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Rhonda Byrne Interview

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Text Comments (42)
Vicky Vineeth (1 month ago)
Rhondabyrn mam iam very very thankful to you for introducing the secret book to these world
Fortuna Giustino (10 months ago)
thanks Rhonda, God bless you for all the books that you wrote, you inspired so many we love you, honour and respect you....i personally am grateful to your books and you
Gopal Nagar (6 months ago)
How it works? can U Plz help me to understand plz
Bramanta Wisnu (3 years ago)
Thank You Rhoda, it's really works for me.
Gopal Nagar (6 months ago)
How it works? can U Plz help me to understand plz
crishantha dias (4 years ago)
Wonderful.i want to say thank you.thank you. Thank you dear Rhonda and the secret team.My life changed alot for good.
Genç Çakırdoğan (4 years ago)
Only, the ones that can stand the pressure and the pain might become a Diamond. Others have no way out from staying coal.
Shin Akuma (5 years ago)
Thank you Rhonda :)
Suwutae (5 years ago)
I read her book "The Power" I see some comments here saying it's B.S..yeah "Go Figure" ......But there is no denying the TRUTH! Love is the Answer to everything. I love making money, I love counting money and I Love "giving" it away! I Love Spending it, period. I love my clients, I love my family I love my business I love those pretty chicks that work at Chase Bank (and They Love ME) I love my trucks, cars, house, I Love everything and very grateful for it. True Lover of Life
Aishwarya Narkar (5 years ago)
ppl should feel ashamed speaking such things about rhonda..rhonda i love u:):D
Aishwarya Narkar (5 years ago)
i love rhonda:)
Igor P (6 years ago)
I hate the australian accent. and her too,...and that embarrasing "secret", which is full of shit
Lloyd Christmas (1 year ago)
Igor P chill out harry
Shawn (6 years ago)
@MissPraecipua True story
Shawn (6 years ago)
Dumb bitches
k0smon (6 years ago)
You have absolutely no information about her sex life.
Subjohny (1 year ago)
k0smon She doesn't feel an orgasm!
Rebekah Brooks (6 years ago)
i know it works but not all the time and not as exactly as they claim but it does work i am sure of it
Gopal Nagar (6 months ago)
How it works? can U Plz help me to understand plz
BlacklitFloater (6 years ago)
There is some truth to what she says, but like all propaganda, there is a hint of truth in it. The popular kids of school were always the most enthusiastic and energetic ones, so it's no wonder they got what they want a lot of the time.Some of her claims are ridiculous, like being able to positively think yourself out of sickness, but this "raising your vibration" stuff is also just mystical jargon for becoming more open to and aware of opportunities, so it can work, just not all the time.
Katerina Ka (7 years ago)
i hate her...i cant watch a horror movie
Shawn (7 years ago)
What a fucking liar.
SuzukiGSXR4LIFE (7 years ago)
The Secret is REAL! It is active in my life and continues to be. Whether I believe in a SHIT life or the complete opposite The Law of Attraction can not be stopped. Sad how most are so ignorant and have bought into the "white trash" mentality that is literally destroying this country and other countries around us that when life changing truth is presented, they wallow in their SHIT life and do their best to bring others into it.
SuzukiGSXR4LIFE (7 years ago)
Everyone speaking against The Secret refuse to accept that EXACTLY what you're expressing is attracting EXACTLY what you've expressed into YOUR OWN PERSONAL LIFE! "Stuck in a rut" and always will be. Those of us who DO the footwork reap the REALITY of The Secret.. I'm LIVING PROOF of The Secret and there's absolutely nothing ANYONE can do to change that. As you try, you're receiving EXACTLY what The Law of attraction brings. Look around your life and SEE its Truth.
taraniso (7 years ago)
@MetalxN00b well-said. If you listen to the audio, Rhonda repeats ad-nauseum "receive" throughout as if she's a hypnotherapist. Also, I highly suspect some of the testimonials. writing dollar amounts on bills and squealing about receiving money isn't positive thinking, its complete avoidance of functioning like a sane adult.
Dtauriac (7 years ago)
Cynics - I guess we can same the sam about the Bible then. Because somebody is getting rich and as if they will never stop making money cause all they have to do is print a different English version of it. What this woman did was spark the world. It was just a spark. I tried giving my pups away for free and no one bought them. Soon as I put a price on them they were gone in a week. Don't blame this lady for human nature. People don't value things that don't have a price.
FractalLounge (7 years ago)
Must have been a big coincidence to her when she found out it was the fastest selling self help book of all time, definitely not what she would have been focused on :P
FractalLounge (7 years ago)
Everything vibrates. It's like music. Example: If your brain vibrates with an A# and the necklace vibrates with E, together they sound ugly and don't really connect with each other. However, if you tune your brain into E like the necklace, together they sound good and resonate. I wouldn't be surprised if babies instinctively scream in the key of Milk#. I still don't think it's a guaranteed way to get 'anything' tho coz the car you get could be a matchbox car if it's more convenient at the time.
Daniel G (7 years ago)
ahah, to me all of this is obvious, just as the earth revolves around the sun. and I live my live with this without know it ! ahah, feel happy for someone share it with the world. For those who don't believe it, just try it!
Katerina Ka (7 years ago)
reading this idiot book was a waste of time,anyone that can observe well can undrestand certain things
godscuttingyoudown (7 years ago)
@Snickers557 you don't get it its a universal scam
godscuttingyoudown (7 years ago)
0:19 scam artist having an orgasm seriously if that tiny little book changed your life then why is it you never disclosed the title???...HO ya so you can sell you plagiarized version of it
bradq (7 years ago)
make love to me. that's what I want and need right now!
Snickers557 (7 years ago)
@irendelle if its scam for you, forget about it and live your life!
Goh Away (7 years ago)
Why is she in prison?
Rai Miranda (7 years ago)
@MissPraecipua Look at how things turned out to phuXAche on Rhonda Byrne's The Secret Is A Scam! HE made himself look STUPID by his CONTRADICTORY "last" statements. Truth ALWAYS wins! Praise YAHWEH! Praise His Excellency YESHUA!
MrSpadeofAce (7 years ago)
the secret is fkn scam..
Rai Miranda (7 years ago)
@MissPraecipua Hi! Thank you so much for the kind feedback you gave ... perhaps you'd like to read how I blasted another ignorant moron ranting in defense of R.Bryne on the YouTube video entitled: Rhonda Byrne's The Secret Is A Scam!
Rai Miranda (7 years ago)
@MissPraecipua Well said, sister. This is definitely scam: S-omething C-on A-rtists M-ake up to rake millions of cold cash.
Rai Miranda (7 years ago)
@MissPraecipua I agree with you. SO this is the Rhonda bitch who'se been spewing her lies ... I tried the program myself to the letter but I reaped nothing but negative results.
Jorge (7 years ago)
she´s beautiful
Natalia Parisi (8 years ago)

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