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Jimi Hendrix - Spanish Castle Magic (Toronto 1969)

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Papa M (5 months ago)
Jimi opened with Spanish Castle Magic the three times I saw him in Detroit. Jimi, Mitch and Noel played great all three shows. Sadly it all ended too soon.
Rafael Llach Fdez (6 months ago)
How..? A video of Jimi with so few visitors? People must be very busy and entertaining watching some of those stupid videos that don't teach anything about their style and that they get ten times more visits
Lynn Bain (2 years ago)
Fly On Jimi !
I saw Hendrix at maple gardens and it was the best. 1969 of may will always be a great memory. I and 3 others sat in 3rd row seats . This is a great memory for me.
Psychonaut3thirty3 (2 years ago)
Wow do I envy you! I've heard almost everything out there and this is one of the rarest setlists you can find. Only time I've heard him play little miss lover!! Unbelievable. Also on that amazing first room full of mirrors he threw in pieces of crash landing which I've never heard live and Gypsy eye's :0
atalante888 (3 years ago)
don't believe at that! I love when Jimi leave on his mind without control at all!
Alex Rees (4 years ago)
That unbelievable "3rd stone from the sun" just sets my ears ablaze! Just mind-blowing. 
STRATCAT101 (6 years ago)
Jimi Hendrix was like some supernatural force,he was an electric fireball.
joe smoe (6 years ago)
I love the way he tunes before a song and explains it ......This great
Mateusz Sokólski (6 years ago)
aaaa.....can't believe on what my ears hear ;-)

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