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Outdoor Photoshoot Behind the Scenes with Natural Posing

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See the final photos on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juliatrotti/ All the final photos are edited with my Amalfi Lightroom Preset: https://www.digitalfilmactions.com/lightroom-presets/#/new-amalfi-lightroom-preset/ Model: Kristina Srzich I hope you all enjoyed this behind the scenes video! I wanted to film and share this with you to show that a super simple, quick photoshoot can achieve some beautiful results! If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments. -- MUSIC // Closer by Emma Jensen Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/emmasjensen -- FIND ME ON // Instagram // www.instagram.com/juliatrotti Digital Film Actions Website // www.digitalfilmactions.com Facebook // www.facebook.com/digitalfilmactions Julia Trotti Website // www.juliatrotti.com Blog // blog.juliatrotti.com Instagram // www.instagram.com/juliatrotti Facebook // www.facebook.com/juliatrottiphotography I Make Films Website // www.imakefilms.com.au Instagram // www.instagram.com/danpodbierezki Facebook // www.facebook.com/imakefilms.au -- VLOG CAMERA SETUP // Sony RX100iv Sony a7s + Sigma 24mm f1.4 PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERA SETUP // Canon 5dmkiii Sigma 24mm f1.4 Canon 35mm f1.4 Canon 50mm f1.2 Canon 85mm f1.2 Canon 135mm f2 -- Thank you so much for watching! xx
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Text Comments (542)
Julia Trotti (10 months ago)
Check out the Lightroom Presets I used to edit the photos in this video :) Here: https://www.digitalfilmactions.com/lightroom-presets/#/new-amalfi-lightroom-preset/ 💛
Manjil Koirala (9 months ago)
Julia Trotti your skills are great ❤️
Julien Vasquez (7 hours ago)
That field is amazing!!!
Dave Laur (20 hours ago)
Wow as a beginner for Portraits I see how important it is for the model to move. What Focus mode do you use? Amazing Pictures and a very natural model. Love your channel.
Peter Hoffmann (22 hours ago)
Cool Clip. Pretty Model!
Patrick Royle (2 days ago)
Great video, Julia! I'm amazed that you're able to get the subject perfectly in focus at f1.4 - how do you achieve that with a moving subject?
zhiyao Han (4 days ago)
Thank you very much! I have learned a lot from you.
Derick Lim (4 days ago)
Hi Julia, how do you focus when your model is continuously moving? Do you use AF Servo or do you use One-Shot and continuously re-focus before you shoot?
U D (12 days ago)
Why Go Shutter speed so high???.. doesn't that make the Picture underexposed???
minh long vũ (13 days ago)
One of the best video about portrait photography I've ever seen. The model is stunning and it would be a dream to work with someone knows how to pose like her. Love your edit btw really like the warm tones!
Jelo Santosidad (13 days ago)
she's a real experienced model
Holmes PAntoja (14 days ago)
Great work ✌✌ congratulations.
Emily Lisa Austin (19 days ago)
田火山 (21 days ago)
She is a treasure
jaime rincezl'oeil (22 days ago)
Scott Mericle (25 days ago)
Great shoot. But for real... yall must not have ticks in Australia. Last field shoot I was in..... 5 ticks on me. Wasnt cool.
Fātmā ChănneL (1 month ago)
hello 😍قناة تركية
Blackfirepdx (1 month ago)
I watched your video awhile back and it changed my style and made me more relaxed and made my subjects more relaxed. So much more fun to have them actively revealing themselves to the camera and just shooting verses hard unauthentic posing!
Lena Engel (1 month ago)
Movement shots always look best 😍
Иван Иванов (1 month ago)
Обожаю эту девку. Только высококачественный контент. Есть на что передернуть затвор
peyton ashton (1 month ago)
i've filmed some short BTS videos recently for my shoots, please check them out and let me know what you think about the final result! <3
Ahmad Malik (1 month ago)
Can I ask you a question which photo editor app do you use can you tell me places
Erica Minta (1 month ago)
this is beautiful !
Heather Harline (1 month ago)
These are beautiful pictures!
Jets and Company (1 month ago)
Do you use any filter or something when you film the model at 2.11 minutes? It looks really good, thanks so much for scaring this video! :)
Tim Moore (1 month ago)
Pretty easy when your model looks better than a Victoria Secret model.
