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6 Unbelievable Ways Drones Can Save Lives

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Have you ever heard of a drone that drops bombs to save lives?.......... Links & Sources UAE Drones For Good Award https://www.dronesforgood.ae/ Ambulance Drone http://www.alecmomont.com/projects/dronesforgood/ http://goo.gl/7HD9Xq Zipline http://flyzipline.com/product/ Project Wing https://www.solveforx.com/wing/ Navig8 http://www.4frontrobotics.com/ Kwago https://www.dronesforgood.ae/finals/project-kwago Altura Zenith http://www.aerialtronics.com/altura-zenith-engels/altura-zenith/ Mountain Drones http://www.mountaindrones.net/#!services/cee5 Imitec http://www.imitec.co.uk/ PARS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgC2cKtSaEI Ryptide https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/flying-robots/project-ryptide-a-life-saving-drone-accessory/description Little Ripper https://www.westpac.com.au/about-westpac/media/media-releases/2016/29-february https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWSL7LNqWso ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CREDITS SCRIPT Wade Hutson - [email protected] NARRATOR Ty Rushing - https://goo.gl/hxJ2Dk VIDEO EDITOR Robert Jackton
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Text Comments (195)
R (7 days ago)
Don't forget drones help smuggle contraband to Prisons as well😉
Alberto Roca Vanaclocha (3 months ago)
Check out at: www.generaldrones.net
Granny (3 months ago)
I like zip the most
JD en Rinemaré (7 months ago)
Divya Ashish (8 months ago)
my friend hates drones Im just waiting for a drone to save his life
XD POTATO (1 year ago)
the little ripper was like the best
Mark McPanda (1 year ago)
Love this!!
subscribe to Gopakumar cat mlg and like to
Callum Dealey (1 year ago)
I want to fight
Callum Dealey (1 year ago)
Callum Dealey (1 year ago)
GRAdvisers (1 year ago)
One of the rare occasions that I've heard that drones are not being used for sinister missions. It's either dropping off bombs, or carrying out reconnaissance missions here or there, etc. Now, they are being used as a force for delivering real goods. This makes my day. Thanks for sharing!
Jing Wen Li (1 year ago)
holy s**t SO COOl
im from philipines :)
Phil Andrawis (2 years ago)
how do you get past the federal regulation of not to drop anything in flight that was implemented by people who only see the bad side of things --- and pass laws without thinking making it a retard for good use and good intention ---- their worries About drug trafficking and dropping explosives - over exceeds the life-saving potentials that are there ---- /////////////????? back to limbo limbo
B Alker (2 years ago)
David Perry (2 years ago)
I want to invent a drone that gives people safe rides home when drunk at a bar
Brandon Wiebe (1 year ago)
David Perry there is actually something similar on the market already. It’s a “flying car taxi service”
Rafe (1 year ago)
go ahead, try your best, you can do anything you believe in
David Perry (2 years ago)
It will be called a Quadrotaxi. Quadro meaning quadrocopter and taxi meaning taxi cab.
Fabrizio Sommaruga (2 years ago)
L'unico uomo al mondo con il cuore a destra............... mah........
Joe H.S (2 years ago)
This is what people should focus on about the potential of milti rotors. There a platform basically. You can use them for anything really. Good or bad. Hopefully you pick good. If you pick bad, you should be punished and not the technology itself.
ignafiltro (2 years ago)
Meanwhile some idiots put a chainsaw on an hexacopter.
ignafiltro (2 years ago)
And not for trimming tree tops...
Pikachu_Dreemurr (2 years ago)
Rick Jorna (2 years ago)
I want a Little Ripper
kerimalp karahan (2 years ago)
Avery one has to admit google makes everything and has a right to be known more then apple
Dean Jagger (2 years ago)
Very Handy
NegativeJayK LootyNive (2 years ago)
Please add gun to shark spotting drones
Wichal Rangai (2 years ago)
DJ Chesley (2 years ago)
Check out some of our epic drone videos! 😎🎥🚁
Did3D (2 years ago)
dji naza gps on each drone !!
