VM for 32/64bit backward compatibility and work on new platforms on Linux to support MS$machine. Its taking a while, first they needed to bed down the money machine that was the server market in Linux and having solved that into a steady revenue stream, they are now slowly, as not to panic anyone, doing the same to the desktop OS. I for one, will not miss the DLL, scattergun installer of windows!
Gary Explains (4 days ago)
+Steve, TheDailyShaver Nonsense.
Steve, TheDailyShaver (4 days ago)
The same as apple used BSD code from Jobs NEXTos to get to os9>osX, its a staged evolution. But its coming to [email protected] I expect a windows desktop look and feel front end but the underlying code will be LINUX.
Calvin Bowen (4 days ago)
you better believe MS is up to no good!
ctjk1982 (4 days ago)
if Microsoft is really serious about helping and protecting Open Source and help making Open Source grow in a way that has never been seen before. the best thing to do is for Microsoft to let older OS that is or will no longer supported like windows 7 and older such as windows XP become Open source. since OS like windows is much much much easier to program for than lets say Linux since windows is more widely used than Linux. and since OS like windows 7 will no longer be supportive after 2020 for the regular public. and OS like windows XP and older have not been supported since 2014.and with a lot of people like me who have now and will never be willing to use the OS that is known as windows 10. due to the fact that their updates have the very very very high chance of bricking software with no chance of being able to avoid such update because Microsoft loves to shove updates down people mouths. by making OS such as windows 7 and older Open Source this will help out the programming scene big time. but knowing Microsoft they won't because Microsoft is planning something. i don't trust Microsoft because maybe their servers are using a form of Linux and if open source runs into problems than Microsoft knows that the software on their servers is going to have problems. and Microsoft can't have any of that.
Cultus Mechanicus (4 days ago)
Can't wait to pay 90$ for the next Ubuntu... No megacorporation has money to give away without benefits
Daniel Wellington (4 days ago)
And will linux do the same ?
Pejman Behbahani (4 days ago)
oh no! microsoft is infesting linux now? abandon ship before spywares they add to the next updates.
fss1704 (4 days ago)
don't seem like that really, m$ people actually like linux existance.
ObsoletePowerCorrupts (4 days ago)
Well considering the amount of security fuck-ups Microsoft made in historic code (which would have been within their patent usage), no wonder they'd be happy for Linux coders to have it. Of course they won't pursue. What a Trojan horse. _"Never interrupt your opponents when they are making mistakes."_ ...or something like that. ;p Just a little roasting there. I don't mean it. But secretly yes. >:¬|
fge00 (4 days ago)
Kinda like the " Vote of Confidence" given to sports coaches by owners before they fire them.
WoolFlannel (4 days ago)
microsoft definitely has some long-term goal
Bitcoin4Life (4 days ago)
Microsoft is just as evil as they’ve always been, right now an innocent man is headed to prison for making back ups of his customers windows installation disk images and charging the customers $0.25. In court Microsoft’s fucking cuntbag lawyer argued even if the computers already had licenses to use the Microsoft Windows os the Windows installation disk has a value of $88... google it. A computer technician who built a 125+ PC technician servicing company sits with $Million in fines and is headed to prison..... Fuck Microsoft for LIFE!!!
Bitcoin4Life (4 days ago)
Gary Explains wow that is nothing like what was reported in the media at the time of the ruling. https://youtu.be/FaoJErxYLtM. https://youtu.be/rQtZXdfwA24. Thank you for linking the blog, if it is true that Eric Lundgren & Co was counterfeiting windows disks in China and India then passing them off as actual Microsoft disks to their customers he deserves what the court ruled. It was reported they were just “burning” restore disks and charging $0.25 for the disk so customers could reinstall if/when the hard disk goes out since PC manufactures stopped shipping physical restore disks many years ago.
