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Famous Dex - Japan (Prod. JGramm) [Official Lyric Video]

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Official lyric video for Famous Dex - Japan! "Japan" Available Now! https://ffm.to/japan --- Subscribe for Exclusive Famous Dex Content! https://dexterofficial.com/ ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/FamousDex ►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/famousdexter1 ►Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/famousdex ►SoundCloud URL: https://soundcloud.com/famous_dex1 ►YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdGP_MdTu-4nv8KPe-pr2uw ►Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0WOxhx4hikIsyF3CRPLC8W ---- Video Credits: Video Producer: Xavier Andrews Post Producer: Jared Fittterman Story and Graphics: Goodartsucks Player 1 - @imjika Player 2 - @julie.meka Player 3 - @jennqoffical --- Lyrics: Chorus: x2 Baby girl What you doing, where's your man? I just popped a xan Fifty thousand in Japan ain't doin no playin These red bottoms are no vans And she telling all her friends I might put them on the gram Verse 1: Baby girl what you doing What's your name? I aint playing no games See these diamonds in my chain Smoking Mary Jane Yeah I took her to the brain And she fucking for the fame So I fuck her in my Range Get that money to the top Never stop mixing red with wock Used to sell that boy re rock But i'm the man Cuban diamonds dance Had to fuck her friend I might put it on the gram Chorus: x2 Baby girl What you doing, where's your man? I just popped a xan Fifty thousand in Japan ain't doin no playin These red bottoms are no vans And she telling all her friends I might put them on the gram Verse 2: Baby wait, hop up in this wraith No this not a date This a cruise, but don't debate It's getting late think its past eight Took her to my place Baby ate me like some cake Call Jake, think I need a eight Dopie to the face Fuck I need to take a break But dont be cool Money stupid blue Boyfriend is a fool I'm trying to make you comfortable
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Text Comments (34713)
Famous Dex (7 months ago)
Comment 'Japan' if y'all ready for the album
Gab Caravias (2 months ago)
Famous Dex japanese 😥😥😥😜😜😍😍
Ben Gootman (2 months ago)
SSJ PORCUPINE (2 months ago)
Kiahra Legall (2 months ago)
lil Kupp (4 months ago)
Famous Dex japannnn
Cristian Ungureanu (32 minutes ago)
iAmPhx (45 minutes ago)
Player 1's energy tho <3
Arno Piva (3 hours ago)
ExicityYT (3 hours ago)
A video to watch when your high😂😂
ExicityYT (3 hours ago)
forbidden fruit (7 hours ago)
Dave2BeLegend (13 hours ago)
Famous Dex ass but this beat & them lyrics are catchy🔥
*shoots* reck (15 hours ago)
Raul Olivarez (15 hours ago)
florespride21 (15 hours ago)
This song hot asf son! 🔥💪
Vilixcty (16 hours ago)
Jax Morrow (16 hours ago)
Ive gotten high to this several times so many good memories
hi bro (17 hours ago)
Why does Dex look like Ski Mask🤣
Ivon Valladolid (17 hours ago)
smoousi smouusi (18 hours ago)
_▄▄_  (●_●)═☞ ╚═☞
XxxTentacion 1 (18 hours ago)
He was so high when he made this he probably on pot or weed or cans or something
Michael Ojeda (19 hours ago)
Who else is going to name their child Dexter now
xXx_Pokemaster Cyro_xXx (21 hours ago)
1:28 She is soooooooooooooooooo pretty and she looks kind. Get her over her. Plus this song is a tune.
Edward is a G (22 hours ago)
Japanese girls aren’t into people drunk weirdos that look like trippie red
Vloglife Forever (22 hours ago)
800k Yasuo (23 hours ago)
Adrian Brown (23 hours ago)
1:47 put on Russian captions
Yookie Cookie (12 hours ago)
THERESA REYES (23 hours ago)
ya japan this is my song
code unknown (23 hours ago)
dex please dont be lil peep
my new favorite rapper.
Elaine Hain (1 day ago)
nightlight. (1 day ago)
Guns of boom player (1 day ago)
Sá Ruš (1 day ago)
what 5Ok Japan? becasue people ? I don´t understeand
Chris Muldoon (1 day ago)
This is got to be the worse thing I've ever heard!!!! What happened to rap.... this certainly isn't it
mr high (1 day ago)
These chickks in the video turn me on
Julius Bulvydas (1 day ago)
Damn, the editing is nutty.
Deflated pumpkin (1 day ago)
What sucks for these kids is they will never be at a party 10 years from now and someone will throw this song on like “yooooo remember this” and everyone will go nuts.. they should call today’s hip hop “dream rap” cuz you experience it once then can’t even remember it after u sit down for breakfast
Alg0s Dance (1 day ago)
Manny fresh on the building, You feel me?
