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C# Tutorial - Connect an Application with SQL Server Database over network | FoxLearn

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How to enable/config allow remote connections to sql server over network, connect to sql from another computer in c#. The c# basics course is a free c# tutorial series that helps beginning programmers learn the basics of the c# programming language How to Connect an Application with SQL Server Database in c# Connecting to a SQL Server Database with C# C# SQL Server Connection Allow remote connections to SQL Server: How to Video How do you connect to a sql database using C# Using a Class
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Text Comments (12)
hewsman1 (1 day ago)
how do i do this with MySQL?
Fox Learn (1 day ago)
OK. Thank you for your suggestion !
Bobby Carotte (9 months ago)
Putting this kind of music in tutorials is annoying as hell
Muhammad Yusup (11 months ago)
what is the title of song at 3:51?
Karan kasyap (1 year ago)
Hi Fox Learn.I like your videos u work very nice. I have a problem please solve it. how to deploy my software with one click installation in the client machine where neither I need to install database manually nor attaching database manually all the work happen automatically during software installation.
Joshua Dela Cruz (1 year ago)
Hi Fox Learn, it seems that you have a lot of very nice tuts. Right now, I am about to deploy my C# App using MySQL(WAMP Server) which is located from other PC; but it tend to have error "MySQL cannot connect from Host" like that. But from the SERVER-PC it is working fine. And note that I already changed datasource of my C# app to the SERVER-PC IP Address. What should I do? Thanks :)
CHLEMENCE MLIGO (5 months ago)
how to access sql server database outside local network i.e. when im away from home or my friend from another countries be able to connect to my server and access mydatabase .how to do that???
Fox Learn (1 year ago)
That's great :)
Joshua Dela Cruz (1 year ago)
Thanks for the reply. I opened the port from my PC a week ago but to no avail. But when I tried to re-configure my router and fix its firewall settings, it is now working fine :) Thanks for your great tuts :)
Fox Learn (1 year ago)
Hi, You need to open port for mysql or close firewall, then you can connect, make sure you connect local network
sherwin manguilin (2 years ago)
hi fox learn you're awsome but can i ask what is db.SaveChangeAsync(); the word "db" where it came from ??
Fox Learn (2 years ago)
Hi, db is variable. thanks

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