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Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees

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Official Promo Video for Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees".
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Text Comments (4580)
Nick McDonald (21 hours ago)
Always gives me goose bumps
Eric Bit (1 day ago)
Fake Platic Trees... Three words that say a lot
Walter Worrall (1 day ago)
Loving the video quality. Great song though.
Police Tapes (1 day ago)
John Donwood (1 day ago)
They sure don't make music like this anymore. What happened?
Naijie Wang (2 days ago)
The all time favorite of mine
Timothy Kiewel (2 days ago)
333DGK (2 days ago)
It wears me out.
Subhadeep Banerjee (2 days ago)
who else was so sad that they couldnt jerk off but instead came here to cry?
TI SC (2 days ago)
Tom left eye York
Arda Yamak (2 days ago)
*Lorax wants to know your location*
Liliam Vieira (3 days ago)
2018 💙
Angelina Bronze Art (3 days ago)
2018 😍
Adam Roughton (3 days ago)
The last song I will ever listen to
Nooe Alejandro (4 days ago)
2018 still listening this.
ckoc afh (4 days ago)
I have existential depression, I'm seriously dead inside but Thom even Yorke kill me more
christy miller (4 days ago)
FAVORITE Radiohead song!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖
marc (7 days ago)
It wears meow
Daniel Sosa (7 days ago)
november 2018? México
aman chaturvedi (7 days ago)
A green plastic watering can For a fake Chinese rubber plant In the fake plastic earth That she bought from a rubber man In a town full of rubber plans To get rid of itself It wears her out It wears her out It wears her out It wears her out She lives with a broken man A cracked polystyrene man Who just crumbles and burns He used to do surgery For girls in the eighties But gravity always wins And it wears him out It wears him out It wears him out Wears him out She looks like the real thing She tastes like the real thing My fake plastic love But I can't help the feeling I could blow through the ceiling If I just turn and run And it wears me out It wears me out It wears me out It wears me out And if I could be who you wanted If I could be who you wanted All the time All the time
Simon Diaz (7 days ago)
The norman reedus!! Haha
Tania Regina (8 days ago)
Tonizera (7 days ago)
Office Meds (8 days ago)
I barely survive suiciding my self-every time I listen to this song which is every moment of everyday since my junior year in Bible College. The secret to surviving it is to just sing along. I can guarantee, you won't off yourself until you get to the end of the song but then just quickly hit repeat on your radio shack CD player and start the dark endless cycle all over again and just keep it up until you actually do die but from natural causes. It's been working successfully for me since 1994.
Fher Crush (8 days ago)
I can listening this song all day long
0SharkGuy (9 days ago)
2:45 hello young Norman Reedus!
GeeGirl (9 days ago)
“Wah wah wahhh!” - Cher
Laura Bertelli (9 days ago)
Peter Ruggiero (10 days ago)
The line "he used to do surgery for girls in the 80's, but gravity always wins." to me is very deep and is poetic mastery. I don't know if the meaning of this line is the way I interpreted it but it's a possibility he wrote it to reflect the global cocaine trade at the time. Also how the drug leaves you feeling down in the depths of despair after the initial high wears off. My interpretation is it's about the explosion of cocaine throughout the globe in the 80s and how the victims were usually young impressionable women who destroyed themselves in pursuit of status and wealth, when in fact the product was destroying them and the men that sold and trafficked it were broken and cracked men from a spiritual perspective. Don't believe me? Here's a report. Jun 26, 1991 - Colombian drug dealers are using a mixture of cocaine and polystyrene plastic in products that can be shipped into this country undetected. https://pubs.acs.org/doi/pdf/10.1021/cen-v069n027.p006
dercopycat (10 days ago)
Master piece!!!
Diogo Araujo (11 days ago)
Em meu subconsciente, imaginei um comercial sobre câncer.
david hogan (11 days ago)
At least their is the end of the night
Heikki Qvist (11 days ago)
wooden trees
VaishnavGuitar (11 days ago)
GOGOgomes (12 days ago)
3:05 that's Norman Reedus everybody
Toby Ruddock (12 days ago)
You never once let me down
BLU MAR-VELL (13 days ago)
It weirds her out. Wish she could get with the fake plastic times, ye know?