Gary Explains (4 days ago)
I am no lawyer, and I am not condoning the actions of Mr Lundgren nor that of Microsoft's nor US customs. What I would say is that you should be careful about judging a case without being in the court room and listening to the evidence. Microsoft has a lengthy blog post about this case. Of course you can choose to ignore what it has written but I would at least suggest you read it. https://blogs.microsoft.com/on-the-issues/2018/04/27/the-facts-about-a-recent-counterfeiting-case-brought-by-the-u-s-government/
Robert Lefebvre (4 days ago)
Speaker is seriously mistaken about whom the "people" behind or in the Microsoft "fictional person" (aka corporation) actually are looking out for. Corporations are, by nature, formed for one purpose and one purpose only which is to provide the highest returns to their stockholders that they can. Any departure from that goal by the leaders or employees (i.e. the people as he says) will open themselves up to serious repercussions. The only "legal" reason that the management of Microsoft could use to justify a switch to open source is one that includes a path towards higher profits because, again, that's what corporations are formed for.
Robert Lefebvre (4 days ago)
You mean 9:50? You say the same thing I say just in a different light. They are looking to make money and care nothing about open source per se. They lost the fight and have to join or die. It is all about money on their side so based on that alone I wouldn't trust them. They are at best like paid mercenaries ready to jump ship at the drop of a hat. Leopards can't change their spots you know. But I liked the video - I actually shared it with our Linux group so sorry if what I said was taken the wrong way.
Gary Explains (4 days ago)
The commenter obviously didn't watch all the video.
dustojnik hummer (4 days ago)
Why is that surprising? Microsoft has been one of the biggest Linux contributors for years.
Carl Barron (4 days ago)
Great news Microsoft Pledges cooperation for all Linux #FREE #Software users.
Gawain Smith (4 days ago)
MS putting their arms around the open source community or putting their hands around its neck?
fss1704 (4 days ago)
microsoft contributes to linux for ages.
John Smith (4 days ago)
Don't ever trust your business to Microsoft.
charlie brownau (4 days ago)
Tommorow they will say sorry for being anti consumer for the last 30 years ................... btw pigs are flying
Articulus Xelmarin (4 days ago)
Three Words. Embrace, Extend, Extinguish
Sebastian Yuan (4 days ago)
Like the old saying goes, "when you can't beat them join them". Hope it will be as good as it sounds.
Robert Hoffmann (5 days ago)
Why do you want Microsoft to pay back the royalties and/or apologize? Like holy shit opening up their patents isn't enough?
Gary Explains (4 days ago)
As a gesture that their intentions are true.
metal wellington (5 days ago)
geez. they really are a toxic organisation.
GG! (5 days ago)
Holy $H!T . Microsoft iiiiiiiis good. ~_~ Maybe. We must give it a shot in all but in windows...
Zaori (5 days ago)
I don't trust Microsoft because of their history and the data telemetry spider that is windows 10.
Brianajie Waluyo (5 days ago)
What i got, they tries to exploit open source licenses as their source for further development. So no more painfully to get close linux as long as they can catch linux new features. Just like google with android...
Captain Dandal (5 days ago)
I don't care what their motives are, but ever since ms opened .net they've been very nice to the opensource community and other platforms including mac, they bought Xamarin and made it open source, and took great measures to make their tools multi platform even though they didn't really have to. Things couldn't be any better for a C# developer, their Roslyn tools were god sent to me, because I used it to build a very robust code generator that almost writes the code for me on its own cutting development time up to 90%, I couldn't be any happier!
Sydney Murray (5 days ago)
Trojan Horse comes to mind! Even if Nadellla really and truly embraces Linux, he wont be there long and someone else will replace him and start fighting against Linux, but covertly from the inside. And when the Linux community is using embedded Microsoft code..... BANG! Microsoft switches on us all and starts suing again!
Bryon Lape (5 days ago)
Microsoft is losing on nearly all fronts these days and needs a leg into cloud computing. I find this not too different than what Intel is doing in the PC gaming space.
Hrnek Bezucha (5 days ago)
The big bucks are in big data. Linux already established its place there. Instead of keeping linux as a powerful enemy they can make it a powerful ally. Windows is a slowly sinking ship and they need to do something to make profits or they could be done in the next decade. Supporting linux and opensource isn't from a good hearted genorosity, it's a way to become more relevant.
