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Flogging Molly - Fuck You I'm Drunk (Bondo)

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Flogging Molly Fuck You I'm Drunk Check Out My Other Videos!
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Text Comments (201)
David Garvey (5 days ago)
It's the Irish Rovers
Sam Shackford (1 month ago)
2019 and I’m still drunk.
Giovanni (2 months ago)
im drunk as fck and i play lol gg wp xD
Yourbeautiful666 (5 months ago)
Everyone saying, “Oh it’s my anthem!” You and everyone else who’s been drunk one time at some frat party.
Matt Lemoine (6 months ago)
When you win $5 on your glass and you ask the bartender to fill up your scratch ticket.
Danny Archumbolt (8 months ago)
Butch DeLoria (10 months ago)
I fought in The Great Moshpit War of St. Patrick's Day 2016 for Flogging Molly, this is not them.
Vermont Hippie (11 months ago)
this song got stuck in my head
jbee02 (1 year ago)
I googled "f#$k i am drunk" because i was really drunk and this is what i found and it resonated with my drunk self
Haru kun (1 year ago)
Achei essa música por um amigo ahah, é bacana ela xD
Vogelmaster (1 year ago)
Short hello from an half russian-slovenian (pretty drunk) person ;:3 *Personalk stewpit things* Welp, i sometimes have the feeling dat am not woprth a sh#te, BUT welp, i actually dint care anymore :b becouise Fack juu im drunk ;D
ajid542 (1 year ago)
Boondocks not flogging molly
ash (1 year ago)
people always get that confused
Derek Henschel (1 year ago)
This isn't flogging Molly idiot
Michal Bukvai (1 year ago)
Fuck you I'm Slovak! Aaand druunk!
Andreas R. (1 year ago)
The lyrics are basically everything i hear my brain tell me.
A Happy Dolphin (1 year ago)
Hey get off that stage.
phukit (1 year ago)
This is Bondo -The original song everyone ripped off
blackneos940 (1 year ago)
charles digloria (2 years ago)
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone
psychZero (2 years ago)
I'm fucking drunk and I typed in I'm fucking drunk into youtube search and this came up as the first option FUCK YOU I'M DRUNK!!!
Demetri Corcovelos (2 years ago)
it's a beautiful rainy night drinking Guinness with this song cranked up making the neighbors stare
Jack Mehoff (2 years ago)
Hey hey off that Steve
Decapitationtrain (2 years ago)
This song speaks to me on a spiritual level.
Emma Watanabe (5 months ago)
Pyt Michael Jackson
fallen (1 year ago)
me too \
Mac Jordan (2 years ago)
Decapitationtrain Now this could be the reason I'm a bachelor so often. Pass the whiskey.
Mr Spizy Wizzy (2 years ago)
This is my national anthem... My we country.. Northern Ireland
T C (1 month ago)
the honest Orange (3 months ago)
So just basically the U.K. then?
Andrew Houseman (7 months ago)
I'm American, blood is 75% irish, this tune I'm head and heart
Warg The Kebabless (1 year ago)
Shut your mouth, cuckenberg
Laurie Chode (1 year ago)
Mr Spizy Wizzy no northern Ireland is gay
Shawn Dean (2 years ago)
fuck you I'm drunk.....ol lady left and I got wasted
Shawn Dean (2 years ago)
fuck you I'm drunk.....ol lady left and I got wasted
Michal Bukvai (2 years ago)
Then I'll take the booze!
Geno Girl (2 years ago)
This is just hilarious
Big Wug (2 years ago)
Yeah great song. But the band is called Bondo.
Chris D (2 years ago)
This goes out to my ex.
Liam Gallagher (4 months ago)
Phil Mante (2 years ago)
1:34 and I gotta stay up til 4 for a series of shifts at work next week. So I drank up my beer.
Jarn Varg (2 years ago)
Pissed off from work. Two bottles of rum, one hour from now and here's where I'm at.
Jarn Varg (2 years ago)
+Ikbenhetdatweetje You have no idea how hungover I was the following day. angry drinking is not the same as fun drinking kids.
Ikbenhetdatweetje (2 years ago)
2 bottles?
DrTeeeth (2 years ago)
damn son.
ryan mc (2 years ago)
It is 4:17 am and I am drunk as shit
Frank Gavidia (3 years ago)
I'm 35 so fuck it lol!!!!!! happy birthday to me :-)
Pandzieł! (1 year ago)
probaly late, happy 36
ryan melchior (1 year ago)
happy really late birthday
Aiman (2 years ago)
happy late birthday
Frank Gavidia (2 years ago)
Ruby , The Outcast (2 years ago)
+Frank Gavidia Happy Late Birthday!
