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Michael Kiwanuka - Cold Little Heart

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"Cold Little Heart", directed by David Helman and starring Keith Stanfield. Michael Kiwanuka's new album 'Love & Hate' is out now. https://MichaelKiwanuka.lnk.to/LoveAndHateID Sign up to Michael’s mailing list here to be the first to hear about new music & tour dates:http://po.st/KiwanukaNews https://www.facebook.com/MichaelKiwanuka https://twitter.com/michaelkiwanuka https://www.instagram.com/michaelkiwanuka http://michaelkiwanuka.com/ Music video by Michael Kiwanuka performing Cold Little Heart. (C) 2017 Polydor Ltd. (UK) http://vevo.ly/Axeqg5
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Text Comments (4362)
gunnar björnsson (2 hours ago)
Grammer go to hell.
gunnar björnsson (2 hours ago)
Bravó now take at me my name,you are so gott people ly on my Facebook en G+ to,
Alessa Osikowicz (6 hours ago)
<3 <3
Cherokee Lair (1 day ago)
And I know In my heart, in this cold heart I can live or I can die I believe if I just try You believe in you and I In my heart, in this cold heart I can live or I can die I believe if I just try You believe in you and I In you and I In you and I In you and I In you and I In you and I In you and I In you and I Maybe this time I can be strong But since I know who I am I'm probably wrong Maybe this time I can go far But thinking about where I've been Ain't helping me start ...But I'm going to anyway!
gunnar björnsson (1 day ago)
It is only rites spirit men knew loses so long time, People don't hef to steal from me. I gif.
E Cat (1 day ago)
This song sounds great live
Xiss S (1 day ago)
Cold Little Heart 💚💙
У меня кушать брат. И это наилучший клип, какой мне припоминает. Спасибо
Quentin Gonard (2 days ago)
Nadine Leon (2 days ago)
Thank you for this beautiful song
Joseph Brown (2 days ago)
Homeless heartbroken and facing a blizzard soon this weather is crazy but that’s not stopping me ...God’s not done yet ! Well that’s all the time I have gotta go for now gotta clock in this job I can’t lose ! the real pursuit of happiness or the next Steve Jobs pray for me
dklocker09 (3 days ago)
I am currently fighting addiction. "I have been losing one day at a time."
Geoff Holmes (3 days ago)
My missus says...'he's alright!'.. I'm thinking of getting rid of her...what do you reckon?!?!
phil maidment (3 days ago)
11min live studio version is fantastic!!
Stevie Barber (3 days ago)
Animal Kingdom brought me here. Never has a song fitted a soundtrack so well. ❤❤❤ Michael has a brand new fan now
Oğuzcan Balyemez (3 days ago)
still be here?
Angelica Barbieri (3 days ago)
Angelica Barbieri (16 hours ago)
Una delle più belle canzoni che io abbia mai ascoltato! Grazie!
dharsea5050 (4 days ago)
Thank u for this song. Ur magical and healing xoxooo
F S (4 days ago)
This song is so underrated
Firefly (4 days ago)
hope is a good thing maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies!
I love this song. Anyone knows what film is It?
Sherryl Carrilho (5 days ago)
I'm feeling this.
emile de verquilleux (5 days ago)
With this masterpiece he prooves that there is very good music all the time, even today !
gunnar björnsson (5 days ago)
vodka Kok sugar to wake up. I smile power is some ver it blows up.I say hello happy.smile
Miao Wang (5 days ago)
missshayneify (5 days ago)
Seven seconds brought me here.
Mahmut Kral (5 days ago)
Zencilerin müslüm gürsesi 👑
gunnar björnsson (6 days ago)
I am a black end you white study men,I only no white study men
William van Ruth (6 days ago)
Nog een geweldig nummer
Jakes Potgieter (6 days ago)
2019 dates please
Jakes Potgieter (6 days ago)
such soul
Jeovanna Souza (6 days ago)
Big little lies 😍
Max Austin (7 days ago)
is that lakeith stanfield or does he just look like him?
Vicki Wilkinson (7 days ago)
Hope your ok, believe xxx
Sandra Berdegay (7 days ago)
Big Little Lies 👍
rosma wati (7 days ago)
a pleasant surprise to come back to this song and see how much the viewers grow in a year, I am glad this song is not forgotten by time, keep listening to this song guys.
Dario G (7 days ago)
When i was first heard this song i was 100% sure it was Danger Mouse production. Genius !
Noelia (7 days ago)
i love this song, but can anyone explain me what is happening in the video?
Charlotte Colvin (7 days ago)
he is the best
Lea Teuteu (8 days ago)
Belle harmonie, superbe voix😻,je découvre ,je reste souvent sur mes classiques, rock,funk,etc c'est rare que j'aime une musique de maintenant,super morceau,beau arrangements,🇫🇷🎧😻😻😻😻
Cindy Marsh (8 days ago)
Park Jeong (8 days ago)
I can see this being used as in a tarantino film
Gaul1748 (8 days ago)
Different, but in some ways like a Black Bob Dylan. Great talent. Expresses deep feelings in a dramatic way.
Cameron Duncan (8 days ago)
What is your interpretation of this video?
