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Shaker Style Cupboard Using Only Hand Tools!

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I made this DIY shaker style country cupboard using only hand tools as a first project with my new work bench. I have been watching a lot of videos by Wood By Wright and The Hand Toolery (Links to their channels below) lately and was inspired to keep the woodworking machines turned off for this project. It has been a while since i did some traditional woodworking. The cupboard is made from the cheapest common white pine you can buy at the home center. I made the project using a lot of different types of joinery including mortise and tenons, sliding, through and half blind dovetails, ship lap and half lap joinery. It took me about 30 hours to complete and was a great project to pull out the hand saws, hand planes, chisels and more traditional woodworking tools. I had a great time making this project and I hope you enjoy the video. If you do, give me a thumbs up, leave a comment and subscribe to see more! Here is a link to the General Finishes Arm R Seal top coat I used (Affiliate) https://amzn.to/2pbZh1V Here is a link to the desk top fasteners I used (Affiliate) https://amzn.to/2QwOlbs The Hand Toolery https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC33RmG_ubJcNF7k474XLssg Wood By Wright https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbMtJOly6TpO5MQQnNwkCHg
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Ralph Cansler (2 days ago)
I love my hand tool but owning a custom furniture business im more of a hybrid woodworker now. I really enjoyed this video and you did a phenomenal job. Thank you for sharing and you have new subscriber. Btw wood by wright was the reason i picked up hand tools as well. Also i cant tell but are you using woodriver planes?
Twisted Woodshop (1 day ago)
+Small shop woodworker cody bryant yea! I have hock irons in a couple of my old Stanley's. They are really nice upgrades
+Twisted Woodshop ok i saw in your other videos your no.7 is it a stanley with a hock iron?
Twisted Woodshop (2 days ago)
Normally I like a good mix of hand and power tools too. I do use a wood river no 4 in this
Ralph van der Eb (3 days ago)
respect, love it
pedro kang (3 days ago)
Wow beautiful everything !!!!
Twisted Woodshop (3 days ago)
Thank you
Callum Duroe (17 days ago)
This is a brilliant piece, and a great example of using the right tool for the job. Great effort!
Twisted Woodshop (17 days ago)
Thank you!
Russell (22 days ago)
This is how furniture should be made
Philipp Boetcher (26 days ago)
Fantastic, that was almost the same how we learn it in College!!!!
Mark Harris (29 days ago)
Another brilliantly explained video, you give everything a really logical flow that makes sense to the newbie. I was very impressed how you did the long dovetails. I really like Wood by Wright, a really nice guy and I envy his skills as I do yours.
Twisted Woodshop (29 days ago)
Thank you. There are some really good makers to pull inspiration from. It was a couple years since doing an all hand tool project. Watching wood by wright and hand toolery got me excited to make something. They make it look so effortless, I forgot how labor intensive it was. Thanks for watching
Eric Schneider (1 month ago)
Awesome job!
Fred Rouse (1 month ago)
Twisted Woodshop (1 month ago)
Thank you
Robert Mielke (1 month ago)
This was a really cool build that brought back lots of memories of the years when I built a medicine cabinet from plans provided by Norm Abrahams. I used power tools way back then but now I can use either power tools of hand tools. You did a great job on this cabinet. I was impressed with this video enough to subscribe to you channel.
Robert Mielke (1 month ago)
+Twisted Woodshop I live in a single room senior housing complex. Hand tools and the quiet they represent are a must in Winter.
Twisted Woodshop (1 month ago)
Thanks for watching. I love both hand tools and power tools but sometimes it's fun to quiet things down and keep the power off
matt k (1 month ago)
Nicely done! Thanks for sharing... 👍
Twisted Woodshop (1 month ago)
Thank you!
The Wood Yogi (1 month ago)
I love this Dave :) Beautiful work my friend ॐ
Twisted Woodshop (1 month ago)
Thank you
nod bod (1 month ago)
Frank Porter (1 month ago)
'Excellent job. Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.
Twisted Woodshop (1 month ago)
Thanks. I'm glad you liked it
crispey bear (2 months ago)
great vid!!
Twisted Woodshop (2 months ago)
Thank you
Scott Adams (2 months ago)
Great video. Nice that you actually covered all pieces.
sausageseggandchips (2 months ago)
This was really good - I enjoyed it - and good narration too. I couldn't help noticing you're both left and right handed with the planes, not so much with the saws and chisels! Not a bad skill to have at all, especially when it comes to using moulding planes, if you ever do. Maybe a Moxon vice project is on the cards to allow easier dovetail sawing....?
