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Tokyo Drift - Teriyaki Boyz [ MUSIC VIDEO ] HD

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Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift - Teriyaki Boyz
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Text Comments (54167)
ボールミート (47 seconds ago)
crazy boy (9 minutes ago)
galaxy 124 (20 minutes ago)
*Level 99 Mafia Boss*
Chronic ModZ (37 minutes ago)
I showed this to f4rrless Now he drifts with a shpiing cart
Chronic ModZ (38 minutes ago)
Who else got this song from F4RRLESS
el gamer crack (45 minutes ago)
Like camera
Izabela Sierdzinska (53 minutes ago)
The duolingo bird speeding to my house when I’ve missed my French lesson
Izabela Sierdzinska (53 minutes ago)
When you want to win in your Kahoot Game
G S (55 minutes ago)
I feel like this when I’m trying to push the ikea shopping carts..
Adriana Patiño (1 hour ago)
Cuando. Tiene. Bom. Un. Mustang. De. Rápidos. Y. Furiosos.
Tofoo (2 hours ago)
When you turn on predator as hecarim
Captain Reach (2 hours ago)
My sister lives in japan.
santino orellana (2 hours ago)
tu hermana en pene
Luis Gabriel Jardim (3 hours ago)
#rx7 e #350z
Valter Gonçalves (3 hours ago)
Música tinha no pes eu acho do ps2
Thiare Aceiton (4 hours ago)
Sounds like Die Antwoord
lilix Zanpakuto (4 hours ago)
Showed this to my friend Now he owns a GTR
aksumi (4 hours ago)
I showed this to my da- nevermind...
aksumi (4 hours ago)
I showed this to my da- nevermind...
NOT ‘RAED (5 hours ago)
Giovani Matheus (5 hours ago)
*Respeito* 🇧🇷🔥🇧🇷🔥🇧🇷🔥🇧🇷🔥❤️❤️🤘🤘
Kiwi- Melon101 (7 hours ago)
Dear god Arin was right.
-DubsXonlyX- (7 hours ago)
*when a cute girl is in your car*
The Maniac (7 hours ago)
Yami played it in black bull's base, It started changing shapes
The Maniac (7 hours ago)
Played it on my face Now its facebook
The Maniac (7 hours ago)
Stop acting Christian, we all know she says dick dick dick
Nur Blacksea (7 hours ago)
Aga bbbbeeeeeeee
Kiran Puri (7 hours ago)
NaZôB (7 hours ago)
polska 2k19
Deniz GÜREKEN (8 hours ago)
_K_v_E_n_T_ (8 hours ago)
Good people, tell me please, what movie is playing in the background?
The Maniac (55 minutes ago)
_K_v_E_n_T_ the movie is "fast and furious tokyo drift " And the somg is "twiyaki boyz's "tokyo drift "
Niklas 07 (9 hours ago)
Fast and foriouuuuuuus Dick dick dick Fast and foriouuuuuuus Dick dick dick
Апрель 2019
Akshat Bhatt (10 hours ago)
Damn I love this movie.
Сеня Абрамов (11 hours ago)
В поисках российского коммента
Desert Crusader (11 hours ago)
0:21 dick dick dick
Zarthox (12 hours ago)
When you're going to get more beer at walmart while already drunk XD
Lorcan G (12 hours ago)
Showed this to a local pilot He crashed into an American ship
hulki atila (13 hours ago)
Niş on min hospital and policewoman and policeman
Cub Rub (13 hours ago)
Кто глядит видео на данный момент лайк!
Arda kAJ (13 hours ago)
Han ❤
Đặng Anh Tuấn (14 hours ago)
Viet Nam ?
odacir ludke (15 hours ago)
odacir ludke (15 hours ago)
Gacha Eva (15 hours ago)
I thought it will be a guy singing first then the girl
SeniuThePlayer (16 hours ago)
this is authentic fast and furious but no something Hobbs and Shaw??
Miliard Records (16 hours ago)
Nektarios Natsolaris (16 hours ago)
Mysteryskull lover19 (17 hours ago)
Lucas Black...im suddenly your fan now
Paciorex (17 hours ago)
Pro Turkish Gamer (17 hours ago)
Thanks now I got +10 driving skills
GAMER EMİR (17 hours ago)
Muhammet yavaş tokyoooooo 2019 ?
