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The Microsoft Comeback - BBC Click

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Since taking charge of Microsoft five years ago, Satya Nadella has turned the tech firm's fortunes around, making it the most valuable company in the world for the first time since 2002. Click looks at the fall and rise of Microsoft. Subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1uNQEWR Find us online at www.bbc.com/click Twitter: @bbcclick Facebook: www.facebook.com/BBCClick
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Text Comments (465)
Shree Alhat (21 hours ago)
Alpha Delta X (5 days ago)
Microsoft has always been the people's champion.
Larseus (5 days ago)
I am so glad that Microsoft is back, it was really depressing me how they were in the back seat for so long. I am a passionate Windows guy and I truly enjoy their products they produce. Well done Microsoft!
Francis Hooton (15 days ago)
Microsoft, will you please stop forcing software down loads into our computers, without asking if we would like them. You repeatedly do it. it is very rude of you and very arrogant. many of these downloads, mess the computer settings up. When Bill gates was in charge, he did not behave like this. Francis, Scotland.
Evo (22 days ago)
They never stopped being on top, which just shows how out of the technology loop the click team is really.
Feel The Hertz (24 days ago)
Bung, budderING - DUNG DUng Dung dung. Bring THAT back MSFT!
Christopher Bruscato (28 days ago)
I think it's interesting that we are letting the dollars talk so much. One would watch this video and think that Microsoft is a new company that is winning in every category; when in reality it had one or two innovations that really started to make money. This doesn't acknowledge Xbox, or Xbox Live, Skype, Azure, Office 365, or even their new customer bases of governments, healthcare, and education.
CaptainSkurvy (29 days ago)
Hmm. Ist up apple had a graphic interface long before Microsoft. Gates stole/conned the beginnings of MSDos the roots of windows as we know it way back from the guy hat made CP M. Use a few facts you got wrong sadly. And yes Microsoft was on top for a very short time. And only time will tell if it can stay near. It for any given time
NAK DICKSON (1 month ago)
In is this video that I finally understand how the VR thing works wow
Kevin Legg (1 month ago)
Microsoft Office 2016 Lifetime Key - 1 User. £10.99. Paypal Buyer Guarantee. Officeware.co.uk
the alaskan (1 month ago)
Microsoft. Crappy company. The only good computer software from Microsoft was bought by Microsoft. Made crappy copies of Apple. All the pro Microsoft dinks criticize Apple products, BUT never complain about lousy Microsoft ripoffs like the Zune or Windows phone. And they're home of the crappy red ring of death videogame consoles
Ssentongo Ernest (1 month ago)
Ya'll forget to mention Steve Ballmer laid the foundation for what Nadella is achieving , Azure was started under ballmer , Xbox etc.
Jitendra Singh (29 days ago)
Satya was had of cloud then
ThisguyQuake (1 month ago)
He tripled the value of the company? Why isn’t he talked about in the same breath as Steve Jobs
nabagaca (1 month ago)
Because unlike Apple, Microsoft lets the respective leaders of their independent branches do the majority of the talking. Back in job's prime, anything Apple had him at the forefront so he was ever-present in the media, whereas you see a surface event, microsoft's surface boss will be there, xbox event, the xbox leader will be there, a windows event, you get the idea, and so Satya Nadella simply isnt as public as jobs was i guess
Arnold Sarmiento (1 month ago)
Microsoft comeback started with Ballmer he laid out the road for their success during their darkest time. Since those foundations are created with him. Nadella just came in at the right time to reap the rewards.
Arnold Sarmiento (29 days ago)
+Jitendra Singh Some things require time. Not just the foundations to architect such a big infrastructure on a point that is global would require 5 years at minimum it isn't just a simple consumer product we are talking about here.
Jitendra Singh (29 days ago)
So he couldn't lay the foundations for more than 10 years and execute them?
365n4 (1 month ago)
Embrace, Extend, Extinguish old Microsoft Mantra.... this is pure cancer!
FakeNinja (1 month ago)
Microsoft's stock value is increasing because they exploit their customers... it's that simple. Satya Nadella is great for the company but terrible for the customers, and the worst thing is most people are unaware of this.
Sadnehs (1 month ago)
Yet Microsoft still sticks to their old strategy Embrace Extend Extinguish
Matthew (1 month ago)
Sadnehs Hey, that’s the US foreign policy.