Twisted Woodshop (2 months ago)
Yea. It depends on the task. I write lefty but guitar,bow and shoot right handed. I recently built a moxon vise and I love it! Bringing the work a little higher for dovetails has been great on my lower back.
Gary Thomson Joinery (2 months ago)
Wonderfull, it’s like,,,,, I work in my shop all day making stuff then I come home and watch you work all day making stuff. It’s really enjoyable to watch you work. Thank you for sharing 👍📐🔨😄
Gary Thomson Joinery (2 months ago)
Twisted Woodshop it’s also my most liked video 😄
Gary Thomson Joinery (2 months ago)
Twisted Woodshop 😄 👍
Twisted Woodshop (2 months ago)
One day I'm going to make some new saw horses. I like your with the storage in the bottom!
Jeremy Castillo (2 months ago)
This is fantastic! I love your level of detail in your explanations and your technique is awesome. I'd love to see more projects like this.
Twisted Woodshop (2 months ago)
Thanks. I didn't turn a power tool on for about a year and half a few years ago. Only hand tools. Now I use a good mix of both. I will do another hand tool only project soon though. This one was a lot of fun.
Jaime Rios (2 months ago)
We need more videos like this :o
Jason Robinson (2 months ago)
Just stumbled across your channel today. 3 videos later and all I can think of is what a lucky find for me. Keep up the great videos, everything about them is perfect. New sub.
Twisted Woodshop (2 months ago)
Thanks so much!
Jaime Rios (2 months ago)
Two thumbs up for this video. I liked the pace, the music, the camera angles and the explanation. Can't wait till I see your next hand tool woodworking video :)
Twisted Woodshop (2 months ago)
Baron Von (2 months ago)
Nice work good on you
Twisted Woodshop (2 months ago)
Thank you!
kyle telford (2 months ago)
Hey I really enjoy watching your videos,I just subscribed.👍you really have an eye for proportions.I was just wondering what you use for camera?
Twisted Woodshop (2 months ago)
Thanks. I use a canon t3i and a 80d. I mostly use the 18-135 kit lens and every once in a while a 100mm macro for the close ups. I found that I rarely use the auto focus so I could get away with just the t3i
That Food Life (2 months ago)
You should give credit to Paul sellers also since a LOT of his techniques were displayed on this video
Danny Hale (2 months ago)
That was a great project. I really enjoy your videos. Your woodworking is great, but I also enjoy your video and narration style. Keep up the good work!
Twisted Woodshop (2 months ago)
SO LT (2 months ago)
I liked your technique for making the sliding dovetails. Nice job.
Twisted Woodshop (2 months ago)
giuliano g. (3 months ago)
Very nice woodworking. Clean, precise, traditional joints and expert hand made work. Please, keep on making us watch other jobs. My congratulations, indeed.
Twisted Woodshop (3 months ago)
Thank you!
HotNoodle Workshop (3 months ago)
I like it! Thubs up and sub from me, young man.
Twisted Woodshop (3 months ago)
Dan Pryde (3 months ago)
Such a good build mate. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to checking out your other videos later today when I get the time 👌 cheers
Twisted Woodshop (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching
LastingBuild (4 months ago)
Nice work! Hand-tool projects definitely make the project more special. I just finished my workbench using only hand tools and no doubt it means more to me than if I used power tools!
LastingBuild (4 months ago)
Twisted Boards thanks for checking it out!
Twisted Woodshop (4 months ago)
Thanks I agree. It's a little nicer when you build with hand tools! I watched your last bench video. It turned out great. I will be going back to watch the rest.
Hazem Bata (5 months ago)
I dig it.
Kim Allen (5 months ago)
in my humble opinion, one of the best videos on the web!. Please do more builds.
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Kim Allen, Thank you very much! I will keep at it!
Ondřej Pechal (5 months ago)
Wau! Good job :)
Richard Garrow (5 months ago)
This was a great video you did not rush it, and you gave us a detailed process of each piece being built. Thank you I really enjoy this video and I subscribed. Popwood suggested you and it well worth it..
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Thanks so much for the feedback. It takes me so long to do the voice over part of the video. I'm glad the effort was worth it
Make Things (5 months ago)
Man that's beautiful! Glad to see the classics being used!
Make Things (5 months ago)
Start a playlist...that could be a big boost to your channel. I really like that rabbiting plane...that's sweet. So many good ideas in this including the beveled board/dovetail trick. Nice!
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Thanks. Some of them were collecting dust for a while. It was a lot of fun though. I think I will make more all hand tool pieces in the future
Harold Wamsley (5 months ago)
Do you a web page
Littlewolf (2 months ago)
Harold Wamsley n
Harold Wamsley (5 months ago)
Thanks I am on it now.