DJ Chesley (2 years ago)
Diodo Paul Check out some of our epic drone videos! 😎🎥🚁
Trilok Tuladhar (2 years ago)
poop 💩
Mason Photography (2 years ago)
the quango is just the dji m-100
7thetruthwillfreeyou7 (2 years ago)
I want to be the pilot
Laugh Outloud (2 years ago)
Awesome! I want to be apart of this drone phenomenon.
Braders57 (2 years ago)
And Now I Wonder Why People Are Trying To Ban Drones...
devilsxans (2 years ago)
Well what's messed up is that the government are going to be banning drones so now we can't use them for purposes.
MoistGoat (2 years ago)
Terminator doesn't seem so far fetch anymore...
annie h (2 years ago)
Any problems with cold or freezing during winter minus temperatures?
saeeb hamad (2 years ago)
Metrover HD (2 years ago)
I got an idea Instead of using difficult Moving keys for drones Why not use an maybe Ps4 controller OR make it and i dont know lets se an axemple DJCT's D-Controller2003 I dont know but its much easy'er if i should say. Hvae you played Gta5 or plane Flying games? Well if youre good at it then you might also be good at Drone flying just with an controller like those who Playstaion 4 Makes Its just an idea
Dayz fire (2 years ago)
I read tittle it says it saves lifes and the first thing i see i a explosion
The the firts drone was awsome
Stubbla (2 years ago)
what if the parachute lands in a tree? or a power line?
Khmer Love (2 years ago)
អឹុម រ៉ាយា៉
Marwan Mohamed (2 years ago)
That's how I feed my eel
Anton Larsson (2 years ago)
Some pepole don't like drones but maybe one day they'll get saved by one.
Mister Multirotor (2 years ago)
Ya know, so many people say quadcopters are dangerous and should be illegal. I can't wait until this comes to light.
DJ Chesley (2 years ago)
Mister Multirotor Check out some of our epic drone videos! 😎🎥🚁
Hmm No (2 years ago)
kose2ik (2 years ago)
radioaktive pace electronic not work good allways ( read Chernobyl and Fukushima storys )
Nathan Lawsin (2 years ago)
Tagalog not phillipine
Osmium gaming XD (2 years ago)
What's the name of the music .
neville w (2 years ago)
These drones are brilliant and with all things some one will always find a way to miss use them, however this should not stop these lifesavers from being made and used. the beach life saving drones would be very useful in summer when the beaches are really busy, some busier than lifeguards can cope with. The medical drones would very good for high traffic suburban areas as well as areas hit by disaster.
HN A (2 years ago)
Proud filipino
govind singh (2 years ago)
this might be very useful in areas where by road commute is very difficults.....
Skinny Black (2 years ago)
Drones fr good
Nyanko Nekomi (2 years ago)
It's so awesome!
Alan Z. (2 years ago)
Are you kidding me, KWAGO is using the DJI Matrice 100.
Jonathan Skirton (2 years ago)
great video! :-)
ThatsMyRc (2 years ago)
Insaine awesome! All in just a few short years and look were the drone is today!
Jonathan Ojeil (2 years ago)
Hans Pierre (2 years ago)
This was pretty cool. The music was good too
WEIRD Mankind (2 years ago)
how to root Samsung j5
Team Bluehawks FPV (2 years ago)
So all grand-pa´s safed :-)
GT CozeirBunion395 (2 years ago)
If their saving lives than how did a guy get cut by one from its blade put a ring round those blades do
Vishnu Nair (2 years ago)
WakeMe UpInside (2 years ago)
A drone spit out wind to me from my iPad
Hanul Chung (2 years ago)
cool app
Wolf (2 years ago)
joe rogan is that you? :)) cool future ahead of us
dragon man L7 (2 years ago)
NochSoEinKaddiFan (2 years ago)
I think most of these projects are made for a good cause and some a re technologically very impressive. Who else realised the potential of total surveillance and suppression in every single one of the drones? It is super scary
French Raptor (2 years ago)
these people think about humans I love it
pager1611 (2 years ago)
To reach every point in an area with a diameter of 12km within a minute means having an average speed of 360 km/h. Pretty fast.
