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Famous Dex - Japan (Prod. JGramm) [Official Lyric Video]

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Official lyric video for Famous Dex - Japan! "Japan" Available Now! https://ffm.to/japan --- Subscribe for Exclusive Famous Dex Content! https://dexterofficial.com/ ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/FamousDex ►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/famousdexter1 ►Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/famousdex ►SoundCloud URL: https://soundcloud.com/famous_dex1 ►YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdGP_MdTu-4nv8KPe-pr2uw ►Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0WOxhx4hikIsyF3CRPLC8W ---- Video Credits: Video Producer: Xavier Andrews Post Producer: Jared Fittterman Story and Graphics: Goodartsucks Player 1 - @imjika Player 2 - @julie.meka Player 3 - @jennqoffical --- Lyrics: Chorus: x2 Baby girl What you doing, where's your man? I just popped a xan Fifty thousand in Japan ain't doin no playin These red bottoms are no vans And she telling all her friends I might put them on the gram Verse 1: Baby girl what you doing What's your name? I aint playing no games See these diamonds in my chain Smoking Mary Jane Yeah I took her to the brain And she fucking for the fame So I fuck her in my Range Get that money to the top Never stop mixing red with wock Used to sell that boy re rock But i'm the man Cuban diamonds dance Had to fuck her friend I might put it on the gram Chorus: x2 Baby girl What you doing, where's your man? I just popped a xan Fifty thousand in Japan ain't doin no playin These red bottoms are no vans And she telling all her friends I might put them on the gram Verse 2: Baby wait, hop up in this wraith No this not a date This a cruise, but don't debate It's getting late think its past eight Took her to my place Baby ate me like some cake Call Jake, think I need a eight Dopie to the face Fuck I need to take a break But dont be cool Money stupid blue Boyfriend is a fool I'm trying to make you comfortable
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Text Comments (36426)
Famous Dex (8 months ago)
Comment 'Japan' if y'all ready for the album
Saito Hiraga (1 day ago)
we'll never be ready for this...
Billy Yank (1 month ago)
C H i n A
Will Whitehorn (1 month ago)
Gab Caravias (3 months ago)
Famous Dex japanese 😥😥😥😜😜😍😍
Mop Man (4 months ago)
huliahoop702 (27 minutes ago)
How does one be in a music video? Lol I just want to dance and have fun like this. No ho shit tho. Sorry.
SlimeBy Sharah (1 hour ago)
sounds good but this is corny
bad vibes (2 hours ago)
Like se sei qui per manny fresh
Daniel Pando (3 hours ago)
Did drake rip this guy off lol
WRSPlays (4 hours ago)
0:10 did the Dex logo just hit the corner?!
Lily Tsengy (5 hours ago)
The editing is so sick thoo
Zoe Whaley (6 hours ago)
That one part in sicko mode when drake is like “I just did a half of Xan thirteen hours till I land” HmMM. But this came out before Sicko mode did
Zoe Whaley (6 hours ago)
Sorry guys I didn’t realize that somebody already put this comment..
Crazed Hd (6 hours ago)
Showed this to my mom She kicked me to Japan
썸넬요정 (8 hours ago)
Jacob Hawkins (9 hours ago)
aye bruh. theres this song, sicko mode. not sure u know this dude "Drake" or not, but he stole your flow/line
Daniel Hendry Hamm (10 hours ago)
If you aren’t gay make this button blue🔥 👇
Emily Secret (13 hours ago)
Is is Dex Or Dax Huh????
Chuy Delgado (14 hours ago)
Do you like Japanese girls Dexter.
TZ_ Spllitz (15 hours ago)
ate u like a cake hold up wut?!
Chantz TV (16 hours ago)
He be getting girls from Japan!
RVD (16 hours ago)
This is the kind of song that should suck, yet it's actually lit as fuck lol
Heck Frick (16 hours ago)
When Dex discoveres hentai for the first time
Dan Conner (16 hours ago)
no hate on this dude, but I saw him open for Flosstradamus in Denver on 4/20 this year and his performance was lame
Jimbo _ here (17 hours ago)
Jimbo _ here (17 hours ago)
Kaitero (18 hours ago)
hey teacher what are we doing what's the plan, teach me all the countries like korea or japan
kailiisurmum (19 hours ago)
yoooo listen to this on x1.25 speed 💀💀💀
guadalupe garcia (20 hours ago)
me da como cringe el videoclip JAJA a quien mas?
Sabrina Tavares (20 hours ago)
when people keep on asking questions
Wender Pagan (22 hours ago)
Devon Mcfarlane Jr (23 hours ago)
Video couldve been better we know u tryna save money its ok
Standa Fejk (23 hours ago)
Whos still bumpin? 🙋🏻‍♂️
Safe karloo (23 hours ago)
이씨 (1 day ago)
I think there is another song with this same track Can anyone tell me?
