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China's Underwater High-Speed Train to America | China Uncensored

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Who wants to take an underwater train ride to China?! China is planning to build a high-speed rail connecting China and the continental United States that will tunnel under the 125 mile stretch of ocean beneath the Bering Strait. And that's just one of three other wacky ambitious plans they have that completely disregard the reality of the natural environment! Subscribe for more China Uncensored: http://www.youtube.com/ntdchinauncensored Make sure to share with your friends! ______________________________ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChinaUncensored Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ChinaUncensored Google+: https://plus.google.com/+NTDChinaUncensored/ ______________________________ MOBILE LINKS: China's Underwater Atlantis http://e.ntd.tv/1gC1F62 China's Water Crisis http://e.ntd.tv/KluWGJ Is Revolution Brewing in China? http://e.ntd.tv/QRGKUE Question and Answer http://e.ntd.tv/1k5ceCe
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Text Comments (6840)
O S Raikar (1 day ago)
Now, In 2018, Relationship has changed a lot in 4 years since 2014.
Bhan Singh (2 days ago)
I been on these high speed train, man it's nice. We are way behind.
Shiv Shankar (3 days ago)
India is so back
Shiv Shankar (3 days ago)
from india nice great ☺😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🔝🔝
Al Lex (3 days ago)
afsal ahmedh (4 days ago)
a china made Sea Train??? lol my china made Octy Charger blasted yesterday...
Likhutu Ali (4 days ago)
Is this true ?
Brantopias (5 days ago)
You are a cuck
Wilhelm Dilthey (5 days ago)
Real talk the shape of your head anf face almost the same of my penis hahhaa
Harun Ismail (6 days ago)
Sheer madness of such a great project.
Sophia Lopez (7 days ago)
I'm fifty years old, and bruce lee was one of my favorite heroes growing up, and will always remain so. In learning more about him, i learned more about the rich and ancient chinese culture which had produced and shaped him, and i fell in love with it. But that culture is entirely gone from china today. Mao systematically murdered the 'old' ways in order to implement his communist ideal. We obsess about what Hitler did to jews, but we overlook the fact that Mao (may piss be upon him..) exterminated the entire ancient history and culture of an entire massive nation of people in less than a generation and replaced it with a superficial, hive-like state religion.. and we LET him.. ALL WE HAD TO DO IS STAND UP TO THEM, to just say, 'no, not going to give it up without a fight' and maybe this monstrous thing could have been stopped, maybe Tibet could have been spared some of this nightmare..
Brighton Ntare (8 days ago)
jo son (8 days ago)
With BILLIONS of Them they need to  DISSIPATE Worldwide wherever / however it might.
despacito yeet (10 days ago)
How bout... High speed SUCC?
Waldek Pastuszka (11 days ago)
Te amerykany stają się coraz głupsze. Po tym bubku widać, że nic nie wie o świecie, rozwoju i że żyję w kraju zombich a nie hi-tech
Amit Das Biswas (11 days ago)
flo Asa (11 days ago)
China might be building shinny infrastructures but the Chinese mentality is narrow when it comes to other race. Racism is glorified in China. Keep your raild stuff out of our country. Else we will be flooded with fake poisonous products from China via trains.
shubham sinha (11 days ago)
Show some respect and have some dignity Report his video
Ls Vijay (17 days ago)
Parcel some nukes in it for those sex addicts, nukes in shape of a condom, and a pic of naked women on it. Let them enjoy while dying.
Apti Oskanov (17 days ago)
Please we dont need these stuff, let us live like 50 years back the world is full of raditional people get cancers
王炜 (17 days ago)
One thing is always right: we China should do what the west thinks it is wrong to grow stronger. If one day we see all the west media say China is good, China may already collapsed
Aideed Jamac (18 days ago)
Americans stop jelousy your time has expired let others shine too 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🖒
S.K JAIN LALITPUR (18 days ago)
Jhonny Wu (18 days ago)
Callate albino
Alex Petit (19 days ago)
Whats the point takes two days to travel vs. 12 hours to fly dont make sense
Fidel obi Boateng (20 days ago)
How much does China pay people like you ,for such promotions?
