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Equestria Girls Halloween Makeover Game

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The Equestria Girls are busy preparing for Halloween, their favorite holiday. You will play this game and help them a hand. In the first game, you must help them to decorate their room. Please use all these fun Halloween elements to make their room spooky and interesting. After the room is done, you will choose your favorite Halloween costumes to dress the Equestria girls up. Have fun with the Halloween game! Link: http://gamesmylittlepony.com/play/Equestria-Girls-Halloween-Makeover.html
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RobloxGirlGT (2 years ago)
Second Comment??
Becki Moore (2 years ago)
I saw their nikers
Becki Moore (2 years ago)
0 what 
Norina Rupa (2 years ago)
Becki Moore 0
BLΛƆKPIИK 4ƏVƏR (2 years ago)

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