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Emporio Armani - 2012 Spring Summer - Menswear Collection

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Lightness is the new essential quality of modernity, a lightness that derives from a continuous process of subtraction from the weight of fabrics and from traditional construction techniques. The line is fluid, deconstructed and streamlined. Jackets are the stars of the collection, either with one button or one-and-a-half breasted, always with a narrower shoulder and a distinctive fit. Trousers, styled with double darts, finish at the ankle. The extra-lightweight consistency of the fabrics is emphasised by the interplay of layers that allows for unexpected combinations -- for instance, a trench with a jacket, both in the same material, which could be a typical armani crêpe or silk in a neutral colour given a faded effect. The same finishes and distinctive treatments recur in every type of garment and material -- even in the knitwear, the leather items and the accessories. The signature quality of extreme lightness is also evident in the layered shirts, which are sometimes cut in a t-shirt shape and teamed with short blousons in matching fabric. Presented in icy, neutral shades, or impeccable blue, this is a collection that uses a palette of neutral colours, only interrupted by small digital prints that are broken up and set on a diagonal. A hint of black is reserved for the evening, limited to trousers and jackets, which emphasise the pale hues of the shirts.
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Text Comments (44)
Q-film Fly (1 year ago)
the first music, please
Simon bolivar (5 months ago)
Q-film Fly soul train soul - I want you to love me
David Beigh (3 years ago)
Anybody know the name of the first song? Thanks!
University of Max (3 years ago)
Hey guys, does anyone know what the last song is???
epsteinbarr virus (2 years ago)
autograf- dream
bebebebe (5 years ago)
correctr in europa that is the mode no mode usa clown clor mode that is sorry
mathias bergh (5 years ago)
slow train soul - i want you to love me
turkcepop86 (5 years ago)
GEo arsenal (6 years ago)
firts secont theerd plz
GEo arsenal (6 years ago)
plz musics name plz plz
Chris Ford (6 years ago)
most of this stuff is pretty reasonably priced
Epic (6 years ago)
somebody is dead?
Bingliang Lu (6 years ago)
All dark colours.....
Lhin Doh (6 years ago)
After checking Armani prices I concluded that he must have a stable but limited male clientele. Its the type of stuff that has its limits especially for who will look great in it. I always come up with architects, agents, professors, stars but who and when?? doctors and ivey league students but sometimes at certain schools only. Then the cities to where the styles must be limited a little with a lot of good play range coming from Europe vs. New York even.
freshramses (6 years ago)
A bit boring
preciouzafg (6 years ago)
ohhh GOD why cant i get one of these men omg they are sooooooooooooooooooo sexy !!!!
raul h (6 years ago)
pleasee..... name of the last song..
Kevin Wickham (6 years ago)
hey there's a guy in grey ... hey that dude looks different from the rest i think hes wearing grey wait someone else what colour is that grey surprise surprise boooooorriiiiiinnnnnggg!!!!!!
AnnaBilstad (6 years ago)
Francisco Lachowski !!<3 Marlon Teixiera !!<3 Simon Nessman !!<3
Daniel Liu (6 years ago)
what's the name of the 1st song!!!???? plz
snyu222 (7 years ago)
@AF501GUY what is the name for the last song plz?
Youtube viewer (7 years ago)
I beg, can someone tell me the name of the last song. Thanks
Simon bolivar (5 months ago)
Youtube viewer soul train soul -i want you to love me
Jake Mai (7 years ago)
2nd song is : I Want You To Love Me (VARANO REMIX) by Slow Train Soul
Jake Mai (7 years ago)
anyone want the remix version of the songs in this video message me your e-mail address
Jason T. (7 years ago)
@AF501GUY Cool.
Jake Mai (7 years ago)
got the songs
Jason T. (7 years ago)
@SPosition Ummmmm Maybe the factor is that I know more than you :)
Britboyuk (7 years ago)
loving the D2squared styling at 5.00 (blue bomber jacket with ankle high trousers). You can really see the fluidity of the fabric. Can't wait to see and feel the drape in store. Kicking music too - cheers
loupgaroux2x3 (7 years ago)
anyone knows who the last song is by? singer's singing style is kind of mumblish, so i can't really do a google lyric search...
its_queenie (7 years ago)
i love men in gray suits.
Pfff Yuck!!!! everything is awful!!!! ALL!!!! Maybe some T-shirts are... at least good... but the rest...... :S
dragonflying79 (7 years ago)
LOVE your music selection!!! Especially from 3mins - sounds like SlowTrainSoul/Lady Z. Cool collection too.
Gabi Clash (7 years ago)
Joseph Perez (7 years ago)
fizzyfoster (7 years ago)
jeffrey80522 (7 years ago)
a little boring
volagevictorio (7 years ago)
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Süleyman Ahmed Ansari (7 years ago)
Well i love the color palate and mr.Armani rocks.
YoshiEatsWasabi (7 years ago)
@adri1430 hmm... I guess I can see it that way... I don't know, I guess it's because I was in marching band in high school :P
adri1430 (7 years ago)
@YoshiEatsWasabi Really? I find that detail more natural and less structured. It's like watching people (and beautiful ones) walking down the street. :)
YoshiEatsWasabi (7 years ago)
The different paces of each men of the run way walk is really bothering.

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