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Microsoft and Intel Not Sitting in a Tree

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On this edition of the Sams Report, Surface has an ARM, Firefox has a beta, and 19H2 is a mystery on many levels. Shifthappenscon - https://shifthappenscon.com/ Timestamps: News: 0:43 Slack Updates 2:20 Edgium: 3:07 19h2: 5:45 Firefox: 8:09 Microsoft and Intel: 10:52 GamePass: 12:38 Q&A: 13:40
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Text Comments (34)
GregoriusMagnus (9 days ago)
That wireless connection to your TV does not seem to serve well. ;) :)
Torch Atlas (11 days ago)
My only worry about these new Qualcomm chips is how they'll be marketed, and presented, to consumers. Consumers will be wondering how these chips are better than the good ol' Intel Core i3, i5, and i7...
GregoriusMagnus (9 days ago)
I don't think consumers care about whether it is Intel or Qualcomm in general? And they shouldn't anyways. They will only care about benchmark scores and battery life.
Robin Persaud (11 days ago)
Another great show, Brad! Would love to see Spotify under the Disney+ umbrella, but am not holding my breath. The great proliferation of OTT service continues...
Ork Diktator (12 days ago)
Intel: We want Surface to be built with our CPUs exclusively Nadella: *looks over his glasses* *takes phone and presses a button* "Hi Lisa..."
Emerald Kingdoms (12 days ago)
For the people who are curious about the Edge browser and where to download, here is a link: https://www.microsoftedgeinsider.com/en-us/download/
J. Hammerel (12 days ago)
Brad any idea when we will get Edgium on Android mobile? Using edge on Android now and like it.
PY106 Digital (12 days ago)
It's based on chromium already.
Ágoston Szerző (12 days ago)
I just wanted to post it here too, that I loved your book (beneath a surface if someone doesn't know it already). Today I finished it second time. Thank You!
Not The One (12 days ago)
Edgium has issues with touch screens so I had to stop using it.
Shaun Roselt (12 days ago)
Please post your videos in 4K
GregoriusMagnus (9 days ago)
And even those 1080p seem to be upscaled or interpolated. Not that I care that much since I'm pretty much listening to these during work.
Brad Sams (12 days ago)
my cam is only recording in 1080P, once i upgrade it, i can...but all the 4k webcams suck right now :/
Shaun Davids (12 days ago)
Why do u need to see him in 4k? obsessed much
Shaun Davids (12 days ago)
Get a TV that upscales well lol
beanis (12 days ago)
I've never heard Brad explain why he doesn't like or use Edge.
GregoriusMagnus (9 days ago)
Actually, when I switch to Chrome is when I manage my YouTube account. So that's reason 1. And probably all reasons for all Chrome users reasonably. Second, I switch to Chrome when I get tired of firing up Edge and then typing in an address in the address bar, hitting enter, and then !!BAM!!, half a minute later having start page fired up with my requested address displayed in the address bar, or just suddenly launching a search with Bing the second half of the url entered.
BINARYGOD (12 days ago)
he doesn't really have any good reasons, but then that is true of the vast majority of users of Chrome right now.
Steven Rogalsky (12 days ago)
AMD and QCOM taking more of the PC space is good for everyone. Except Intel of course
Steven Rogalsky (12 days ago)
+BINARYGOD It will result in a better product, but that means higher costs and lower margins and lower profit for them. So depends on how "good" is defined.
BINARYGOD (12 days ago)
No it's good for them too, they need more competition than solely from themselves.
zblackrider (12 days ago)
Yes please to an AMD Surface.
pumpuppthevolume (12 days ago)
nice title lol
Tyler Patterson (12 days ago)
I’m rooting for tiger and phil. They are getting old so now is the time to do it. Wouldn’t mind seeing brooks win either
wrath achehboune (12 days ago)
nah i will stay on chrome
voyager (12 days ago)
Hi Brad, have a great week also man, love the channel and honestly think it (and you) deserve a subscription explosion. Great video as Always, thank you.
aL3891 (12 days ago)
That sucks about your roof, nobody want to deal with that :/
Brad Sams (12 days ago)
yeahhhh, hoping I got it temp fixed until we figure out a longer-term solution
MIXA PCPRO (12 days ago)
I have very good week mate ty for very good content :D
Darryl De Rosas (12 days ago)
Do we know why the Surface line products uses older chipsets mainly the Surface Studio? Seems to always be a generation behind with it comes the specs
Ágoston Szerző (12 days ago)
I think that is because of the skylake in the surface pro 4 and book 1. That was an early adoption, and it had issues. (more about that in his book :D And no i don't get any money for marketing it, it was just a very good book :) )
Brad Sams (12 days ago)
Timestamps in the description for subscribers and you.

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