David Simon (14 days ago)
I absolutely hated this song for years, always skipped it on the album, it's magnificence finally dawned on me recently....which was nice.
James Bobbinson (14 days ago)
240p in 2015, thanks
Mario Castillo (14 days ago)
A friend of mine once told me (years ago, when we were in our twenties) that he was having a very vivid dream where he finally was together with the girl he liked back then. He abruptly woke up, and of all things, this song was playing on the TV. I was bummed just by hearing his story, I cannot even imagine how sad he must have been.
Jeff Finch (15 days ago)
Is that my boy Blue duel wielding those pistols?
Olrik Bicker (15 days ago)
the sun rises
Croatoan (15 days ago)
who else is here from ash vlogs?
dragon zeroX (15 days ago)
What do the voice of Thom have? Sounds so great. I know why Steven Tyler ,Axl Rose or Jonathan Davis have on their voice that sounds awesome. Just one thing,i dont compare Thom's voice with voices of other singers. It is known that her voice is the main instrument of the band.
Rotisserie Chiggen (15 days ago)
Radio head songs are perfect lengths
James Bobbinson (16 days ago)
"Your eyes are round"
Valdeane Santos (16 days ago)
love 2018 ate 2030
Valdeane Santos (16 days ago)
love love baby
harley mendes (16 days ago)
Alvin Z Abejero (17 days ago)
Man, you should check the cover version of this song..just type franco fake plastic trees..
marshall02' (11 days ago)
Original is better
나트Nath (17 days ago)
this will always be the saddest song in the world to me... love of my life, you sent me this song and said that this line “if i could be who you wanted all the time” reminded you of me, i got speachless, i’ll never forget that... i miss you, i miss you, i miss you. i hope this message reaches you somehow, whenever you are.
Game Wizard (18 days ago)
My fake plastic love.
3girlrhumba (18 days ago)
it's weird how the song is super serious but also thom is acting retarded
Fox ? (18 days ago)
Paraguay ? , haha...... :)
Plastic Pinocchio (18 days ago)
αχ ρε βασω
Liam Gotuato (19 days ago)
From my understanding. The Song is about all the people around you having there own problems, The girl getting tired of the same old crap all over and over again, The old man being broken because he thought that happiness is always around but it left him broken and asking for more and the singer deals with alienation and isolation yet he tries to be in love but everything is just fake. Idk thats my take on it
Polythene Pam (19 days ago)
"And if I could be who you wanted If I could be who you wanted" I hope I could be
Preetam Chakraborty (19 days ago)
I will always hope that nobody feels such super depressed after hearing this song☺️
The Broken Windows (20 days ago)
This song is so fucking beautiful <3
Kaitlyn Salas (21 days ago)
Fake people. Fake love. Not knowing someones intentions. Not knowing if someone wants you. or maybe even just the feeling of being depressed. The last verse is my favorite :( interpret how you want though.
Major Tom (21 days ago)
You mean we all live in a fake plastic world ? Oh no
Nick Slaven (21 days ago)
Funnily enough Westworld got me real hooked on Radiohead, with the orchestral versions of the songs which were made for the show. I recommend people give them a listen
Mirna Gómez (22 days ago)
If I could be who you wanted....
Yiddel Hernández (22 days ago)
Kelly Bustos O. (22 days ago)
Thanks you , love song!!!
Sophia Guevara (23 days ago)
Colleen Whyte (23 days ago)
Yuk! Uh, the maudlin music of the University station... “Waa, waa, waa.” -Clueless (my first time introduction to this song, which Cher whines about, but I loved.)
Althea 830 (24 days ago)
Just beautiful
TriggeredTrevor (24 days ago)
📂 Documents └📁 Music └📁 Radiohead └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty.