Kingmw01 (3 years ago)
See you the next time I'm drunk
borderlands10 (3 months ago)
Happy new year, and fuck you I'm drunk!! Ayyy, fuck you I'm still drunk!!!
3dge mAst3r (3 years ago)
My theme song
Dirty Irish bastards.
Fallen Dark Angel (3 years ago)
you got a problem with the Irish? XD
Lone Wolf (3 years ago)
+rockergod789 HAHA! Tis a good bit of sport!
rockergod789 (3 years ago)
+Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Feck off ye manky brit fore i give ye a clatter!
Lone Wolf (3 years ago)
+Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson ....really? Please go on about this matter. *more Irish start to surround ya*
Kelly Fielding (3 years ago)
i've been drinking for 8 hours now. FUCK YOU I'M DRUNK lol i'm irish and cherokee and i'm excersizing me irish heritage!
Reggae Merengue (1 year ago)
Kelly Fielding another Irish and Cherokee here, liver of steel haha
Firebreak Is bae (1 year ago)
Kelly Fielding hey I fell you man I'm 15 and can't drink yet I have the same heritage as you and can't wait to drink so I can exercise my Irish pride
Kelly Johnson (2 years ago)
Kelly Fielding I'm Irish and Cherokee as well ,,, what a hott disaster lol
Joel Oakes (3 years ago)
Not gunna lie. Its 2am and drunk as fuck. I search im drunk and this is came up. Not disapointed.
ye ah (1 year ago)
6:29pm east coast time been drinking since about 8 am so fuck you I'm drunk hahaha
Joel Oakes. Its 2am in south central PA and im drunk!!!
Gregaurnaut (2 years ago)
I totally agree, I'm having a night with Mr. Jack Daniels, this is a good song to listen to when you are about to pass out because you're so shitfaced lol
HoboRobo__ (3 years ago)
+Joel Oakes lol same here xD
Josh Louis (3 years ago)
fuck ereybidy im dunk
Gunhan Turhan (3 years ago)
fuck you i am drunk
312Duck (4 years ago)
It's not Flogging Molly
William Russell (26 days ago)
Mack Carpenter no it’s not dipshit
Benjamin Štimec (4 months ago)
Mack Carpenter (6 months ago)
it is flogging molly
ROCK FOR LIFE (9 months ago)
312Duck i thought it wasn't. Who is it?
Ghost Victor6 (4 years ago)
Lmao! If my life was a movie, this would be the opening track.
Patrick Odan (4 years ago)
fuck you i'm drunk!
Иван Цепов (2 years ago)
+Adiku Fuck everybody we`re drunk
rob roy (4 years ago)
Floggin Molly roc
Scott Loney (4 years ago)
ummmm this is Dropkick Murphys...awkward.
Mackie Willis (4 years ago)
This is definitely bondo. Dropkick sings "kiss me I'm shit faced"
Celtic Grizzly (4 years ago)
It's actually a band called Bondo. Tried finding it on iTunes, this is what comes up.
David. Vox Populi (4 years ago)
Logo is so satanic ,but who gives a fuck grab a beer
hazel eyes (4 years ago)
This is my mood in a song right now and yes IM DRUNK XP
Ben Kerr (4 years ago)
And repeat, because fuck you I'm drunk.
MacGames (4 years ago)
i love singing this song when am drunk :D
DrTeeeth (2 years ago)
and can't remember the lyrics in order... but it doesn't matter because, FUCK YOU I'M DRUNK!
ProPowerMan (4 years ago)
Tommy Kassube (4 years ago)
+ProPowerMan go and look for someone who cares 
ProPowerMan (4 years ago)
Tommy Kassube (4 years ago)
me too
Ray C (5 years ago)
Mike Luciano (5 years ago)
Brings out the fuckin' Irish in you HUH?
charlie greer (5 years ago)
I'm so fucking hammered... Yaaa
deathmetalkaos (5 years ago)
Hit me again barkeep, I'm good till 6:00 am Bartender: it's 5:55 Me: fuck it man pour me one anyway 
stephen shearer (5 years ago)
Tar bender I need a drother nink
DestryMMA (5 years ago)
This isn't Flogging Molly. The band is called Bondo (From Chicago), I don't know if you labeled it as Flogging Molly to get hits, or if you just weren't sure so I thought I'd bring it up.
