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Michael Kiwanuka - Cold Little Heart

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"Cold Little Heart", directed by David Helman and starring Keith Stanfield. Michael Kiwanuka's new album 'Love & Hate' is out now. https://MichaelKiwanuka.lnk.to/LoveAndHateID Sign up to Michael’s mailing list here to be the first to hear about new music & tour dates:http://po.st/KiwanukaNews https://www.facebook.com/MichaelKiwanuka https://twitter.com/michaelkiwanuka https://www.instagram.com/michaelkiwanuka http://michaelkiwanuka.com/ Music video by Michael Kiwanuka performing Cold Little Heart. (C) 2017 Polydor Ltd. (UK) http://vevo.ly/Axeqg5
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Text Comments (4747)
Alex Elera (7 hours ago)
Christi Orr (10 hours ago)
Love this song so much!!
nikoteen22 (11 hours ago)
Tell me a story please
Nikhila (14 hours ago)
Beautiful beautiful beautiful song 😊
Joe Cosey (14 hours ago)
Awesome Man! LOVE
Sabali Wanjiku (18 hours ago)
Everything about this is deep and it's what my heart needs right now
Sally Merrison (1 day ago)
Oops. Wrong year submitted comment. it’s 2019. Sally Lou
Sally Merrison (1 day ago)
Could not be a better theme song for Big Little Lies. HBO series 2018. Summarizes the entire storyline. Have a blessed Easter 🙏. Sally Lou Sat.,April 19, 2018. BTW Complete lyrics are in the comment made by Mario Galasso. Thanks, Mario.
Salma Farghali (1 day ago)
i do not like it
singletonman1 (1 day ago)
sukhvir (1 day ago)
so glad i clicked
DJ The Man (1 day ago)
In the music world of duplication and reiteration You’re artistry and originality is refreshing to hear #HUGEFAN -Executive Producer CorporateCityRadio.com
Marlene Justiniano (1 day ago)
No tengo ni idea de lo k dice esta canción, pero me parece chulisima me encanta 💖.
Carlos Martel (1 day ago)
Mercedes Benz GLE advertise brings me here
Emptiness Form (2 days ago)
I'd like to have a coffee with Michael one day
Thot Odinson (2 days ago)
big little lies fans we rise
Tatiana Bachárová (2 days ago)
big little lies 2 omg its coming yall !
Kef Bana (3 days ago)
I don’t believe in the institute of marriage anymore.
Joe Capman (3 days ago)
This song is so profound he is forgiven and healed GOD ALMIGHTY THANK YOU
Joe Capman (3 days ago)
I love this this man is confessing the truth god bless him
WP T (3 days ago)
Shit. Just noticed that Darius is in this vid.
uthunderilightning (4 days ago)
I can't put my finger on it but there are many elements of this that remind me of a Bollywood song from when I was little.
missjoshemmett (4 days ago)
Sooooooo beautiful!
Raquel Pérez (4 days ago)
Gran descubrimiento!! Me encanta este artista!!! Canciones con estilo propio y elegante, sensual e identidad propia!! Increíble!!!
Karen Mcdermid (4 days ago)
A must hear this at least 100 times a day love 😍 this song 🌟 🎤 🎸 🇬🇧 💯 2019 x love and hate brilliant album x
Véronique FOUILLIT (5 days ago)
WAHOU :O SO BEAUTIFUL, Thank you so much
wah Luigi (5 days ago)
I hecking love this we need some more newer Motown songs
Man from Atlanta
Paul Oneill (6 days ago)
The beginning kind of reminds me of a Sergio Leone , Ennio Morricone type score to some epic, gritty western
Fusion on Line (6 days ago)
So soft - so good..
Christel Thomas (6 days ago)
This is the most beautiful thing
Henrik (6 days ago)
So few people here from Big little lies
zinctanks (7 days ago)
Feeling rejected or depressed? Build a bridge and get over it......
dierdriu (7 days ago)
My nephew's life was taken from him far too early last month. Listening to this song, watching this video, I feel so keenly the loss of innocence, the loss of connection, the loss of potential. It hurts, but it helps me feel less lonely in my grief. My sweet boy, I love you. You were a precious gift to us for the 19 years we got you.
Death Mainiac (4 days ago)
im so sorry for your loss . sending you love , light, and hope
Paul Oneill (7 days ago)
Just Discovered this awesomeness :)
Gina Jiminez (7 days ago)
Big Little lies..ty
Sarai h (8 days ago)
thank you Michael for another great hit
saam saam (8 days ago)
what is the BPM of this song
Sierra Gillispie (8 days ago)
yasmeen brought me here 🙃
Martine Erkens (8 days ago)
Sabuncu Kaya (8 days ago)
Süper.. TURKISH...
yo roxx (9 days ago)
Lakeith Stanfield!!
Isabel Louise (9 days ago)
the clapping machine ruined it a little for me tbh...
DJ Joshi (9 days ago)
Hearing song for first time. Miss my elder brother who is no more....always my role model always my ideal...you will stay with me always. Love you wherever you are!
Scott van der Werf (4 days ago)
Sorry for your loss...Respect
dierdriu (7 days ago)
I'm sorry for your loss, DJ Joshi.
adinlewa abraham (7 days ago)
No offense but what killed him ,by the way I am really sorry for ur loose
Alex K (9 days ago)
•sakura Mai• (9 days ago)
I used to listen this with him, now I'm here alone without him around...why life is so hard ?
Не знаю про что песня, однако выполнение потрясающее и подпевают уникально, прекрасно. The Best !!!!!!