Pri Handoko (1 month ago)
Li Conz (1 month ago)
I RLLY WANNA KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND THIS DRESS😍. But no seriously amazing photos💛
Ju5tanotherguy (2 months ago)
Love the tone of those images, love how relaxed and chilled the shoot was and perfect music choice for the video. I really like this video, so thank you!
The DIY Guide (2 months ago)
The model looks like Alexis ren and Sydney Serena! Amazing job!!!!!!
Yadira Navarro (2 months ago)
Where did the model get the dress? It's beautiful! Amazing work, both of you!
Md Schämnfr (2 months ago)
How nice it is to be confident in your face and movements that you're not afraid of any angle :/
Mickey Stine (2 months ago)
2 hot ladies
Karolina Danicka (2 months ago)
Amazing shoot! 😯😍 Superb model and you did great job 👍 which lens did you use?
JoGar VizAh (2 months ago)
she’s a cutie!
LAZY DOG (2 months ago)
You do know that snakes live in long grass 😨
espguitarsown (26 days ago)
So do velociraptors 😂
Tavrie Robinson (2 months ago)
I really enjoyed this. I was waiting for you to shoot from a low angle.
Chasing Rainbows (2 months ago)
That location is to die for! Gosh 😍
Carmen Lalama (3 months ago)
What is the best lens for travel photography and lifestyle pictures?
Fabian (3 months ago)
Nice Pics :) You Shoot With AI Servo Fokus ?
Alexandre Piché (3 months ago)
That model has got to be one of the most beautiful woman alive.
Ally Rey (3 months ago)
I come back to this video when I can’t sleep and let it run in the back to help me sleep it’s just such a calming vibe
Anthony Goulart (3 months ago)
I’m curious why you don’t use lens caps ever when you shooting. Thanks
Erick Tavares (3 months ago)
god she is so beautiful
moderatelybasiccc (3 months ago)
This popped up on my feed. I have a photography question for anyone else who perhaps is just seeing this and knows more, I love lifestyle photography, but her ISO is 100, shutter speed 2000-4000 (for the first few) and depth of field 3.2 or lower (sorry i can’t look while writing a comment) So in theory the lighting should be INCREDIBLY dark yes for having the ISO so low and shutter speed so fast? Right? Ps I just started shooting with a Canon 6D and 50 mm
lombardiphotography (3 months ago)
Very nice, how did you come to your exposure setting?
Julia Trotti (3 months ago)
I have a video about how to use your camera in manual mode on my channel (sort by popular and you will see it!) that’s the method I use, hope it helps 😊
spanish. ink (3 months ago)
35 mm ?
Chelynn Smith (3 months ago)
I love your photos! Inspiring!
Catalin Luntraru (3 months ago)
4:39 I wouldn't use a lens that wide so close to the person. The model is slim enough to help you with the face distorsion, but with an 85mm she would have looked more stunning. Cool idea for a shoot and amazing chemistry between you two. Keep it up.
Luis Erives (3 months ago)
This preset is beautiful!!! Which one are you using for this one? Golden?? or do they all come in your pack?!
Hayley Rose Winters (3 months ago)
I love this video! Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful creation. Your videographer did an amazing job as well, cudos! (The previous behind-the-scenes photoshoots I watched had mediocre video quality.) It's fascinating to see how a DSLR captures images so great, oftentimes much better than the eye perceives them. How is this possible? I really need to know this "secret" about photography. Could you show us one before photo? Do you believe these stunning results come only after editing? I'm so struggling to figure it all out!! Finally, did you use Photoshop at all? If so, which improvements did you make? Thanks for reading! 😀
Danielle Dierker (3 months ago)
i need to know where this dress is from!?
Jman76 (3 months ago)
The model is STUNNING! WOW!!!!!!!!
_samyasa_ _ (3 months ago)
Is it possible to get this kind of photos with a good mobile phone camera?
Jhon-Jhon Suarez (3 months ago)
if pick one lense for portrait what it is ??
Li Conz (4 months ago)
The photos are beautiful, the model is stunning, location perfect, and the girl's smile is everything!! Amazing job Julia💛 but can someone plz tell me where that dress is from?!
Robert Fizek (4 months ago)
this is very beautiful video. Thanks. I have one question for you, how is it song from video? PLS you can give me hyperlink or name of song? thanks. :)
Hannibal Lecter (4 months ago)
I think it's significant that your model must be good-looking so even the kinda bad photos turn out good. For example I once tried self-portrait with the timer on my Nikon and despite good lighiting was so horrified at my my shrek-looking facial expressions i thought i'd throw the camera away
Surfy_ McSalty (4 months ago)
Very pretty model
Icy Ice (4 months ago)
Its easy when u are beautiful.. 😔
Gabriele Scalise (2 months ago)
Photographs tell more than beauty and history's most famous pictures are not about beautiful people or moments. So, there's room for many other activities and subjects.
