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Getting dressed in the 18th century - working woman

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A working woman gets dressed in the fashion of 18th century. From the makers of this video for the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Liverpool: https://youtu.be/UpnwWP3fOSA We have also been commissioned to produce a video on how a man dressed in the 18th century. http://www.periodcostume.co.uk/getting-dressed-in-the-18th-century-working-woman/ Thanks to support from https://www.loveniplaw.co.uk/ Director/Cinematographer: Nic Loven https://www.instagram.com/crowseyeproductions/ https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/83a22H Producer/Costumier: Pauline Loven https://www.instagram.com/periodwardrobe/ Production Assistant: Lilli Stoddart Woman: Liv Free https://www.instagram.com/thelivfree/ Voice-over: Martha Milne https://www.instagram.com/machinequilter/ Location: Friends Meeting House, Brant Broughton Carpentry: Peter Halse Pottery: Andrew MacDonald of the Pot Shop, Lincoln https://www.facebook.com/potshop1/ Bed Quilt: Martha and Emily Milne Cockerel: Hughie Special thanks to the Friends for permission to use the Meeting House and to Wendy Gwatkin in particular, for all her support at the Meeting House and the loan of antique furniture too! Many thanks to John O’Boyle for allowing us to record his cockerel Hughie!
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Text Comments (10630)
Skye Hardeman (2 hours ago)
Royal woman in 18th century: Shes barely wearing anything
Saito Yuuji (3 hours ago)
Kids these days not even know how make a knot.
Kim Royal (3 hours ago)
So ppl ain't wear panties back then huh ....
Urvi Ray (3 hours ago)
Imagine the money spent behind washing those "regular"clothes everyday!! 😰
Golden Glove (4 hours ago)
she is disgusting....can you imagine the smell of ass and feet???? lightly washing her face.
Tylish Noodles (5 hours ago)
Bitch see lookin like a marshmallow 🤣🤣
Ayasha Plays roblox (9 hours ago)
I actually like the 80s clothes more idk y I am only 11
سارع احمد (10 hours ago)
Everytime you add another layer i feel like i cant breath
водка (23 hours ago)
my layers: underwear, training bra (I have non existent boobs so I just wear the ones meant for kids 💀), socks, jeans, t shirt, shoes. If I had to put that on everyday and take it off every night I’d probably die of exhaustion.
Sol 0fSin (1 day ago)
We need meme mom's approval lol
LesbianCrepes (1 day ago)
and she still gets ready faster than me
Olivia Flaga (1 day ago)
welp lookout it from the bright side.... you never have clothe crisis? ahahahaha
Averee Graves (1 day ago)
5:09 i smell the biships
Hadiya Ali (1 day ago)
SPECTRUM zx (1 day ago)
It's not a dress anymore, more like an armor
Merxy 89 (1 day ago)
No wonder they all had curves, jesus corsets and everything.
Melody Slaton (2 days ago)
wow. crazy
National Pornographic (2 days ago)
Men lost their shit when trying to fuck.. damn biaatch how many skirts you got
Chester Argyle (2 days ago)
Iyrah Russell (2 days ago)
Cleanliness mattered A simple daily wash😂 All those layers and yu have a quick wash like that😂 no thanks
Thunder Bear (2 days ago)
I love those old days now its all messed up
Jacob Bricks alot (2 days ago)
Title should be: how to bake a cake
Fun Size (2 days ago)
For everyone saying 'so many layers', keep in mind the 1700s were still in the Little Ice Age. The world was colder, and there was no such thing as central heating. All those layers would have been necessary.
Max reyes (2 days ago)
The Girl Is Like Franki From PBB OTSO Batch 4
Me: Puts on 49 layers of clothes *spends 13 hours* Later:OoPs fOrgOt A LayEr Me: Takes everything off
Dana sparkle (2 days ago)
What about the bathroom 😰
Alice Remaud (2 days ago)
She looks sooo much like jenny in outlander
Kaitlyn R (3 days ago)
Pockets will always win out.
Chloe Esebag (3 days ago)
where can you buy clothes like this for a good price?
malgorzata j (3 days ago)
I remembered Darla from Angelus
Anyone else feel hot?
CattyCat (3 days ago)
She be lookin thicc
Myliama B. (3 days ago)
and all the while i'm complaining about my bra all day long.
Jasmine Xo (3 days ago)
*Then you just see me stepping out the house in sweat pants and a hoodie*
Negin Ehsan Jawid (4 days ago)
I wonder if the workers were on time
KOTLC_ addiction (4 days ago)
mysticsarah (4 days ago)
I find this fascinating !!
Felix Mata (4 days ago)
The amount of clothing she has on can stop a bullet !
pink quartz (4 days ago)
imagine being not in shape and working in the 18th century...
martin cruz (4 days ago)
Idk why but this looks sexy
Kimberly Auzeta (4 days ago)
Sis really did the 100 layers of clothes challenge
Gosh...this looks like some winter wear, but i can't imagine European women wearing this during summer time. UGH!