Ali Altaf (1 month ago)
Microsoft should create cheapest motion capture Alternative compared to what Hollywood, Game companies use which is very expensive. Motion capture must be affordable so that more and more indie developers can make AAA quality video games.. Currently Indie Game developers are stuck with pixelated (vintage) and 2D games.
finite (1 month ago)
anyone know the song at 1:09 ?
delbroox (1 month ago)
I knew it. Microsoft new direction could not go wrong
Arvie San (1 month ago)
The last tech featured is amazing
max factor (1 month ago)
Microsoft never been out from the game. () pecent of the entire PC / laptop market running Microsoft platform
ShotsFired andMissed (1 month ago)
meanwhile at apple, its cashgrab for days
Sahil Pethe (1 month ago)
Microsoft is shit
Jae duk Seo (1 month ago)
don't think Microsoft was waaaay behind.
A true meme master (1 month ago)
Can microsoft die off already
MOLE (1 month ago)
Sponsored by Microsoft
Arab Katib (1 month ago)
I think the reason Microsoft is still strong and kicking is because the American government own huge shares in the company, as well as receiving lots and lots of tax cuts.. :^)0-
Vilis Lacis (1 month ago)
HoloLens is exciting!
Steve Johnson (1 month ago)
More over-hyped and poorly-coded mung from micro-softie corporation. I formatted "windows" to the curb ten years ago, and will not be trusting micro-softie in this lifetime.
Steve Johnson (1 month ago)
Good, I don't use Apple either.
Arturo Vilchez (1 month ago)
No one cares LOL ? Apple still doesn't even makeup 10% of computers?
empiirik (1 month ago)
Microsoft is cool again. Or, is it more right to say, cool now?
Dayne Close (1 month ago)
Yes, a hologram running at 3fps is preferable to real interaction. Thanks, Microsoft.
TheNacropolice (1 month ago)
Moral of the story: Ballmer is a dumbass.
EDU4519Computing1 (1 month ago)
I don't think that the opening statement: "we all use Google and Apple phones". We don't. According to statista.com, during Q4 of 2018, there were only 18.2% iOS users. So the "ALL" is soo wrong.
Arnav Sahay (1 month ago)
Embrace Extend Extinguish
Herson Herrera (1 month ago)
too laggy. 😅 but that is were started
Axxess Mundi (1 month ago)
Satya has only just begun reinvigorate the biblical horn of the beast called Microsoft. Satya made me forget the name of the last MS CEO. I think he is now with Jack Black in Tenacious D. Lol
Albertkallal (1 month ago)
What do you mean back on top? They for one day in 2018 topped Apple. But only for one day. Last time I looked, the world’s fortune 500 (or 1000) are ranked by revenue. By the STANDARD business metric, Apple is a whopping 3 times that of Microsoft. In fact, While Apple makes the top 15, Microsoft does not even make the fortune 50 list. They blew 8 billion on Nokia, and did nothing in the phone market. Dead on arrival. Windows desktop share has been steady dropping. From JUST 5 years ago they were 90%. They are now only 75%. And this number is in fact MUCH worse. The REAL number would be to ask HOW much time and WHERE do you spend your computing power and consumption? With phones, tablets etc., then the windows share is MUCH worse. You spending less and less time on your desktop. You can have a high share of windows desktop, but MORE and more of computing time is spent away from the desktop. So what if you have 75% of the desktop. If you only have 3 people using the desktop then you can have a 100% share but it DOES NOT matter anymore. So apple laptops, and Android phones, iPads etc. are causing this drop, and it will only get worse. Then we have the web server market. Again, a small 8.7% market share for Microsoft internet services. Apache web server (open source) is 44%, and Nginx is 41%. So once again they not even in that game. So what enterprise systems are you talking about? All the big gains in enterprise are coming from open source, and places like Amazon web services. For example, Netflix now uses Amazon services – it is cheaper and less hassle then running their own services. So from Amazon to Google to Netflix – none of these new computing platforms are based on Microsoft. And the fortune 500 number bear out who and what and where the growth is occurring. Samsung blew past Microsoft – they are chasing Apple now. We see articles of EU towns and cities dumping windows in favour of Linux. French MP dumped windows. Swiss schools dumped windows. So by the standard fortune 500 list, Microsoft does not make the top 50. And they trail behind Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung and a few more I missed. Note how all of these HIGHER ranked companies are based on new computing platforms (web, mobile etc.), and their revenues are far higher than Microsoft. With most of EU dumping windows, I fail to see how or where this comeback has or is occurring? Did the BBC journalist as a child when he was crying cause their parents to pick him up by his ankles, and drop him on a hard floor to stop him from crying? Now repeated dropping on your head by your parents certainly solved the crying issue but the result was some brain damage to come out with this report. Exactly WHAT area are