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Is he/she into you? How to know if your crush likes you | Ranveer's LifeHacks | BeerBiceps

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How to have conversations with ANYONE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-LMGvG3FRc&t=83s Today's LifeHacks video is a little bit different from what I'm used to putting out. Today we're talking about how to spot romantic interest. How do you know if he / she is flirting or just being nice? The first step in telling if someone is into you or if a boy or girl likes you is THIS VIDEO. Just like any other life skill, i do feel that being able to flirt, boils down to a few basics. This is my guide to flirting with girls OR guys. Today's video is meant for everyone, not just the bros! ---------------------------------------------- BeerBiceps - YouTube's first India specific fitness and food channel Fitness, food and fitness-food. Like, comment, subscribe and share on facebook! Facebook: www.facebook.com/beerbiceps Instagram: @beerbiceps Twitter: @beerbiceps93 Zomato: @beerbiceps Snapchat: @ranveer.1693
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Text Comments (406)
Anusha Rijal (25 days ago)
Why am I watching this 😂😂💔
Life Candour (1 month ago)
@BeerBiceps Badhe bhai can you make this video in hindi?
king Of Lyrics (1 month ago)
Anyone preparing for xams like jee...... Still need gf
investment seeds (2 months ago)
What the hell is this 😕😕🙄🙄 it's sound like complicated Rocket 🚀 science 😜😜😜
sahil _kaalabocha (2 months ago)
matlab apni setring pakki
SONALI PATRA (2 months ago)
Of course we want
Suraj Gawade (3 months ago)
He acts like a girl
Prasanta Sikder (3 months ago)
Make more videos
Pranami Sharma (3 months ago)
I must say it was an amazing content 👍
jatin raj (4 months ago)
Ye video bahut bando ke Dil me umeed jaga Chukha hai 😂😂😂😜
Kirti Valecha (3 months ago)
Harshal Manjare (4 months ago)
Soumya Deep (4 months ago)
It looks complicated than mathematics 🤣🤣
Dhruv Gajaria (4 months ago)
Make more such videos
Nidhi Ware (4 months ago)
Please make more videos like this. For girls also.
Vedant Ed Samaiya (5 months ago)
Is natural body building include protein shake with exercise or what
Sonali Tiwari (6 months ago)
Not at all he does all this But rejected me I'm trying to convince him since 6 months but his heart didn't melt and he rejected
Aditya Shirsath (6 months ago)
Sir, please make a video about: how to do conversation with a stranger...
Amey Agrawal (6 months ago)
Best video ever 👍👍👍👍👍
Kurian Joseph (6 months ago)
Alisha Bangera (6 months ago)
Do u have a girlfriend?
Aaynaic (6 months ago)
Yep. He does, check his instagram @beerbiceps
Sher Kapoor (6 months ago)
Good...nicely covered bro
Sanjana Soman (6 months ago)
The 5th point is the most important one😊Politeness is just another majority trait. A nice observation😊
Ali Hasnain Kayani (6 months ago)
what about ugly guys?
Saky Thul (6 months ago)
I really liked your videos and thank you for your all supports. And Plez tell me how to impress a guy without knowing anyone ?
vanshika bhatia (6 months ago)
What if that person stay far away with in your vision ....and don't make eye contact
taniya gupta (6 months ago)
Lolll bro just make a move and ask her out 😂😂
Amruta lawand (6 months ago)
You are 😘❤
Aryan Gaikwad (6 months ago)
She crosses my comfort zone every day .
Siddharth Dutta (7 months ago)
It was really helpful bro... I think you should make more videos of such content... Nobody tells this kinda real life stuffs the way you do.
Pubg Threat (7 months ago)
WTF is groop
eliteEVIL darkness (7 months ago)
Not a video for a fuckboi
Gurvinder (7 months ago)
You're fake bruv! I can see it in your body language. :D
ThE ReAl FuN (8 months ago)
dude you whatever you sad was absolutely right. most of the guys confuses a girls friendlyness with flirting
Ritika Sharma (8 months ago)
Gaand chod le apni
Freestyle Addicted (8 months ago)
there's a thing called Platonic relationship where everything becomes creepy and complex
Nitesh Kumar (8 months ago)
Bhai hindi me bhi videos bano......
noob Plays (8 months ago)
I don't know how to flirt is this okay because i never want to get myself into flirting
Sagnik Ganguly (8 months ago)
Bro I'm of 14 and have a crush..What should I do noww
reнaв paѕнa (9 months ago)
October 2018..!! Anyone ??
Pradeep Behera (9 months ago)
Please make this video in Hindi in Ranbir Alia Bhatt channel
Nil Banerjee (9 months ago)
These are copied from other channel
Hyper Regal (9 months ago)
PRADEEP J (10 months ago)
nicee 😊
Ravaug (10 months ago)
Ye paitre kisi ka kaam aaya ki nahi??
harsha nandey (10 months ago)
Hey how can we send you are doubts? Do you have any official email ID where you can answer our doubts?
sid Dongre (10 months ago)
You are awesome. That's it.
