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Casual Shirt Vs Formal Shirt | How To Tell The Difference

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In this video, I compare two shirts ( Casual Shirt Vs Formal Shirt ) to highlight the differences between them. This will enable you to tell the difference and pick the right shirt for the style you are going for. ▶️ Enjoyed this video? Please subscribe to see more (it's free): http://bit.ly/Sub2BenArthur ▶️SOCIAL LINKS: My Blog: www.benarthurstyle.com Style Upgrade Group: http://bit.ly/JoinMensStyleGroup Instagram: http://bit.ly/BenArthurGram ▶️DISCOUNT FB PAGES: UK: http://bit.ly/UKFashionDeals USA: http://bit.ly/USFashionDeals ▶️MY AMAZON STORE: http://bit.ly/BenArthurAmazon SPONSORED CONTENT PLEDGES: http://bit.ly/SponsorPledges WATCH MY LATEST VIDEO: https://goo.gl/9rCmBx Music: Epidemic Sounds Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. I do use affiliate links when linking products in the description. This helps me to afford products to use in videos and does not affect you. #shirtstyleguide #mensstyleguide #casualvsformal
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Text Comments (23)
Spy Fox (1 day ago)
Very helpful video! Thank you! Does anyone have a video for understanding "fit". I'm looking for a simple explanation of the differences between classic, relaxed, etc etc.
Sandeep Chander (28 days ago)
You are my ideal man......
Bacchanalia (1 month ago)
He is so cute. He looks like Malcom, from Malcom in the Middle.
ameer ali (2 months ago)
What shirt brand that u worn..?
Zahid Rafique (6 months ago)
An amazing content. He's doing things better. An intelligent YouTuber. Make more videos.
Vishall Nir (8 months ago)
Kya Chod RHA h English me ....
Abdul Wasay Farooqui (1 month ago)
Nobody asked you to watch it 😂
Drift (10 months ago)
If a couple had a common law marriage, can they still be formal for other things? Or do they have to be casual all the time?
moodyguymick (1 year ago)
I think both outfits look pretty classy !
Samuel Benitez (2 years ago)
Outfit #2 looks better on Pale Skin, Outfit #1 looks good on both pale, tan and dark skins.
Andrew Wills (2 years ago)
Can you wear a tie casually? Always want to wear knit ties etc but always feel its overdressing unless ur at work.
Ben Arthur (2 years ago)
+Andrew Woolley not normally in my opinion, maybe a fabric tie with an oxford shirt but aesthetically it doesnt look amazing. At the end of the day it's up to you mate if you can make it work then go for it :),
Leo Petrovski (2 years ago)
he reminds me of thoughty 2 so much.
er asdef (2 years ago)
Hi can you make a video about muscular men. I like dwayne johnson. He's big and his clothes fit him very well
moodyguymick (1 year ago)
I imagine that when you're that size everything would be tailored to fit perfectly.
Nura Izayoi (2 years ago)
Love your channel...keep it up mate!
Ben Arthur (2 years ago)
+Nura Izayoi thanks Nura! Will do!
PAKSHAL SHAH (2 years ago)
Very unique content. Appreciate it mate. 👍
Ben Arthur (2 years ago)
+PAKSHAL SHAH thanks Pakshal!
unstars (2 years ago)
You should make a video about brands.
vermilion (2 years ago)
I like your videos. You should make a video about the different types of collars, Cutaway, Spread, Club, Wing Tip, Eyelet...
moodyguymick (1 year ago)
Grandad ?
Noor Hussain (2 years ago)
vermilion717 Go to the gentleman's gazzete for that, he's the most dapper menswear stylist.

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