Jimmy James (5 years ago)
^^^^^^BINGO^^^^^^ Years ago a band I was in had the pleasure to open for Bondo in some shithole on the northside of Chicago.  Great guys, great songs.  It's a crime so many are ignorant on who made this gem of a tune (also look up their song "Angels Drove Me Home" a companion piece to this) .
Aaron Kozel II (5 years ago)
No osifer I swear to drunk I'm not god
zombiehoof (5 years ago)
I'm not drunk. I'm just drinking
jebus0000000 (5 years ago)
I'm going to be drunk till the next time I'm drunk
Craig Mintram (5 years ago)
hahah funness
Isengrim R (5 years ago)
Screw humanity! SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTEMENT AWAITS!... I mean vodka...
thesanctityoflife (5 years ago)
I'm drunk....but I want you to tell that person that you love... that you love them, and that person you fucking hate...that you hate them...do it right now!
Etrius Quill (5 years ago)
I am rather drunk currently, this is perfect.
PolakInAKilt (5 years ago)
I can confirm. I've seen Flogging Molly 7 times in 2 different countries. ...this is not even remotely Dave King singing.
Wandering Soul (5 years ago)
I'm American..... and our beer is terrible. :(
Angela Coker (5 years ago)
The band's name is Bondo. It's not Flogging Molly covering the song - it's Bondo playing their own song.
TheFissureMan (5 years ago)
I'm drunk and a scout
Stormsmack (5 years ago)
Fuck you I'm druck
Anton S (5 years ago)
I'm Russian and i'm fucking solidarity with you
d flynn (5 years ago)
i am drunk that is all
d flynn (5 years ago)
i am drunk that is all
Anton S (5 years ago)
i'm loose my HTC ...I'm drunk
HaggardTie937 (5 years ago)
Hold my beer, I can sing that too!
fonetik2003 (5 years ago)
I'm Irish! And I approve of this message!
oldschoolpunkguy1 (5 years ago)
Not Flogging Molly so you should probably take it down, don't you think?
redreaper2020 (5 years ago)
I know right? totallyy...fucking nneddd mee brrrrrrr
Mich Gree (5 years ago)
redreaper2020 (5 years ago)
fuckin' a mannnn
Mich Gree (5 years ago)
pipikaki boolbooltahat, gergerger kooloolooloolooloo!!!!!!!!!
redreaper2020 (5 years ago)
basdfasldfasdfhrhrhasdrasdr?? asdjhaskldjfhalkwjfawxsaoxcaosioerfawer!!!!! *burrrrrrp*
Mich Gree (5 years ago)
The worst drink is Arak, an Israeli alcohol drink. Drink by the Arses (an Israeli-Moroccan gangsters. More dangerous than the American gangsters and MUCH more stupid than them).
Mich Gree (5 years ago)
nimna gro, doopi koo!
Mich Gree (5 years ago)
Why it's a dangerous mix?
Willow Wisp (5 years ago)
lol I may not drink but I do love this song.
dylan coulter (5 years ago)
isn't this sung by dropkick murphy.
Evan Hall (5 years ago)
If the guy singin doesn't have a voice that makes him sound like he's 4 feet tall he's not from flogging molly. quit posting videos claiming it's flogging molly ppl.
RunescapeSupersaiyan (5 years ago)
im drunk right now i dont even readc the othercomments here ussualy i always dpo fk vthi is sooo good u realise life when urv drunk mannj
m luciano (5 years ago)
Half Italian and half Irish, what a dangerous mix! LOL!! I've been here many times. Love these guys. Brings back many bad memories, LOL again.....
bizcuit441 (5 years ago)
It's definitely Bondo brah. Some people think FM or DKM are the only Irish bands.
Bob Carnahan (6 years ago)
It's not Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys. The only close to reliable source I can find right now says it's by Bondo, but I'm not 100% on that. Any time someone finds an unknown-ish Celtic song they automatically give it to FG or DM lol.
buckeyenut39 (6 years ago)
I'm sorry that's not Flogging Molly...it's "Drop kick Murphys"
Sloth (6 years ago)
Happy St. Patrick's day!
Nick Daniels (6 years ago)
I've got more in the trunk!!
redreaper2020 (6 years ago)
drunk you, I'm fuck.
Sébastien Labbé (6 years ago)
drinking anthem
Peter Jachim (6 years ago)
I googled the "Irish National Anthem" and this came up.
thewindthatshakesbar (6 years ago)
Fuck you, I'm drunk.
John Mad Hatter Derby (6 years ago)
Sober?... what the fuck is that?!
Ryan Etherton (6 years ago)
Whiskey and beer gotta love us Irish

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