James Li (21 days ago)
What a successful channel based on dissing one country
Maxime K-G (21 days ago)
This is the first video of China Uncensored I've ever watched!!!
Elen Degenerate (18 days ago)
+Maxime K-G So true, you gotta have both, its like cereal and milk, sure you can get by with one of the two, but its an incomplete experience.
Maxime K-G (18 days ago)
I already watch SerpentZA and ADVChina for a very long time. I also think it's true that watching ChinaUncensored in parallel with ADVChina gives you a better understanding of China. They compliment each other.
Elen Degenerate (18 days ago)
I can highly recommend ADVChina in parallel to this, they are way more in depth, they are white western men, and they actually live in China, as professional youtubers....yeah its weird, but it seems to work.
ut ck (23 days ago)
Build a train line so the Chinese army can be deployed fast to Europe and America... lol
Sam Sebastian Khor (23 days ago)
What about blowing a BIG hole in Himalayas so that those hot air can blowing into the Tibet to bring rain there?
Nick Blue (25 days ago)
Virat (27 days ago)
Guys grow up.. d Chinese hv already surpassed d west.. n it's capturing Africa in a big way
Frank Marshall (1 month ago)
While US are ridding on science fiction Hollywood type...China is ridding on reality.
Najibullah Barzi (1 month ago)
From China to London already arrived on 2016
Le Tu (1 month ago)
Duong sat Duong bo Deu ton kem dien tich va khong gian song co tren 1/3 dien tich trai dat ? Duong bien Duong khong Moi la hieu qua nhat ?
Noah Bowie (1 month ago)
Do you know how China will reach the moon? Human Pyramid
John Khoza (1 month ago)
No way
Thang Pong (1 month ago)
Deep down you know you realy love China
Thomas Fenge (1 month ago)
Tunneling under the pacific isn't viable even with today's technology. Depth requirement and shifts in tectonic plates, along with the constant power and inspection / repairs makes it the biggest white elephant the world has ever seen.
Fly Vlogs (1 month ago)
Shame on you the way you are talking
Ahmed Zaki (1 month ago)
This vlogger has fooled 10 million viewers. So there are 10 millon fools around the world.
Caesar Escandor (1 month ago)
CanadaCommunity Org (1 month ago)
Now we need to get to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4WPC2CBfck&t=30s state!
davyie jonesee (1 month ago)
Modern technology is not friendly to the earth. It would make the eco system worse. If mankind doesn't change, then the people of the future will be born into a death trap.
Casper 6a6y (1 month ago)
I doubt it's real but then again think how clutch that would be it to travel thru the water like that see all types of underwater life. If they built spaceships I'm pretty sure they could pull some shit off and built a underwater train or something
jean faublas (1 month ago)
Yasmine Nazarine (1 month ago)
This guy half n half from somewhere 😄😃😀😃anyway I like travels under water Beautifull. Once in my dream I travels under water something like this😃 hope that day comes 😃😃😀😀😄 Technology's
elekanyani Tshisikule (1 month ago)
Hai this dude. I waisted my Data listening to this shit.
kick block (1 month ago)
fucking chinese
Sidheek Sabeelas (1 month ago)
Wers the train
Nel Custodio (1 month ago)
China is fake..evrything is made of fake...
Michael Ahn (1 month ago)
Before America became a system on the earth, China could flex muscles. But no more. Not just China, but also all other big powers...
noel paluay (1 month ago)
He report with sarcazm mood..
Sharon Taylor (1 month ago)
batman (1 month ago)
It's time to bomb China back to common sense and invade China and cause regime change and bring democracy, freedom to them.
215mookies (1 month ago)
That train line should continue south and connect North America to South America since there are no roads.
Wilson Coreas (1 month ago)
You are insanely funny dude .
jcsjcs2 (1 month ago)
The outside of Chinese high speed trains look like Japanese trains. The inside looks like a mixture of German high speed trains and Japanese high speed trains. I wonder why that could be...
