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Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Bodycon Dress | Glamour

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Watch women sizes 0 through 28 try on the exact same bodycon dress. They discuss their experiences going shopping for bodycon dresses and how they feel about wearing them. Still haven’t subscribed to Glamour on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2gYlQqe Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Bodycon Dress | Glamour
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Text Comments (12061)
thepoweroffive5 (1 hour ago)
What happened to the sizes.... I remember like 10 years ago size 5 was like a barbie or something
Чёрт переведите
Far Place (3 hours ago)
Странно.... хотя дудки.... Strano chto poimyt tolko Rysskie
rosie colliass (10 hours ago)
3:36 i swear she’s in this video like 300 times
Holly Haugrud (13 hours ago)
I love these comments. So much skinny girl pride!!!❤ we finally can embrace our size without people going "wElL wHaT aBouT ThE pLuS sIzeD GirLs"
Liza D (16 hours ago)
Mane y’all complain about everything nowadays like gtfoh. People complain about too much time on the bigger girls and you automatically think skinny girls aren’t worthy? People complain about too much time on smaller people and think that bigger people are unworthy as we’ll. Like do something productive instead of fighting in the comments
Xiu Akay (17 hours ago)
All these women are beautiful, but they should honestly give more screen time to the thinner ones. It's all about body positivity and acceptance, so...yeah.
Cuban Pug (17 hours ago)
You all look so beautiful❤️❤️❤️
Spilling The Tea (17 hours ago)
I’m a size 2 and people say I’m fat... And a oop- I’m in 11th grade and I’m 115 pounds... 👁👄👁
T. R. (1 day ago)
hi, a non-fat person here, the smaller women had enough screentime and were not being discriminated against. :) on another note, this video made me feel a bit more comfortable with my body because i realized how much i like almost all of the womens' body shapes. :D
May Jordan (1 day ago)
As a 5'2 curvy girl who has to shop in the petite section for everything, I seriously do not feel represented by any of these women, us little girls matter too, we are just as self conscious as big girls
NR A (1 day ago)
Way to promote obesity America
maya papaya (1 day ago)
2:33 literally has my dream body type. pear body shapes are soooo gorgeous, however i have a rectangle body type and my curves are nonexistent...
Clorox Bleach (1 day ago)
I think she’s a size 00
Vanilla Bean Babe (1 day ago)
3:35 is like my ideal body type but I can’t gain weight even if I try😂🤤😍😘🥰
Vladimir Makarov (1 day ago)
Ew, I dont like slim people Who likes plumpy people, leave a like❤️
They all looked amazing !
Troful (2 days ago)
Unhealthy obesity is not pretty. Starving yourself is not pretty. Be average and that's good enough.
Cecilia Valenzuela (2 days ago)
okay but when I wear tight clothing I get skinny shamed and people call me anorexic
Adriana M (2 days ago)
A busted can of biscuits!!!!
Pet Ra Ca (2 days ago)
Quisiera que estuviera en español o con subtítulos 😥😣
kpop- ish (2 days ago)
We shouldn’t be shaming, or just putting the spotlight on one person!! Every girl on here is beautiful and has their own unique body! So let’s just appreciate their confidence and gorgeousness!!!
don’t mind me (2 days ago)
i wish i looked like yanii😫😫
Miss GIJoe (2 days ago)
“All bodies are beautiful. I love my curves” Wears spanx
Aubrey Griffith (2 days ago)
“ I’m trying to not look like a busted can of biscuits” 😂😂😂
gracie jø (2 days ago)
where my size 2s at??
