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Microsoft Buying Obsidian? + Stardew Valley On iOS + Dave Bautista Wants In On Suicide Squad 2

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Text Comments (437)
Brett Peterson (10 days ago)
Zelda always had the Second quest. You use to be able to start on it by typing your name as Zelda. If it is the same it should unlock the second quest as you beat the game with any character.
Matthew Groves (10 days ago)
Well there goes the fallout new Vegas remake I wanted
Pienimusta (10 days ago)
Have to give a shoutout for Forza 4 running really well on PC. Also looks absolutely stunning. 2500k+1070ti runs it +100fps 1440p, all maxed. Too bad Windows Store is absolute mess.
Thryfte (11 days ago)
I'm actually okay with this. Microsoft has been trying to get back on gamers good side. Keep your chin up, here!
IXShinryuXI (11 days ago)
SiriusScaper (11 days ago)
Dammit! Not obsidian!
Red Tally (11 days ago)
Why did I think for a split second that Microsoft were confusingly buying up the worlds supplies of the dark crystallised volcanic rock?
AIRGEDOK (11 days ago)
I laugh at the know calling obsidian as "Indie" WTF? This is the studio that has done some of the BIGGEST AAA rpgs of all time. Knights of the old republic 2, Neverwinter nights 2, Fallout: New vegas and they did dungeon siege 3. Not to mention pillars of eternity. When did a studio doing all these AAA games become indie? I'm sorry but taking advantage of gamers by crowd funding your games doesn't make you indie.
Deivi Valdepena (11 days ago)
Is the game at 2:01 and 2:05 the same? Also what is it called?
Hypercane (11 days ago)
Could you say it's a.... CarPG?
88Mulls88 (11 days ago)
top xbox exclusive....rotflol what a joke to brag about (I play on xbox1) beating like 3 "AAA" games and 6 indie games....
ShadyPossum (11 days ago)
I just want cross-platform Stardew. I want to be able to play on my switch while my friends are on PC!
D.R_enterthe 36 (11 days ago)
You can tell black people don't watch the know because no one is mentioning how John Henry is supposed to be black😂. At this point Hollywood does this type of stuff just to get free promotion it has nothing to do with who will actually fit the role, black or not. I'm not looking for a John Henry movie with The Rock lmao.
Shay Barkham (11 days ago)
Stardew valley is also coming to andriod soon
Orhan Capas (11 days ago)
Bye bye obsidian quality games
King Pain (11 days ago)
Ashley's back! 😍
Perry2186 (11 days ago)
How can you call it an Xbox exclusive when is on Windows it's a Microsoft exclusive
vigilantsentinel (12 days ago)
Kotor 2 on mobile
Roozbeh Kasila (12 days ago)
Well rip obsidian i really like POE but i guess you wont be making good games anymore
Agamemnon2 (12 days ago)
I now want Bautista as King Shark. Singing his King Shark song.
Mehmet Alan (12 days ago)
wouldn't vin diesel be better for solomon grundy? i can hear him saying the clasic rhyme
VGJustice (12 days ago)
Oh man, Butista would make an AWESOME Solomon Grundy! He's got the perfect voice for it! And the build! Sign this man!
SageNeoDraconus (12 days ago)
Sounds like the folk hero movie is going to be League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but with folk heroes instead of literary characters. Based on her very vague description. I'm still interested if that's the case, as I am a fan of stories that clump various types of existing characters into one tale
Gunslinger199 (12 days ago)
Bautista as Bane.
Terence Pace (12 days ago)
welcome back Ashley. Hate watching the bearded guy whose name I keep forgetting
Slytherin Reviews (12 days ago)
yeah for the Playstation Trophies how many games did he play or did he hack his account to get those trophies, I would like more then just a photo of the guy with the award cause it raises questions with me. So in fact I'm calling hacker on the guy until there is more proof to back up his claim
bandeeto (12 days ago)
I'd say obsidian goes indie and make a better "fallout" game. 👌👻
There already is one. Called Wasteland 2. Not made by Bethesda or obsidian but still phenomenal. Has a lot of the original fallout writers too. They worked on it and Wasteland 3 is being worked on now.