Jack Booted Hug (4 days ago)
creep isn't a bad song, it just can't be understood by narcissists
sellin wand (5 days ago)
alex grey (6 days ago)
+subscribe to die instantly false
Opening Bad Songs file Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors
Stephen Tig Hogg (24 days ago)
I can see Blue! He's glorious!
Sein Schatten (25 days ago)
this is how the 90er were: colorful but blurred
Dhani-Catur Wibisono (25 days ago)
Lagu ini cocok untuk Ratna Sarumpaet dan Prabowo dkk
Noodle Doodle (25 days ago)
This song blows my brains out. Most people who listen to Radiohead were born in the 90s and later, who have gone through decades of the crazy game that is life. Yet there's me, your average middle school girl who has no reason in the world to ever feel fake, or lonely, or just simply sad. But here I am. How can someone be so comfortably happy, but connect so much to songs of the decrepit society we live in today? To the crippling feeling that everything is falling apart, faux, lies? That nothing is the real thing anymore? That I am worn out? Like I said; blows my brains out.
Sergio Alves (25 days ago)
Is Very im gay
Haryo (25 days ago)
still feel the gravity. they always win. can't run
V o o (25 days ago)
honestly, i can't understand what a meaning of the lyric. but the soul of the song bring me to another dimension of this world. so peaceful and i love it
leonan243 (26 days ago)
Bela música
VEGITAS4 (27 days ago)
Miley Cyrus >>> Radiohead FACT!
Roderic Priester (28 days ago)
Love to all listening to this Not only can we all be uplifted/saddened (in a brilliant way) by these genuises at work but it's lovely to know that their are so many who understand the true beauty that is Radiohead. Took me years and 1 true break-up to discover it for myself but here i am :) and I'm overwhelmed by the love shown for these guys
Tom DC (28 days ago)
Video could have been more emotionally destructive
aoznes (29 days ago)
she looks like the real thing she tastes like the real thing my plastic love
John Maher (29 days ago)
Dina Enos (29 days ago)
Fake Plastic Pants.
srta lennon (29 days ago)
Este tema siempre me va a recordar a ti ♥️ se que lo mejor fue cuando te di el último beso antes de partir , siempre te guardaré en mi corazón aunque creas que no.
Jessica Simunek (30 days ago)
It hurts so much to lose everything you ever loved and to long for a person that can love you back, but they never come.
mcveigh 2k (30 days ago)
to whoever replied fake Robert Plant , I curse you now i can only remember that when i hear it
Nicole De Grâce (30 days ago)
Merci pour cette publication.... Magnifique
Rafael Manacho (1 month ago)
i usually trying to listen not to radiohead., but in our lives feeling the sadness is also important.
scudvirus2018 (1 month ago)
What shirt was Thom wearing in this vid? I'd like to have one.
Erick Parent (1 month ago)
Votre top 3 des RH ?
Flávio Vera (1 month ago)
High vibrations Song...🎸🎼😎
johnandkate1000 (1 month ago)
I’ve committed suicided please help 😢
JustPeachy Perry (1 month ago)
This music video makes me want to take the most amazing nap of my entire life idk why lmao
Roberto Ramanauskas (1 month ago)
Radiohead ! Estou ouvindo em 2018 orgulhosamente!
Puttimat Saramat (1 month ago)
Mike Mendoza (1 month ago)
Esta canción en Mexico se llama "Chichis de silicon"
k y (1 month ago)
私の葬式にかけて欲しい曲。 ずっと好きな曲。 優しさを感じる曲。 だけど、押し付けていない。踏み込まれたくない所までは入ってこない。 知ってるよ、辛いね ただ、それだけ。 それだけがすごく有り難い。 誰にも言ってないけど、分かってくれてありがとう、そんな曲。 そんな人に会えなかったな・・・
OR PDX (1 month ago)
This man look sissy
Brendon Gorgeous Urie (1 month ago)
Yeah, this song helps me to feel even more depressed

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