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Skydiving Without Parachute - Antti Pendikainen

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Skydiving Without Parachute - Antti Pendikainen Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/1lffPl4 Follow us: https://www.facebook.com/anttipendikainenofficial/?fref=ts https://www.instagram.com/anttipendikainen https://www.facebook.com/laapromedia https://www.instagram.com/lauriaapro Video by: www.lauriaapro.com Catcher: Matti Miilumäki Cameras: Mauri Väistö Matti Miilumäki Marek Skowron Visa Parviainen Lauri Aapro
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Text Comments (33509)
4k tester (14 minutes ago)
His son must be proud of him
BAAP gamer (1 hour ago)
Hit like if u thought about PUBG🤔🤔😎😎👍👍
Ben (1 hour ago)
If u have real balls next time do it without any help 👍
Tom Knight (1 hour ago)
Look everyone, is it a bird, is it a plane, no it just a stupid asshat
Borring! He knew that he was gonna be catched by the outhers. Not that dangerous. I hope he didn’t get famous for that joke.
eswar jai (2 hours ago)
dhana narasimha varma (4 hours ago)
Wow the dislikers are gone mad
SMILEY PH (4 hours ago)
This reminds me of Kingsman 👑
Romeo Roedikie (5 hours ago)
faisyal muhamad Soleh (6 hours ago)
No ear plug no shirt. Haha im just curious how u can make it.
Mrunal Dhole (7 hours ago)
Sa Aadhath Entrprnr (7 hours ago)
It's crazy man.. hooooo!!!
Ashish Rana (8 hours ago)
Did you get your parachute?
Demolition playa (8 hours ago)
Now throw parachute, jump, catch parachute and use it. No friends. Just skill. If you do it, you will be next Xxx (Zander Cage) maybe stunt double for vin diesel 😂
Devrim Dev (9 hours ago)
How domb can yo be🤣🤣
Goutham Singh Chauhan (13 hours ago)
Crazy shit man he got something
Edziel Lord Jocson (13 hours ago)
It's was cool yeah but you just lucky to be alive bro next time you do that again i think you not gonna 😱😱😱🤕😔
chris lester (13 hours ago)
0:26 man gets hit by falling parachute
rendra lukmana (17 hours ago)
Flat earth
Shyam marvel (17 hours ago)
Crezy guys are always awesome
Jesse Davenport (17 hours ago)
Man if that parachute landed in my backyard I’ll be taking it and do a free fall, lol.
Salomo Purba (18 hours ago)
Fucking dope!!
Zachary Klausner (2025) (19 hours ago)
Anyone else thinking bout how the and y the hell they left the balloon with out anyone in it . Like u basically just jumped out of a expensive hot air balloon to let it just fly off and crash
Gill Mei (19 hours ago)
I thought there would be water at the bottom but nope
Bojan Kalfic (19 hours ago)
I got jams (19 hours ago)
The view tho
scott warwick (20 hours ago)
jbyeats (20 hours ago)
I'd say he is Finnish .
JM Ochavez (22 hours ago)
Can we make this video the most dislike video? Just kidding
*casual day in Russia*
devansh pavdighada (23 hours ago)
When you take kingsmen too seriously....
TAY1OR1437 (1 day ago)
When you and your 3 friends gonna parachute but they only have 3 parachutes
All About DC (1 day ago)
imagine if this video was demonitized
Steel eggs mazafaka
Tarique Yazdani (1 day ago)
I know that's crazy jumping without parachute but it's a matter of time that you won't find parachutes everytime in the air. You risked your life. You did it. But not everytime. Try other safe methods to get views on YouTube.
Rony Meena (1 day ago)
This is insane crazy ...😱😱😱😱
now try... Skydiving Without Parachute Alone
baba engineer (1 day ago)
Don't fool us...you did with 2 trained stunt professionals and 2 parachutes
Jaren Montaos (1 day ago)
His balls are larger than the Sun
VK Adinepse (1 day ago)
Skydiving without parachute and company is better.
Prince Gaming (1 day ago)
U mm... Wrong Way To Play PUBG Bro...
Abhinav Shaw (1 day ago)
Imagine the adrenaline rush
Jessie Pinkman (1 day ago)
Life Goals Be like . ! Im mean the one Who saves the guy in Parachute.
kayy mm (1 day ago)
Well ofcourse he is a Russian
Arjay Bilolo (1 day ago)
Now do it with your enemy.
Gym Clown (1 day ago)
YouTube allows suicide vids now I don’t have to go onto best gore anymore
ShaoYing Low (1 day ago)
Felt cheated by the title. Was waiting to see him land on his own without any help.