Lillypop Animations (2 days ago)
And guess what. They are all beautiful
Take a look at yourself Feel overweight? Want to be ‘skinny’? Look at the skinny people Look at them then yourself What would you do to have your body shape? What would they do to have your body shape? We are all perfect, just realize that
rose (3 days ago)
2:27 love that body
Thomas Covey (3 days ago)
Can we agree that size 28 is lady Chungs
aesthetic bunny (3 days ago)
Me myself I'm a 0 size and I feel like today they only showcase plus size girls and hardly 0 sized girls plus size girls aren't the only ones with insecurities :/ we skinny girls actually have many frustrations like people telling us we are too skinny and that we look unhealthy which isn't the case we are just built that way and people must understand that whether you're fat or skinny we could all go through bullying that is not an exception it seems as if now they are getting plus girls up and leveling the skinny girls down Why can't we all just embrace every body instead of embracing just one type smh
sunny day (3 days ago)
01:23 I want her body 😭
Meli Müllers (3 days ago)
They are all so beautiful💗
Bella Gefen-Alves (3 days ago)
and they all look beautiful
dulce taya (3 days ago)
Ik yall saw those infinity stones
E Gokce Tas (3 days ago)
Size zero??!!I never knew that!
Deid Ouano (3 days ago)
Size 00
sunny gachas (3 days ago)
The women look beautiful in this dress but the dress in general is just unflattering.
Seshwuu (3 days ago)
The skinny girls got hardly any screen time. This video is supposed to be body positive and that’s great and all but that means representing ALL bodies. Amputees, burn victims, skinny people, people with visible disabilities. Body positivity should be directed to those who can’t change the way that they look as well as those who can.
Jess Ng (3 days ago)
well i'm about size 8
itz storm :3 (3 days ago)
Me; looks at all of them complaining about their body Also me: gets jelly cuz they look waaaay better than me
You Fools (3 days ago)
everyone is beautiful, but show some support towards smaller people, too!
Aleyna Josefine (3 days ago)
Why didn’t they do it in order?
sarahi toapanta (3 days ago)
Why everybody is saying that the 2 size girl is beautiful?. all of them are georgeus 💜
I hate clingy clothes. I can never bring myself to wear them.
Lylah Tazer (3 days ago)
When that one lady said”busted can of biscuits” I felt that
sisters :D (3 days ago)
they hardly showed the slimmer people
Anxiety & depression (3 days ago)
1:22 wow her name is laurel
Shelby Connors (3 days ago)
Why can't the smaller girls get screen time
ツIBlueHusky (3 days ago)
Dont worry girl your not the only 1 thats tall im 12 1/2 and im 5'3 1/2
ツIBlueHusky (3 days ago)
+Lacy Hinton its ok to be tall im taller then 9th graders at my school 😂😂
Lacy Hinton (3 days ago)
ツIBlueHusky i just turned 13 and i’m 5”7
im amazing (3 days ago)
I wish I was a size 0-2
Anthony jackson (3 days ago)
Why the fat bitches get so much screen time
Penelope Allen (3 days ago)
The fact that they don’t let the smaller girls talk a lot bothers me because I’m a size 0-00 and people are always like ‘you’re so lucky!’ No I’m not
Liabear 245 (4 days ago)
I'm wayyyy too self conscious to wear something bodycon
Bar’O Soap ! (4 days ago)
why do we glorify fatness it’s not healthy😂
I'm A Rocket Man (4 days ago)
Everyone thinks being skinny is sooo great, right? Well it's not. I hate not being able to find clothes in my size and trying on a cute dress/shirt/jeans/skirt and it sliding off and overall not fitting. It's just so depressing yknow.
Bilal Kandoussi (4 days ago)
You didn't write kadija good it's khadija
Jonathan ok (4 days ago)
Stop accepting obesity!
nigger (4 days ago)
1:17 ur not thick lmao
Dana van der Looy (4 days ago)
do they have it in black?
Helena Debrincat (4 days ago)
Bebe is beautiful👸💕❤️
Moon.babyy.light .707 (4 days ago)
I wish I was size 6😞😞😞
Bigbo 1 (4 days ago)
America has become disgusting, embracing fat? It is just unhealthy we have a problem, obesity is high fast food is now a normal diet, many Americans drink a black liquid over actual water, we don’t need all these calories, as a planet we can support more than 10 billion people but if people in America continue to eat and live like this we cannot
it's just me:3 (4 days ago)
they are all beautiful! <3
kaylee (4 days ago)
0:32 i love her hair
Tina MinecraftGirl (4 days ago)
Just because your fat skinny or thick doesn’t matter You’re not ugly you’re beautiful
Ana Woods (4 days ago)
I wish I could have kadijas body
eric august (4 days ago)
HuffleHound (1 day ago)
I was thinking maybe she just meant body? I literally have no clue
Maya Helene (4 days ago)
Betty is a Wow-Wow All of them are wow for sure!
