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Getting dressed in the 18th century - working woman

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A working woman gets dressed in the fashion of 18th century. From the makers of this video for the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Liverpool: https://youtu.be/UpnwWP3fOSA We have also been commissioned to produce a video on how a man dressed in the 18th century. http://www.periodcostume.co.uk/getting-dressed-in-the-18th-century-working-woman/ Thanks to support from https://www.loveniplaw.co.uk/ Director/Cinematographer: Nick Loven https://www.instagram.com/crowseyeproductions/ https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/83a22H Producer/Costumier: Pauline Loven https://www.instagram.com/periodwardrobe/ Production Assistant: Lilli Stoddart Woman: Liv Free https://www.instagram.com/thelivfree/ Voice-over: Martha Milne https://www.instagram.com/machinequilter/ Location: Friends Meeting House, Brant Broughton Carpentry: Peter Halse Pottery: Andrew MacDonald of the Pot Shop, Lincoln https://www.facebook.com/potshop1/ Bed Quilt: Martha and Emily Milne Cockerel: Hughie Special thanks to the Friends for permission to use the Meeting House and to Wendy Gwatkin in particular, for all her support at the Meeting House and the loan of antique furniture too! Many thanks to John O’Boyle for allowing us to record his cockerel Hughie!
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Text Comments (10533)
Natasha Chen (13 minutes ago)
Um... That’s a lot of layers
Holly B. Nails (19 minutes ago)
Mkay but i kind of love how the petticoats are fitted
Da Mao (2 hours ago)
going to bathroom would be hard.
kralle7611 (2 hours ago)
hawt af tbh.
Reagan Bratcher (3 hours ago)
Now women walk around with their boobs and butt cheeks hanging out
Irene Caiello (4 hours ago)
Star Atom Jinjo Tweety (7 hours ago)
When fashion was more complex than today’s dressing style.
JUST GO WITH THE FLOW (8 hours ago)
Joseph Newman (10 hours ago)
Rafael Carlos (13 hours ago)
Me getting ready in a daily basis:
Philippines Countryball (14 hours ago)
What if it got way to hot and they didnt have enough time to take those layers up?
A positive brat (15 hours ago)
Imagine all the time she wastes every day on dressing up.
viviennefoggie (15 hours ago)
She totally just won the 100 layers challenge.
Waffletime sama (23 hours ago)
I thought she was puting on full body armor after she pinned her shirt
Asuna Yamato (23 hours ago)
Boi what is up with with the skirt I would die of heat
Louise Adayah Cerda (1 day ago)
So many layers so for me its so hot inside
Melissa Keilty (1 day ago)
that is actually a very beautiful outfit
Xinyuan Lin (1 day ago)
Is it just me or the clothes in the 18 century looks good?
I can’t breathe watching this
Avril Velasco (1 day ago)
how do you poop or piss in that clothing?...Just a ramdom thought.
Erfan Vlogs (1 day ago)
*since 18th century till 21st century women took more time to get ready for work*
禧少 (1 day ago)
Toxic Queen (1 day ago)
Ok not to sound like weird or anything but just imagine trying to do anything sexual with your partner like anything at all!
Cynthia Hughes (2 days ago)
I like how she is dressed, comfortable, easy to move in and not dull in color even before the addition of the beautiful red cloak, which I totally want one now.
Wow she wore a- *red riding hood*
Eryan724 (2 days ago)
Everyone: there was a mini ice age back then!! Thats why they dressed so much! Cause it was cold!!
Raffaella (2 days ago)
What is the name of the song @3:45?
Jacinda Bezaldo (2 days ago)
So Handmaid's Tale at the end
Next video: Getting undressed in the 18th century - working woman ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Fire Fox (2 days ago)
5:15 Whatisthatnoiselol
Fire Fox (2 days ago)
Oh my lord- These poor women- All that stuff just to go do labor in their farm to feed chickens or somthing-
Одежда вроде для озари, однако шапочка тонковата
gar field (3 days ago)
Muchi (3 days ago)
She needed a coat?
Pinar Hassan (3 days ago)
An almost identical video to the National Museums Liverpool "Getting dressed in the 18th century" video (made in 2017), save for the fact that this is for a 'working woman'. Tut tut.
CrowsEyeProductions (3 days ago)
We made that one, too.
Sofia Marie (3 days ago)
Anyone here in they year 420?
Artistic_Arsenal 1 (4 days ago)
How the hell did I get to this video....
Ana Menjivar (4 days ago)
Um.... I got horny watching this lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sara Borglund (4 days ago)
Destynee Paradise (4 days ago)
Ahh, this is sooo uncomfortable!!! Imagine already late for work...and you have to catch public transport!!! Unbearable!!!
LEMONADE (4 days ago)
Damn woman all that to feed some chicken
Itz Animyzx :D (4 days ago)
thats so hot if i wear that.
esli xoxx (4 days ago)
*struggles tying shoes* *see’s this video* Yeah no...
