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BRAND New day. Bryan Adams

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Del Boyo (1 year ago)
perhaps if the guitar was in tune would help ? or is it Bryans ?
padawanangelo (2 years ago)
Faster strumming at the bridge. I know it's tough at first but I can tell you're a pro.
Carlos Enrique Anzola (2 years ago)
Thanks so much for the feedback
Jorge Silva (3 years ago)
Nice one dude. Please folow my facebook page on MOVIMENTO BRYANADAMS, your video is there also.
Jorge Silva (3 years ago)
Yes, just go and chek it out, i have there on my page something for ya. Thank's.
Carlos Enrique Anzola (3 years ago)
+Jorge Silva Thanks! great song. Just followed your Facebook page. Cheers!

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