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Trump's 'Weaponized' Dollar May Push World to Euro, Eichengreen Says

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Sep.28 -- University of California Professor Barry Eichengreen discusses the potential fallout of the U.S.-China trade war as he says President Donald Trump has "weaponized" the dollar. He speaks on "Bloomberg Surveillance."
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Jorge Diaz (1 month ago)
This sounds like Destiny unfolding . They have a 3 country dominant arms race and America is not of them.
K.T. S (3 months ago)
J O (3 months ago)
After reducing taxes, Trump has no avenue for govt revenue, so does tariffs against China, also tries to collapse China Asia economies in order for Trump and his fund managers to buy China Asia stocks cheap cheap, pity Asians n China, they gonna be poor and robbed now🙄
David Lloyd-Jones (3 months ago)
Eichengreen is a ver-ree bright observer of China, the first person I know of to have figured out its relationship with Vietnam and the other "China's Chinas" in the production chain. Sound guy.
Edward Maxwell (3 months ago)
1:22 That is the face we've all been making since Trump became president. god help us.
Shango Sankofa (3 months ago)
Trump: the bully with the heavy hand! This will eventually bite a huge plug out of America's collective a$$! 2019 will not be pretty!
Mastodon1976 (3 months ago)
Trump's short sighted,slash and burn zero sum mentality is going to be a long term disaster.
Cheeseatingjunlista (3 months ago)
Trouble about putting the frightners on is that those you frighten will plan to upset your power to threaten
ba sook (3 months ago)
why does congress do anything about this?
ba sook (3 months ago)
I am a libertarian, and true liberty lies with limited government and term limits for congress and supreme court, it shows to the people real separation in branches that can't be too powerful to be influence by people with deep pockets
Thomas Headley (3 months ago)
Like most legislatures in the world, it is easier to play "blame the Fed". Fiscal responsibility went out to lunch 40 years ago. You give ur constituents what you think they want, not what they really need. It's good that Congress doesn't raise children.
Didier Lemoine (3 months ago)
€uro is a stable money that not depend on Petrol or Gaz unstable price !
Didier Lemoine (3 months ago)
UNO should move to Geneva !
shashank kothari (3 months ago)
Well dollar has caused major havoc in emerging markets. But Euro is not that viable option.
Thomas Headley (3 months ago)
First, what is the Fll's. Second, the rise in interest rates occurred against Trump's will. Reforms are due in the USA, also. Erdogan is trying to "wear too many hats". Trump is the abomination to the American form of divided authority. He thinks he is a King, exactly what America rebelled against. Third, in the EMs, when what we call a "risk off" event happens, A prompt rise in domestic rates is the only quick response. reforms, although worthy, take too long. Bonds are lent at low rates on the provision that they will be "paid in kind". Violating this provision causes a downgrade in rating, thereby raising the bid on future offers. Ur thoughts appreciated.
shashank kothari (3 months ago)
+Thomas Headley quite the contrary, when interest rates in US rise then the FII's in EM are pulled out. so increase in interest rates in US does not help EM unless they bring some reforms. Honesty speaking, trump is not that bad for US. He has screwed turkey, China a bit and I live in India and they are bringing decent reforms. Whatever you say about that guy, he is really screwing assholes. In India we are thinking of doing the right things bringing decent laws. Trust me trump is not that bad. EM has been fucking US for quite some time, we should fix ourselves. Whatever you say, Obama was an abomination trust me.
Thomas Headley (3 months ago)
The havoc in the EMs will pass as they raise rates to slow inflation. Some have more to do than others. As investors go back to "risk on" behavior, the $$$ will move back to a more normal trading range. Domestic rates will start to rise in response to the outflow from American debt & political chaos.
Jack Black (3 months ago)
GG dollar
ummmm do all of those Black African christian countries support Iran or the US, I know you hate that but the majority of Africa is pro US
skip181sg (3 months ago)
skip181sg (3 months ago)
Africa is slowly but surely moving towards China mate...so it will all become Yuan
W. (3 months ago)
+Maximus Alexander Maxim Augustus XVIII you are just all over, relax. Africa is waking to reality that US/Europe has been screwing them over, they have wised up. They no longer want aid or being threatened to vote pro US at UN, they want investment that create jobs and value which China is providing but we are cautious on that, EU is also changing tone to aid but rather investment to also curb immigration problem. US is quiet.