they increasing market share? Now of course their cloud area has increased, but they still LOST market share in that area to competitors. And their cloud growth has been due to siting their existing base from desktop to office on line. So while cloud is growing for Microsoft it is growing for EVERYONE else right now too! So they are losing ground and market share in the cloud. And schools and universities are adopting google docs. And again in EU we see most schooling, university and governments from top down to the city level are dumping windows. And none of the computing courses at university level are using Microsoft tools. You see some use at colleagues etc. that train people for Excel etc., but I am not aware of ANY university computing courses using or teaching Microsoft tools and platforms as I write this. Exactly what is going to occur when these graduates flood the marketplace? Most of the EU is dumping windows. For one, they don’t like the USA so this fits into their political narrative, and two they can save money and trade dollars. Did I miss some memo here? Microsoft is lower in the fortune 500 list then Apple, Google, HP, Amazons, For end of 2018, we have Rank: #11 – Apple #12 – Samsung #18 – Amazon #52 – Alphabet (Google) So where is Microsoft in this list? Well, NOT in the top 50, they are #71 Now Microsoft not a poor company, but they VASTLY trail behind Apple, Samsung, Amazon and Google and all of the new emerging technologies. The fact that stock traders pushed Microsoft stock higher then Apple for a few days does not reflect the long industry fortune 500 ranking here at all.
Albertkallal (1 month ago)
+Cameron I am a well known Microsoft fan boy, and was a MVP from 2003-2017 (14 years in a row). My published books (3 of them) are all based around Microsoft products, and I am a solid developer based on the Microsoft stack and eco system. Telling you the sky is blue does not mean I hate the sky, or that you now have to go out and love the color blue. The facts I pointed out are simple facts. How any of this can and does reflect on me being a VERY long time Microsoft fan in the community has nothing to do with pointing out what is obvious. I love Microsoft tools, and I consider their latest sets of products like Server 2016 not only the best product in terms of quality from Microsoft, but is one of their best products ever. Spend most of my day in Visual Studio. So you have to learn the difference between me telling you facts and observations as opposed to what technology platforms I love and use all day long - and those technologies are all based on the Microsoft platform. Feel free to read about me here: http://www.kallal.ca/about/index.htm
Albertkallal (1 month ago)
+Cameron I used the world fortune listing, and so that includes large tech companies like Samsung. The idea that we ignore the global companies and only look at USA today would indeed be the wrong way as to how one goes about this.
Cameron (1 month ago)
How have you managed to be so wrong? You must be using a very old version of the Fortune 500 list because Microsoft are currently 30th for the traditional revenue list. The list which actually matters is the "Most Profitable" companies since revenue doesn't take into account expenses. On the "Most Profitable" Fortune 500 list Microsoft ranks 9th with Google falling behind at 14th. However more importantly the Fortune 500 list is for UNITED STATES corporations so Samsung wouldn't even be on the bloody list. I have no fucking clue what ass you pulled those ranks out of but you are clearing a delusional Microsoft hating Linux fanboy!
nunya biznezz (1 month ago)
dont kid yourself microsoft is trying to destroy opensource from the inside.. Open source is a development methodology; free software is a social movement
theLMGN (1 month ago)
3:51, Microsoft use Google Docs and Chrome on a Mac
KirinCloud (1 month ago)
Steve ballmer started the cloud computing business way back in 2010 ...
MrTechLover (1 month ago)
GOOGLE CEO - Indian Microsoft CEO - Indian
MrTechLover (1 month ago)
Proud to be indian .
johnny cake (1 month ago)
Don't call it a comeback... - Microsoft
aquamonkee (1 month ago)
Nadella is no second coming though he's presided over several failures "one Windows" what happened? Windows 10 is behind its billion devices hope, it took years to surpass market share of Windows 7 despite free update extensions and fire sales, & the store is a wasteland. Xbox interface is an even bigger mess than it's desktop counterpart & it's signature game series Halo has been on the decline since they brought it in house.
Youtube user (1 month ago)
Yes, New CEO did manage to make revenues from staff salaries (cheep employees from India) AND Indian management techniques (force employees to work for more than 8 hours) and treating staff as students (specially indian workers)
Jitendra Singh (29 days ago)
Whatever works
siddhartha yadav (1 month ago)
Mostly are indian. .oh my god...
Sree Raj (1 month ago)
Trump going to stop Indians to US but actually good for US government good for Indian Government ??
Hong An (1 month ago)
PIYUSH KULKARNI (1 month ago)
Indians everywhere!