King Miura (1 month ago)
I think the USA should avoid foreign entanglement with China....China has nothing we need....it offers only cheap labor....Trump is correct - China has been stealing intellectual property and military and other technology. We want fair trade which is not necessarily free trade and we do not want any vital to national defense industry to be weakened.
Elen Degenerate (18 days ago)
Who the fuck could even sustain such lines of supply in case of invasion? even a european army fully united with everyone speaking english, fully rearmed in a total war state would have a snowballs chance in hell of maintaining a war of attrition against a continental superpower with enough infantry to throw at the invader that the home front of the invader would simply break apart once enough lives had been lost. There is simply no reason to worry about China from that perspective, and in case of Russia, well, if the EU does a NATO with russia AND the USA in terms of defensive pacts...well...any aggressor would be without european support, while it seems irrelevant it is pretty much the only current day continental superpower that can tip the balance of power in whatever direction it wishes. Take Trumps fair trade tarrifs on european union products; Fuck all were achived, money were spent to administrate it, money were spent on enforcing it, money were spent in determining if it had any actual effect, and the EU simply counters by saying "right this will cost us X amount of dollars so we will charge US industries that amount in tariffs" thus, even IF its got a short term positive effect on low wage jobs in industry, those effects could have been achived cheaper and more efficently by simply saying "FUCK THE RULES WE GON SUBSIDIZE OUR INDUSTRY!" its not like the USA is not breaking that rule already when it comes to agricultural production to the detriment of foregin nations that cannot afford to produce its own foodstuffs anymore.
Ajith Kumar (1 month ago)
just destroying the nature
P&Wengineering (1 month ago)
Hahaha, I have an underwater microwave oven. It worked once....My underwater air conditioner is gonna make me nothing! Fuckers!
john moses (1 month ago)
Stop talking and show us the fuckin train!
kelvin Justice (1 month ago)
A new world order.....hmmmmm...the bible is really coming to pass
kobathedread (1 month ago)
Are there any CPC bots in the comments section?
Juan Carlos Arango (1 month ago)
We need to do the same in the USA as China, so we won't be left behind the progress
your daddy (1 month ago)
Wayne Gough (1 month ago)
You know the beauty of all this? Is that USA is having trouble believing that some other country can kick the ass. 'The land of the free' is no more! Human rights has vanished in USA and most other countries. As for Simon Payne's comment perhaps you might consider that China learnt that trick from USA. Also consider this China was in the WW2 long before USA. Since up until Pearl Harbour, the USA was still negotiating with Germany and Hiller.
Ch Viswa Prakasha Rao (1 month ago)
Less of narration would have been better.
Kick butoxy (1 month ago)
Alleyup1994USA (1 month ago)
Looking back at his videos and the comments under it the guy went through hell to prove how china is a parasite and despite all the hate he now succeded and opened eyes of thousands to millions. Keep up the good work!!
craig poindexter (1 month ago)
Peter Cozyn (1 month ago)
At least they thinking about it. We don't even get that far because it will never happen
Trams Am (1 month ago)
China is evil. Keep China out of America. Daily was an idiot. China makes poisonous products and illegal drugs. Chinese built will not last. Chia has to be stopped.
JVS 3 (2 months ago)
This guy is a bullshit cartoon buffoon.. has crossed your idiotic mind that for a country like China with over a billion people on the move. High speed trains are the best system. A single train can carry equivalent to 3 planes, are electric not fossil fuel, serve the geography better than airports. Cost less per passenger, as for the accident gee let's see how many planes have crashed since that train accident? Corruption? Oh yeah we don't have any of that here. In the past decade china has built 90,000 of new roads and highways, the world's largest high speed train system, world's largest solar plant, world's largest windmill system, greatly expanded their space program, has graduated over 200 million young educated techies, engineers, scientists, AI software writers, etc... the US? Oh yeah two wasteful wars of lies, 3.5 trillion in tax give sways to the rich, stripped bare of education system, built nothing for the future, denied science, still using 1950 diesel trains, shut down all government subsidize to renewable energies but increased it for coal and oil, etc.. I remember in the 60s Americans ridiculed Japanese products, today they're the best in the world, in the 70s china was a poor poverty country, today among the riches most advanced and scientifically technological progressive. They now finance our debt by buying our treasury bonds, long ways from the 70s.. you might try getting a passport and going there, I have twice, makes America look antiquated.
