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5 Outfit Ideas for School! - Boho, Edgy, Classic, Glam

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Text Comments (219)
Flight Of Spice Blog (1 year ago)
Can you do annother one of these videos?
H6ney Sparkss (1 year ago)
*okay but can we talk about that intro...😍*
E P (1 year ago)
what you (probably) came for starts at 2:13
honey millkteaa (3 years ago)
Subscribe to my videos !?
Veni Vidi Amavi (3 years ago)
Dani I love your attitude and video quality PLUS style...but I feel your personality has become...idk. Different, lot of self-promoting and sponsor videos, which isn't necessarily bad(: I suppose you act different now that school's in sesh and you're stressed for time more
Kennedy Bright (3 years ago)
what song is that in the intro, before you start talking!?
MelissaVela (3 years ago)
Bekah (3 years ago)
I'm absolutely positive that you didn't mean to do it on purpose, but just so you know for the future, g*psy is a slur.
Amanda Tran (3 years ago)
Actual video starts at 2:10 btw
Emily Rhodes (3 years ago)
all of your videos are so creative, i love them all
Irene Kalogrias (3 years ago)
how old are you?
Lilian P. (3 years ago)
play at 2:17 to skip the long intro you're welcome.
LovelyPastelPuppy (3 years ago)
I like the first outfit, it's fancy. :)
Jenn Playford (3 years ago)
danielle!!!! you should make a PO box because i have really cute shops where i live and i know you would love them!!!!! srry if this sounded creepy....
Prim G (3 years ago)
Anyone know the names of the first two songs???
Kalynn Braendle (3 years ago)
Love this video!!! Can you please do a planner organization video? :)
Camila Lucero (3 years ago)
Danielle's videos never disappoint !
siti namira (3 years ago)
omg I just found your youtube like 3 days ago and I watched all your video , I kind a obsessed with you hahaha I love you so much and your advice or tips is helpful love youuuuuu
Erlina Berisha (3 years ago)
😍😍😍go girl 😍😍😍
Maddy Vilhauer (3 years ago)
So happy to be in the dam fam
Khushi Patel (3 years ago)
What's the first song please tell me
Hannah Detwiler (3 years ago)
PLEASE START VLOGGING!! I would die. Love you!
Simply Thea (3 years ago)
Isn't this video meant to be a COLLAB with Lauren?
lucy newkirk (3 years ago)
Shorter intro 😩 ur videos are awesome though❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
emily Howell (3 years ago)
Okay but how is $58 for a bracelet cheap???
its so inspired ^^
DIY's by Elena (3 years ago)
Your editing is bomb!!!
The Curly Lacey (3 years ago)
I love this so so much! all outfits are gorgeous
Kristine Ortiz (3 years ago)
Whats the 2nd song in the intro?
Lottie Smalley (3 years ago)
freakin love you and your vibes
Gabby G. (3 years ago)
Ninti A (3 years ago)
loved the first look totally something I would wear :)
Megan H (3 years ago)
can you please do outfit of the weeks this year? :)
amber lincoln (3 years ago)
love it !!! :)
Natalie Brin (3 years ago)
You so deserve 1 million subscribers
crystalcreates (3 years ago)
Love the different looks! My fave was the second one! :)
Nasim Matthew (3 years ago)
Ahhhh these were SO CUTE!!!
Caroline Hammond (3 years ago)
Does anybody know where I can buy the shoes (or similar) in the 5th outfit? I checked windsors website and they didn't have them on there. :)
Kelly Suas (3 years ago)
I literally got that Loft top today! Twinning lol
Shifali Kerudi (3 years ago)
you deserve soooo many more subsricbers and you put so much work into your videos! ilysfm danielle :))
Emma W (3 years ago)
I really like that bracelet set but it's 62 dollars and that's not affordable at all like you said
Juliamitsy (3 years ago)
my dresscode isn't that strict, we can wear anything but shorts that aren't finger tip length , only if its really noticeable how short they are
Jennifer Villatoro (3 years ago)
2:13 💗
Piya M (3 years ago)
You have great style!(:
Sarah Fears (3 years ago)
Awesome video!
Rachel Reynoso (3 years ago)
What your nationality??????????
Fatma Akbar (3 years ago)
Can you please start vlogging ?? I can't get enough of you ❤️
lightsoff (3 years ago)
Her typical "literally so gooooood!" "Literally so cuuuuuteeee!" "They are so so so so so so goooood" when she can't describe something.
BeautyBallistic (3 years ago)
Love. It💜
Jessica Ramirez (3 years ago)
I am in love w/ your videos!!!! I wish you could post more :( I was so glad you posted this on a Sunday (:
Ronelle Bakima (3 years ago)
You should definitely do more fashion videos, I love your style!