Modified Boy (12 days ago)
Would LOVE to see a Bautista Grundy
jakeupinfinity (12 days ago)
Didn't the original Zelda already have a harder new game +. Is this one different?
Tyler Duncanson (12 days ago)
How is a game both an xbox exclusive and on pc?
Tyler Duncanson (11 days ago)
by that logic all games are pc exclusives because they are all created on pcs.
not a fanboy (12 days ago)
because its under xbox still, its microsofts store a pc copy is a xbox copy
Motherfudger 666 (12 days ago)
RIP Obsidian.
guyonbench (12 days ago)
I could see him as Solomon Grundy but I think if he got a voice coach and worked on his accent, he could be a great KGBeast.
Scooby Dooby (12 days ago)
Goodbye Sony.... Microsoft has more $$$$$ than you....
TyranusRex721 (12 days ago)
I am torn on Microsoft buying Obsidian. One one hand, Microsoft has not been doing a great job lately with their franchises. On the other hand, this will give Obsidian all the money they could ever need to make their games and not have to rely on crowd funding. Obsidian is one of the few Western RPG developers making good Western RPGs. Bioware is pretty much a walking corpse and Bethesda is more interested in making adventure games than RPGs (I refuse to call Fallout 4 an RPG and Skyrim was a very light RPG). Though, Bioware was still good when they were with Microsoft, maybe things might turn out well for Obsidian.
Animelytical (12 days ago)
I think I'm interested in Forza Horizon. Sony owner. I mean not desperately, but it's the first I've had even a passing interest in for a while
Chris Rundle (12 days ago)
Bautista for Grundy. Drax isn't far off.
Boy of Steel (12 days ago)
Dave Bautista As Solomon Grundy
Ghost Killer (12 days ago)
Nice Fleetwood Mac reference there Ashley.
isaiah groce (12 days ago)
That's easy when you only have one game come out for Xbox lol
Dante Li (12 days ago)
Best rated exclusive this gen? Not surprising considering the other games.
Nicolas Silva (12 days ago)
microsoft is being greedy, don't get me wrong, sony did the same decades ago, but the thing is, sony did it when studios like naughty dog or insomniac games weren't even known, unlike microsoft, getting some of the big name studios of these current gens
G4r3th (12 days ago)
5:08 I heard "Statesmen" and thought it was a Kingsmen series... a little disappointed now.
mark morris (12 days ago)
The rock new movie sounds like an old movie called tall tales I think with Kurt russle as a cowboy. It also had Paul bunion and John h in t as well
dan wood (12 days ago)
She's back! Good to see you Ashley :)
Zero Score (12 days ago)
5:41 League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen sequel? Probably not.
Nozza (12 days ago)
Also just realised Xbox ones best feature is that you can play old Xbox games.
Brian Ogilby (12 days ago)
Its essentially a total given Microsoft will get Obsidian and soon. So whether its a good thing or not is the question. It does allow Obsidian to make their masterpieces easier and bigger with needed greater funding (given Microsofts money) but Will Obsidian avoid Monitization and Multiplayer as they become AAA and therefore go from their greatness to sucking like sucking with The Outer Worlds the Fallout Spiritial Succesor RPG we infact know is being published by 2K that Obsidian are working on and will they die? Heres hopeing Microsoft are hands off with the games.
maggit (12 days ago)
When was the last time Microsoft hasn't ruined a 3rd party studio? They have a terrible track record just like EA.
4Dmike (12 days ago)
Welcome to the games industry. Where devs are either overwhelmed by the positive response or terrified from death threats for releasing a new game.
