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How I built my garage - short version

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This is a collection of all the time lapse clips I took while building my garage. It was an extremely demanding task, but very rewarding. I had challenged myself to build both an energy efficient garage but that would require only one concrete pour for the footing, slab, edge walls and drive way. I have learned so much about the whole process, made some mistakes along the way but all in all everything has turned out just right. The long version is a good 50 minutes so I also made this short version that is about 18 minutes. I could not really find a way to cut it shorter then that. I will also post some short videos of the build to show how things were done in a more comprehensive manner. I find this video marries both construction effort with a good level of poetry in motion. So I hope you enjoy this video. Enjoy.
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Bill DeProspero (5 months ago)
Music ruins it.
thomastidewater (1 year ago)
I'm concerned that your garage isn't sealed well enough. I foresee massive air infiltration. You should have taken the time to seal all the cracks and crevices better... and maybe add a bit of insulation.
DaBuick (1 year ago)
NIce build. How does the roof cool off with that foam on the back of it? Or do you just plan to replace the roof more often in exchange for the heating cost savings?
DaBuick (1 year ago)
that's fantastic, sorry if I missed that detail from your video. I'm in the planning phase for a garage extension and this video was helpful.
Michael Brownlee (1 year ago)
Came here via GBA link. So nice to see someone "overbuild" (meaning better than Code). 5/8" ply roof sheathing should be Code. Insulated foundation slabs should be Code.
Marcel Kalk (2 years ago)
Very nice video. which software did you use for planning?

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