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minono (2 days ago)
Just look at what you are wearing!!!! What qualifies you to give people advice, not only about Polo Shirts, but about anything at all. Look, I know I am being hash with you......it's just that you touched a nerve. I can easily delete my comments.....but I won't because it may help some of your readers avoid wasting time and money. I apologize for hurting your feelings, but stay foo the Doobie!
minono (2 days ago)
A Polo Shirt with collar buttons? are you serious? The "buttoned down collar" thing was with Polo shirts was invented to solve a particular problem with the garment worn by Polo Players! I will remind you that Polo was (and still is) referred to as The Game Of Kings! If you are not engaged in a potentially deadly sport performed while riding on the back of an increasingly irritated ungulate that weighs between 1000 - 1200 pounds, you have no need for collar buttons! Today's Polo shirts are merely a fashion statement! FYI, I played the game!
Grant Johnsen (1 month ago)
In my opinion white or a red polo look nice.
Anthony Webster (2 months ago)
Geek squuuuad. How to dress geeky 101. Plain. bland. blahhhhhhh. Don't be afraid of bright colors and large branding. Women loooooove brands. Duh. Just don't buy a polo with colors that are too busy. Solid color coupled with a large brand will get you laid quicker than one of those, "What kinda polo is that?" Ill swoop right in and take your girl.
Ben Arthur (2 months ago)
nini engineering (2 months ago)
Please always unbutton first and second button from top. Only one unbuttoned looks stupid!
Lucky Strike (2 months ago)
I love polo shirts Burberry Fred Perry Hugo Boss
SigmaMan (2 months ago)
Don;t look like a lollipop! Rich!
Reddit ARTC (4 months ago)
you forgot about the length of the shirt.
Wade.B Maharaj (4 months ago)
Lovely video mate 👍 I've been looking for some advice like this 👏👏👏 Thank you & happy holidays 🎄👌💯
THE LEATHER (6 months ago)
Can you tell me how to close it please?
flspeid (8 months ago)
4:11 All Tommy Hilfiger Polo shirts have that. You always have to be correcting the shirt´s collar.
Lil Leslie (9 months ago)
i dont buy a polo unless i see four chest pockets.
sanchibeatbox (10 months ago)
navy blue
tommy li (10 months ago)
3 or 4 button polo shirts look old fashioned
viper (10 months ago)
1. the floppy collar is what defines a polo shirt, button down get outta town..
Amit Ray (11 months ago)
Dark maroon is my colour
Emil Rodriguez (11 months ago)
Great video! I never wore polos as a kid, I always thought they looked sloppy. If you’re heavy set, it’s hard to find one that looks good, or one you’re not constantly self-conscious in. I will say, a Henley collar will probably never be on my bucket list.
DrKno (11 months ago)
Great pointers but missed one: who should never wear a polo shirt.
JeffRage (1 year ago)
I've never seen a polo with a button down collar.
minono (2 days ago)
Thank you!
Solo12313 (1 year ago)
How is a fat guy wear a polo. I'm 16, 5"8 and 90kgs?
garyutopia (1 year ago)
I like the Fred Perry tip-less original one colour M3, it’s black or white. Originally designed for tennis players. Simple, streamlined, lightweighted, nothing extra. Love it.
808 DOWNY (1 year ago)
you have terrible style my friend
Ben Arthur (1 year ago)
thanks for the comment
JJ Potter (1 year ago)
agree, have a few ted baker polo's, they are dope
Rodney Noel (1 year ago)
Ralph Lauren custom fit Polo and Burberry Polo’s are the best on the market.
Ninja Squirrel (1 year ago)
Rodney Noel Fred Perry >>>>>> RL
Dev9172 (1 year ago)
Thanks . I just don't think I can wear one .
moodyguymick (1 year ago)
I prefer either white or grey in a polo. Black or navy also ok.
Mo Abikar (1 year ago)
Ben make more skinny guys fashion tips please
Legend MZ Mike (1 year ago)
Thanks mate I'm having same trouble getting a polo shirt can't find a good fit polo shirt I have broad shoulder and a long reach and all I can find is baggy ones so hard to find slim fit polo shirts but I might just go Burtons London Menswear
Legend MZ Mike (1 year ago)
Ted Baker oh wow now they are good quality and well good fit I don't know if there a Ted Baker shop in Lakeside I'll look around though. NEXT I didn't know that was for guys. Cheers mate I'll have a look
Ben Arthur (1 year ago)
+Michael Howell burton arent bad, ted baker ones fit me very well and next is also quite good
KAC3 (1 year ago)
What do you think of those 'revere collar' shirts
Max Juarez (1 year ago)
What Polo are you wearing?
Lil Leslie (9 months ago)
how much was it ? it looks really good !
Ben Arthur (1 year ago)
+Max Juarez the one in the video is a ted baker one I got from eBay. My favourite is the same style in white but I go invisible against the background!
qarhsi (1 year ago)
nice video! but i am not a fan of the size of your collar, too small for my liking.