ANJALI GIGI (4 days ago)
people nowadays don't even wear half the amount of fabric this lady has on her...😂😂
Violet Rae (4 days ago)
How the heck is she supposed to use the pocket??
Rhianna Miller (4 days ago)
Ugh so much CLOTHINGGG
Kawaii Cupcake (4 days ago)
Imagine being late to work in the 18th century, you sleep in late, wake up "Oh, crap!" (proceeds to hurriedly put on 4 layers) (15 mins later) "OK IM DONE LETS GO" (proceeds to quickly shuffle along with giant dress)
that cold girl lily (5 days ago)
i feel bad for the southerners
CeeCeeGlam101 (5 days ago)
I love this ❤️
Eggmon - (5 days ago)
Just imagine wearing about 12 skirts and no panties. Damn...
fatima. (5 days ago)
i nearly died watching her put multiple layers on
unknown (5 days ago)
who is watching this 18th centuary😎🙋
Bunny TV (5 days ago)
Bunny TV (5 days ago)
Rihanna Jackson (5 days ago)
It's so pretty
Bunny TV (5 days ago)
i actually hate it
Gaby ayequeen (6 days ago)
Omg so much clothing
Matty ander (6 days ago)
Anon Anon (6 days ago)
Took about 50mins-1:15 hour to finish wearing all of that
Angela Brea (6 days ago)
18th century: morning routine 5-7 minutes 2019: morning routine 30 min - an hour
rainy day vibes (6 days ago)
wow she put on 6 skirts.shes all puffy.
Eryka Fleischer (6 days ago)
I would look incredibly fat
Am I the only one that thinks this is actually beautiful like with out the jacket and the hat
Helghast (7 days ago)
She is bulletproof now
Fzlowez (7 days ago)
Beautiful clothing
skinny legend (7 days ago)
2019: clothes doesn't even exist
Bell Bito (7 days ago)
I could imagine someone watching this video because they were going to see Hamilton.
Dana Ondráčková (7 days ago)
somehow I found this and I love the voice of the narrator, the ladies precision, the beautiful costume and I so want that cardinal and I would wear it anytime I could!
Mm Mm (7 days ago)
See if a hear the word fkn pettie coat 1 more fkn time someone gonna die
Rowen Greer (7 days ago)
Sh*t guys I seen her ankles! How promiscuous
Reese EL (7 days ago)
Imagining them seeing what we wear today. Btw it’s so much better
Yuno Gasai (8 days ago)
Look like Redhood
Accient Weeb (8 days ago)
Imaging going to the bathroom and removing this just to sit down the toilet.
unknown (8 days ago)
How can she even BREATHEEE or MOVEEE
unknown (8 days ago)
They had pockets back then😂😎
Hind Doucha (8 days ago)
Sooooooo beautiful
Amelia Burch (8 days ago)
now I really want a cloak
Crescent Moon13 (8 days ago)
Imagine if they got a pimple in the middle of their forehead...
Pink Me (8 days ago)
Now the only thing required is the shift .
Grey MSP (8 days ago)
So I'm watching in a sweater and sweatpants.
GeekyKitten (8 days ago)
Is this early or late 18th century?
Wow that many layers of clothes in 5 minutes?!?!?!!?! People these days take half an hour!!!!
Kirsty (9 days ago)
anybody know who the composer of the music is?
Power Play (9 days ago)
Respect to women who dress in these
Copper Kitten (9 days ago)
That’s too much work
Lia Skowronski (9 days ago)
There’s a lot of clothes on them do they get even hot in those clothes?
Eleanor Turner (9 days ago)
Omfg clothes that adjust for pregnancy! No need to by new clothes! What went wrong!!!
White Wave (9 days ago)
I love this and would totally wear it every day. 😍
Now, i got headache😴
Jillian Michelle (9 days ago)
Damn the actress looks like 20 pounds heavier than she really is because of all those skirts.
Music (9 days ago)
My kind of women.
IvyStorm 84 (9 days ago)
I would never be able to do this on a daily basis, jeez
Lil Xan ;-; (10 days ago)
Omg j'adore 😍❤️
Syrixc (10 days ago)
Today, women barely wear anything.
nightwishnemo (5 days ago)
Angel Lawliet (10 days ago)
The age where size really didn’t matter. One size fits all.
Krysta Chan (10 days ago)
It's a wonder she doesn't die of heat stroke with that many articles. I get hot in a singlet top and shorts, where I'm from...
Mystic girl (10 days ago)
very informative video on "Getting dressed in the 18th century - working woman"
uh hi it’s hannah (10 days ago)
Imagine them watching a video of us girls nowadays put our clothes on, high waisted jeans ripped for fashion and a flimsy little polyester tube too 😂
Sara Abdo (10 days ago)
I’m tired just by looking at her ...
Lucinda Koulaouzos (10 days ago)
4:44 omg there's more
Lucinda Koulaouzos (10 days ago)
ok but how did they go to the toilet
Anneta Makara (11 days ago)
Now let's go back to the beginning and count how many layers did this woman put on
Ranjan Biswas (11 days ago)
Very very unnecessary

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