Omar Berro (1 day ago)
I woulda try this but unfortunately I don’t have friends to trust lol
Man U just came out of a comic book...Is this try worth ur life?? Think about it and value ur life before u attempt something like this in future. Our life is the most precious and gifted. Respect it and value it. All the best.
Rotimi Abayomi (1 day ago)
Meanwhile he pair with the cameraman's parachute
Brian Johnson (1 day ago)
... Also known as attempted suicide
Allday TV (1 day ago)
slenderman slender (1 day ago)
i can only see flat earth
Exotic Gaming (1 day ago)
0:26 who else had a sudden bad feeling in their gut
eggnog for wendys (1 day ago)
julio1c1saga (1 day ago)
That is trusting your life to a friend. I hope they had a gps on that lost parachute. Those guys are crazy...and cool.
HARSHIT SINGH (2 days ago)
I am more concerned about him throwing his costly bag of parachute 😫😫 I wish it lands on my terrace!!
Awer Metal (2 days ago)
Anything for views... fucking asshole
Ngane Khusoh (2 days ago)
Truly truly a brave men👏👏👍
Lmao, I mean the title is "Skydiving without parachute" says nothing about landing without one. Cool, that's all you though. I'll keep my feet on the ground.
Rayan Lee (2 days ago)
Awesome but risking life is stupidity
yuc0n (2 days ago)
Everyone is going crazy, am I the only one who saw Pastrana do this in a way more impressive fashion?
Kempy Bass (2 days ago)
What if the parachute he threw hit somebody
Kempy Bass (2 days ago)
What if the parachute he threw hit somebody
SUJEET. BOXER Zone (2 days ago)
What the fuck is that
Suchandra Dey (2 days ago)
Grisling (2 days ago)
Paul Alfonso (2 days ago)
fucking niko bellic
Shubham Yadav (2 days ago)
Hats off man what a courage dude wow just wow
ArminChanic (2 days ago)
First Last (2 days ago)
Dumb ass
pardeep singh bajwa (2 days ago)
Am i the only ome thinking about the parachute he thrown out
Paradev Paradev (2 days ago)
This guy has got guts .. salute to u brother .. my respect .. please take care of urself
Tjoa Kian Kok (2 days ago)
... Speechless. You got balls the size of spearm whale... Unfortunately it is matched with brains the size of beans. Still, I admire your courage.
Zul Majdi (2 days ago)
Damn crazy epic dude
GV Cupcake (2 days ago)
Like teh say, plez donth try to kill yerself
Synapse (2 days ago)
Crazy Russians
mick3y mast9rs (2 days ago)
This is the dumbest thing ever.. He still came down with a chute..
TaizGambino (2 days ago)
i got hit by a parachute now im sueing you modasuckas😂😂💸💸💸💸💸💸
I Am ABHI Sharma (2 days ago)
Noah Lum (2 days ago)
Jordan Wallace (2 days ago)
There are safer ways to get views man
Korloth1 (2 days ago)
0:27 Fuck now i understand why a backpack landed on my face last day
Flavio G (2 days ago)
YES there are safer ways to get views, but I bet he jumped with parachute at least 100 times and he wanted to do it, so... let him be.
Dan Muscarella (2 days ago)
That right there is the definition of TRUST!!!
Maverichk Cayabyab (2 days ago)
Javier Gutierrez (2 days ago)
Is he from Russia 😂
HJ (2 days ago)
Javier Gutierrez no
Konke Mthembu (2 days ago)
“ it was cool “
steve Shriber (2 days ago)
Oh yeah next time you can jump in to a pit of snakes Bro there’s more safe ways to get views
They kinda found a loophole with the title I mean it’s not click bait he didn’t have a parachute it was the other guys parachute that helped
Shape - (2 days ago)
He said one day you'll live this world behind,so live a life you will remember♫♪
Ibrahim Farrukh (2 days ago)
0:26 so just... F### IT! 😂😂😂 That made my day
siuoL-noeL (3 days ago)
This guy
PURNA TALUKDAR (3 days ago)
It feel safocation with perasuit for the first time but this guy seriously
Dan (3 days ago)
Himithor (3 days ago)
This dude better be glad that the guy who caught hold of him wasn't in love with his girlfriend! Ijs
Himithor (3 days ago)
the man called ELLY (3 days ago)
this video is fake because if this guy had such big balls to do such thing, the other skydivers (with parachutes) would NOT be able to catch him. Simple physics.
sunny (3 days ago)
Now do....one men show...
Gavin Hol (3 days ago)
What about jumping with a parachute

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