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10 Biggest Architectural Fails

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You won't believe the architectural fails that we have on this list. From skyscrapers that melt cars and dangerous bridges breaking. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr # 6 Lotus Riverside Complex The Lotus Riverside was a residential apartment complex in Shanghai. It’s made up of eleven 13-story rectangular buildings. One fateful morning in June 2009, one of the buildings toppled completely over on its side. It fell straight over and just barely missed a nearby building. The way they are shaped and constructed, if it had hit, it would have created the world’s most destructive domino effect. The thing that caused this wasn’t an architectural glitch in the building but rather the foundation it was built on. Right below the building, workers were excavating earth to create an underground garage. The soil was dumped into a landfill near a creek which caused the water to seep into the ground. All of this combined turned the foundation beneath the complex to mud, leading to the collapse. # 5 Ray and Maria Stata Center The Ray and Maria Stata Center is an academic complex at MIT that was designed by Frank Gehry. It was opened in 2004 and received lots of positive attention for its unique and mind-bending angles and structural facades. However, the building has since been riddled with so many problems that MIT has sued Frank Gehry’s firm for it. The $300 million dollar building had drainage issues that caused cracks in walls, mold grew on the brick exterior, and huge dangerous icicle daggers hang from the roof. The repairs cost the school more than $1.5 million dollars. # 4 Tropicana Field Stadium The Tropicana Field is home to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Major League Baseball Team based in St Petersburg, Florida. The problem with the field isn’t the actual field, but what hangs above it. The ceiling has four catwalks and several lights hanging down that, as you can imagine, get in the way of baseballs that are hit into the air. In case you don’t know, a major facet of baseball is trying to hit the ball as high and as far as possible so you can potentially, hit a homerun. The structures at the stadium often get in the way of that and will even block potential home run balls. Sometimes a light will get hit and cause a dangerous rain of super hot glass to fall into the field. Maybe the next time you design a baseball stadium, consider not building a roof. # 3 Walkie Talkie Skyscrapers The Walkie Talkie Skyscraper in London was an architectural novel, acclaimed for its slightly concave facade and towering height. However, there was something else about it that became much more infamous: it’s a 525 feet tall heat ray. The concave shape of the building focuses and reflects sun rays in just a way that it magnifies them and burns everything on the street around it. The heat rays reflecting off the building have been found to fry doorways, shatter tiles, and heat the ground up to 243 degrees Fahrenheit. It even melted cars down to their body frames. # 2 Sampoong Department Store The Sampoong Department Store was initially meant to be a four-floor office building but was later converted into a department store. To do this, they, of course, removed support columns of elevators and relocated an air conditioning unit to the roof. Obviously, the result was not good. The structural instability caused the building to completely collapse in 1995, trapping 1500 people and killing 502. # 1 Skyscraper on Stilts When an architect named William LeMessurier wanted to build a skyscraper in the 1970s, his ideal construction site was occupied by a Lutheran church that was completely unwilling to move. So instead of demolishing the church, he decided to build the skyscraper in the air right above the church. The Citigroup Center tower is a 59 story building that has a foundation made of stilts, so the building is right above the church. However, as you might think, a skyscraper on stilts can have some pretty dangerous structural problems if you’re not careful. The whole building was made with bolted joints rather than welded joints, which made it super susceptible to being toppled by a strong enough storm. So did Citigroup warn everyone in the area that the biggest building on the block could come crashing down at any moment? No, they just secretly welded all the joints together and prayed to all their Gods that it wouldn’t come crashing down before then. If it had come down, it could have ended the lives of around 200,000 people.
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Text Comments (1690)
Kaz EE (4 hours ago)
also why not try video footage? we didnt come to YouTube for picture stories
LEONG KUM FATT (1 day ago)
Tropicana Field Stadium was gone
Mitch Cohen (2 days ago)
The John Hancock is in Chicago you stupid fuck
Greg M. (3 days ago)
What a terrible. Abrasive. Voice. This guy. Must be a reject. From a telemarketing firm. JEEZUZ PLEASE SHUT HIM UP.
Cyber Mixologist (3 days ago)
THE PLAY GROUND ORBs have nothing on the 1960s- 80s we had metal slides at most schools that were 15 foot tall to break your neck and fry your legs going down lol..owe the good old days in kindergarden and elementry ...
