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Old Hollywood Glam // Full Tutorial Hair and Makeup

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As I'm currently obsessing over old Hollywood movies i thought I'd give this classic look a try ^.^ I hope you love it and everything I used is listed below Makeup Products: Concealer- Essence Stay Natural concealer Primer- NYX Cosmetics First Base primer spray Foundation- NYX Cosmetics Stay matte but not flat liquid foundation in Ivory Setting Powder- Collection pressed powder in Ivory Liquid Eyeliner- Collection Fast Stroke Palettes- I Heart Makeup Pink Fizz brown shadow and Makeup revolution London Redemption Palette Iconic 2 nude shadow Highlighter- Technic Get Gorgeous Highlighting Powder Blush- Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Rose Gold Lights Mascara- Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Lashes- Burlesque Setting spray- NYX Cosmetics matte finish long lasting setting spray Lipstick- Kylie Cosmetics in Reign SOCIAL MEDIA: ♡ Twitter: https://twitter.com/xEmilyInaMazex Instagram: instagram.com/emii_laura
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Text Comments (38)
Lana Del Slay (1 month ago)
yes girl u look GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charlotte Bishop (3 months ago)
Stunning omg stunning
Stephanie Davis (9 months ago)
What hair dye do you use to get your hair so dark?? I love it!
Emi laura (9 months ago)
Stephanie Davis I used Cosmic Blue by Schwarzkopf, it's black but with a blue shine to it 😊 xxx
H. L. (1 year ago)
There are so many pinup tutorials on yt but you definitely have one of the prettiest looks!
Emi laura (1 year ago)
Mmm M This is so kind, thank you so much xxx
Lynn O'MARA (1 year ago)
This is an amazing look .very Vivian leigh. Im always trying to get a similar look, hard for me! Stunning xxx
Sophia Herley (1 year ago)
I adore your dark hair and pale skin. I think that is such a beautiful, classic look and very Hollywood glam. ;) I wish I was born in the 40s!
Emi laura (1 year ago)
Sophia Herley Thank you! I can understand that, It seemed like a much more fashionable time! ❤
Sloth Icecream (1 year ago)
People with black hair and fair skin look so elegant
Alondra (1 year ago)
What's the music playing in the background, it's beautiful!
Grace (1 year ago)
You look like Elizabeth Taylor!
Emi laura (1 year ago)
Grace Omg no way she was gorgeous! 😂💜
Addie Jones (1 year ago)
Holy cow you are so gorgeous
Lexie Williamson (1 year ago)
kinda look like dita
theblackcat diaries (1 year ago)
all these girls looking so fragile with their foundation application, daintily patting with their beauty blenders... then there's me, giving myself a good bitch slap with the blender. gotta slam it in there! damn man hands.
Megan Dandurand (1 year ago)
You're so pretty!! you look like asami from the legend of korra 😍
Allyana Salitico (1 year ago)
the jazz music! love it!!
hi there i have a channel care to check it out id love if u would also have 2 giveways thanks
juliasstyle55 (1 year ago)
i love it! gorgeous
Maya Bundy (2 years ago)
Omg this tutorial is everything however aren't you curling towards yourself? You are so beautiful
Алина (2 years ago)
OMG You look like Dita's relative!
Lissa Merida (2 years ago)
I just died at the first second of the video! That makeup slays grl!!
hazy hills (2 years ago)
anyone saw the 1d poster? haha ur so pretty and cool
Savanna Lucero (2 years ago)
I love this. you're soooo pretty
brunette girl (2 years ago)
you are beautiful!
Zoe Heimann (2 years ago)
Love this so so much, using this look for halloween ✨
Matthew Evans (2 years ago)
daaaamn... wouldnt i be gay i would ask her to marry me. shes so beautiful
belissimahoney69 (2 years ago)
Gurl you deserve more subscribers....this was absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You definitely deserve more subscribers. I love your videos, you slay the make up game, girl!!!! Continue doing this great job. Kisses from Spain 💖💖💖
Emi laura (2 years ago)
Thank you so much, you're very sweet! Kisses from Wales! xxx
Aprilla667 (2 years ago)
you are absolutley stunning! omg <3
Rachel Random (2 years ago)
this is so awesome!!! just subbed I'm excited to watch more of your videos!
cutiee225 (2 years ago)
you look so beautiful. great tutorial!
brandy duran (2 years ago)
omg you're so pretty
Sophie Charlotte (2 years ago)
omg this is soooooooo awesome!!! xx
Sophie Charlotte (2 years ago)
+Emi laura (xEmilyInaMazex) i will copy it for prom next year😏
Emi laura (2 years ago)
Thank you so much! Xx

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