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Bird Box | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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Never lose sight of survival. Watch BirdBox on Netflix on December 21, 2018. When a mysterious force decimates the world’s population, only one thing is certain: if you see it, you take your life. Facing the unknown, Malorie finds love, hope and a new beginning only for it to unravel. Now she must flee with her two children down a treacherous river to the one place left that may offer sanctuary. But to survive, they'll have to undertake the perilous two-day journey blindfolded. Academy Award® winner Sandra Bullock leads an all-star cast that includes Trevante Rhodes, with Sarah Paulson, and John Malkovich in BirdBox, a compelling new thriller from Academy Award® winner Susanne Bier. Follow Bird Box on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/birdboxmovie/ Watch Bird Box on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/80196789 SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/29qBUt7 About Netflix: Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with 130 million memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments. Connect with Netflix Online: Visit Netflix WEBSITE: http://nflx.it/29BcWb5 Like Netflix Kids on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/NetflixFamily Like Netflix on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/29kkAtN Follow Netflix on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/29gswqd Follow Netflix on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/29oO4UP Follow Netflix on TUMBLR: http://bit.ly/29kkemT Bird Box | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix http://youtube.com/netflix
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Text Comments (16663)
Kyle L. (14 hours ago)
A lot of jackass's in the comments section who (actually) think they are witty and original with there 3rd grade asinine humor. SMH🙄 Seeing as how no one was able to seriously comment on the movie, I will try. Yes, there seemed to be a (slight) mixture/crossover from other film's, but for the most part the story line had a lot of originality to it. Some of the character development for a few of the actors seemed weak, or watered down, hard to become invested in there story, while others you fell in love with and truly hoped they would make it to the end credit's. I'm obviously no movie critic, but I would, in my own simpleton way, recommend this movie as worth watching. It was able to keep my attention pretty easily and it offered everything from humor to sadness and everything in between. No spoilers, just have a watch and tell me what (you) think. Pretty cool for my money. 😜☮️💓 🇺🇸
Pandaa NIEważne (1 day ago)
slabe, nie polecam
The GachaCat (1 day ago)
I want to watch it but it’s rated R and I’m only fricken 11!
Venom Jay (1 day ago)
Matt Murdock would've thrived in this movie
Venom Jay (1 day ago)
Daredevil survived through the world ending suicidal event with or without a blindfold & he still in the hallway beating all sorts of criminals asses 👍
Elena Gunderson (1 day ago)
0:45 - my pet ostrich
Kiranmayi Deevi (1 day ago)
If they had made that split decision and listened to Douglas then Olympia and Douglas would still be alive and maybe the story would have gone differently
• Crazy World • (1 day ago)
Wesley Hills (2 days ago)
This is just mainstream shit
Steve Myers (2 days ago)
This movie was an absolute train wreck.
Azraf muli (2 days ago)
Is this horror
Purple kitten (3 days ago)
A Quiet Place? Can’t speak Bird Box? Can’t see Hush? Can’t hear Hotel? Trivago /\ | That meme? DEAD
Random Domino (3 days ago)
Next movie. If you don’t die, you will live.
Random Ness (3 days ago)
That one time in the book when Tom finds the dead family when searching houses really got to me
Simoonx (3 days ago)
Who has Some movies on Netflix that are like bird box and silence
Sean Flower (4 days ago)
Part2! Part2!!!!
Mar shall (5 days ago)
This stupid Bitch ruins everything she comes in contact with, worst actress on the planet
Movie Nerd (5 days ago)
John Malkovich is a legend.
Matt noah Leopoldo (6 days ago)
I thought this movie is about a bird in a box or about bird
John Lovethatmagic (6 days ago)
Moral of the film - Don't watch it - It's Bird Shit
Azhar VlogsKz (6 days ago)
I am impressed, I liked it so much, it kept me excited and nervous whole movie. I recommend it!!
Jane’s Corner (6 days ago)
It takes on the form of your worst fears. So the way I would see it would be as a combination of Momo and a cavity.