BigBollocks (4 days ago)
Those first couple of pics are NOT of the Tacoma Narrows bridge. Moron.
323 040 (4 days ago)
The voice, the cunt can't speak
pzkpfwiv freak (4 days ago)
this will be the last talltanic video i will ever watch. this collection of stories is so full of fake fact and bullshit , it's not even funny. you people need to do some research and present the facts, not supposition and bullshit."the building COULD HAVE fallen down and killed 200 000 people" where the fuck did you get that figure from? your ass ? do everyone a favor, and just state the truth, this sensationalism is fucking disgraceful
pzkpfwiv freak (4 days ago)
the walkie talkie building has never melted any car "down to its frame" quit spewing bullshit.the sampoong department store didnt collapse because they moved the elevators aand an air conditioner, it failed because the owner wanted to add extra floors that the structure couldn't support, idiots.
pzkpfwiv freak (4 days ago)
the tacoma narrows bridge didn't fail because of what it was made of, it failed because the wind blowing over the bridge caused "torsional flutter"., a phenomenon that causes vorteces to form around the bridge structure as air passes through and around it. do some research and find out.
EL NAYRUBY (5 days ago)
too much facade
Luke Stein (6 days ago)
That intro practically killed my hearing.
Alan Peery (6 days ago)
I love the Walkie Scorchy! Just after completion, a number of us took a late lunch break so we could walk through the focus point. It was intense.
I can't stand to listen to _his_ voice for longer than ten seconds.
Trust me, I'm an engineer!
Randy (8 days ago)
Trump Towers?
Matrick Galius (9 days ago)
Nothing architectural here.... engineering failure.... fix your title
Mountain Mamma (10 days ago)
Get aids and dies nigga
Steve Mcguiness (11 days ago)
So number on was a non story 😞
Aniceto Maldonado Jr (11 days ago)
Nice. He left out some vital information about the sampoong building Not only did they convert it into a department store, they did not relocate pillars, they made every column 20 percent thinner. Added a floor, and the air conditioner, was the only thing "relocated" by dragging it across the roof because nearby neighbors complained about the noise. The air conditioner should have been lifted and relocated, but just like this narrator's job they didnt do their homework and said "good enough" and drug an enourmous load across a very weak and crippled structure.
OHFORPEATSAKES (11 days ago)
5.5 million views.... for this garbage
yusaf khan (11 days ago)
Try adding a full stop (period). Will help you complete a sentence.
M. Strain Jr. (11 days ago)
Well I enjoyed the video.
Glen Strong (11 days ago)
Why is this guy yelling at the video, and also, somehow, sounds like an angry robot reading from a cue card?
nyc mubi photography (12 days ago)
Number one failure are the twin towers in Manhattan on 9/11.
Mister Physics (11 days ago)
Wasn't architectural, was DEW, and it wasn't just 2 buildings, it was 7 of them, in fact every single building with WTC prefix was destroyed that day and you idiots think two planes did it, cucks.
theonemodifier (12 days ago)
Mike Marcelli (12 days ago)
these are all engineering failures with the exception of the mit disaster
Olea Lohne (13 days ago)
Don Vittorio DiMaggio (13 days ago)
Your voice tone gave me headache 🤕
Josh Brackelsberg (15 days ago)
Welds fail before bolts if you don't weld it right.
Natsuki Kr (15 days ago)
Dindo Nuffin (15 days ago)
Son, I would not boast about this crap. The title is grammatically wrong -10 Biggest Architectural Fails- *10 Biggest Architectural Failures* - conclusion _America is hopeless at building anything_ maybe you should have enlisted the of Isambard Kingdom Brunel the structures he designed and built in the 1840s in the UK are still standing!
Dindo Nuffin (15 days ago)
The title is grammatically wrong -10 Biggest Architectural Fails- *10 Biggest Architectural Failures*
newforestroadwarrior (12 days ago)
It irks me he uses the term superheated totally out of context
Advocatus Diaboli (15 days ago)
Blah blah blah, what a bunch of stupid drivel.
Gary Garrett (17 days ago)
5:10 Can we build a walkie talkie skyscraper across the street from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington DC?
Gary Garrett fat does melt. It would be fun to watch.
Kyle Janson (18 days ago)
The last one was a bad idea
Jeffrey Messier (19 days ago)
There are so many innacuricies in this story!