Walter Manglona (4 months ago)
Both the photographer and model are stunning.
erica35mm (4 months ago)
Love this! These are my favorite kind of videos ❤️ I just posted a BTS of a model beach shoot please check it out and give me some tips ❤️❤️
Myke D (4 months ago)
She's the kind of model we kill to photograph! Relaxed, confident, and a little fearless!
Dang Tran (4 months ago)
another video with Kristina pls! :)
Kuntal Bar (4 months ago)
Looks like gal gadot
Sandip Soni (5 months ago)
Love with each click
Skitaev Vitaly (5 months ago)
What lens did you use?
Abreanne Huerta (5 months ago)
I love your videos!
Aley Cárdenas (5 months ago)
Soy de habla hispana... no entiendo nada... pero este canal es fantástico en su contenido fotográfico
Marianiki Misyri (5 months ago)
She gives me Alexis Ren vibes
AllergicToMyself (5 months ago)
Yeah nah, watch out for the brown snakes lol
ItsZeny (5 months ago)
I love her accent and she has such a nice personality too.
Gordon Suen (5 months ago)
Beautiful shots. Where was this if you don't mind me asking?
Boyka (5 months ago)
what camera do you use to photograph your photos >?
Keith Wong (5 months ago)
Thx for all these informative videos. Fresh air from all of the gear debating videos on youtube.
se se (5 months ago)
your models are always so pretty
Startastic ! (5 months ago)
what camera do you use?
Ally D. (5 months ago)
omg I just want that dress xD
Chanel Brillo (6 months ago)
Doing a shoot in a few hours and came here for inspiration 💛
Julia Trotti (5 months ago)
Aw man, that's really sweet! I hope your shoot went well :)
Cynthia Katie (6 months ago)
What lens are you using
Khataza Mbhombhi (6 months ago)
I just discovered you and I love your work :)
Gabrielle Stieb (6 months ago)
Seriously the most awesome video for me as a beginner to watch :) Thank you!
k d (6 months ago)
Can I marry both of em?
Ginger Bread (6 months ago)
So in love with your photos...the location, the model and your style are amazing! Thank you for sharing this with us!
Notes Info. (6 months ago)
Share her channel and like it 👍 Best youtuber lots of ❤😘 from India
Jose Jr. Canillas (6 months ago)
Nice video & beautiful. Very nice, I love it. I enjoy watching.
Evelyn Henriquez (6 months ago)
wow, amazing, love it... I feel like crying of how amazing it was... Very inspiring! Xx
Achmad Maulana Yusuf (6 months ago)
She's so beautiful
Glessy Magaling (6 months ago)
Where is her dress from
Cibele Porto (6 months ago)
Beautiful pics!!! Love it...
JAIME (6 months ago)
It's very easy to shoot a beautiful girl that has done this before. Can you please do this same shoot with a girl that it's not so beautiful and that hasn't done it before because that's more real and a situation that you have to face every day. Beautiful shots are great but every day people are far more interesting to me. Thanks so much for posting this.
Mind Over Frames (7 months ago)
Wow! I really love this video 🙂 Very beautiful photos.
Freida Tavarez (7 months ago)
My favorite video... Love it... Where she got her dress from?
Nathan McConnell (7 months ago)
Hey Julia! What mode were you using, and also which metering mode? Where you using AI-Servo or single shot because I saw that you took some still and continuous shots. Also, sorry for a lot of questions, but did you use focus and recompose, or did you select the focus point in the camera, and which method is better? Thank you so much! I just want to be prepared when I do my first portrait shoot!
Disheartened6 (7 months ago)
good stuff :D
simplytanya (7 months ago)
ah I love this
TheBrandonLeeCook (8 months ago)
yall are a perfect combo <3 so much fun in this shoot
Maddison Johnson (8 months ago)
Did you shoot manual or auto?
Maddison Johnson (7 months ago)
+Julia Trotti thank you. I love your shoots and style so much ❤
Julia Trotti (7 months ago)
Manual settings, auto focus!
Kandid Reviews (8 months ago)
From the video presentation to you, everything is super beautiful and super talented, creative.
Kevin Smith (8 months ago)
Model great photographer not so much

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