Berra Karakuş (4 days ago)
Kadija u need to learn islam lol
jordan richardson (4 days ago)
Is it me or the dresses don’t look good on any size ? It’s just a ugly dress
shelyleezes (5 days ago)
My name :DDDDD
Amber Cyrus (5 days ago)
Nono scroll back up, it’s scary down here
It's Mirā (5 days ago)
You shouldnt support obbesity.. you should support curves and body type..
Adele Okkonen (5 days ago)
1:06 omg she looks like she has a lot of confidence and i luv it
Singing Universe (5 days ago)
im somewhere in between 2 and 4
Nathania Tiu (5 days ago)
1:22 she’s not zero She negative zero😲
Arda361 58 (5 days ago)
I like girls like size 4
davi jr98 (5 days ago)
The hijabi girl literally wear that with hijab😂
Arabian PRINCE (5 days ago)
These women look disgusting definitely not breeding material
Britney (5 days ago)
this dress wouldn’t look good on anyone
Aerianna Banks (5 days ago)
Oh we think bitchees
abby (5 days ago)
audrey is so pretty!!!!
Her Right There (5 days ago)
I think their perspectives are all so thoughtful and cute
XoXoTriXy Vlogz (5 days ago)
I'm 12 and I just have a bit of a chubby tummy not much
What size is the One wt the RED HAT ?2:48 Why DIDNT she get SIZED 🤔 wtf!!
Gacha Illy (5 days ago)
She did. Shes size 26
No offense guys, but there is a point where you are thick and where you are literally unhealthy. A quarter of these women should worry about loosing weight, Im not saying don’t be ashamed of your size, but it could cause serious risks!
Katherine's Covers (5 days ago)
every single one looks stunning! but also.. i wish they all had the same amount of screen time, the negative size girl got barely any time
Dan Humphrey (5 days ago)
I care about some of these girl’s health. I’m all about body positivity and being healthy with what you have, but not when it can cause a heart failure or something.
Kk 4017 (5 days ago)
1:23 the girl that's less than a size zero is soooo pretty she could be a model😭🤩 she even has a great body shape
syntrish TM (2 days ago)
+Ashley Rawls thank you!
syntrish TM (2 days ago)
+kpop- ish yes indeed
kpop- ish (2 days ago)
She is pretty..but...to model you have to have a nice body that has curves, and a small waist. (I know that because I used to be a model) but yeah! No hate!!
Ashley Rawls (2 days ago)
Tabatha Island just cuz they said she has no shape doesn’t make them self conscious. Not everyone who judges others hate themselves . She honestly has no shape, which skinny women tend not to
syntrish TM (3 days ago)
+Sarah agree
4meme 2lord0 (5 days ago)
Omg yaaaaas queens!!!!all of them look absolutely gorgeous!!
Nemo ssan (5 days ago)
Body positivity include all sizes, yo hear Me? 🙂
Naomi L. (5 days ago)
To be honest the dress wasnt that nice in general
Hannah Mae (5 days ago)
"busted can of biscuits" AHH I LOVE HER
Trippyman 558 (5 days ago)
Some of them looked disgusting on those dresses especially the really fat ones
Kiiara (6 days ago)
I'm a size 2
lorenzo (6 days ago)
They are alll sooo perfect I wish I had that much self esteem
Nikol Dimitrova (6 days ago)
All of yall who were complaining that there weren't enough screen time for thinner girls, should realize that plus size starts around 10-12 which mean there are more girls in plus size than the thinner sizes, it was not intentional. And the thinner girls would not have as much to talk about in comparison to the plus size women. I'm sure everything that had to be sai was put in.

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