Mary kai (19 days ago)
Anyone who would actually order and pay for a gehry building deserves what they get. Truly. Dangerous and ugly. Not even a good ugly.
Boisson Media (20 days ago)
I live in Washington, the materials of the bridge are not why it collapsed, it had to do with the form of the bridge and the typically high velocity wind going through the narrows. Also, the bridge was never recovered, it's all still under water.
nightlightabcd (21 days ago)
This is the result of deregulation so companies can maximize profits with the blessings and encouragement of the GOP!
Nunster's Place (23 days ago)
Just another retarded youtuber. Melted a car down to it's frame?
Kazik Nowik (24 days ago)
let's not impeach Trump,lets impeach tik-tok from YouTube
Sue Kennedy (24 days ago)
Who was the architect for the bridge.
DJ KaNeck (24 days ago)
Before watching this video, there was an advertisement for shaving your ball sacks. Just so you know. Awfully disturbing, awfully disturbing.
I heard about the Citigroup Center tower (the skyscraper on stilts) years ago, but couldn't remember the name of it until I saw it in this video. So what keeps it from falling today, in 2019?
Peter Nyc (24 days ago)
architects sometime just know the design, never think of other possibility created by mother nature.
gary proffitt (25 days ago)
It is gone for destruction but this is "Totally Wrong ???"
Handlegrip (25 days ago)
This is my life on drugs.
03:04 made in china crap... 😂
CC Perso (26 days ago)
Felt asleep after 36 seconds...
Boston Parker (26 days ago)
This list is just bad. Maybe research the Hyatt Regency in Kansas City. You are welcome!
B J (27 days ago)
A lot of BS here, as others have noted. The real reason for the failure of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge was aerodynamics -- vortexes shed from the span in a high wind resonated with the structure. By the way, neither of those two side-by-side bridges at the beginning are the bridge that collapsed.
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whisperingthylacine (1 month ago)
It's never a good idea to play baseball in an indoor stadium. 🤭
Vincent Ciccone (1 month ago)
Removing support columns 😂😂😂
Andrew Rook (1 month ago)
I would wrather inhale smoke at the top of north world trade than listen to this.
boinkye (1 month ago)
I think #2 should be #1because of the loss of lives. That's a lot of people!
Dirt Church (1 month ago)
This channel is a trap , did not burn down to the frame softened plastic parts on a car
Renaissance People NYC (1 month ago)
all bullshit
PSA de Lachute (1 month ago)
Thank you immensely for that BIG red arrow pointing at the downed building 🧐 I mean, I would have never noticed it on my own 🤪 That was 1 of the « BIGGEST THUMBNAIL FAILS » on YouTube 🤣😂🤣
Not Lazy (1 month ago)
Just.............keep it traditional.
Karin Allen (1 month ago)
There's actual video of the fall of the Tacoma Narrows bridge and the absolutely mind-blowing lead-up to it. Look up "Galloping Gertie" on YouTube. You won't be disappointed.
MrBillFletcherr (1 month ago)
More fake news. You have your facts wrong...
leebee1100 (1 month ago)
Step 1: Immediately turn down the volume or better yet turn it off Step 2 : Turn on captions. Step 3 : Close this and watch something else. This video was in my recommendations and has a few mistakes but at least you can listen to it. https://youtu.be/RMjJG0hGkxY
phononut (1 month ago)
#11th fail,This video.
Margaret Cooper (1 month ago)
So much for modern technology.
Dave Watts (1 month ago)
Your voice and sentence structure makes me want to be in a collapsing building
MegaJohnhammond (1 month ago)
your facts are so fucking far off on the Citibank building it's unbelievable. Why don't you do a little research before producing a video, dumbfuck?
Wendy Spencer (1 month ago)
i genuinely thought he'd make no.1 twin towers after the london one... down to the frame ooook then
rriiff (1 month ago)
Where's the architectural failure in this video!?... It's Structural failure dumbass!...
Raddean321 (1 month ago)
d lord (1 month ago)
Intonation. Just saying.
Clay Richard (1 month ago)
IF it fell? He also asserts it's unsafe without any evidence.That's called SLANDER. There should be a way to report slanderous statements.