Diego Pérez (1 day ago)
This guy should stop smoking crack
高野昴 (1 day ago)
DenhamJeanz (1 day ago)
Marry me Player 1
Dannything (1 day ago)
You know he brought them to his crib after lmao
Melissa Moreno (1 day ago)
Love it
Simmyy B (1 day ago)
My answer to 0:11 to 0:13 is I don't have one and now I'm a sad and lonely 13 yr old
Jahkim Hart (1 day ago)
this song chance my life
F u c k T h a t (1 day ago)
Andrew Cornet (1 day ago)
50,000 in japan
Eric Rattray (1 day ago)
Israel Brenes (1 day ago)
Mar Gooo (1 day ago)
On en parle des sous titres francais by: vive le liban et la colombie wallah
Wolf Wiz (2 days ago)
Xavy (2 days ago)
Itz Leon (2 days ago)
0:22 when your mom says you can get vbux
KarVin Pastel (2 days ago)
came from 88 Japan
Kruk Valencia (2 days ago)
29k dislikes from North Korea
Ben Davies (2 days ago)
When your uncle gives you £10/$10 to make a video and you get your adopted sisters involved.
TheFronteir666 (2 days ago)
ReaPy WaT (2 days ago)
Ricky Bobby (2 days ago)
AK hit this way better. Sheesh catch me if you can
BIG AK74 (2 days ago)
Bruh play it in 1.5 or 2x 😂😂😂
Flamingo (2 days ago)
My freind did a video about dancing to this. Wtf?
Liemy J (2 days ago)
he can act like he's trying to say "woah!" in the beginning, but we all know he's saying OwO
Saquasha Miller (2 days ago)
Do you watch dbz
Monique Andrade (2 days ago)
Matthew B (2 days ago)
So glad there’s no features, love listening to this
Kish Meesh (2 days ago)
глупо флэх #purdypistolet
it’s meg here (3 days ago)
If I ever fly to Tokyo, I’m gonna play this on the plane.
Kiko Cool (3 days ago)
خمسين وفرها بجيبك يالعبد
Lime :D (3 days ago)
Ай эм э рашн бои, окай, йес? (Надеюсь все усвоют мой священный степень инглиша)
Cam Got Clamps (3 days ago)
it’s feel like yesterday when i first heard it. bro times flies
Trashy child (3 days ago)
Why does this guy look like hes in hes late 50's
K nguyen van (3 days ago)
Japan 88
lil nasos (3 days ago)
50 thousand in Japan
Mr. Juicyyy (3 days ago)
I miss the old dex...
mika (3 days ago)
when you get new stuff on picmonkey so you have to try it out on a music video
LIL CRY (3 days ago)
ROSALINDA Bazan (3 days ago)
Rajesh Mathew (3 days ago)
Who got this from NBA live 19
Gaby Reynoso (3 days ago)
WTF what are those 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😰😰😰🤬🤬🤬🤬
Skinny Savages (3 days ago)
This is what weaboos call rap
Vincent Falco (3 days ago)
Zyphax (3 days ago)
Balvaro Kalash (3 days ago)
*Кузьма отлично сыграл казашек которые сыграли японок, респект!*
Edgar Silva (3 days ago)
masterlink MD (3 days ago)
Those girls are hot
hayzprod (3 days ago)
player 2 better press start
Jose Hernandez (4 days ago)
Nice fucking song man
Jennifer TheStar (4 days ago)
The beat is for NBA Live Mobile play the game the beat is it
Youngjxck (4 days ago)
Nearly 80 mil
Xshel TrippedWolf (4 days ago)
Japan boi!!!!
Leah Xo (4 days ago)
He chose THE thinnest girls i have EVER seen, i mean im curvier than that
Allegra Munying (4 days ago)
Damous Fex Like if you understood
Tyler Durden (4 days ago)
I'm sorry but I have no clue why these types of songs are as popular as they are. Maybe bein 30 makes me too old to get it...
Angel medrano (4 days ago)
So trash lmao
Neon X (4 days ago)
I thought Travis Scott did this
mika (4 days ago)
we should be smart and create a anime just about dex he would be a great anime character
Theresa Harms (4 days ago)
Yoyo I love you're music Japan!
maddie M (4 days ago)
We had a country report. We got to choose our country. It was first come first serve. Me and this one kid were competing for Japan. I get called to find out a kid already chose it because OF THIS SONG!!$$
Skux Butter (4 days ago)
Now on the live 19 soundtrack
Gameleap Snipzy (4 days ago)
What’s your name again?
Ronaldo Mclean (4 days ago)
Mr Clean (4 days ago)
Ghost Eagle (4 days ago)
Ghost Eagle (4 days ago)
Треш Обзоры (5 days ago)

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