Teal Girl (5 days ago)
She looks like little red riding hood
0baby_ shelly0 (5 days ago)
I bet they be hot in the summer 😂😂😂
baterdene Lhagvasuren (5 days ago)
It is very hot☀
Renault Ellis (5 days ago)
Isn't she supposed to wear a corset cover
UnixcornGlitter (5 days ago)
Damn that must be hot
bæsic shookie (5 days ago)
What i learned throughout the getting dressed series: *a simple garter was tied beneath the knee*
THE NORMIE (5 days ago)
I guess it was really cold back then in the 18th century
shane Wolf (5 days ago)
.... what am i watching? I’m not really complaining hahah
Sienna Day (5 days ago)
At least you won’t worry about getting cold! 🙄😂
Paula Jevoni Agustina (6 days ago)
Oh, she is very beautiful 😊
Burnt Chicken (6 days ago)
my friend: how many layers are you gunna put on? me: just 3 *five min later* my friend: YOU ONLY SAID 3 me: *has 50 layers of skirts on*
BingeFest1 (6 days ago)
4:30 She went from little house on the prairie to little red riding hood real quick
//SuperAsh4U// (6 days ago)
Me: puts on bra and panties Me: ughhh i have to wear so MUCH
Dammnnnn I thought they were done at the pink one .. ThTs sooo many layers!
Water Melon (7 days ago)
I thought she was done at 1:59 it looked fine tbh
Alenka Venx (7 days ago)
I feel sorry for the women that lived in Latin America during this period. That was just too much clothes! Imagine in hot days...
yourdaily human (7 days ago)
That's gonna be uncomfortable 😥
Jazz_Plays_Gacha (7 days ago)
Look at all of those layers and all of the coverage! Now we pretty much wear bikinis and booty-shorts!
Tamara Magdalene (7 days ago)
By the time they take it all off their husbands have fallen to sleep.
John Sorrel W (7 days ago)
She has to reach behind the apron and through two petticoats to reach the pocket. Seems awkward, but makes it tough for pickpockets too, I suppose.
_jeff _ (7 days ago)
better than the barely any clothes women wear today societies class has left
_jeff _ (7 days ago)
her job is red riding hood?
Palacsinta Palacsinta (7 days ago)
Imagine seeing women on the streets without makeup. Should be amazing..
Imagine getting an itch
XxGacha WolfxX (8 days ago)
Why can’t be world be like this 😤😫 It looks so much like fairytale
nax man (8 days ago)
i don't wanna say this, but definitely look like a peasant..as shown in various movies
Talia Unicorn (8 days ago)
How many damned layers , i would doe if i had to wear AND work in it
Mama Mia (8 days ago)
Must be struggling to making love back then.
Mama Mia (8 days ago)
18th century women done their 100 layers outfit under 10 minutes, when women nowadays still drawing their single eyebrow
DKSeokmin Smile (8 days ago)
Imagine going to the toilet
VaL PeReZ kErMiT (8 days ago)
I had sweated just WATCHING this video
NinjaDragon (8 days ago)
0:00 to 2:44 Only true SNK and Attack On Titan fans will understand, what the citizens wore.
Goddesslexii (9 days ago)
you still need a cardinal after all them layers
lunaaa a (9 days ago)
Piggy Lover (9 days ago)
I take a long time to just put on normal clothes that would take me 50 years
bro y’alls are really out here commenting on how longgggg this takes and how many layers there are. a. have any of y’all even worn proper historical dress of any kind? b. THIS VIDEO. IS FIVE MINUTES. LONG. And thirty seconds of it is the cloak and the other not-dressing thkngs.
Disney Dog6 (10 days ago)
I’m sorry for the women back then just to put on all that clothing sheesh
Lee Oughton (10 days ago)
So I'm totally addicted to this channel. One of the things I was surprised to learn about was pockets. This pocket is MASSIVE 😍 When did women's clothes stop being made with useful pockets?! I'd LOVE to see the behind the scenes making of these garments as well. ❤ Thanks always for these vids.
Emi McC (10 days ago)
Imagine wearing this in August,,,
BubbleQuake 12349 (11 days ago)
yeah i’ll stick to sweatpants and a hoodie
Nessrin Kayali (11 days ago)
Her hands are so soft for a working woman 😅😉
jesseagull _ (11 days ago)
Lady after putting on all those layers of clothes : ah! I need to pee!
Yadira Mendoza (11 days ago)
Sis no I am not going to wake up at 7 to put that , I am still in bed and wake up at the time I want to!
a bluff always (11 days ago)
Idk why but getting ready like that seems kinda fun.
Jess Boo (11 days ago)
That petticoat design is actually kinda practical
Gabriela Maria (11 days ago)
I so want to wear a cloak. The only thing stopping me is the hot Floridian weather otherwise I’d totally be rocking a red cloak all the time
gay retard (11 days ago)
im literally so uncomfortable when my long sleeve shirt bunches up underneath my sweater, imagine how uncomfortable it is to wear *this*
_jeff _ (7 days ago)
+gay retard yeah its annoying
kitty gamerxxx (11 days ago)
I feel very under dresssed
kitty gamerxxx (11 days ago)
This woman wears like 100 layers and I wear A bra a shirt and trousers or a skirt and all done
kirti singh perfect (12 days ago)
I think she want to die because if it is Summer and she is adding layers and layers but it was summer I can see from the window
EclipsedMagic (12 days ago)
Oml that seems so uncomfortable....
The Boba Turtle (12 days ago)
You know what I work in? *my pajamas*
Molika Men-Thlang (12 days ago)
I’m really breathing just by watching this. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Flaminyongaac34 OMG (13 days ago)
Man I’d rather just be butt ass naked
Vidya Yalamanchili (13 days ago)
1:50 but thats so much work!!!
Ha Nguyen (13 days ago)
What if she had to wear all that on a hot day???
WolfeFluff :D (13 days ago)
• Jessiiie • (13 days ago)
She looks like a leprechaun with the socks and shoessss

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