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Getting dressed in the 18th century - working woman

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A working woman gets dressed in the fashion of 18th century. From the makers of this video for the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Liverpool: https://youtu.be/UpnwWP3fOSA We have also been commissioned to produce a video on how a man dressed in the 18th century. http://www.periodcostume.co.uk/getting-dressed-in-the-18th-century-working-woman/ Thanks to support from https://www.loveniplaw.co.uk/ Director/Cinematographer: Nick Loven https://www.instagram.com/crowseyeproductions/ https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/83a22H Producer/Costumier: Pauline Loven https://www.instagram.com/periodwardrobe/ Production Assistant: Lilli Stoddart Woman: Liv Free https://www.instagram.com/thelivfree/ Voice-over: Martha Milne https://www.instagram.com/machinequilter/ Location: Friends Meeting House, Brant Broughton Carpentry: Peter Halse Pottery: Andrew MacDonald of the Pot Shop, Lincoln https://www.facebook.com/potshop1/ Bed Quilt: Martha and Emily Milne Cockerel: Hughie Special thanks to the Friends for permission to use the Meeting House and to Wendy Gwatkin in particular, for all her support at the Meeting House and the loan of antique furniture too! Many thanks to John O’Boyle for allowing us to record his cockerel Hughie!
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Text Comments (11002)
TheRealrA9 (2 hours ago)
Soooo many layers!!
John Kylander (3 hours ago)
She's very heavily dressed for a "working girl"
Azmira Zubad (5 hours ago)
Omg this is the basis of live action Belle's blue dress
beth geisler (8 hours ago)
I am Янот (12 hours ago)
Неужели я одна тут российская?
p Hs (14 hours ago)
Can you do 21st century? Just curious
Hala Ashmawy (15 hours ago)
DID HER SLEEVES GETTING STUCK IN HER JACKET NOT ANNOY HER?! Bruh and how did they get to their pockets? That bag that's under all those skirts...?
ShadowX cake (16 hours ago)
Honestly dis looks darn good.but not on me coz id be hella sweaty
No Pikers (23 hours ago)
Seems more like armor then fashion.
Jalynn Somerville (1 day ago)
Well not all woman had these problems. Some of them were slaves. I have no sympathy for white women in the 17th/18th century.
notorious.gambler (2 days ago)
Very beautiful lass. Worth marrying indeed
Rajeswari Ghosh (3 days ago)
Imagine you are wearing this and you have to pee🙀
Vindexproeliator (3 days ago)
I'm in love!
tanisha cutie girl (3 days ago)
I wondered why women of 18th century looked fat now I know but how do they go for restroom seriously those days were horrible
CCSA Channel (3 days ago)
Tbh I love this clothing style
Luna Midnight (3 days ago)
Friend-"My wife dies of a heat stroke" Me-"Oh man, I'm sorry to hear that," Friend-"At least she didn't get frostbite,"
how are you supposed to see the stair steps with all those layers?
Mikayla Bessette (4 days ago)
How can she let her sleeves get get bunched up like that
Khaleda Firooz (4 days ago)
I thought she was done when she reached the green layer lamo
DOGMA1138 (5 days ago)
Well that's one way of preventing your husband form shtooping the help make it so it take 2 hours to undress them.
Gorky (5 days ago)
Better than today's clothes.
Dean Dela Cruz (5 days ago)
if i lived like this i'll be really late from my work haha...make up this in 20th century took me 30mins (basic make up) then add this dressing up..haha
Mafer xd (5 days ago)
wow, they used a lot of clothes
areyouokay (5 days ago)
Who tf wears practically 9 layers??????
Erica Fields (6 days ago)
Now it’s just t-shirts and some shorts 😂
nothing much (6 days ago)
Does anyone else wonder how hot they’re gonna be in the summer?
LA2047 (6 days ago)
Can you imagine how long a strip tease would last?!
Mary Lucus Flannery (7 days ago)
were these used in early america?
Eran Ariel (7 days ago)
Adorning a short and skimpy skirt and then primping out in front of the mirror. :)
//Kitty Lover\\ (8 days ago)
Idk why but I've always wanted to be born in the 18 century because of the outfits.. Untell I see a girl wearing 5 million layers on this video ;-;
mattorama (8 days ago)
So they wear clothes with a low neck line... then wear another garment to compensate for the low neck line.
In_Jail_out_soon (8 days ago)
I’m sweating *for* her
Michel Austria (8 days ago)
Shes like wearing literal time of armor!
corrinne s (9 days ago)
holy shit that’s like 47 layers of clothing and she has to WORK like that???
Tyler Pinkert (9 days ago)
Do you guys do behind the scenes? I really want to hear the turmoil that happens when the actors are told they're dressing 100% traditionally today.
Mayra Glória (9 days ago)
Carai, Imagina o peso só em roupas 😵
A.Myers (9 days ago)
Sooo they stank, had lots of layers to have to get off, not much waxing or shaving so they looked like a fucking sasquatch undressed..they must of hardly fucked at all!...thank god for modern times!
Vio Ani (9 days ago)
How many of them died because of a heat stroke? Like how did they put on so many... I can’t even right now. This is giving me anxiety.
