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No Girls Allowed: Women's clothing designed for men

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After an eternity of clothing restrictions, men have finally broken free. No Girls Allowed is the world’s first clothing store that specializes in women’s clothing for men. Get a sneak peek inside the new phenomena that’s taking the fashion world by storm. http://instagram.com/thehambonegroup http://facebook.com/thehambonegroup A Hambone Group Production: Tailored by Damon Biviano Designing by Niko Boles Purchased by Ryan Nicholson Fitting by Matthew Levy Worn by Morgan Christensen Gifting by Tema Louise Sall Collected by Dwain Duran Modeled by Christian Olivo Catwalking by Brian Graves Flaunted by Andrew Block
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Text Comments (71)
Wish it was real
Sammy Louis (3 months ago)
I think clothing doesnt have to be labeled, everyone can wear whatever clothes they want to no matter what gender they have, it’s just norms of the society that condition us what to do and what not to
PalmerWhit (3 months ago)
Fashion has gone through decades of iterations to make the male or female bodies..
Vinithi Vini (4 months ago)
This can't be real
ivan like (4 months ago)
Great idea
Frank Seliger (5 months ago)
Does anyone know labels like these in reality?! I'd love that! Testosterone greetings!
kurt schreihart (7 months ago)
It is not a joke, this is an emerging trend 2018, you can make some serious cash. Look at Kaplow that makes leggings for just men, hope the spelling is right.
C H (7 months ago)
Sucks it was a joke
radulescu valentin (8 months ago)
is my right as an man to wear skirt me too
The Hambone Group (8 months ago)
Bat Lightyear (8 months ago)
Oh it a joke sadly it’s was my dream came true and why a can girl wear pant why a men cant wear a dress? FML
Vincent T. (9 months ago)
James Charles be jelly!
The Hambone Group (9 months ago)
There is no problem with muslims massacring these kind of people
LBrazil44 (9 months ago)
The video is great. The only bad part is that... it's a joke. Sad.
matadorcabos (9 months ago)
Who’s fawking mans...
Reklessgang Climer (9 months ago)
Y'all feminine mutha fuckas need to all shot in da face y'all makin us str8 niggas look bad af get dis gay ass shit outta here real talk !!!!💯💯
The Hambone Group (9 months ago)
Reklessgang Climer you know this is a joke bro
Reklessgang Climer (9 months ago)
Dis ain't rite
FOTOJADAMO (9 months ago)
I'm glad it was a parody. My idea remains untapped.
The Hambone Group (9 months ago)
FOTOJADAMO deal! Hahaha
FOTOJADAMO (9 months ago)
The Hambone Group Only if you include the Lazy model. You got a deal. 😉
The Hambone Group (9 months ago)
FOTOJADAMO we'll make you a promo video when you do! ;)
Barry Prince (9 months ago)
Fuck off just say u gay
The Hambone Group (9 months ago)
This isnt about sexuality at all my guy
Cause Effect (9 months ago)
Are these jokes?
carmena (9 months ago)
this ...have ...to ...be...a..joke!??
The Hambone Group (9 months ago)
carmena does it though? ;)
Miss. Vee (9 months ago)
Oh its a.. ughh. Okay okay
Miss. Vee (9 months ago)
Maria More (9 months ago)
This has to be a joke....
The Hambone Group (9 months ago)
Maria More like kind of and kind of not
romeo9782 (9 months ago)
real cute woman's sport bra.why not get the matching thongs.
The Hambone Group (9 months ago)
romeo9782 women's underwear for men, coming soon ;)
ant wto (9 months ago)
He does look pretty hot in that lazy crop top though 😍
The Hambone Group (9 months ago)
ant wto 😘
Nat Han (9 months ago)
The Hambone Group (9 months ago)
thanks for watchin!
Carolina López (10 months ago)
Assholessss!!!!! All of u......u laugh cause u have small.brains...and Dicks.....
The Hambone Group (10 months ago)
osa osa this isn't a negative video my guy...
avA Borisut (11 months ago)
Is this true or wot
The Hambone Group (11 months ago)
we make satire! ;)
What's the website so I can check it out?
Greg Torres (11 months ago)
Mr. OL' Skool6191 Parts Unknown. JB
Conn653 (1 year ago)
It's to bad that this was a joke. I'm a moderator at https://www.skirtcafe.org and it is all about men wearing kilts and skirts. When I saw this clip, I thought..."Finally, someone 'gets it' about fashion in-equality". You 'might' want to re-think your joke & turn it into a profit making business.
femalesportswear (6 months ago)
Most men sadly still need male sex feature to confirm their existence, like the beard and fur of those bears (it was a hint that made me realize it's a joke). If they were shaved and had longer hair, they could blend in as humans in dresses, only needing their voice, body language and spirit to advertise their gender.
Martin Groszschedl (8 months ago)
i also thought this was real at first, and disappointed when i realized that it's a joke. I actually do like to wear women's clothing and combine it with my men's wardrobe. i also realized that I may fit into a very small minority, a man who likes feminine styles sometimes, but without high heels, makeup or wigs; that's just too over the top for me. anyway, it's good to hear that there is meant to be a serious undertone in this video.
Conn653 (1 year ago)
Thanks for your reply :-) Please check out the Cafe' link I posted above. You'll find quite a bit of info for, and about, Men In Skirts/Kilts. I hope you can 'get the ball rolling' to make skirts for men a common thing. I wear skirts 95% of the time. The comfort level is beyond all expectations! BTW - I'm 67 years old & wonder why I've waited so long to wear skirts. I've been wearing them, out & about, for about 15 years.
The Hambone Group (1 year ago)
Conn653 thanks for watching and commenting. Even though the video seems silly, we have serious undertones in it. We definitely agree with you! If you have any ideas or need some content, feel free to reach out :)
Hana Tanana (1 year ago)
When he said that all his friends now want it (a dress) I new this is just a parody. Unfortunately ;-(
Will Camick (1 year ago)
I was really stoked when i first started watching this. Then I realized its a joke -_- FML.
Amor de Gato (1 month ago)
Will, Same here
Frank Seliger (5 months ago)
This should be for real!
Will Camick (1 year ago)
Thank you for making an entertaining video =)
The Hambone Group (1 year ago)
Will Camick well maybe not entirely a joke! There was a lot of seriousness that went into this one. Thank you for watching!
Surya Ric (1 year ago)
I need one where do i get it
veronicats100 (1 year ago)
This is incredibly phoney!
The Hambone Group (1 year ago)
We are incredibly satirical!
jello bello (1 year ago)
i like to go shopping
Saul Garcia (1 year ago)
I mean idk about dresses but I like the idea of making some female clothing designs into mens, tbh it's very unfashionable 👌🏼💯 getting ideas for the clothing line I want to make one day❤
The Hambone Group (1 year ago)
Saul Garcia rock and roll, thanks for watching!
Mendy Sturgill (1 year ago)
Is this video serious?
skirts365 (7 months ago)
Men have the same choices you have, that becomes a THREAT to your style monopoly!
The Hambone Group (11 months ago)
We make satire ;)
IkhashamZD Darusalam (1 year ago)
hey!!!!! your a girl you can't watch this video you are stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!??!!!
jalen. den (1 year ago)
I'm your 1k subscriber!!!
The Hambone Group (1 year ago)
Thanks! ;)
CircaSriYak (1 year ago)
This is about rompers isnt it
The Hambone Group (1 year ago)
CircaSriYak the entire "movement."

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