Octopus (1 month ago)
They missed Windows Phone. They were ahead of time with a clean slick UI now competitors adopted.
Octopus (1 month ago)
+Sahil Pethe clearly you are a dumbass who didn't even bother reading the comment properly.
Sahil Pethe (1 month ago)
Lmao their UI was shit and it is disgusting that they are trying to adopt this to windows 10 and that too not doing it properly lmao. Look at Linux or Mac OS, sleek, sexy, pleasing to the eyes and responsive. That's what windows can only dream of becoming one day.
Nebula M13 (1 month ago)
Please add subtitles
Star Mole (1 month ago)
Jesus that presenter. Why do they all do that fake laugh thing?
MusZico13 (1 month ago)
T-series has joined the chat
Planet Awesome (1 month ago)
They give millions of jobs...
Again how do they connect with the USA?Where they sold?2001 was the twin towers!
LB (1 month ago)
But they can't build a smartphone... hihihi...
Rahul Mishra (1 month ago)
We Indian we win
Gohel Darshan (1 month ago)
Windows ૧૦ still suck
RawLu (1 month ago)
American Crap.
Spaghetti Monster (1 month ago)
as a consumer i would say microsoft turned around when they ditched the OS increment titles 7, 8, 10 and at the same time improved the windows updates process by leaps and bounds. Now they just have to catch up with their snail browser and from what I have read, microsoft is going to be switching over to a chromium platform for their own branded browser as did Opera browser and a few others. Make no mistake though Google and the alphabet tentacles are by far the largest digital monster.
Hari Mathan Mohan (1 month ago)
Too many Indian names in this video! I am Indian but why am I crap?! lol :D
Jan Almazora (1 month ago)
They were always in the game. People are too busy to notice that Microsoft also has enterprise-specific product lineups that sell like hot cakes depending on the region. #MicrosoftStack
Sitly feniase (1 month ago)
the most impressive thing in this headlines is the story teller is an actual job tittle
4taraxia (1 month ago)
Am I the only one waiting for Windows 11? It's about time!
Moomba Man (1 month ago)
Brain drain is for real...
randomly thingsss (1 month ago)
a indian man lives in my neighbourhood pranav mistry who invented 6th sence software in 2009 ...he sell that software to samsung and now working in samsung👍🏻but still india is known as poor and dirty country because of currpted party who wins since 1947 (congress) who never grow a platform for this kind of man and they wasted their life in innovation and their pride is going to another company pride and their knowledge and innovation hide behind the companys( sorry for poor english)
Abhinav Nagori (1 month ago)
your logo is hideous please change
A'n'B Gaming (1 month ago)
the Indians took over Microsoft...
Amit Parmar (25 days ago)
Even Google bitch
Jimmy Agera (1 month ago)
With Ballmer and Mattrick gone, Nadella and Spencer are vastly improving.
Shivdeepaklin B (1 month ago)
Microsoft Biggest Mistake They buyed Nokia
Are people gonna ignore that the Indian guy at 2:46 has a communist name? I bet he is from Kerala ( A communist state in India)
+being villain ... It's not a Taboo but their fascination with communism.
being villain (1 month ago)
Since when did the name Lenin become taboo?... And FYI he's from TN.
+Jimmy Agera ... The definition of educated in India is a person who can read, write and understand a single language. That doesn't necessarily translate to intelligence.
Jimmy Agera (1 month ago)
But that state is also the most educated state in India so...
Tech Gents (1 month ago)
The pace at MS seems to be slowing..... They need to ramp it up in their product lines!!! Most of their latest products are slow to reach the market!!....
ateb3 (1 month ago)
Microsoft making a comeback: what happened? They kicked out that arrogant thick skulled sociopath of Steve Ballmer and put a developer on top
Harvey Bolton (1 month ago)
0:23 That woman has almost no idea what she's talking about. Over 60% of Apples revenues are derived from the iPhone alone, that's not a good position to be in. Companies like OnePlus, Huawei etc. are catching up fast, not to mention Samsung taking a bolder stance in recent years and giving people what they actually want and not taking features away from them because 'courage'; Apple's dominance in the mobile market diminishes daily, which is why their stocks have plummeted since their peak. Microsoft on the other hand, have their fingers in so many different pies (Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, Exchange, Office, Windows, Xbox, Surface etc.) that their position as a technology company is significantly more stable. I would much rather be the CEO of Microsoft than the CEO of Apple, simply because they will be around much longer, guaranteed.
