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Skydiving Without Parachute - Antti Pendikainen

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Skydiving Without Parachute - Antti Pendikainen Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/1lffPl4 Follow us: https://www.facebook.com/anttipendikainenofficial/?fref=ts https://www.instagram.com/anttipendikainen https://www.facebook.com/laapromedia https://www.instagram.com/lauriaapro Video by: www.lauriaapro.com Catcher: Matti Miilumäki Cameras: Mauri Väistö Matti Miilumäki Marek Skowron Visa Parviainen Lauri Aapro
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Text Comments (29567)
Colorado Forever (1 hour ago)
Are you Grazy ?
Jyotishmoy Sonowal (2 hours ago)
Mad guy
Levar Williams (2 hours ago)
Whew! That's amazing dam😃❤
DiceyDie (2 hours ago)
Why would you throw your expensive parachute off though 😩
DiceyDie (2 hours ago)
Finland for the fucking win! 🤟🏼 Adrenaline junkies FTW!!
Stjepan Bastic (2 hours ago)
Stupid and dangerous.
Stampylong nose (2 hours ago)
Next can you try it with a parachute from the 1 dollar store
126cardinal (3 hours ago)
Balls of steel
BlackBird 1411 (3 hours ago)
Epic bro
i i (3 hours ago)
Lavender Ocean (4 hours ago)
that's mess up, what a waste, children in Africa could've eaten that parachute
kevlar s (4 hours ago)
Ibn Air (4 hours ago)
Good job.
Moji Berwal (5 hours ago)
Marklu Mach na
Shaun Shaun (6 hours ago)
Skydives without a parachute--dies the following week by choking to death on a gummy bear
Ryon Atkinson (7 hours ago)
His fly is undone
its your time (7 hours ago)
Imagine no one was catching him
Kotte Animation (8 hours ago)
*Maximum speed : 233km/h confirmed*
Kotte Animation (8 hours ago)
I expected huge trampoline or airbags things is on the ground lol
Random Gamer 16 (3 hours ago)
Alex Hernandez right
Alex Hernandez (4 hours ago)
He would go right through lmao
Nikunj (10 hours ago)
Amazing stunt.. this guy is crazy
Little Eggs (10 hours ago)
Click bate..what a morron
Where is a plane
Sahil Alam (11 hours ago)
bungie jumping to parachute jumping : Master Teach Me
Hendra Saputra (11 hours ago)
Subin Pailk (11 hours ago)
you are such a brave man.. that's called wild adventure. Cheers man. Greeting from Nepal
Yutaka (11 hours ago)
Keanu (12 hours ago)
Who threw that parachute bag your mom's a ...
An example of natural selection failing
MrRandomTV1000 (13 hours ago)
Now try to do it without a parachute and free fall into a diving plane and pull up on the control before it crashes (aka 007 bond) 😂😂😂😂😂
timotius (13 hours ago)
What happen when your friends failed to catch you.................. (such a terrible idea) 😟😟
Kerimcan Balkan (13 hours ago)
manyak orospu çocuğu
16 GAU (13 hours ago)
Dylan Zam (14 hours ago)
So just fuck it. Wise sentence of the day
ALPHA IC1 (14 hours ago)
Easy when you got your pals with parachutes with you bitch
vilaolindao (14 hours ago)
Caralho, esse é muito doido
gajjala rahulreddy (15 hours ago)
Is this real or fake?
David King (15 hours ago)
Crazy. One day _____________
ESL_FineArts (15 hours ago)
Faaakkkkk.....!!!! Cari mati.....!!!! 😂😂😂😂
ryan asnan (16 hours ago)
Its awesome for me.
danny & joy Davis (16 hours ago)
Ultralagger R.E.V (17 hours ago)
Song name???
Spiderman At Batman (17 hours ago)
Not good you ask help, or the title is wrong
Dillon Alexander (18 hours ago)
Infared ToXic (18 hours ago)
Fucking Russians
Ryanku NS (18 hours ago)
The moral of this video is . . Friends make you life
Alfie Velasco (19 hours ago)
thats the reason why my grandfather died when he walk outside but suddenly the bag hit his head that parachute bag so sad😥
Pacific Philippi (19 hours ago)
Wow. great stuff bro no fear.
