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50 Latest African Prints & Ankara Styles for Men (Yomi Casual Inspired)

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50 Latest Ankara Styles for Men (Yomi Casual Inspired) Kindly Subscribe to our channel for more updates. Remember, do not patronize quacks, let us be your inspiration. Visit official site @ http://sandoracollections.com for more
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Text Comments (16)
esoh mansys (6 months ago)
Where can i buy these clothes? They really look good
Nagaraju Tangirala (6 months ago)
Nagaraju Tangirala (6 months ago)
No word's
cheptoo Brenda (6 months ago)
olivia alvine tchouanyep (6 months ago)
Le titre de la musique stp
Husna John (7 months ago)
It's very fantasy and I would like to watch more styles and make to my hubby
Irene Mumakwa (9 months ago)
Kens Francois Simonvil (9 months ago)
Good stuff
Kadiatou Conde (9 months ago)
Kens Francois Simonvil félicitation
GERONIMORE (11 months ago)
NAME OF SONG PLEASE 1:59 adorable!
Darrhyl Alcindor (11 months ago)
These outfits is amazing is there a website or some means by which one can purchase these suits.
J'S WEAR (5 months ago)
woow,,,i really like this u hve inspired me as a designer.
Jessy Styles (11 months ago)
Yes we do. The Shipping Cost is usually on the Customer as we use third party
Darrhyl Alcindor (11 months ago)
I really love these outfit but I'm not from Logos. do u ship out of Nigeria
Darrhyl Alcindor (11 months ago)
I love this but i am in Miami for now i would love to buy from u but i need to know how can i get it b4 i return to St.Lucia.
Jessy Styles (11 months ago)
sandoracollections.com 24 to 48hrs delivery. Free Delivery within Lagos

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