K. Ad (1 year ago)
great video, speaks out what I feel about polo shirts but not able to express clearly
Muscular/Fit guy: Henley Bigger guys: Polo shirt
Last Earthbender (1 year ago)
I agree 100% on the no pockets rule. I hate pockets on polos. My chest is small so the pocket doesn't lay flat, it just goes to the side and it just looks so bad! I'm screwed if I search for a polo with a collar like that though. In all of my 27 years, I've never seen a shop carrying polos like that where I live. Too bad. And I'm scared to buy clothes online without trying them on. I go for navy polos usually. Or any shade of blue. The black.
Daniel Holland (1 year ago)
Mark Britton (1 year ago)
Tip 2 is fine but the more you wear it, the elastic in the sleeve cuff stretches so ends up loose. Normally doesn't go back once stretched
Haris Vasilakis (1 year ago)
I really like burgendy for my polo shirts but almost always opt for the Henley as a muscular guy.
siddhant sharma (1 year ago)
ben nice one man! what about style? tuck in or out? I am 5'6 63 kgs
The Senate (1 year ago)
Best colors for polos red,pink,purple in my opinion
The Senate (1 year ago)
Well damn all my polos have two buttons
chuck97ful (1 year ago)
I still feel polos make you look old/older lol
The Senate (1 year ago)
Thats yust stupid
Style Your Life (1 year ago)
Get that vote card in place mate. I love the looks of a white polo shirt but learned out of personal experience that finding a good quality white polo that is not see true is quite hard. I like the darker tones as well, black, dark blue
Yurk Munoz (1 year ago)
any good brands that fit skinny people in the England that is the usa store also. btw do u think these stores like h&m, Zara, j.crew, gap or banana​ republic are good for skinny people. P.S love ur videos
ravneetarora (1 year ago)
You're doing good. I'd like to point out that you should have shown your polo by standing a bit farther from the camera atleast once. And recommend some links to buy them also. Will help you get more revenue and also help people see your fit visually and buy products easily.
minono (2 days ago)
If you buy any nonsensical product this guy recommends, you have only yourself to blame. As I said before, the id10t is referring to things way back in India where the sport was first played! Today, we have awesome saddles, great helmets and the fastest and most durable horses in the game! No authentic Polo Sports uniform comes with collar buttons!
Ali El Kirat (1 year ago)
Hello mate, a very informative video thanks for your hard work, I do like polo shirts especially gray and white ones but I find it hard to find a good fitting one especially in the arms, do you have any stores to recommend to have one as good as the one you are wearing ?
suvendu choudhury (1 year ago)
my arms are toothpick thin, I don't think polo will ever look good on me?
Ninja Squirrel (11 months ago)
qazzy there are exercises, you need to find a good physio, thats the hard part. Maybe athleanX (youtu.be) has some videos to help
qazzy (11 months ago)
what if you have a pinch nerve that radiates to your arms and just never heals.
Jonboy I (1 year ago)
Long sleeve polos ?
Ninja Squirrel (1 year ago)
suvendu choudhury try and eat sufficiently + healthy food, do pushups, squats, chinups, dorsal raises, leg raises etc. All bodyweight exercises
Miguel Isidro (1 year ago)
suvendu choudhury go to the gym. Seriously. I used to be toothpick skinny but I lifted and now I’m what you can say “muscular lean” and polo shirts fit great now.
Mohd Yusuf (1 year ago)
Black and white are the true colors of a polo. Thumbs up for video buddy..!!
kabir bhatti (1 year ago)
Through out the video I wanna see his T shirt but don't know why he always stands too close to the camera 😩
Ben Arthur (1 year ago)
+kabir bhatti if I stand further away the audio becomes comprimised unfortunately
Noki Barde (1 year ago)
I dont know why I still like alpha m?
I unsubscribed to alpha m. and subscribed to this channel. Check out Gentleman's Gazette for a more detailed info regarding men's fashion.
Ben Arthur (1 year ago)
+Noki Barde I dont either haha
pranavv gautamm (1 year ago)
This guy is gonna reach the stars one day.
minono (2 days ago)
.....Maybe the stars coming out of his ass! He knows nothing about his major statement that anyone can not pull up in Wikipedia!
Ben Arthur (1 year ago)
+pranavv gautamm thanks bro
James (1 year ago)
I usually wear black or white polos
Cody Garth (1 year ago)
The only colour of polo i don't wear is like bright green.
Pico (1 year ago)
Those bad example photos are classic. I laughed 🤣
Ben Arthur (1 year ago)
+Pico haha my favourite bit of video editing is finding terrible style images
Finesse Kid (1 year ago)
Finesse Kid (1 year ago)
EveryMan come on man. it was my first time. i never spam first. i just happened to be first and felt like typing it
Ben Arthur (1 year ago)
+But That's None Of My Business congrats you have just won infinite money!
Loro sono umano (1 year ago)

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