Thisis Private (7 days ago)
This is officialy the shittest movie I have ever seen
neneakavespy (7 days ago)
You fucking shit series every time I open up a video this shit appears in an ad
Ajit Patil (7 days ago)
Most idiot movie. There are so many mistakes which needs to correct. Hollywood director and writer thinks they are smart but most of them are idiot. Netflix please stop wasting our money. Please show some quality movies.
Movie Nerd (5 days ago)
Mistakes? Do you mean plotholes?
Justin FunKidsTime (8 days ago)
Best movie EVER!!!
aventure pink tubby (9 days ago)
My freind watching bird box its scary
KLuck JFrMusic (9 days ago)
At last the only solution was to get blind 🦇 😑
Oasiale XoasialeX (10 days ago)
But why is it called bird box?!
Oasiale XoasialeX (6 days ago)
Evelyn W no I have not watched the movie but I will
Evelyn W (7 days ago)
Shrek_is_bae Yas Did you watch the movie? It will explain.
David Fox (10 days ago)
you motherfucker '
dreamingcode (10 days ago)
Rel in this?? Nope can not take seriously
Angelina Bair (10 days ago)
If you were blind, Could you servive bird box?!
H Morrison (9 days ago)
get attacked.. happen to be sandwiched between 2 cars..
Gacha Girl (11 days ago)
i have seen this film, honestly its the best one yet, its amazing
gaurav vimal (11 days ago)
I have never seen movie as boring as it is
THE LUXURY DOLLS (11 days ago)
watched it yesteday for the first time ever because i created a netflix account and its my favourite so far
Zariannahh (12 days ago)
Caren took the kids
Lilly & Jewel (12 days ago)
I'm probably the only person that hasn't seen this movie yet ;-;
Lilly & Jewel (6 days ago)
+Bokasmowl wow xD
Andree John (12 days ago)
Lilly & Jewel sameee
Utah Malone (13 days ago)
Bird box was good. Can't wait for part 2!
thepewpewman (13 days ago)
This was such a shittie movie lmao
thepewpewman (7 days ago)
+Bokasmowl I know
Dereck Rafael (14 days ago)
Nope I'm not making my blind fall and bird box are making me a scary me again over again
Amaryllis Torres (14 days ago)
I just read the book and now I really want to see the movie! But I don't have Netflix. :(((
Amaryllis Torres (11 days ago)
+Bokasmowl Yeah I watched a few review videos and was like "wtf is this" lol so much was changed! Won't be watching it at all!
Amarish Chandrahas (15 days ago)
I wonder what will happen if they cast Daredevil in it.?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
CommonSoldier101 (15 days ago)
Bird Box 2 : Cover your nose, the smell can get you. Bird Box 3 : Cover your Ass, the smell can get through the ass.
Idaho girlx (16 days ago)
This movie was really good! Don’t trust all the amateur reviews online. Sure it’s a matter of taste but I can’t say anything negative about it. I enjoyed it a lot!
Paras (16 days ago)
This is lol movie
cark (16 days ago)
A quiet place: a family surviving a post apocalyptic world where they can't speak, then at the end the mother, daughter, and son are the only one's alive Bird box:a family surviving a post apocalyptic world where they can't look at something, then at the end the mother, daughter, and son are the only one's alive
Doge The Meme (17 days ago)
Wear diving goggles and the creatures won't get in your eyes
Bowser jr (17 days ago)
"LoOk At mE mAleRy"
Kawsar A (17 days ago)
I dont get it
Pathron the Grape 2 (17 days ago)
*Gods plan*
Well the people that are blind aint got nothing to worry about 💆🏽‍♀️
Mike S (18 days ago)
5G is gonna be bad!
891113kiro (18 days ago)
The boy looks a lot like Matilda to me. LOL
Pat McNamara (18 days ago)
A rip off of “the happening “and “a quiet place “‘!
Marian Bezwąsny (18 days ago)
5G is coming.... All you people can write stupid, pointless comments... it won't help... don't you understand that in almost every movie it's a message for us... and what? We ignoring it.... One day we will regret it and it will be too late...
nukleermen (18 days ago)
A Quiet Place - Don't speak The Happening - Don't breathe Hush - Don't hear Bird Box - Don't look Lover - Don't understand...