Donna Richardson (8 days ago)
I was trying to remember where I've heard this 🎶 #masterpiece - This song Gives me #goosebumps on top of #Goosebumps ---So Damn Goooood♡x
Ruth Easton (9 days ago)
I have been losing one day at a time!! My whole life!!
Ricardo Simmonds (9 days ago)
You’d swear this is an oldie nice work man
Tiziano Bini (9 days ago)
bellissimo brano gran bella voce
Ahmad Nimreh (9 days ago)
try to listen to (take me to church) and play this clip on mute ... enjoy
eveline salario (9 days ago)
makes me think of this song. : i love both ofcourse : https://youtu.be/6vopR3ys8Kw
Tariq Ghali (9 days ago)
gr8 track.... Way to go Michael
slimdeala4life (9 days ago)
Can someone explain the video to me. So his dad, I assume, died from a drug overdose..? Who's driving him at the end?
pettytheft79 (9 days ago)
I cannot get this song out of my head.....I love how they even recorded the missed guitar frets that most would not leave in
Ken White (9 days ago)
Awesome !!!
foxxies gym ug (9 days ago)
Wow this guy comes from my country and am just getting to know him apologies.. He is so good love from uganda
Kote Puerto (10 days ago)
i'm bleeding but so alive ❤️
Shantal OPinions (10 days ago)
this damn video 😭😭
Pamela Woodward (10 days ago)
When does the 1st verse start?
Nat N (10 days ago)
Just discover this song for two days....at first the Mélody touch my heart. As I’m french I had better listen to the lyrics... I lost my mum and my brother for one year . Unbelievable how that song is really the story of my brother and me .... Love U BROTHER ❤️ Love U Mum ❤️ I miss U so much..
BUZZ LIGHTYEAR (10 days ago)
Bet all these views has warmed his heart up
Mario Robles (10 days ago)
Was expecting for him to start flowing but came to realize that it's just pure soul no rap whatsoever
Natalia K (10 days ago)
I got this song on a CD, listen it every time I ride somewhere in car. Love those vibes.
Marianne Jacob (10 days ago)
Nothing has been this good since the Motown era. Heartfelt, soulful, hugely talented Michael. Just LOVE his music. Thank you!
Dustin Cascade (10 days ago)
Nothing been this good since the Motown era. Heartfelt, soulful, hugely talented Michael. Just LOVE his music. Thank you!
MasterElephand (10 days ago)
this is beautiful and the beginning is very touching.
Rafaila Francisc (10 days ago)
with this voice you could sing from one to ten and the audience will still be in tears...
Mirza Salkic (10 days ago)
Clark Reid (10 days ago)
Feels so good to be able to come across something unique like this nowadays. It's like getting the bejesus gobsmacked out of you- ahhhhh- more, MORE!
Pedro Silva (10 days ago)
Wow, just wow.... My favorite song right now...
Andrew Hernandez (11 days ago)
Gatusso was here.
João Chagas (11 days ago)
thank you youtube recommendations
Anderson mauz (11 days ago)
Beautful music.
chr Dali (11 days ago)
khatia chkhvimiani (11 days ago)
powerful melody and lyrics too high af
Gaby garcia (12 days ago)
Ελληνες ξυπνάτε!!Είναι κομματάρα!!
Bahrox (12 days ago)
Ova pjesma je naj bolja pjesma koju sam ikada čuo.
Luciano Black (12 days ago)
Baptized in pain,reborn the evolved
Sarita Bonita (13 days ago)
Rafael Otani (13 days ago)
Damn it, it bring me to tears
Anthony Velasquez (13 days ago)
Good jam
Gabe Dove (13 days ago)
I came across this song from Atlanta, crazy cool to see Lakeith in the video!
carlotta luvatto (14 days ago)
gunnar björnsson (14 days ago)
it you lose you gif some bary
I think two guys made song more beautiful
CP Breizh (14 days ago)
The music is one with this master piece of serie. Thanks both for having giving us so much pleasure. La musique et ce morceau en particulier ne sont qu'un dans cette série qui nous a emporté comme l'écume sur les falaises de la magnifique côte sauvage Californienne. Merci Mickael.
Denise Clark (14 days ago)
Great movie and beautiful song
Wonderful Big Little Lies HBO tv series brought me here 📺💙💛.
Berk Şentürk (15 days ago)
Hey Sara, i really love you
Kitty Lapp (15 days ago)
this song is amazing!
First Last (15 days ago)
Do 8k people have warm big hearts or something? Why so many dislikes
Dani Tey (15 days ago)
Olav Gunnar Flåten (15 days ago)
Happy NEW 19...👌, with this beautiful song! Thanks! Give me goosebumps😀!
Brendan Lynch (16 days ago)
Epic ✌
OlgaMariaMaria (16 days ago)
Beautiful song !!!🙂❤❤
K U (16 days ago)
Such a good song with soul, rhythm and passion. This is what I think of when I think of soul music.
Malin Lund (17 days ago)
Since I heard this the first time, it has grown on me. One night I played this for a friend of mine and like always, everybody loves it, and he did too. Tonight when it feels that Im loosing myself, I remembered what I said to my friend "since I found this, I will never be alone again". So beautiful <3 So if anyone has simular songs like this, please hit me up. Im drowning...
Mo 2k (17 days ago)
I was stupidly looking through Leon bridges songs on Spotify trying to find this. I'm a dumbass haha

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