Kevin Dirty Ace (17 hours ago)
This song turn me in to drift king ... in NFS UG2
Irphan Sudewo (18 hours ago)
Tokyo drift...
Mert Efe (17 hours ago)
Mietek Maszynista (18 hours ago)
francesco__zh (18 hours ago)
I played this in my 350z Now its a 370z
ROSA ILEKA (19 hours ago)
I like the Nissan and I drifted before :) 😎👍
Ivonne Kromoredjo (20 hours ago)
Goodday peace doctors thx anatomy/termienologie suriname sozavo overheid
Diki Hermawan (21 hours ago)
Brian and DOMINIC toreto
Naruto Uzumaki (21 hours ago)
And thats how I chose a nissan 350 as my first car once I turn 16
hac ker (21 hours ago)
My bicycle become Ferrari 🚴‍♂️➡️🏎
Zxol Gaming (22 hours ago)
Aeris Sy (22 hours ago)
i was born in 2001 and FAF3 tokyo druft is the first FAF I saw and this movie but I still can't move on Han died. he is one of my favorite characters in tokyo drift but he ended up die. hayyssstt but luckily he's alive brooooooooo in fast five
The Maniac (24 minutes ago)
No he isn't alive, faf four five,six and seven shows events before tokyo drift
Bunny, Go! (23 hours ago)
Чо за хрень
Rymar life (1 day ago)
кто с 2019?
Carl Johnson (1 day ago)
Puta madre Glenn no estás muerto >:"v
Hey Kitty! (1 day ago)
This sounds like Brazilian funk but X100 times better
Smilepurpp , (1 day ago)
I really like the content it makes me feel like I'm on stage a singing the song
Future Yis (1 day ago)
Showed this to my Mercedes-Benz A class Now ist a fucking AMG gt
Kids Brain (1 day ago)
2019 ???
kicks 2507 (1 day ago)
Driving my moms station wagon, "hears song" imagines driving a five speed evo
cagarruta :v (1 day ago)
Vine por golemcito :v
April 2019 ?
jeon jungkook (1 day ago)
Golemcito Games :v?
Born_To_ be_Pro (1 day ago)
April 2019?!
Türkiye Turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Mayka Garcia (1 day ago)
toreto ha vuelto xdddxdddxdxddxdxdxdddxxdxdxdxddxddddxdxdxddxddddxd ,:v
The Optimus (1 day ago)
my favourite song first time i have seen best song in my life
meME CLub (1 day ago)
This makes me want to go tokyo
Zain Amjad (1 day ago)
هل من عربٍ هنا؟
me in sonic generations and do a blast off
Mustafa Can (1 day ago)
Navroop Bal (1 day ago)
Respect to the stuntdiver‘s
deadpool 2 (1 day ago)
Who still listening in april 2019 ?
Nyemo (1 day ago)
When you get to control your baby sister’s baby stroller
Manuel free gamers (1 day ago)
Like si conoces a golemcito games
Dana Kiefer (1 day ago)
LaO Loli x2 (1 day ago)
Munarchy (1 day ago)
Fast and Furious on 2020 here we wait
Phát Đạt Vũ (1 day ago)
Now my car's broken
Roy Steven (1 day ago)
Vini Fraga (1 day ago)
Quando tu faz a baliza na autoescola
Zaidaners Gaming (1 day ago)
remember when the Mazda car goes 189 km/hour? . . . . . . The cop did not catch the car WTF? .
The Maniac (7 hours ago)
Zaidaners Gaming they don't go after such cars because he said if you can go above 180, you are out of police's capability
marcos kauã (1 day ago)
minha pica
lilix Zanpakuto (1 day ago)
I showed this to my cat Now he’s a Japanese cat racer
lilix Zanpakuto (6 hours ago)
The Maniac no it’s screaming muramasa
The Maniac (7 hours ago)
Played this to my zanpaktuto Now it's screaming bankai bankai
lilix Zanpakuto (7 hours ago)
The Maniac yeeeee
The Maniac (7 hours ago)
A-Z Games (7 hours ago)
крутейший трек на все времена!
TheOfficial Bash (1 day ago)
its from fast and fuirius 3

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