Alexia Lopes (19 days ago)
I watched the movie and it hit me on a personal level
Sam Samson (19 days ago)
*Sandra, please voice a character on the NEW Netflix SHE-RA cartoon. Season 2 She-Ra trailer is out btw.*
Luis Neto (19 days ago)
bad SCI-fi idea. No respectful end for the viewers, Lost 120 minutes of my life
Heinrich Honkler (19 days ago)
Such a bad movie...
MH Cook (19 days ago)
Nevermind, it's nothing like the book. I wish it was because the book as incredible.
MH Cook (19 days ago)
Who has read to book and thinks the film is like the book? I just finished the book (in 15 hours!)
Rehman Nesibov (20 days ago)
Benim anlamadığım neden gözlerini kapatıyorlar.
Sour Grapes (20 days ago)
I'm here from Cupcakke
Lawl (20 days ago)
This movie copied the movies “It” and “Slender Man”
Comfy_ Angel (20 days ago)
I don’t get the movie, because I’ve only seen the trailer.
1:16 got me laghing shes shaking and theirs no sound
Ravi Christian (21 days ago)
Waste of 2 hours .Lovecraft horror is not my cup of tea , may br
Kitty Girl (21 days ago)
LOL! I'm ready to watch the full movie on our televison. xD
Lisa Messikommer (21 days ago)
ugh really din't like it. it's so predictable and full of clichée ..
Teresa Chlebovskaja (23 days ago)
Chris Trevanion (23 days ago)
Mehmet Bilgin (23 days ago)
Just wasting time...
Best Name (24 days ago)
Dragon Queen (24 days ago)
I love this movie but it's Soo sad I cried
Fatih Aksu (24 days ago)
I just watch whole movie didn't realize she was Sandra Block. She changed a lot
7 Foot Schnitzel (24 days ago)
I’m 100% sure that Tom is Gini Wijnaldum
Rajput AbHi (25 days ago)
Siddhant Subba (25 days ago)
Whatever the critics may hit but i liked the movie
marc lei u. magabo (25 days ago)
Quiet place: can't speak Bird box: can't see Me: can't have a girlfriend 😭
Lluvia Oscura (22 days ago)
Mr610 (25 days ago)
Siv Krishnan (26 days ago)
If this was real my family would be dead and I would be alive because I’m always in a dark room
the thing they look at is there worst fear. My worst fear is not dying.
baneen baneen (27 days ago)
شنو قصته
player0227 6 (27 days ago)
when you look at the mirror 0:45
mohamad tarek (27 days ago)
so bad movie
Ola khe ac (28 days ago)
No tengo Netflix =(
Sam Samson (28 days ago)
*Sandra, please voice a character on the NEW Netflix SHE-RA cartoon.*
Azel Joy Portugues (28 days ago)
A QUITE PLACE-Don't speak THE HAPPENING-Don't breath BIRD BOX-Don't look GORDON RAMSEY-olive oil in, beautiful!lll
John Paul Kaipu (28 days ago)
Where are the Men In Black?
Frads Fitoorov (28 days ago)
Good Movi
Poppy Pearson (28 days ago)
Sandra - 54 Tom - 29 Talk about an age gap
Puppet Player (28 days ago)
I wonder what would have happened if the roles were reversed
Georgy Sv (29 days ago)
Starlez YT (29 days ago)
Medusa: People can die when they see me! No one else can do that. Slenderman: Hold my beer. Bird box: No, hold my beer.
Puppet Player (28 days ago)
keepyafaithxo (29 days ago)
Me: Takes blindfold off Me: Sees myself in the mirror Puts the blindfold back on
Landon Karnes (28 days ago)
I know who you tryin to copy. Tryin to get likes and shit.
Lalisa Gacha (29 days ago)
Her:were going on the trip Me:in my favorite rocket ship!!! Tbh idk I forgot the lyrics correct me lol
SojuMonster (23 days ago)
Lalisa Gacha fairy rocket ship!
nightmare 92 xx (29 days ago)
achmad naufal hilmy (30 days ago)
TheGodron (30 days ago)
fat bitch pisses me off

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