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The Naked And Famous - Punching In A Dream

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Music video by The Naked & Famous performing Punching In A Dream. (C) 2010 Somewhat Damaged Under exclusive license to Polydor Ltd. (UK)
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Text Comments (3731)
Tweed Ghost (3 days ago)
Anyone still here???
Tweed Ghost (3 days ago)
+Sanele Dlamini damn nice to know
Sanele Dlamini (3 days ago)
Still here bro
Armand Alberts (4 days ago)
foooooking nostalgia i have this on repeat! FIFA!!!
Jon Wick (4 days ago)
pitch perfect brought me here a long time ago
Justin LMAO (7 days ago)
Pitch perfect scene Full out movie in Netflix This song is everything
Zach Bear (13 days ago)
Always will listen to this song it calms me and takes me to a chill place
Den Blitz (16 days ago)
David Vega (17 days ago)
Mr. M (19 days ago)
zen sunraw (20 days ago)
kuca duka roou
Badazzz Kid (20 days ago)
FIFA 12 🥴🥴☹️☹️🤕🥳
Nathan Lukeson (21 days ago)
Her feet must have been cold, Fliming that scene.
Rishabh Agarwal (22 days ago)
This song is drug
TheSpringMood (22 days ago)
It's 2019 and I still love this song!
gory tho snool (23 days ago)
holy shit, ive actually found it again
David Burden (23 days ago)
hand job map.com in a dream map it real time
Malia B (26 days ago)
what about that one movie that wasn't super popular but the super hot guy
Chris Grey (26 days ago)
funny thing is when I get punched in a dream when I wake up it actually feels like that I got punched
Moogy Gams (1 month ago)
Why the band name remind me of rust XD I miss fifa 12
Kecksohn (1 month ago)
Zizi Klaudia (1 month ago)
I love it ❤
none monny (1 month ago)
Anyone in 2019??
kanica 34 (1 month ago)
Aquí c:
David Burden (1 month ago)
weeing in a dream
양지의쿠티뉴 (1 month ago)
Margalida Alemany (1 month ago)
ARRELIAS. v (1 month ago)
I come here for this japanese girl is so pretty!!!
Anthony B (1 month ago)
Fifa 12 the good old days
Shukrimoto1 (1 month ago)
Thumbs up if you listening in 2019👍🏽
KitKat Break (1 month ago)
Pitch Perfect 💜
SluvS HS (1 month ago)
Came here after watching WWE Paige Chronicle 😊
Imina Punk (1 month ago)
this song just sounds so heckin good
Di Mus (2 months ago)
David Burden (2 months ago)
waste o time
Living with Perks (2 months ago)
Who's listening in 2019?
Google User (2 months ago)
All the lights go down as I crawl into the spaces Fight, flight, or the screams, life tearing at the seams Wait, I don't ever want to be here Like punching in a dream, breathing life into my nightmare If it falls apart I will surely wake it Bright lights turn me green, this is worse than it seems Wait, I don't ever want to be here Like punching in a dream, breathing life into my nightmare They’ll get through, they’ll get you In the place that you fear it the most In the corner, where it’s warmer In the face that you wish was a ghost Wait, I don't ever want to be here Like punching in a dream breathing life into the nightmare Wait, I don't ever want to be here Like punching in a dream breathing life into the nightmare
WillowTree21 Minecraft (2 months ago)
Forza Horizon?
THE ACOUSTIC CAGE (2 months ago)
This video is like when u get a new video editor with tons of effects and you use them all to "get your moneys worth" out of it.
Thorsten Hagemeier (2 months ago)
The German Electronic Artist "Schiller" is using the cover of your "This Machine" EP from 2008 for his most recent album "Morgenstund". Just FYI - smells like copyright infringement to me.. unless its not because he is at Universal Music too!?
Paulo Barreto (2 months ago)
Love it❤️🇵🇹
CoryJT (2 months ago)
fifa 12 😔
nicola disabato (2 months ago)
FIFA 12😍❤
TheFlash087 (2 months ago)
Fuck yea 👍👍
eyewazear (2 months ago)
Women wear white to represent purity and men wear black to represent strength and the protection of women and all females in God and Mother Nature's creation.
shivam sharma (2 months ago)
Yes NG Music
Cristobal Hernandez (2 months ago)
Forza Horizon 👍
idonotdrink (2 months ago)
Sammy Fairer (3 months ago)
Forza horizon!!