Shai Connor (1 day ago)
Beibi girl
Shyaam Shankar (1 day ago)
50 000 for one xan I think you need a new dealer
Shagniqua Erskine (1 day ago)
Metro Pcs (1 day ago)
I got a new girl btho
well that was fast
Metro Pcs (1 day ago)
I am 9 Why
Metro Pcs (1 day ago)
Dex my man my girl friend broke up with me because my friend
Professor Random (1 day ago)
What the hell I'm watching
Adolf Hitler (1 day ago)
Juice WRLD killed it
neutron star 1 (1 day ago)
Hrat song dude
Mr Ethan (1 day ago)
Wyd where yo mans?
game freak wannabe (1 day ago)
these visuals are everything
Enciso Sara (1 day ago)
Why does the Chinese girl with the pink shirt and blue pants look like wassabi girlfreind
DAB SANTA (1 day ago)
27k dislikes is from who doesn't like *JAV*
TheGamingSpot Tgs (1 day ago)
Mixxed Users (1 day ago)
I I k I ki I kin I kind I kinda I kinda r I kinda re I kinda reg I kinda regr I kinda regre I kinda regret I kinda regret t I kinda regret th I kinda regret thi I kinda regret this. I kinda regret thi I kinda regret th I kinda regret t I kinda regret I kinda regre I kinda regr I kinda reg I kinda re I kinda r I kinda I kind I kin I ki I k I
Ted Harrington (1 day ago)
I love your song
Nico Ojeda (1 day ago)
Oh, NBA Live
ScRaPeD YT (1 day ago)
Daddy Poods (1 day ago)
is it jus me or is Player 1 hot
22sancheze (1 day ago)
this song gay
lsflood81 (1 day ago)
ZeV :P (1 day ago)
1:04 Thought she had a verse for a split second.
Danipool X (1 day ago)
I'm Kim Jong Um son
migue_sofoke (1 day ago)
sup? (1 day ago)
Player 1 defently player 1
Horror Huhn (1 day ago)
I don't know but I love this 😂😂
Brendhan Crowley (1 day ago)
You don’t deserve this beat
S T A M (1 day ago)
He sounds like he actually just popped a xan lol
Isabel Fernandez (1 day ago)
Are you on coco
Xcxgoldenblock (2 days ago)
thats enough internet for today.
Ally Statelen (2 days ago)
this made me think of xxx when he said xan and 2018 anyone?
Oscar Salazar (2 days ago)
Nil (2 days ago)
make video clips when you are high
zgggu roblox HD (2 days ago)
ApolloBladedX (2 days ago)
They should make limited edition red bottom vans those would be dope
Leeeti (2 days ago)
Jamie Barkley, (2 days ago)
Jamie Barkley, (2 days ago)
Lil uni vert lookin head ass
TSJ Slayer55 (2 days ago)
Dumb niggas should stop poppin xans for fun 🤦🏾‍♂️ it's a prescription drug
Unknown User (2 days ago)
С др, Ден!
Canal da Laís (2 days ago)
Gr3y Fac3 (2 days ago)
Who is watching this when your reading the comments
Butt Bong (2 days ago)
What's player 1s name
_ScottXD _ (2 days ago)
człowiek gołomp (2 days ago)
1:11 dhis moment is a f*cking bad (2 hard angry 👾)
człowiek gołomp (2 days ago)
Wtf is dhis video he f*ck japan girls they are sad 😭😭😭😭
Chord (2 days ago)
“naw sayn i don’t do no playing u dig? dexter dexter” so wise
jaylon cortez (2 days ago)
give me the one in the blue
BushToWin 69 (2 days ago)
Looks like a ten year old edited this
Sebastian Miranda (2 days ago)
This does the opposite of cure my depression
すしおいしい (2 days ago)
Ziaire Scott (2 days ago)
harrisin Escalante (2 days ago)
Honorable Stanislas (2 days ago)
Who else has a lil yatchy vibe
DFGEX GAMEPLAY (2 days ago)
What special effects do you want Dex? Dex: yes
xDarkness Wolf (2 days ago)
these japanese hoes are hawt
Helix (2 days ago)
Someone NBA 2k19?
@01:32 she gotta stop.
tamato man (2 days ago)
Hi Read more
Connor Cruz (2 days ago)
Love this song baby girl what you doing with with your mans
kbertrang89 (2 days ago)
My pp is small
kbertrang89 (2 days ago)
I'm going to kill my self
kbertrang89 (2 days ago)
Dose he have ebol
kbertrang89 (2 days ago)

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