Jonathan Owens (1 month ago)
Tropicana field while ugly is not a failure. "maybe not build a roof" really? Have you seen the weather in FLA?? If there wasn't a roof 50% of games would be postponed.
waxed link (1 month ago)
Why concentrate on US buildings? Being an Aussie you're supposed to be a sycophant to everything US...unless of course...you work for the Russians!!
Ashley Collins (1 month ago)
The Sampoong department store collapse wasn't so much an engineering/architecture failure so much shoddy construction & lack of oversight. The construction company cheaped out on a lot of the materials & didn't follow the plans. They also added several extra floors that weren't in the plans that added a lot of extra weight.
greenfingers gardener (1 month ago)
as soon as i heard the bit about the London, skyscraper/tower I knew the rest of the video was crap, the cars only swelled in the heat, NOT melted down to the frame
MS Kim (1 month ago)
삼풍백화점 나올 줄 알았다
W.J.R. Halyn (1 month ago)
In addition to the metallic, irritating voice, I wonder why someone doesn't know how to spell "SKYSCRAPER" at 06:23. And that grindingly excruciating high-treble SCREECH at the beginning of the video had me about a quarter second from shutting it off right after starting it. Does the video editor have a hearing difficulty in the high-frequency ranges? Because the high-frequency sounds on this thing are WAY over-played, way too loud. Give us a little mid-range and some bass, too, just to be kind to your viewers.
Colby Young (1 month ago)
I have seen balls hit the catwalks at Tropicana field and break a light
David Pizzuto (1 month ago)
This video is fucking poorly researched garbage. The citigroup building's flaws were discovered by a student studying the effects of wind hitting the building at 45 degrees. LeMessurier is widely known as an exemplar of engineering ethics for admitting to the issue immediately. Also, bolted joints are not inferior to welded joints. Its simply easier to weld reinforcements that the bolt on new ones.
They should've used better materials and a self marking tape measure... https://youtu.be/XFyTweYfYtk
D K (1 month ago)
Tacoma Narrows Bridge didn’t collapse because of the materials, the engineer did leave enough open space on the side of the bridge to let wind flow through; consequently, the excessive wind resistance caused the bridge to start vibrating, as motion waves kept growing by merging in phase, the motion grew until the stress exceeded the tolerances which caused the supports to fail.
Ian McGreevy (1 month ago)
No 3 problem was fixed by adding Brise-soleil panels
gary lu (1 month ago)
stop your nounsence, show more motion video, pls
rascalferret (1 month ago)
4:03 Rocco's modern life...
Dan The Alaska Man (1 month ago)
Thank you for not using clickbait.
Bill Williams (1 month ago)
The picture of the twin spans in number 7 IS NOT the Tacoma Narrows bridge. Idiot! Of course what's made in England that's any damn good, anyway!
ginge m (1 month ago)
200 people maybe!!? But I’m certain it would not have killed 200,000 people lol
Mr.Matt (1 month ago)
....that’s not the John Hancock tower....
cat sniffer (1 month ago)
The engineer failed!
Heru- deshet (1 month ago)
China has the most building disasters. They make everything cheap and fast.
Hans Hoerdemann (1 month ago)
"...an infant burned himself" is correct, not "themselves." Grammar: use the correct number, as in plural vs. singular!
mike leschber (1 month ago)
This what happens when people are allowed to design buildings... that have never built anything
Jayquan Bowers (2 months ago)
thumbnail has nothing to do with architecture. that was a failure in geotechnical engineering. excavating soil on one side of the building they piled it on the other side. this created a catastrophically large pressure gradient in the soil, snapping the pile foundations (beams or pipes lodged deep into the ground). area was still under construction though so not horrible. almost knocked down the nearby buildings though
Julian Peinado (2 months ago)
Dude you are so wrong. The architects doesn’t design bridges, the civil engineers do it.
chargersrt10 (2 months ago)
CitiGroup building deserves #1. The engineering crisis of 1978.
Joel Kenway (2 months ago)
200,000 people could be killed by 1 building comming down? Had you forgotten the major event that rocked N.Y. and the world back in 2001? Less than 5000 was killed in that sad event and correct me if im wrong but wasnt it TWO skyscrapers? Oh and TWO planes? I mean shit 200,000 people? Really?
Best Talltanic!!!! Best Subscriber comment I want 2 million subs too! That walkie talkie building was a wicked hot dog cooker!

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