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Giving Myself A Perm

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Text Comments (20968)
AlaKatCob (10 hours ago)
My hair naturally looks like that 0.0
Dakota Brasher (15 hours ago)
You should make a video about fixing your hair
kathryn chu (1 day ago)
anyone see that fly fly acroos he screen at 6:06 ? or am i the only one
andreiika (1 day ago)
6:06 the famous fly
spooky bitch (1 day ago)
the final result looks like my natural hair, and i've never done anything other than dye it. it might be fun, but when you've had it for 15 years, you'd be over it
Katrina Chaffin (2 days ago)
Woke up this morning to find out my kitty died last night😔 thanks jenna for cheering me up❤
jasmine (2 days ago)
I started screaming when she showed it fully dry
Alana Hill (2 days ago)
roses are red violets are blue my names trey and I have a basketball game tomorrow
Bob The Whale Queen (2 days ago)
If I braid my hair into smaller pieces when wet and take it out, it usually has the same result. It's really fun! Jenna honestly looks so cute!
I HAVE NATURALLY CURLY HAIR AND YOU CANT BLOW DRY IT WITHOUT LOOKING LIKE A HOMELESS WOMEN IN HER 40’S. Just let it air dry and put some cream in it, while scrunching it.
Caylyn Emanuel (3 days ago)
Well, at least you’re positive about it.
Kaylynn Lang (4 days ago)
why is this my hairs natural look and i HATE it
booknookbaby (5 days ago)
She's so cute
Nate Awesome13 (5 days ago)
Who else wants to go to Jenna’s ratchet salon after this video
whittery27 (5 days ago)
my mom did NOT GIVE A SHIT about damaging my hair cause 4 year old me got a perm multiple times to keep up my cowgirl in the 90s look hahahhahaha
Kimberly Alexys (6 days ago)
Sometimes it take days to show more
Dray Jasmine (6 days ago)
You give me life
Claudia Hurtado (7 days ago)
6:33 your welcome ;)
ian is bored (7 days ago)
i permed my hair like two years ago and my hair was green and it FUCKED i loved it
AquamarineGem (7 days ago)
Hermione Granger who?!
Zee Gonzalez (7 days ago)
To moisturize your hair you could do a oil treatment on your hair it works I do oil treatments on my hair
Veronica Johnson (7 days ago)
3:41 I’m dead
Julia Vélez (7 days ago)
Favorite YouTuber ever
Nancy McCarthy (7 days ago)
Her face when he coughed tho!!!!
stripez (7 days ago)
why does Jenna remind me of a more obnoxious version of Pam from the office?
PeanutH6000 (9 days ago)
7:42 and in this moment...she looked like my biology teacher
CottonCandyGhoul (9 days ago)
Dolphin girl altman (10 days ago)
Aimee Norwood (10 days ago)
There was a juul in bottom right corner in the beginning! Heehee juul gang 😈
Anna Williams (10 days ago)
You are my absolute fav!! I love you❤️😘
Ana Stewart Tamariz (10 days ago)
that's literally what my hair looks like naturally
Brittany Yamada (10 days ago)
"Have you ever tried swatting flies with a knife?" Aries af.
Emily Barela (11 days ago)
jenna at the end of air drying is me normally
Zoey Cardinal (11 days ago)
“It dries confused”
themovieguru (11 days ago)
Omni Stormbringer (12 days ago)
You ever try to swat a fly with a knife? Best ever
Maddison Spurr (13 days ago)
Times her hair by 10, and that’s my natural hair
Luisa Sylaff (13 days ago)
This is my hair like always 😂
Rachel Chang (13 days ago)
I hope these videos give an example to go to professionals 😀
S&B Beauty Tutorials (13 days ago)
I actually use those hair things to curl my hair
Kayla Thor (13 days ago)
Is it bad Jenna's badly permed hair looks like my natural hair?
charlie j (13 days ago)
everyone at the basketball game tomorrow must have been fucking shaken to their core
Piper 101 (14 days ago)
Not too be mean but u look like a poodle 😂❤️🔥🌟✨
x ZEFrat x (14 days ago)
Young Myrtle Snow
Makaylin Batti (14 days ago)
plz do this again lmao
Makaylin Batti (14 days ago)
plz remake this
i _Wonder (14 days ago)
Why isn’t there a compilation of Jenna watching a flie zip past the camera
Tanker Bell (14 days ago)
When my hair was really damaged it looked exactly like that 😂 cause it is naturally kind of curly
Lazy Uploaders (14 days ago)
This is what Junko Enoshima's hair would kinda look like if it was down. -Angel
Kadyn Scott (14 days ago)
after rewatching all your hair videos I feel inspired to cut my hair because of your cute bangs
Verica Vuckovic (14 days ago)
It dries confused 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Hatemonday Pieczona (15 days ago)
final effect looks like my regular hair after combing it xd
My name is Jeff (15 days ago)
Giving myself a sperm
zoeiscrazy99 (16 days ago)
This makes me cringe just because this is what my hair looks like naturally 😭
Noelle Caouette (16 days ago)
Her hair looks my hair all the fucking time.
fab_jab (16 days ago)
Hermione Granger who
Static Lake (16 days ago)
Jenna always does something with her hair before a fuckin wedding. 😂
Lindsey Grey (16 days ago)
You're so hilarious. <3
What is melanin? (17 days ago)
It looks cute!!