SterlingK Art (12 days ago)
Linky Okumura (12 days ago)
I cant do it.... I cant allow myself to have stardew at my fingertips... ill NEVER STOP
RageGamer999 (12 days ago)
Hey maybe there is hope for a baldur's gate dark alliance remake if microsoft buys obsidian
Nozza (12 days ago)
rip obsidian
Justin Quarles (12 days ago)
i was hoping for 3DS Stardew :/
Causeof Gehenna (12 days ago)
Yay, nice to see Ashley! Love all the crew, but nice to see you presenting :)
KbM (12 days ago)
It's a shame the company that caused Obsidian's financial issues is actually buying them and it's even worse that it's Microsoft.
Green Wendal (12 days ago)
Well that's obsidian down the toilet then.
Jodeadible (12 days ago)
I remember when i used to care about trophies/achievements, back when i was a teen with time on his hands.
ThatOneMovieGuy (12 days ago)
They only bought Forza bc they are starved for exclusives
Jeff Daniels (12 days ago)
Baptista would make a good Bayne.
CALQL8ING McAlpine (12 days ago)
Hey look it’s Not Brian! Both are still great
Big Rod (12 days ago)
Microsoft should put some content into that sea of theives demo and make it an actual game.
Daswolfen (12 days ago)
John Henry will be League of Extraordinary Gentleman for Folk Heroes
Lord Tepes (12 days ago)
As much as I love the Horizon series, I have to say this about the "highest" rated game on the Xbox. They were probably able to achieve this by placing a very inconvenient pop-up message about if you "liked" Forza Horizon 4. There were only 3 choices to choose from which were 1.) Yes 2.) No and 3.) Skip....I don't know the extent of saying yes equaling to 5 star ratings and how many no(s) were included to their overall rating, but it just seems like something a mobile app would do after X amount of time playing and rating the game. It just seems very shitty from a AAA publisher. Just my 2 cents.
Morceforce (12 days ago)
I would like mgs4 to be remade for ps4
Purefoldnz (12 days ago)
The weird thing about the Forza Horizon series is that you feel like a prisoner in your car. You cant walk out and experience the world.
Purefoldnz (12 days ago)
a game with racing in it can still be called a racing game lol. Anyway you're missing the point.
not a fanboy (12 days ago)
thats not a racing game, thats a game with racing in it
Purefoldnz (12 days ago)
Sadly just the GTA series.
not a fanboy (12 days ago)
name a racing game where you can?
Juan Salinas (12 days ago)
I love ashely's face
ReCogniZer (12 days ago)
Yes! Bautista as Bane would be hella great.
Baraz (12 days ago)
Just really really hope Microsoft does not "denature" what makes Obsidian cool.
AnarickTheDevil (12 days ago)
If microsoft buys obsidian they are dead to me.
Daniel Staples (12 days ago)
I didn't know Super Smash Bros Ultimate was out, it seems like all the classic The Know hosts are back
Layden Warner (12 days ago)
If Microsoft gets Obsidian then Xbox is going to get one of the best studios out there. Two games that come to my mind are Fallout: New Vegas and Knights of the Old Republic 2.
rey arteb (12 days ago)
"Microsoft is trying to beef up its 1st party Titles" by buying up IP's and shutting down the companies that actually create games? (the golden age of video gaming has passed.. welcome to the MS monopoly)
Henry the MLG tryhard (12 days ago)
Ps4 being haveing monopoly since ps4 came out
Jarrett R.K. (12 days ago)
3:33 -- a harder version of the LoZ called what? This is why we need subtitles and timestamps.
Dave Gunner (12 days ago)
Big respect for Bautista for not giving in to the PC bull, I would like him to return to finish infinity war part 2 but I hope he jumps ship from guardians 3 to DC.
Dave Gunner (11 days ago)
Lee Jackson yeah true. It's stupid really. Still can't believe they haven't backed down and rehired him
Lee Jackson (11 days ago)
Infinity war and the upcoming avengers 4 were filmed back to back, minus a few reshoots here and there it's already done so he'll be in it. I will say that this whole thing with James Gunn being fired is ridiculous when you consider what comedians still working for Disney have said in the past, Sarah Silverman for a start is unbelievably offensive sometimes!