W. (3 months ago)
Well Africa is shifting away from USD, more towards RMB because of increasing trade and investment which is less hostile than US. Euro is showing interest of late as well, certainly better than US but not as the Chinese. Its a matter of time given the US negativity towards Africa.
you're a complete moron. I am not a Trump nor a Clinton supporter. You haven't reached the level to understand the democratic socialist movement. You haven't researched post keynesian economists. You are just an Anti-american third worlder just like the Pakistanis who hate America and want to cozy up to China. If this one Presidency of Trump is what you know define America by, forgetting about all previous great President like FDR, George Washington, Lincoln, then it is better for you to be ruled and dominated by your grueling new Chinese slave masters that will build their hellish factories and bulldoze your churches. But, you probably aren't a Muslim or a Christian to say such a stupid comment. If I had to guess, you are either an agnostic, atheist, or animist so you don't even represent the majority of Africans. You know most Lutherans are African and live in Madagascar and Ethiopia, brought to you by Americans. Africa is not polluted by the US. China is the one overfishing the global seas and depopulating the oceans, making all of her exotic wildlife extinct, and I am pro China, I don't support these trade wars but that is one point I would hold her accountable. What about all of the warring that goes on in Africa between your tribes, did America start that? What about the fact that America had no colonies in Africa, why not hate France, Germany, Italy, etc.... because all that goes through your mind because of the media and internet articles is "America is bad, Trump is America, American people are all bad" endlessly. You have been brainwashed because you're corporate masters in China and the oil rich Gulf Arab countries want to see you as worker bee slave earning $.01 forever. It's time you wake up, and make real friends. If you hate America choose someone who gives a damn because no other country even comes close to the amount of help you get from both the US gov, and Christian missions workers. If I had to resurrect a President for today it would be John Hanson because he was a true LCMS Lutheran and not a slave of the EU or China but also not a moronic adulterer like Trump. This guy speaking about the EURO becoming a reserve currency is also a moron because as Pavlina Tcherneva has written, the EURO is the reason why the EU has such high unemployment and the Masstrict Treaty is terrible; the EURO will always been in crisis mode. Babylon 5 reference: There is only China or US : Shadows or Vorlons, or chaos vs order. Pick order and the Vorlons. The Russians are the Centauri, they serve the Shadows. Africa are like the Drazi and Pak-mara, they are powerless nations. America can be redeemed by Americans who have the Constitution unlike the world. The constitution is like the Holy Quran that is on a tablet in Heaven; no other country has it nor will they ever. Good luck on your quest
Gordon Adams (3 months ago)
Trump making the Euro great. At the expense of the dollar. He is bringing the country down and his supporters are cheering him on.
Cheeseatingjunlista (3 months ago)
Make America Gimp Again - get those suits talcumed up guys
Steven David Stoffers (3 months ago)
I like this thesis too. Trump just gave a speech at the UN and the White House didn't have a heads up on Katowice? his UN speech fit pretty good with giving it a finger later.... and sure didn't pave the way for any action at all at the first COP with both with an agreed precedent and no open exemptions on the 2 big political, and geoengineering wise, carbon sources. based on usage and scale, with one of those including casinos and golf resorts. from my perspective in SE Asia.
Ron Dupard (3 months ago)
Agent Orange's supporters are just too goddamn stupid to know that they are stupid, so I guess you really can't blame them for being so stupid.
Oke Micco (3 months ago)
The rest of the world is comprised of socialist shitholes, so it would not surprise me.
Knopfler reviews (3 months ago)
Your sophisticated use of language does bring credibility to your statement. Thank you for sharing it with us!
Donald Trump (3 months ago)
Trump and his supporters have lost their minds, they hypothesize by themself and feel great.
webster wu (3 months ago)
Pound had dominated for about a century, and the dollar has been there as the international currency for about a century, it's time to have a change for the Euro or RMB.
skip181sg (3 months ago)
BRICS trades in what? Yuan most likely. Dollar denominated trading Blocs are being superceded by newer...larger trading Blocs
skip181sg (3 months ago)
Yup...the EU and China will trade in EURO or Yuan... TPP will trade in what? Not USD that's for sure
dragondescendant1 (3 months ago)
Karl Heven, is no joke, many countries have already ditching Petro dollar for Petro Yuan.
Karl Heven (3 months ago)
LOL good joke, you must be a liberal/left-winged.

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