Trashbagartist (17 days ago)
Omg I bought those purple hair curlers at the reject shop like 3 days ago, and when I saw the thumbnail I was SHoOk
Krystel Ouellet (17 days ago)
"I feel so disrespected" Me.Every.Single.Day.
Sonya Lockhart (17 days ago)
Anyone else have naturally curly hair and is cringing while watching her do this 😂😭
Alexa Bella Muerte (17 days ago)
Meth. Not even once.
Anna Lippert (17 days ago)
Its been a year and the sound of Julien coughing with the cut scene to her wrinkling the curl package at 3:47 legitimately sounds like he vomited and gets me every time
Huge Disappointment (17 days ago)
Lets not forget that at the end Jenna wanted to perm Juliens pubes
Ms.SmileyFaceUnicorn (17 days ago)
hi welcome to my hair
kittencat (17 days ago)
7:06 Oh honey, you don't blow dry curly hair. You just don't. 7:47 *and that's why*
L :D (17 days ago)
That perm looks like my natural hair and probs feels just as damaged 😂❤️
Insert Username Here (17 days ago)
Jenna.... oh jenna.... NEVER BLOW DRY CURLY HAIR! Even with a diffuser.
i really like dogs (18 days ago)
You look like the red hair version of dog from full house
Shar Roon (18 days ago)
My mom had my hair permed when I was 13. She thought it be easier to style. Yeah I looked like a poodle. Then my hair changed and it's still curly to this day.
jiya sharma (18 days ago)
I'm ready for life to give me a Julien
Shelby Broaddus (19 days ago)
now I really wanna see Jenna get her hair done by Guy Tang
AbsoluteNerd (19 days ago)
*confused* is the perfect description of dyed hair.
Z.K Phoenix (19 days ago)
Why does my hair look like Jenna’s perm
kaitlynn pearson (19 days ago)
jenna be honest with yourself, no one could ever imagine you giving any cashier sass because you too nice of a person
Georga Hasenstab (19 days ago)
Kermit your soap fetish has gone to far
Spriha 27 (19 days ago)
OHMALAWDYLAWD that is the actual texture of my hair irl it looks like that but it’s black
brittnee lynn (20 days ago)
Lil mermaid who?
AlaKatCob (21 days ago)
My hair looks like this naturally
ALLYCAT MSP (21 days ago)
Jenna it came out frizzy cause your not supposed to blow dry it or anything !
Madeline Hawkins (21 days ago)
how has none of this actually gone terribly wrong
Andruşca A. (11 days ago)
After her lash perm, I think her luck is off the charts.
Average Accuracy (21 days ago)
J e n n a s r a t c h e t s a l o n i s b e s t s a l o n
Gamin (21 days ago)
Why did I think this would be some bob Ross shit
SHOOKETH SHANE (22 days ago)
Perm you later
susujahmi (22 days ago)
You and Guy Tang should do a video together
taegen kyra (22 days ago)
Holy crap i for real didnt know she was 30 I thought she was 20 or 19 she is beautiful 💕
Лариса (22 days ago)
debby thornberry vibes
Cassius ItsOver (22 days ago)
5:55 Her hair is finally crying after everything she's done to it 😂
animals 44 (22 days ago)
_time to fuck me up _*_fam_* 😂
Eliza Johnson (23 days ago)
her hair looks like mine when i brush it
Peggy christ (23 days ago)
The final look is LITRALLY my hair!!!
Roekuma (23 days ago)
No joke this is what my natural hair looks like
Kathleen Harry (24 days ago)
This is what my hair looks like when I brush it.
Safaraz Iqbal (24 days ago)
I was shocked when i knew her age but other than that hell yeah
Eva B. (24 days ago)
Lmao her final product is my natural hair texture😂
Bri Burcham (26 days ago)
Ok... but the fly flying across the screen at 6:05 though!
CodfishCody AJ (27 days ago)
Tbh she should just cut her hair chin length or something cut it off and start over lol. It would grow back faster anyway.
Madeline Viilo (27 days ago)
Soooo where is Julian’s video on getting a perm? No a Brazilian blowout but a PERM LIKE THIIIIIIS.
isacote_ (27 days ago)
you should leave the purple tubes on it’s the new trend

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