Jarrett R.K. (12 days ago)
RPG elements aren't what make open world games what they are..
Sebastian Michlieas (12 days ago)
Imagine if nearly all of the Guardians of the Galaxy actors and actresses join Suicide squad 2. That would be kinda funny.
Jacob M (12 days ago)
Nintendo Addict (12 days ago)
Yes! Stardew valley will have multiplayer update. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
greenrobot5 (12 days ago)
When she's the host you don't need timestamps cause you wanna see the whole video seeing her talk ❤
Tom Fuckery (12 days ago)
I only have 27 platinums.....I am sad boy
michael martin (12 days ago)
Telltale games shuts down, and now Netflix is remaking Tall Tale?
RubiksFaQ (12 days ago)
RIP Obsidian, probably going to go the way of Rare
Alexander Gonzalez (12 days ago)
Bautista as Bane would be awesome!
Infinite (12 days ago)
Can you really boast about how many people are playing your game when you're practically giving it away? They did this with everything first party game they released on game pass....
Chris Whiting (11 days ago)
Is that not exactly what Epic has been doing with Fortnight ever since they added battle royale?
postie (12 days ago)
the guy with the record has far too much time on his hands
TJ Thomas (12 days ago)
Stopped promoting your website? PS Please add closed captions.
they took my brain (12 days ago)
Mecks089 (12 days ago)
People don't realize that a majority of people that worked on Fallout New Vegas don't work at Obsidian anymore.
TheWolfMathias (12 days ago)
Go Microsoft! You'll be pumping out them exclusives, in the next couple of years for the next xbox boi! Obsidian will be the 6th studio to be acquired and/or created. Woot woot
Daban Sadiq (12 days ago)
Stardew valley on my phone finally
Lobo Neiner (12 days ago)
While I'm a Sony guy for the most part I hope Microsoft does pump out some good exclusives because competition is good for business and I want a reason to own both consoles.
BlackStorm (11 days ago)
+Grizmark You are crazy of you think Ninja theory wasnt a crazy hype acquisition...
zayn riasat (11 days ago)
+Grizmark what about playground games
Grizmark (12 days ago)
+TheWolfMathias yeah but only 3 are notable like ninja theory and the initiative plus obsidian tbh i felt like the other studios Microsoft bought were just for show but let's hope...
Hoa Thim (12 days ago)
Yeah This generation Xbox had nothing that I would want to buy their System for hopefully next generation they step Their game up
TheWolfMathias (12 days ago)
You'll have that reason very very soon. Xbox has the consumer friendly features. Now onto the soon to be 6 studios pushing out them exclusives
Cr0w _M (12 days ago)
Oh no. I hope they don't buy Obsidian. They are going to ruin their products with shitty micro transactions. Just like how they ruined the popularity of Minecraft.
Sage Pirotess (12 days ago)
Obsidian is tyrany rpg as well.
Richard C (12 days ago)
Ashley are you okay? Looked like you had a sun burn.
Midnight (12 days ago)
Solomon Grundy, Born on a Monday
Kantia (12 days ago)
Me and my gf just reached third year in stardew.. I wish it has cross platform
cooper cody (12 days ago)
For those saying Xbox will destroy them remember that Bioware made it's 2 best games with Xbox(Kotor and Mass Effect). They're not EA or Activision.
Vorpal Blade (12 days ago)
After seeing what Mircosoft did with Platinum Games, whom Microsoft does not own (thankfully), with cancelling the exclusive game Scalebound and what they did to Rareware overall, I'd rather Obsidian not get bought out by Mircosoft.
Cruelwraith2 games (12 days ago)
Microsoft buys obsidian this could be the beginning of some interesting ideas
ArtFreddy1 (12 days ago)
If Forza is the highest rated exclusive game on the Xbox, it says a lot about the Xbox. R.I.P. Obsidian, Microsoft will shut this studio down if they don't produce the right micro transactions game. This news is depressing.

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