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Spanish Castle Magic/Jimi Hendrix Guitar Lesson by Emerson Swinford

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This free video lesson shows you how to accurately play the solo from Spanish Castle Magic by Jimi Hendrix. Taught by Emerson Swinford, session guitarist and touring guitarist for Sir Rod Stewart. Please subscribe to my youtube channel. Also see. http://www.emersonswinford.com I'm using a 1969 Fender Stratocaster, Jim Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face, and Germino Amplification Classic 45 through Celestion Greenback 25's. Amp settings Pres 6, Bass 0, Mids 7, Treb 6, Vol 4 input 1. Fuzz Face Vol 10 O'clock and Fuzz full up. (PLEASE NOTE the audio you are hearing during the lesson segments is from the iPhone camera, the audio during the intro solo (00:10) and the last full run throughs (13:10, 14:00) of the entire solo is from the mic-ed 4x12 cabinet recorded through pro tools…if you care.) This is a free guitar lesson. Hope you enjoy it, Thanks!
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CERRITO (1 month ago)
Is the Amplification classic 45 just like the JTM45? Very nice playing and sound!
CERRITO (1 month ago)
Emerson Swinford thank you!
Emerson Swinford (1 month ago)
CERRITO contact Greg Germino via the website. He’s great. I’d think the V30s would be perfect. https://www.germinoamplification.com/
CERRITO (1 month ago)
Emerson Swinford that’s sounds damn good. How do I order one of these? I have a cabinet on the way 2 x12 vintage 30s in it and hopefully the JTM45 will sound great through it... any thoughts on speakers?
Emerson Swinford (1 month ago)
Thanks. Yes it’s made by Greg Germino and is a hand wired JTM45. Here’s how it sounds clean, straight in. https://youtu.be/cwlpEVeHKME
tony cochlin (3 months ago)
hi great lesson could you do remember by jimi please
Emerson Swinford (1 month ago)
tony cochlin sure I will when I get time
Michael Coudriet (1 year ago)
Nice video Emerson. Excellent tone and touch. What years are the speakers and the cabinet?
Michael Coudriet (11 months ago)
I have a Germino 2x12 cabinet. Perhaps I will start out by swapping those 2 speakers out with PreRolas. YOu have a great tone for the Hendrix stuff. Hopefully, some Prerolas get me close to the Beano/Bluesbreaker tone : )
Emerson Swinford (1 year ago)
Michael Coudriet tough call...probably getting some nice pre rolas and a boutique head w NOS tubes might be more noticeable but it’s a tough call. A real 65 66 jtm 45 will be very expensive. Finding a quad of pre rolas will be less expensive but can be difficult.
Michael Coudriet (1 year ago)
Emerson, what do you think would have the biggest impact on tone when it comes to upgrading modern gear. Getting a real JTM 45 (somewhere nin the 1965- 1966 range) instead of using a reissue or boutique head or getting a cab loaded of Pre Rolas rather than using today's reissue greenbacks?
Emerson Swinford (1 year ago)
Michael Coudriet Thanks! its a Germino 4x12 with vintage Celestion speakers from 1970, “pre rolas”
Aaron Levine (1 year ago)
U got style
Elmore James (1 year ago)
Great video and lesson! Been trying to track down this solo for ages! Thank you
tony cochlin (2 years ago)
brill ,tony
Cade Pickering (2 years ago)
Teach more!
Emerson Swinford (1 year ago)
Cade Pickering check this out https://youtu.be/cwlpEVeHKME
Emerson Swinford (2 years ago)
Thanks! I will, busy touring lately.
Hugo Pereira (2 years ago)
thanks a lot, man!!!!!
Emerson Swinford (2 years ago)
if you want to learn the chords this is a nice quick lesson by Andy at pro guitar shop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y90ZLw8fKu0

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