Walrus (3 months ago)
This music video is a mood
Tarzaan (3 months ago)
Im here because i typed the name into the search bar and clicked the video.
Rocky R (3 months ago)
I'm here after watching Young Blood👌
RYFS AL (3 months ago)
2019 ANYONE?
G. Carter (3 months ago)
I love this song oml
MrSpeedyAce (3 months ago)
Sounds like MGMT Kids 😍
peter thornton (3 months ago)
The problem is…you are way better biting off MGMT than your new stuff. I love this. And, MGMNT, at the time, didn't fill the gap.
Nogin Roblx (3 months ago)
PROM ANYONE???????? Only FIFA?
ivan (3 months ago)
i lov sparc mac
Teri Mckenzie (3 months ago)
Free bird
theseceret (4 months ago)
sure teach her how to ice skate because she isn't cold enough yet
i’m clout af (4 months ago)
Is the band dead/disbanded? If so, r.i.p ;(
Asap Phenom (4 months ago)
The good ol Fifa 12 days... 😢
Civial (4 months ago)
BTa Biaktluanga (4 months ago)
Reminds me of my childhood game career of Fifa 12
HumbleAbode (4 months ago)
Why does this band help when I'm down and when I'm up. They are magival
Flip Flops (4 months ago)
When FIFA was actually good.
Wesley Freiyas Apk (4 months ago)
most dangerous virus (4 months ago)
😍😘 i love this song so much the first time i heard this song and this band when i was play FiFA 2012 this song make me your fan you guys always in special place in my heart ✌❤🤘 The Naked and Famous ✌❤🤘❤💪
Christi W (4 months ago)
...... I miss you
Tanner Matthews (4 months ago)
This song kind of sounds like Arcade Fire.
Charlie T (4 months ago)
José Ángel León (5 months ago)
360p :(
M dash Cube (5 months ago)
Don’t you just love it when you start FIFA 12 and this is first screen song....
tam 1340 (5 months ago)
Vampire diaries anyone?
regi (5 months ago)
Perfect song while watiting for a job interview
The Dulme (5 months ago)
Portador (5 months ago)
FIFA 12 :'v Recuerdos...
Gustavo Duprat (5 months ago)
musica para terminar una semana dura de universidad ✌️
Omariin1220 (5 months ago)
Jamie Doherty Musician (5 months ago)
I don''t ever wanna be here. :(
lee yeeun (6 months ago)
Ocn에서 나오는 브금이잖어.?!
John Elliott (6 months ago)
SV Delos brought me here. Great song!
neverhook (6 months ago)
sexy bass
K. Alice (6 months ago)
Wow so much drugs
Naz Alimova (6 months ago)
StarCraft brood war
Nun Ya (6 months ago)
God I love finding new music! Great band!
MarK_RocK (3 months ago)
Perfección!! 👌
larrybob141 (6 months ago)
Found this song back in 13 on pandora tripping out on my couch haha
Daz Ediss (6 months ago)
The awkward moment when everyone is here from random sound tracks but you're just here cause you know what fucking good music is.
LasTLight (6 months ago)
30k likes by fifa 12 and 1 k unlike by pes fans
Charl Awesome (6 months ago)
Forza Horizon!
angel (6 months ago)
makes me feel like im walking to the beach on a beautiful day
João Carlos (6 months ago)
Forza horizon
Ultras Lapovci (7 months ago)
Fifa 12 nostalgia
Carlos Geissendoerfer (7 months ago)
i Love you, Samantha
Kevin The cube or ? (7 months ago)
Fifa 12 oof
CaptainMagellan (7 months ago)
Thanks Naked&Famous you are my fav electronic band 😍
prettyflacko whiteasap93 (7 months ago)
It's 2018 motherfucka
Fight KoKo (7 months ago)
She has got a gang of Jason Voorhees chasing her. Then she walks through a snowy field with bodies all over the ground. Are those Jason's victims? Or Freddy's, since she is in a dream?
Chris Baier (7 months ago)
El Tío Víc [VTBR] :V (7 months ago)
Professor Comics (7 months ago)
I woke up today and just wanted to listen to this. Kinda makes me nostalgic for the early 2010's.
Ezra (7 months ago)
When you only have $10 to make a MV

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