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Twistedwoodshop.com. I just started it so there isn't much there except links to the videos. I hope to make more blog style articles and start making plans but haven't got that far yet
Skippy Lippy (5 months ago)
Wow! Masterful! Thank you so much for sharing this project with us. Gorgeous :))
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
wortheffort (5 months ago)
Well done project and excellent videography and editing.
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Woah thanks! I like you series on hand tools (hand planes are stupid) and a lot of your other videos. I wish I could talk in front of the camera like you and a few others in the community! I will keep practicing though
Seb R (5 months ago)
Good job ! thx to popwood playback for bringing me here.
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Thanks coming over and Thanks to Popwood playback!
Tom Lagatol (5 months ago)
Fine woodworking, Great Video and explanations! Thanks! I subscribed and glad I found ya.
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Built By Chris (5 months ago)
Mate, you have the patience of a saint. Love how this turned out. Keep up the great work.
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Built By Chris thanks!
MG Makes (5 months ago)
Some serious wood skills there buddy. Love it 👊👊
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
MG Makes thanks! It was a fun one to build
Corey Kuhn (5 months ago)
I hope all the encouragement from everyone keeps your inspired. These are great videos! Keep up the good work and i look forward to additional content.
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Definitely inspired. This is a great community of people. Woodworking has always been solitary for me. It is awesome to have people to share it with and learn from!!
GuysWoodshop (5 months ago)
Really great work!
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Thanks Guy!
Skir (5 months ago)
Enjoying your videos, both content and production. Always a pleasure to see a good craftsman at work. :)
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Sumo's Projects (5 months ago)
G’day Dave, mate that’s very impressive & such a nice video to watch, it seems working with hand tools can be both therapeutic & so interesting & the end result of this build is a keeper, cheers 🍻👍
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Thanks! It means a lot coming from you knowing all of the great videos and projects you create! I really enjoy this community.
This is amazing and impressive work my friend! The joinery, the dovetails, everything! Very enjoyable and inspiring to watch this. Thumb is up and hat is off! :-)
(I wish I could heart you comment there). Haha. Thanks! I hope (and predict) a bright future for you. You have great skills and create awesome videos. I'm a big fan of your work, u know it! I'm happy to follow along mate!! Have a fantastic day!! See you soon again! :-)
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Thanks Dekeros. You have been putting out some pretty awesome content lately. Its fun to grow in this community together!
Barefoot Bushcraft (5 months ago)
Awesome channel you have here! I'm a new supporter of your work :) #625. Keep making the great videos my friend! :)
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Thank you! I am honored. It takes some extreme skill to do some of the carving you do on your channel! The riverstone carving and the staff were amazing. I love this community!
Anubhav Arya (5 months ago)
That is absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't make that fit and finish with power tools.
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Thank you!
the tinywoodworkshop (5 months ago)
A fantastic demonstration of real craftsmanship with all these joineries made by hands - simpley great 👍. If you had used the cordless screwdriver at the end for the drilling jobs it would have been OK anyway because I think drilling with these types of hand powered drills is one of the most anoying things 😉.
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
hahaha! The "egg beater drill is not a fun tool for me either" thanks for the compliment
Barry Manilowa (5 months ago)
Fake Zeppelin IIi track.
The HandToolery (5 months ago)
Dude, this is phenomenal. I’m honored by the shoutout! Seriously though you explain things so well, and the shots are great. Not to mention, the result is perfect! Cheers!
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Thanks! A few years ago, I went through a time where I only used hand tools. Now I go the hybrid woodworking route but you guys definitely inspired me to see if I still had the patience to build start to finish by hand still. I cant wat to see your sideboard finish up. That walnut looks amazing!
Jay Kepley (5 months ago)
Beautiful job on the cabinet and the video!
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Thank you! The cabinet was the easiest of the two
Barry Tatti (5 months ago)
Nice work on the cabinet and the vid. Not much room to screw top down with those figure eights?
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Definitely not. If I would have made a traditional dust frame, it would have bought me more room but I was able to get the screws in with a stubby screwdriver. Might not have been so lucky if it was a hardwood. lol
Ronna Keil (5 months ago)
Devinder Khokher (5 months ago)
When something you wanna just "try" turns out so good, don't you wish you would've used some hard wood? 😊
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Yes!! I told my wife 5 different times "I should have used cherry"! Its funny you said that
Jeff Forbes (5 months ago)
Great job and dialogue. Loved the sliding dovetail trick. Thanks for sharing.
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback. One day I will make a dovetail plane but the guideblock method works and it pretty fast
angelo livolsi (5 months ago)
GOD Give him A/C
Twisted Woodshop (5 months ago)

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