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How to Measure Your Clothing Size - Women's Style

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How to Measure Your Clothing Size - as part of the Women's Style series by GeoBeats. Sometimes you don't have the luxury of going to the shop, so perhaps you are shopping online or perhaps you are ordering from a catalog, and you need to have some sort of an idea of your measurements. The best way to have your measurements taken is to having it taken professionally. However that may not be realistic for you. So I am going to show you how to take them really quickly. The best way to take your measurements is to have a friend help you and you want to take your full bust, and that is the widest part of your bust, and make sure that tape is always level as you are having your measurements taken. The other critical measurement is going to be your natural waist which is either the smallest part of your waist or if you were to tie a string around your waist and kind of move around like this. Where the string naturally settles, is your natural waist. Again keep the measurement, measuring tape level. And last measurement that is pretty critical is your full hip, and I usually take it in a few different places and take whatever is the largest measurement. Again keeping the tape level and your feet pretty close together. That is how you are going to use measurements. And then when you are buying a dress or a top or a skirt, I would buy the dress that is the larger of the sizes and if you need to get it altered down for a smaller waist perhaps then you can do that. But always air on the larger size because you don't want something that is little bit too snug in ones spot, or it's just not going to lay right.
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Jessica Postopoly (9 months ago)
If you look at the sizing charts for a lot of stores they only include the chest measurement for shirts. I find that ridiculous because unless you're like an A cup of course our chest is going to be larger than your waist. According to most sizing charts I've seen my 'shirt measurement' is an 8-10 since I have a 37 inch chest. That is HUGE on me because my waist is 11 inches smaller. I usually have to go for a size 0-4 and deal with tightness in the chest. Otherwise I have a huge amount of looseness around the waist.
Gail Hutton (1 year ago)
This was really helpful for me❤️
I freaking know this.... What I don't know is where the hell would the mark be... I'm so pissed right now because I can't seem to find the answer ANYWHERE I'm measuring... I wrap it around my "natural waist" ...how the hell do I know what the size is then.... I may be an idiot I don't fucking care all I want is a damn answer... Should I get my stupid measurement by using the metal tip thing or the 1" mark THIS SHOULD BE TOLD TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T FUCKING KNOW LIKE ME So fucking irritating oh my hell
Sara BunnY M.D. (1 year ago)
what do you mean air on the larger size?
HorseGirlb (1 year ago)
Err on the larger side, like if you're going to accidentally make an error & get the incorrect size try & make the mistake a size larger than it should be. Too small & you can't do anything with that, too big & you can tailor it to fit
Ana Munitić (1 year ago)
She meant if your hips fit the description for size 8 rather go for 8 than 6 even if your waist might be for size 6.
Emili Kiame (2 years ago)
Loafves (2 years ago)
but how do you convert the measurements to your size?
Ana Munitić (1 year ago)
Every clothing brand has measurement conversions(size 8 has specific average bust-waist-hip measurements and so on)and they also differ from brand to brand
Loafves (2 years ago)
oh wait, this videos old :T
mickspawn (2 years ago)
shit unhelpful video
khristine beduya (2 years ago)
Found the best infо ооon hоw tо increаseеее brеast sizе fast gоо tо :https://twitter.com/683c62ee2285c4dc9/status/791221073559719937 How tо Meееаsure Your Clоthing Size Womeееen s Stуlе
Dubs (4 years ago)
she's a cutie :3
EngelDerErde (5 years ago)
When you mention shop, where exactly are you talking. I would prefer to get them done professionally (since I'm not so good at judging the measuring tape) but I'm not sure where that would be. Do you know any places?
cumensu (5 years ago)
When she says shop she seems to be talking about a tailoring shop where you can get your clothes custom made for you or have already existing close customized to fit your body.
geobeats (5 years ago)
Yes, she is...thanks so much for the lovely comment.
Wessel R (5 years ago)
your an elegant lady ;-)
Roberto Moreno (6 years ago)
I have a question. My gf & I have a small business in Baja California where we make chefs coats and lab coats. I've been looking like crazy all over the net regarding how to correct an error we are doing. The error is that we either make the armpit too tight or we make armpit wings where the client can't form a T when putting out his arms. It's more like an arrow. What can we do? Should we get a true measurement of the arm @ the armpit level and then add inches or what? Thank you for your time.
SuchaCaligrrl (7 years ago)
@geobeats No not yet. Ok so I measure my sons waist and length for jeans (from the waist to the floor) he measured 30 x 30. I went shopping and bought jeans that measure 30 x 30. But when I got them home and he tried them on, they were too big on him?? What did I do wrong? I used a standard measuring tape one I bought at Joann's.
SuchaCaligrrl (7 years ago)
Help me understand something, I bought my son some jeans I thought he was a 30 x 30. However when he tried them on they did not fit. So I measured him and his waist was 56' but 56' jeans are huge he ended up being a 32. What did I do wrong why did I not get 32' when I measured his waist?

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