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3 Style Mistakes You Didn't Realise Models Are Making

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Text Comments (16)
Andy Fulton (10 days ago)
Hi Ben. The hair on my crown has recently started thinning rapidly, to the point I have a noticeable bald spot on the right hand side. As I'm only 15 I don't have an option for drugs like finasteride. Do you know of any solutions I could try for now?
Zyzz Brah (11 days ago)
The button up looks good if you have an aesthetic long neck like the models.
Stylish Dad (12 days ago)
Just out of curiosity is there any reason why you film at 60 fps as opposed to 30 or 24?
Ben Arthur (11 days ago)
Hey :) yeah I film at 50fps (PAL) as I just think the movement looks smoother and better quality overall - I guess it's just closer to real life
MID by Enjay (12 days ago)
Soooo true :D Especially with the clothes fit! I see people wearing baggy clothes way too often! Just made a video with outfit tips where i mention this and guys. If you just want a simple rule... Buy slim fit! And also watch Ben's videos :D :D
Demetrios Levi (12 days ago)
I can't stand the buttoned all the way look. I know it's a style and all, and to each his own, but personally, it reminds me too much of hipsters. Awesome as always, man!
r0b0wnz (12 days ago)
Same I think of like friendzoned little bitch boy Californian
Sunny F20 (12 days ago)
Bro if you hit the gym and gain some size/shape would look good 👍
Sunny F20 (12 days ago)
Top button done up looks better on guys who have built chest/shoulders. Otherwise looks nerdy
Norseman (12 days ago)
Most of these are "trends".
Tristan Feinauer (12 days ago)
Is rolling up your jeans that are too long fine?looks cool imo
FarazR2 (12 days ago)
I think most fashion rules can be broken for the right reasons. The top button makes sense to me if you're going for the right aesthetic, the same way high-end suits don't have a belt. It's cleaner, if a bit stiff. On the opposite end, unbuttoning one button does look lazy, but that's the idea. They want to make the suit look comfortable and wearable, not stiff and plastic. Similarly, with boots it's ok to have some creases in your jeans, because it adds to a rugged aesthetic. In any case, I think knowing the rules first is important, so good video. Gotta know how to play before learning how to win.
Lolly (12 days ago)
go into tk max for a 100 bill challenge for upcoming seasons. Like "Less for more" kinda thing
Henrique F (12 days ago)
Great job man!
Deepak Prakash (12 days ago)
1st view
Henrique F (12 days ago)
I'm 4th 😂

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