The Kwago was just a DJI Matrice 100.
Earnest Dillard II (2 years ago)
That's very cool and use full!
Skylar Sims (2 years ago)
8:40 However they don't take into consideration how long it takes to ready the "drone" for it to turn on and find GPS and everything. If they include that time then the lifeguard beats it by a lot
drcuffe (2 years ago)
+Sky Studio in science museum in UK there is a quad with modified paintball gun, shoots seeds into remote locations where they want trees to grown
drcuffe (2 years ago)
+Sky Studio it will be like trickle chargers for motorbikes or robot hoovers etc. Techs already here. It would be keeping battery perfect & gps correct. Lifeguard hits button as they swim there drone has dropped floats, save lifeguards lives as well
Skylar Sims (2 years ago)
Seems kinda sketchy... you couldn't have the "drone" plugged in with the battery obviously, but maybe plugged in all the time to a wall outlet or something. Lets just say this idea is for the future :)
drcuffe (2 years ago)
They could have them plugged in on standby with gps locked, on just be flown so doesn't need gps lock straight away
Vishnu Nair (2 years ago)
Spencer Murray (2 years ago)
+Wallez 37 You're ☆
pepe 37 (2 years ago)
+beffybio gaminYT ur stupid 😂
beffybio gaminYT (2 years ago)
Name of the Rose (2 years ago)
how about underwater drones? They could get in the way of sharks until the swimmer could get to safety
Nice Drone Videos (2 years ago)
Nice video man! How did you fix the audio? Google speak or WHAT, because iT is a Nice voice that Speaks hahahaha. Thanks
LightningShock (2 years ago)
Drones are technically forbidden in Romania unless you have a pass that doesn't exist
Solar Prophet (1 year ago)
That's how the US government originally 'banned' automatic weapons. They started requiring that purchasers apply for a special permit, then simply sat on the paperwork indefinitely. Of course, this did and does nothing to stop criminals from buying the guns anyway, but...
Cinnamon Cow (2 years ago)
i did not know that🤔
In norway to!
Short Videos (2 years ago)
John Wright (2 years ago)
Did the lifeguard drone crash in the race ?
Grey John (2 years ago)
kwago is just a dji matrice 100 with the a fiew payload options added which you can buy from them and they have the thermal camera out to so anybody with money can do that just saying
I Like Cinnamon Buns (2 years ago)
That was awesome !!!!!!
Filip Z (2 years ago)
Gratz, video spoiled in 20 seconds
z2u (2 years ago)
ok you toned down the guys a bit - now tone down the silly music
FPVREVIEWS (2 years ago)
There is a heck of lot more than 6 ways. nice video though!
Batteryboy76 (2 years ago)
These should all have solar panels
Dragon Gamer (2 years ago)
Kwago means owl ibigsabihin tagalog sa owl ay kwago
Gurra Gaming (2 years ago)
The first drone is from sweden i think becouse in the trailer they called 112 wich is the swedish emergency call and the drone looks like swedish ambulances + this is the 100nd comment :)
Juin Alcones (2 years ago)
Yas !!! finally the philippines build a cool drone i live in philippines.
You're allright, it's just that your comment section is filled with little children typing "I'm early" and such bullshit
Daan Lageschaar (2 years ago)
Netherlands!! :p
great job
Kári F Kane (2 years ago)
Thanks for killing my time ☺️
Zibz (2 years ago)
it is 9 at night and I took a sleppingin tablet and I feel drunk / high and I can c stuff
Frisno Bostrom (2 years ago)
360 kmh with a drone? Carrying a med-kit!
Title is a bit off... 6 ways drones can save lives would be more appropriate as there is nothing unbelievable about these.
Mahesh tata (2 years ago)
UAS DRONE (2 years ago)
Nice video thanks
Claver Chengula (2 years ago)
yeah. good idea
Lj Delgaco (2 years ago)
at last my country philippines have good drone.
Flux HD (2 years ago)
He's Finally stopped with that over hyped voice. i make invention videos, check me out if you have time
1Name (2 years ago)
the hoo-dini drone

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