No Reason Channel (20 hours ago)
This nigga gives trusting others, a whole new meaning
prathik kumar (21 hours ago)
Hatsoff man.... Really a grand salute to ur risk
Lionel Kirbyshire (21 hours ago)
Joejoe 77 (23 hours ago)
Anjana Senevirathna (1 day ago)
Bro if u don’t want the parachute don’t throw it away, give it to me 😂
open up eyes (1 day ago)
Good job but why did you took off your shirt.😂🐐
Server Error (1 day ago)
Brave balls
JAGUAR GT (1 day ago)
He is so happy because they save him
Ananya Ananya (1 day ago)
I want to do it like leap of faith
Ashwath Ner (1 day ago)
This guys mad bro
RaiseUrFistDerp (1 day ago)
you ruined some poor farmer's crop dickhead
The RadRodeo (1 day ago)
No Channel (1 day ago)
Only this video they got 31M viewer😂
Progressive (1 day ago)
In my to do list.
These are one of few stuff you can do where you could never learn from your mistakes.
jessegaronband (1 day ago)
MR MILFMANZ (1 day ago)
This what white guys do when their wives leave them for a black man
White Flower (1 day ago)
i wish he die. then he will get more views.
Puck Fotato (1 day ago)
Hmm...I will try this atleast Once
Rei Laughface (1 day ago)
that is one reason people die young!!!!!!!
Theobmark Phanith (1 day ago)
I don’t need a parachute, 10 second later still need parachute 😂😂😂😂
Sana Qumar (1 day ago)
What a guds man salute you sir
Akash Rabha (1 day ago)
Thats totally insane bro
Ben Job (1 day ago)
Lame, i saw someone jumped of a building without parachute and friends. He died.
AZ Flash (1 day ago)
Cemet kui wong
monowar hossain (1 day ago)
My Grandfather died. He was hit on the head by a t-shirt.... 😕😐
monowar hossain (44 minutes ago)
+Sandeep Singal hmm Bro You too...... 🙂
Sandeep Singal (3 hours ago)
Omg rip he was brave..
carring tow (16 hours ago)
Madyson Hancock (1 day ago)
Now your probably thinking..... don’t do it
NoRaf Plays (1 day ago)
Your friend helps lol, clickbait
Aaron Frampton (1 day ago)
Matthew Swartz (1 day ago)
I’m surprised he didn’t fall faster with balls that huge
Voda tous (2 days ago)
The Luckiest crazy human
J B (2 days ago)
Parachutes are overrated..imo.
Trywest Gaming (2 days ago)
Borderline Insanity...
That called Sharing the parasute
DoucheBag Show (2 days ago)
Gets shot by farmer for trespassing.. He will be missed
PUBG MANIA (2 days ago)
What should I call it a clickbait 😌😌😌😔???
Captain Thunderbuns (2 days ago)
Bravest thing he did in this video was wearing white pants!!
Vladumir Phillips (2 days ago)
Not fucking me.
Toto Plays (2 days ago)
1:46 "HUUTAKAA" lmao It means "SCREAM" For finnish people
Suprith Banakar (2 days ago)
He is dare to jump without parachute. But he is not dare to land on Earth without parachute 😂😂😂😂👍👍
mdnor matnor (2 days ago)
when the men's don't have his Ball
Rodrigo Piovesana (2 days ago)
CHIN PATRICK (2 days ago)
Your friend died?
Blue Sky (2 days ago)
not cool!!!!!
Lanzero Kun (2 days ago)
am i the only one who recognizes that his zipper is open ;-;
Nandhu R Chandran (2 days ago)
Better luck next time 😆😆😆
Jayden Nolan (2 days ago)
He is so crazy should I do it
Gabriel Land (2 days ago)
If that parachute he tossed landed directly on someone's head I'd guess they could die.
kelvin Justice (2 days ago)
Don't try this at home plsssss...he is an expert and could only stay in a certain altitude before they grab him....if not he would testify on the other side....
josh jordan (2 days ago)
Big balls Shit

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