Katie Lancaster (3 years ago)
love your videos !!💙💜
DanniAndChels (3 years ago)
Super cute outfits! Where is that olive tank that your wearing from?
shaannbaby (3 years ago)
Cute outfits girl! :)
olivia anderson (3 years ago)
Michelle Kings (3 years ago)
Sarah Friedland (3 years ago)
Ice horny chain
sky chloe (3 years ago)
But ur style and clothes are adorable 😍😍
Claire S. (3 years ago)
You didn't have any flowers behind you today! The video was great though!!
Susan Cunliffe (3 years ago)
Your style is on point
sunshine23359 (3 years ago)
Paula Rizo (3 years ago)
Please do a morning routine for school!!!❤️
Hailey Danielle (3 years ago)
the last outfit was so perfect! :) xx
Minxy May (3 years ago)
You have literally the best style!!!!
Minxy May (3 years ago)
Absolutely LOVE IT!!!!
Pierce Olivia (3 years ago)
I love this sooo much and the editing is amazing!!!!
suryanshi kalra (3 years ago)
Where was the deck like place? you have shot quite a few outfits there it is beautiful!!!
Selina Vv (3 years ago)
Love your style 😘
Kyla Hamlin (3 years ago)
Love it!!! Would love for you to do Fall outfits
mary grace (3 years ago)
Why did you upload today ilyssssssssssssm😘🌺
DarknLovelyAnita W. (3 years ago)
So pretty
Jeanine Amapola (3 years ago)
You are so cute! ❤️
Jeanine Amapola (3 years ago)
Oh my gosh the dress from look 4!! NEED
Elise P (3 years ago)
you are so gifted with styling outfits!
Livia Hosegrove (3 years ago)
Every outfit was so so so CUTE!! Loved the vid :)
Naike Shoo (3 years ago)
Your so pretty 😍
Yasmine Nicole (3 years ago)
Wish I could be like you!! Omg loved all the outfits!!
Yasmine Nicole (3 years ago)
By the way, I loved the necklaces!!! xo
Nathalie Ortiz (3 years ago)
Your videos make me so excited
Katie Stice (3 years ago)
Love everything you wear
Piaspassion (3 years ago)
That's the cutest video you've ever made xx Love the bohemian look <3 GREAT VIDEO!
Bayron contreras (3 years ago)
Your so beautiful (:
Anna Maria (3 years ago)
loved everything
Sadie Kate (3 years ago)
Seriously love the outfits that you put together, they're so fun and wearable!
styliz19 (3 years ago)
need all of the jewelry you showed!! & the profesh bruncher I NEED
Emily Wass (3 years ago)
Your style is my favorite 😍
Jennifer santos (3 years ago)
What one store should I go for back to school shopping if I love fashion like you?
Brianna Marie (3 years ago)
Windsor also :)
Manelokas (3 years ago)
I'd definetly check out Asos, Zara and Forever21! They have great stuff similar to her style!! :)
Lily Brown (3 years ago)
ugh gooooooaaaaallllsssssssss
Alexis Klumpyan (3 years ago)
This surprise Sunday video literally made my day
Sky Maree (3 years ago)
All of these outfits are great! You"re my favorite youtuber and your fashion videos are my favorite!
mollie man (3 years ago)
yay surprise uploads are my fav!!!
Helen Magdalena (3 years ago)
I love all the outifts! I NEED TO STEAL YOUR CLOSET!!! #DANFAM
Angela Xie (3 years ago)
legitimately just looking for some inspiration!!!
Ela Katina Krizmanić (3 years ago)
That third outfit though!!😍😍😍
Karla McCann (3 years ago)
another great video Danielle! :) love you
Norah (3 years ago)
Are you still friends with Lucie? Love the video <3
Danielle Marie Carolan (3 years ago)
+MrsPeanutButter7 yes we are still besties!!
ashleyzsz (3 years ago)
Is look number 3's top recent? I looked on Tjmax and can't seem to find it. Obsessed with that shirt
Katie Liagridonis (3 years ago)
Nice! Good job with 2 videos within 24 hours!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Katie Liagridonis (3 years ago)
They're both super high-quality :)
Christina (3 years ago)
i love your style :)
Jensen croughan (3 years ago)
Caitlin Soule (3 years ago)
LOVE SURPRISES ❤️ thank you fir the outfit ideas, its my second week of school as a sophomore and these are very helpful, love youu and thanks for the inspiration
Chaymae Tab (3 years ago)
i just am in love with your style and videos . and what makes you attractive is how positive you are ♥♥♥♥♥
Danielle Marie Carolan (3 years ago)
+Chaymae Tab awww thank you!!!!

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