Y A (1 month ago)
I just don't stand Microsoft and Apple too
Samuel Nathan (1 month ago)
I used to watch Click back when Athlon 64 came out. It has been quite disappointing ever since. I wonder if it was ever good now.
Gordana Isailovic (1 month ago)
Disable auto update!
lolbot (1 month ago)
microsoft didn't do anything, did you forget that apple was a trillion dollar company back in august? stupid share valuations are stupid, just look at theranos
Jimmy Agera (1 month ago)
are u a retard? The video says November and, Apple sucks now. Microsoft on the other hand is actually innovating.
Hossam (1 month ago)
But Google Drive is better than One Drive!
Restia Ashdoll (1 month ago)
Who said that ?
amcsi (1 month ago)
It wasn't open source in general that Steve Balmer called cancer; it was actually Linux, but not because it was open source, but rather more specifically because if its (copyleft) GPL license. That license does indeed basically propagate to whatever it's used by, forcing it to also be GPL (and thus open source as well). So it's not inaccurate to call it a cancer, although of course that's an intentional negative connotation from Steve Balmer's part. Things, still, have changed. Although Microsoft wouldn't create new GPL software from scratch, they have contributed quite a bit to GPL code (such as Linux itself); and of course Microsoft is big on their own (non-GPL) open source projects such as TypeScript and VSCode.
Oliver Morales (1 month ago)
Microsoft is back because they embraced the open source. and innovate, Apple its Dying for lack of innovation.
SECTION (1 month ago)
Apple didn't lack of innovation. It's just their way to create solutions are so... tryhard to be anti-mainstream (Like Metal API, Safari WebKit, AudioUnit plugin, etc.) The only good thing Apple did is they really respects user privacy highly, like not sold any user data to any advertising company and did user-tracking only as needed.
Omair (1 month ago)
You have a company? Place an Indian in the CEO post & see the magic. Ex: MS, Google, Adobe, MasterCard, Pepsico, Nokia
DASO MILITIA (1 month ago)
Microsoft is doing a great job with one drive and office 365 and integrating them with major college and university's
Sohail Wahab (1 month ago)
That’s why we both love and hate Apple. Apple gives us the things we want that we don’t even know what it is, later. Rather than just throwing it out with these early prototypes. To type us and then it’s all gone.
We Indians can turn anything around 😎
Jimmy Agera (1 month ago)
+1000 subs without videos! lets do it guyz BUt Indians still suck lol. (I am Indian)
+truthseeker Nope, we've turned the whole country around as well, We were down to dust when British left us after exploitation. From 27 percent world GDP contribution, British brought us to less than 2 percent, Since than we're recovering at an extraordinary rate. Since 2016 we're the fasted growing major economy TBH no other county was destroyed as badly as India by Brits colonization. #FACTS
truthseeker (1 month ago)
Except India.
desaturated (1 month ago)
Steve Ballmer is a bummer
virendra sihag (1 month ago)
What the fuck everyone is indian in this videos
boot system (1 month ago)
Should've bought the stocks when they crashed 😔😔
Luke Martinez (1 month ago)
Same here 😔😔😭
S G (1 month ago)
It's because they listen to their customers' feedback before implementing ideas. Something Apple has forgotten to do.
Abhîshek 1247 (1 month ago)
I saw... they all were Indian...from CEO to winner of hackathon to the Augmented reality guy... 🤔
sudiptakiran (27 days ago)
+justaman - Wrong!!! The magic word is intelligence and the ability to deliver!!!
justaman (27 days ago)
the magic word is "cheap".
Husain Husain (1 month ago)
microsoft lost in gaming pc is the best gaming platform there is not only kid gamers now gamers are adult gamers we dont need budget gaming platforms we need high performance gaming platforms
Faheem (1 month ago)
Steve Balmer was widely criticized for his decisions, but the foundation of Microsoft's success was laid by Steve's development of the enterprise division of Microsoft.
shubham pathak (1 month ago)
that's why Indians are esoteric.
Anish Guragain (1 month ago)
Why there are indians every where?
Joaquín Ivona (1 month ago)
Next: Internet explorer's comeback
Shanth K Gaitonde (1 month ago)
I currently work on the Azure cloud platform and I'm proud to see what my company has achieved. Will hustle everyday like we always do.
shogrran (1 month ago)
microsoft doesnt give much shit since they still own the corporate world
Yondoodle (1 month ago)
The Xbox One is probably the most disappointing console of this generation.
Sushil Yadav (1 month ago)
4:30 what do want to say when you say "even 3D models"...😆😆😂🤣

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