Adrian Ng (5 days ago)
I just rebooted my computer 3 times to make sure I was hearing this correctly!
Adriaan Cilliers (5 days ago)
Microsoft is still a company that must make money. Keep that in mind.
Austin Whitecotton (5 days ago)
I wanted to put linux on my chromebook. It is an ARM based system and I tried to install it but it seems that Ubuntu precise, the only one I know about that works on ARM, is upstream end of life. Do you have any suggestions?
Gary Explains (5 days ago)
Do you mean the XE303C12? If so, maybe try Arch: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Samsung_Chromebook_(ARM)
Austin Whitecotton (5 days ago)
I know that it isnt the only one, I just don't know what others work. I have a samsung exynos5.
Gary Explains (5 days ago)
Ubuntu Precise Pangolin isn't the only version that works on ARM. I don't know why you think that. What model of Chromebook do you have.
Casper Labuschagne (5 days ago)
F***-Off Microsoft, Linux can look after itself. Take a massive flying leap back to your corporate bastion protected by an army of patent law lawyers and assorted microserfs. What is happening here is that Microsoft wants Linux developers to use Microsoft patented technology so that Linux will at some point in the future legally belong to Microsoft. If Microsoft really wanted to open its technology, it would turned their software patents to open source with an GPL or MIT licence.
sam smith (5 days ago)
Microsoft is directly responsible for Linus exiting as leader. Make no mistake Microsoft intends to take full control of Linux development. At the moment it is doing this by purging developers that stand up to it by accusing them of transphobia/sexism/racism/whatever. The best case scenario is that Linus forks off a successful branch and microsoft is left in control of the current master. Everybody else abandons it and microsoft takes it over and moves windows to a linux kernel that it effectively owns. The worst case scenario is that there is no successful fork and we are left with a corporately controlled linux with spyware and everything.
Gary Explains (5 days ago)
OK, thanks for sharing your insights.
sam smith (5 days ago)
Oh Puleeeze! Circumstantial evidence is enough to send people to jail. All the evidence points to them doing it. They have the means, motive, opportunity and form. If this was a street crime they would be in jail already.
Gary Explains (5 days ago)
I am still looking for the proof that validates your accusation that "Microsoft is directly responsible for Linus exiting as leader." Not innuendo, not theory, not circumstantial evidence, but actual facts. What you are saying is that there was a meeting in Microsoft's HQ between senior level managers, maybe even the CEO, where they decided to launch this attack on Linus Torvlads. Then they conspired with the New Yorker and with the journalist Noam Cohen to force Linus' exit. Where is the proof?
sam smith (5 days ago)
Just because it's on the internet does not mean it's a conspiracy theory. There are plenty of well researched videos by serious and very intelligent Linux developers showing what is really going on. Only a fool would think the takeover of the most important open source project in the world had anything to do with "Feelings being hurt"
Gary Explains (5 days ago)
I said proof, not random conspiracy theory from the Internet.
webbster 64 (5 days ago)
They're planning something
PpVolto (5 days ago)
Microsoft has two reasons to keep linux in the market first is there payd 20 odd years ago apple to produce macos to be a competitor in the market and posible pay up to today. And now linux is a alternative to macos/windows in the desktop market and in i say 5-10 years there is posible no macos anymore since apple like to kill its least profitable product but cant since microsoft pays for it :D
Evil Fluff (5 days ago)
If Apple Xserve is no more . So Microsoft and Linux is it for servers. So if you remember the antitrust case with Microsoft? If Microsoft is the only software that can run on a server. The government might brake up Microsoft like John Davison Rockefeller Sr. The Standard Oil Company.. he controls All the oil in the world the company was hit by the Sherman Antitrust Act around 1911 the company was spit in to 34 oil companies. Let that set in. That means in 1910 if you buy anything made of oil anywhere in the world the oil came from the Rockefeller family. Look what Microsoft makes does Microsoft would like to take the risk? I think they just said no.

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