Umang Daudiya (10 months ago)
Just thanks you for 'all tips'. I know every🤞✌️ tips of ur videos but unconsciously. You and other YouTubber bring them out as a tips So big thank ü
srishti pansari (10 months ago)
Please make a video on habits that men look for in a woman
Saurabh Gangwar (9 months ago)
kshitij vyas (10 months ago)
I watched the video based on G flux. As you told, 2 days of rest is must for sports person. Than how much calories a sports person should eat during rest days and during regular activities days????
Aditya Thakur (11 months ago)
Amazing ..lv u man
king bipul (11 months ago)
Praveen (11 months ago)
Prakhar Khatediya (11 months ago)
Thanks bro
Sam Bajwa (11 months ago)
Plz make video in hindi version
Monster Galib (11 months ago)
Now I realize that she don't like me. 😔😔
Sampad Das (1 year ago)
You are just superb my elder brother, please do another video at this kind of topics
Prakhar Dadhich (1 year ago)
Nice explaination , But it should be more practical rather then theoretical.
Anil Lamba (1 year ago)
nice video 💕
Abhi Styling (1 year ago)
Bhaiya I want this video in hindi. Pls 😊on ranveer Allahabadia
Priyanka Sharma (1 year ago)
Awesome bro!
Abhi Bhavsar (1 year ago)
Awesome tips ..big brother💪
Bollywood BGM (1 year ago)
Bhai neeind aa gyi
Adarsh R Naik (1 year ago)
Bro make a video on how should a medium fair guy should select a t shirt and pant
How to propose or say a girl that i like her
Arun panjiyar (1 year ago)
Sir hindi me banaoo
Your Tube (1 year ago)
Yes bro thank you
Nilesh Patel (1 year ago)
Bhai hindi me video bana Thodi Hindi bhi bol
Palash maind (1 year ago)
Good video👍
Vaibhav Aware (1 year ago)
ओन्ली हिंदी
aadarsh mishra (1 year ago)
I know you r not gay . But I am how u know he is like u
Prashant Nagawade (1 year ago)
These all tricks usually end up mostly in being more than friends, but less than an actual relationship!
Chetan Chavan (1 year ago)
June 2018 any ?
prajwal sharma (10 months ago)
Sep 2018
gaurav proton (1 year ago)
Chetan Chavan July
Melvin joseph (1 year ago)
I love you Ranveer #beerbiceps always keep doing this only luv ya
Shivam Kharote (1 year ago)
Bro i am polar body type......I think.
Deepika Sisodia (1 year ago)
Its very normal i think these are not romantic signs.. as u r saying are just friendly intraction
Arkaprava De (7 months ago)
Liking can lead to loving. If you know what I mean
ts icon (1 year ago)
Bhai hindi may video uploading karo ?
Love Kumar 'Kaushal' (1 year ago)
Yes bhaiya. This type of social topics should be taken regularly. Thanks for the 'gyan'🙏🙏
life essentials (1 year ago)
How to talk to people for long time The topics we can discuss
RAHUL MANDAL (1 year ago)
how to flirt
jeetash arora (1 year ago)
What if the person we are interested in had not good past with us then how should we deal with that person
Nishant Raj (1 year ago)
Bhai apna chutiya kat rha hai.. Ar kaise overcome kare... Please make videos on that
Aayush keswani (1 year ago)
Robert Downey Jr attitude and style breakdown
Lovepreet Kumar (1 year ago)
You r very nice bro
tekken fight club (1 year ago)
Bhai Hindi m bna ley video
Ravi Dream's Life (1 year ago)
Hindi mai b video banaya karo yaar😂 CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE VIDEOS IN HINDI😂😂😂
Vedprakash Meena (5 months ago)
BC Has Kyun rha to tu ye bolke
Suraj Gupta (1 year ago)
Make a video on How to start conversation on happn if both have crush
Make more content like this
Kalpak Kamble (1 year ago)
Please make a video on your whole life story from your school life to till now
Nishad Joshi (1 year ago)
Best way to keep yourself out of friendzone !!! Get a lot of gold for few hardworking diggers ...
BAWLA RECORDS (1 year ago)
Bhai Hindi bhi bol diya Karo
Dhruv Panwar (1 year ago)
In a group, my crush always look at the person who cracked the joke...not the one she likes..
Harsh Singh (6 months ago)
Ur crush has a crush on that person simple 😂😂😂😂😂
Aditya Singh (11 months ago)
Dhruv Panwar she likes that person maybe. Or no one in particular
Roadside Romeo (1 year ago)
awesome 'gyan' at such a young age in so many different facets....whats ur source/reference/etc. ?
Sameer Patel (1 year ago)
Laundaa marwaa ke maanega... :D
Siddhee Sharma (1 year ago)
Great video 😍😍😍
Rahul Shinde (1 year ago)
Vishal Waghmare (1 year ago)
Bro..! I need your help.I always get nervous whenever I speak with any girl.i can't become there friend.and I never had a girl friend please help me.🙏
Vishal Waghmare (1 year ago)
Hay bro nice video.i am definitely gonna learn some lessons from this video.
Binny Chawla (1 year ago)
👍👍 thnks broo
Alexander Bourne (1 year ago)
Wtf? If a girl talks to you for 20 mins thats a green light??

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