J F (2 months ago)
Somebody just sock this guy! I think their technological and construction endeavors are impressive, and reminiscent of a bygone time in the USA when we ACTUALLY built a lot of large ambitious projects.
kmc 1107 (2 months ago)
About rail project You should remember they are made in china which is a quality less and dute or false
kmc 1107 (2 months ago)
China a false Country
kmc 1107 (2 months ago)
you are right chapel china is cheating his own people and it is not a super power it occupied tibet and one think i was worry about it is UNO, Russia is not doing any thing and Tibet true friend is also help less
Kirti Makati (2 months ago)
All i want to say in simple words is (1) Has China ever attacked any other countries in 1000 years? India has no record of it. (2) India is the worlds #1 democracy as to China is a communist country. (3) Why China is building military bases in the water? (4) China is investing all over the world and covering & buying all the resources. So what is the plan? Anyone who is simple smart, can put 2+2 together.
Evalyn Olleras (2 months ago)
tlga lng pumunta ko Beijing, ung train s airport ambagal mas mbilis p ung train s airport Malaysia...
SESTOFIORHEM (2 months ago)
Whew! Sarcasm to the max!
David Irvan Sithole (2 months ago)
Yes the firstly are the first and Africa last high speed treatment Thanks
timothy chung (2 months ago)
This idiot forgot that roughly 100 years ago we were riding on horses and wagon. I suppose a highway from LA to NY would be thought this way as well. Also, what about planes that we already have where people fly to Russia, America, or China; yet, these three countries are currently in conflict. A train will just be another form of world transport.
Leo Joe (2 months ago)
I could hear the inferiority of the West beginning to murmur out of fears of losing out to the East. The East never like to whinge as much as the West do. It's the Do It attitude which wins over the world. Just watch your backside who is being poked at.
AKSHAY GANESH (2 months ago)
China wastes money for no reason
Uncle Phil (2 months ago)
The US should give Japan it's military back and see how long china keeps talking shit. lul
麻婆豆腐 (2 months ago)
mmp 看到这个人就恶心
Tanvir Shariar (2 months ago)
Lol. Chinese people are psycho it proves again
peter kariuki (2 months ago)
Pure propaganda shit , how come the scare of the world the (US) is never uncensored!?
JustAGuy (2 months ago)
Search 'America Undercovered' It's made by the same guy's who made this show. Also how is this video propaganda?
Joel Smith (2 months ago)
We should totally let them do all that... ; ) It would hamper them putting a damper on everything else they are trying to do. Let them waste time, effort, money, political capital, and credibility on ridiculous things, instead of their more sinister and clever activities.
Lava wallker (2 months ago)
I’m pretty sure he just hate China because his channel is just racist
Hitoshi Abe (2 months ago)
The Chinese high speed train is a big joke. They are combined all stealing technology from Japan, France and German.
Lam Tong (2 months ago)
Bullshit all immagenation nothing only dream
Charlie Sthill (2 months ago)
Take a look at an interesting show. Sea quest: terminal destination. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.
Hector Keezy (2 months ago)
I for one, would love to see, a highspeed trainline between Beijing and London.
Joey Pereira (2 months ago)
Ya, let's let China build rail lines all over the world, that would be smart.
steve young (2 months ago)
Train to america,,, bull shit, not in million years
mi vo (3 months ago)
i actuali like the idea
INFOTAINMENT (3 months ago)
Man i am an indian and i know they are our enemy but it is true that china worked very hard to reach this position in the world. wake up man china is becoming the next super power.

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