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Joe Bonamassa - If Six Was Nine & Spanish Castle Magic Live 2003

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Colorado Springs, CO
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Samuel Greter (16 days ago)
Bonamqssa ist gut, aber noch lange kein Jimi Hendrix !!!
Paul Freeman (2 months ago)
ann (2 months ago)
Bonomassa is a show off. Think I'll watch Jimi doin' it at Isle of Wight.
M Roach (4 months ago)
too dry. too clean. self-indulgent at the expense of the song. needs more slop, more funk.
Brian Rick (5 months ago)
Joe knocking it right out
Carlos Gonzalez (8 months ago)
No one can replicate Hendrix
joe22589 (8 months ago)
Sorry, but the bass is totally crap. Play bass, man and keep your battery of footswitches at home. Awful
Robert Cubinelli (9 months ago)
Ty Joe for this huge cover....man oh man, you got It bro !!!!! Keep on man !!
BMIGuitarist (1 year ago)
Joe is a monster guitarist but Eric Johnson riffs in this tune were different, lol.
rob farnsworth (1 year ago)
I am old. I think I will give this a C. I`ve heard him sing way better. The bass was wrong. Sorry. Too much effects and in the wrong place on the neck. Oh , yes you are all great musicians..........
Odi et Amo The Essene (1 year ago)
Good effort.
Ruby Dooby (1 year ago)
hey whos on bass?
Martin Bohl (5 months ago)
Eric Czar
Matt Roggenkamp (1 year ago)
Eric on Bass?
Rufus T Firefly (2 years ago)
Lord is this horrible! Totally missed Jimi's feel!
Justin Gillen (11 months ago)
Do you want to hear the same exact song or hear a cover?
Storyboard Dave (1 year ago)
Then you should listen to Shawn Lane Play Hendrix. Your welcome!
Mitch Farkas (1 year ago)
He's Joe Bonamassa.  Of course he's going to miss Jimi's feel.  Everybody misses Jimi's feel.  Nobody has it.
Beel Fortuenti (2 years ago)
nice. but he omitted the part about the white-collar conservatives pointing their plastic fingers and Jimi's insistence on waving his freak-flag high.
AspergerL (1 year ago)
I wonder why? ^^
ryan barclay (1 year ago)
Thats because 99% of Joe's fans are white collar conservatives
instrumentenfreak (2 years ago)
This was the best band he ever had...
Rockinbluesron (3 years ago)
Strat Love! Oh My, I miss those days. Lotta Festivals and Free Shows, Special Guest's Opener.
Bob Casamajor (5 years ago)
You gotta love these old vids of Joe when he had Eric lighting up the bass line!
Thank you from Sweden
Bonaholic1 (6 years ago)
Dan L (6 years ago)
Pure Awesome!

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