Codri Luyk (9 days ago)
I am obsessed with this song!
çağatay çiçekci (10 days ago)
Bojana Drpljanin (10 days ago)
Big little lies 🥀
Geovana Rocha (10 days ago)
lakeith stanfield <3
Daniel Lugone (10 days ago)
New cd-mix-for-the-car-idea...all songs are this one. I LOVE this song!
Andrzej Daszczyński (11 days ago)
Doskonałe pod każdym względem...muza i obraz.Ja i mój syn uwielbiamy ten utwór : )
Andrzej Daszczyński (11 days ago)
terre de france (11 days ago)
Это- же "Pink Floyd"! Чувак- я люблю тебя!!! (This is the same "Pink Floyd"! Dude- I love you !!!)
Dat Weeb (11 days ago)
Great song, but I just wanted to say I’m stoned rn and that the longest 6 minutes of my life and they were well spent
Gaul1748 (11 days ago)
Only someone who has crossed that bridge really knows what is on the other side.
vasileios loymanis (11 days ago)
Makari naksera ksenes gloses,na katakavena ti elege na to metafraso
BUZZ LIGHTYEAR (11 days ago)
Bless who loves this song?
Jan Koch (12 days ago)
Fantastic Song 👍
peace out (12 days ago)
I PLAYED THIS SONG FOR A DEAR FRIEND ONE OF THE LAST TIMES I SAW HIM. he said he wasn't used to this type of music, this soulful song style. he mainly listened to electronic trap and house, trance and this song hit him, we felt the same, like a watershed moment and it was perfect.
skyandstars (12 days ago)
Carpe BB (13 days ago)
I heard this song in the Cheesecake Factory 😩 googled the muffled lyrics I could hear and ... I’m so glad I made it here !
Odey (9 days ago)
Carpe BB heard it play at work two days ago and I kept repeating "did you ever notice I've been ashamed all my life" quietly to myself so I wouldn't forget those lyrics and so I could look them up later. So glad I found the song!
Chris Fullone (13 days ago)
Such a great song
Space Track (13 days ago)
This is just deep
andrea guiterrez (13 days ago)
dnyyce212 (14 days ago)
Mercedes Benz commercial brought me here, feel it in my soul
What a voice.
Sad & Beautiful!
I’m here from Big Little Lies . I hope they give him the recognition he deserves , it’s the main reason most people give the show a shot in the first place . The opening sequence is well done . I just hope they didn’t add in Bonnie and Skye’s character just so they didn’t have to feel guilty. Skye is the character with the least personality out of all the kids and smallest storyline . 🙄 They couldn’t have found a kid with personality because that’s not what the show is about it’s meant to focus on the important kids right ?
Panos 7 (14 days ago)
Lazy_Gamer (15 days ago)
Only just found this,so a bit late to the party but a great track so glad i stumbled upon this......
Jeveshen Naicker (10 days ago)
Same bruh
Connor Blake (15 days ago)
Yo is this the actor from Atlanta??????
Timmy Begley (15 days ago)
This Song Made Me Watch Big Little Lies.
Assiatou Broan (15 days ago)
Thank you so much for this beautiful song, this is the only song I’ve ever heard that explains how I feel In my life. Thank you
Saint Ofelia (15 days ago)
This is Music, hello music
Kim G. (16 days ago)
I'm glad I came across this song! I love it!!
Nicholas (16 days ago)
Freakin' love this.
Cody hayes (17 days ago)
Finally found it
this girl coronado (17 days ago)
😮🙃👏💓FKN WOW! Just heard this a second ago for the first time and already hooked !!!! Ahhh, replay replay replay !!!!!! Thank you Mr.K!
harrie (17 days ago)
Vengo por larry ahre
Ron Kryngel (18 days ago)
Mystical blend of music and lyrics. It frees your imagination to wonder your heart
mlybgabies (18 days ago)
This an absolutely beautiful song; but the video takes my breathe away.
tragic life (18 days ago)
This is me
Betty Feldfeber (18 days ago)
Keti Lazarevska (18 days ago)
Athena Harris (19 days ago)
what the hell does this video have to do with the song? Could someone explain to me what this video it about? I'm confused. But LOVE this song!
Sky Sweet (19 days ago)
Y ? (19 days ago)
Never give up
Bob Wells (19 days ago)
So beautiful, sad, and real. I've seen so many families destroyed by drugs. Father's gone, wives and children left behind and broken. "One last time" is too many...think of your family...don't.
Summerzz :/ (19 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Ginger Rough (19 days ago)
Theme song from Big Little Lies
GALL GOLLOB (19 days ago)
לראשונה שומעת שיר יפהפה תודה🌹
Bruno Pereira (19 days ago)
It´s so beautiful. I wanna dance. l wanna cry. I´m so confused by his songs. Amazing!!
Vaisakh kp (19 days ago)
Hi I love this song very much. Gives me pain and happiness at same time. Can someone tell me the exact theme and lyrics meaning. Or atleast suggest any link.
Rachel Creech (20 days ago)
Laynes Addiction (20 days ago)
Just heard this it Will be on repeat in my head for days !!!!
Thomas Etzlstorfer (20 days ago)
In lovely meories big little lies
John Apicelli (21 days ago)
It surprises me that over 9,000 people gave this wonderful melody a thumbs down...Go figure.
Christine Garza (21 days ago)
This song takes me to a different place. I just love it! Michael Kiwanuka is a favorite of mine <3 His music helps me to write and reminisce '' Thank You Michael Kiwanuka "

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