1-800-Idon'tgiveafck (9 days ago)
*They. Have. Bigger. Pockets*
SparksFly (10 days ago)
_When wearing a jumper makes you look fat but she wearing 20+ shirts and still got a better waistline_
Kitty Mittens (10 days ago)
It’s a lot of layer but... I’d wear it... it’s pretty
marisatparis is dope (10 days ago)
How many clothes we wore before global warming
David Corea (10 days ago)
Take a shot for every layer she puts on
Celina Kay (10 days ago)
I'm anemic so all these layers don't seem too bad for winter lol but summer...I'd pass out
Real Shreya Maloo :D (10 days ago)
You haft to appreciate that it only took like five minutes when it would take me like five hours
SA KI (10 days ago)
Shauna Paulson (10 days ago)
She has more pockets than all of my dresses I’m pissed
Tropa Tropia (10 days ago)
Lol try wearing that in tropical countries and a minute later you'll be sweating so bad that you'll have a heatstroke xD
Jello Flan (10 days ago)
No bras!?!? Sign me up!!
sammie kate era (10 days ago)
I think THIS would probably be equal to the work she is doing.
Why am I watching someone get dressed???? 😂
Horus T'an (10 days ago)
is this the cloth of a 18th century working woman? did an ordinary working woman in the 18th century have enough money to purchase so many layers of clothes?
Cresent Wolf (10 days ago)
That woman in the end look like she from the story of the handmaids or something
PinkyHongBeanie TM (10 days ago)
I'm I the only one who likes it? I mean it's modest and simple yet functional
Chinchilla Fuzz (10 days ago)
I'm getting hot flashes just by watching this 😭
the bookshelf (10 days ago)
It must feel good to take that all off in the end of the day. It'd also be like the great reveal.
i think i ate a fly (10 days ago)
I wish we could return back and wear these kinds of clothes! Clothes back then looks so amazing!
Nirmala Ranabhat (10 days ago)
A clothing ad popped up when I was watching this video!
Elizabeth Merielle (10 days ago)
Lmao what if the working woman was late?
MadamFoogie (10 days ago)
Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?
Chinna Reid (11 days ago)
We have less clothing now, and it still takes us forever to get dressed
Cyberdemon Mike (11 days ago)
The proof that if you're hot you can wear anything.
Potato Girl (11 days ago)
Myghaud i feel soo uncomfortable just by looking at her while putting on layers of clothes
IvyTruong (11 days ago)
I want a pocket that big
Emery Nuner (11 days ago)
I would die, I live in Texas
jade (11 days ago)
imagine getting dressed in the morning
V_MIN_KOOK BTS (11 days ago)
Imagine the gap. Now the others are only wearing like a piece of cloth just covering their most private parts........
Rylee Johnston (11 days ago)
I’m never really into dresses and that type of “girly” stuff (btw I am a girl) but I was mesmerized while watching this video
Josh (11 days ago)
*handmaids tale enters the chat*
precious little dork (11 days ago)
i bet she would die of the heat if she wore this on a 99 degree f day.
Heidy Ramirez (11 days ago)
I would die of heat in that.
The dress alone is like SO pretty (After the petticoat and,y'know)
ashley klotz (11 days ago)
See, to me... this is normal
ashley klotz (11 days ago)
As someone who goes to Ren faire every year and spends 5 minutes just getting moccasin boots on.. another 5 getting the corset on... and another 15-20 getting dressed.. this video should have been longer
Annie Potter (11 days ago)
I can not see Eliza in this
It literally makes her look fat
Md Home (11 days ago)
so glad we dont have to wear that stuff it would be horrible
Alex Smith (11 days ago)
Imagine getting intimate with her. The guy would be sound asleep once all of that is off 😂😂😂
Camryn D (11 days ago)
Weather: 30 degrees *me:*
Ilaria Franchi (11 days ago)
She kinda looks like the Handmaid's Tale women
hunys (11 days ago)
so. many. LAYERS.
Stephanie VM (11 days ago)
I'm getting a heat stroke from watching this
ChomperSub (11 days ago)
I just cant imagine how sweaty i would be, once i take it all off...
Paralyzed girl (11 days ago)
Girl:I am happy with my clothes. Me:You can't make me where a t-shirt under this polo. Mom!
Constantine's Revenge (11 days ago)
It's like women tried really hard to make themselves look ugly. Cause they're all hot, but they get gradually less attractive as they put more of those clothes on, especially covering their hair.
Danny Danny (11 days ago)
Evan Balser (11 days ago)
*This is like the 100 layers clothes challenge lmao*
monaca morgan (11 days ago)
Thats alot to wear...but id try it once
Itz_ Jendukie (11 days ago)
How I feel putting on my school uniform
Barbie 安猿ヘ (11 days ago)
*Me when i have no internet*
Kayleigh East (11 days ago)
If it was winter I would love to wear this, but imagine it in summer!! 😨
Sophia (11 days ago)
Looks like wearing a bunch of blankets tbh
PandaPrincess_ (11 days ago)
wow so interesting all the clothes you had to layer on at that time!
Crazy Girlie (11 days ago)
miia moos (11 days ago)
i would love to wear my clothes like this, but with less layers of coarse.
Dannie Diamond (12 days ago)
Who has the time
Jill Pierson (12 days ago)
So cute 😍
Tia Melancholy (12 days ago)
How the fuck can they move with all those layers? Especially in the summer 💀
taylor boehland (12 days ago)
*has war flash backs from being forced to read the hand maids tale after seeing the red cloak and white cap* lord I hate that book.
Maloree (12 days ago)
100 layers of clothes challenge am I right?! Shit.

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