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Become a FAT BURNING MACHINE - Intermittent Fasting for MEN & WOMEN | BeerBiceps Weight Loss Diet

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FREE OF COST Intermittent Fasting diet plan : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zu6vI0Nge9U&t=8s Weight loss guidance : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaPQwZ5L34c&list=PLfNW_1ECVaTgO7oyC6ngzf2f99n4ngqTA Protein requirements : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TncA_LkemGI&t=1s More about Insulin Sensitivity (Bulking & Cutting) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh4gIAv92yM&t=9s Science of IF : https://intensivedietarymanagement.com/fasting-physiology-part-ii/ Fasting & Growth Hormone : https://www.dietdoctor.com/fasting-and-growth-hormone More on the Health Benefits of an INTERMITTENT FASTING DIET : https://authoritynutrition.com/10-health-benefits-of-intermittent-fasting/ What I honestly believe is that the whole world will eventually embrace the beauty of the IF DIET or the Intermittent Fasting Diet. A 16 hour fasting window is all it takes for you to go from being someone with a regular metabolism to being someone with a lightening fast metabolism. The intermittent fasting diet is by far the best diet whether your goal is weight loss, fat loss or muscle gain. Just by altering your meal timings, it IS possible to improve your metabolism as well as become a FAT BURNING MACHINE. contrary to popular belief, it IS possible to put on muscle while on an IF or fasting diet. More importantly, in today's fat loss specific video, I will also be addressing the health benefits and safety concerns when it comes to the IF diet. Is Intermittent fasting healthy? Is intermittent fasting safe? But more importantly, is it REALLY the fastest FAT BURNING diet in the world? Only one way to find out! Let's SCIENCE THE SHIT OUT OF IT! ---------------------------------------------- BeerBiceps - YouTube's first India specific fitness and food channel Fitness, food and fitness-food. Like, comment, subscribe and share on facebook! Facebook: www.facebook.com/beerbiceps Instagram: @beerbiceps Twitter: @beerbicepsguy Zomato: @beerbiceps Snapchat: @ranveer.1693
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Text Comments (1860)
khushal singh (20 hours ago)
Why I got zomato add
shabari shankar.s (2 days ago)
Can you change your fasting period? Skipping breakfast one week to skipping lunch the next. Would this be detrimental?
SNIFY podcast (2 days ago)
Great video! Whenever i need info about any topic and beer biceps has made a video about it, thats the only video I need to watch
Great info.Cheers. also checkout my health, beauty and fitness channel HBF life.😄😍
Redyon (4 days ago)
Muslims do it for a month every year, that's why they are called "Mu-Slims" 🤣
Pragati Deshmukh (5 days ago)
This is very informative but if we are going 16 hour fasting and If you are hitting gym in the morning, wouldn't it cause issues with workout energy levels? And also what happens with pre and post workout meals ?
Aman Raj Verma (5 days ago)
You shake your hands too much.That's distracting n irritating.All others...good
Soumojit Dutta (5 days ago)
Can I take green tea in empty stomach during IF in the morning ? Because , I heard that green tea in empty stomach may damage our liver for long time... And I also heard that , during IF , one can take green tea or water or black tea in the morning for 16:8 system...
Soumojit Dutta (5 days ago)
+sass what I know , but my concern is about drinking it in empty stomach or not during IF.
sass what (5 days ago)
You can take. Green tea has many beneficial effects. Just make sure you take tea without sugar
Rishav Chatterjee (5 days ago)
Is this feasible for an 18 year male teenager?
Mamta Thakur (5 days ago)
Thanks Alot for such a detailed explanation
Joyashree Bhowmik (6 days ago)
Thanks your explanation is very deep,meaningful and helpful for me. Today I get details about IF.
Sahil Khambhayta (6 days ago)
My day has come i knew it will come handy....i have no social life.
Hardik More (8 days ago)
👏👏👏 thank you
RAVR (8 days ago)
Can I drink Apple Cider Vinegar during fasting periods?
Ruksana Shaik (5 days ago)
Nazia Parween (9 days ago)
I am 21. Have been doing IF since the past 7 to 8 years unknowingly.
Ram Gupta (11 days ago)
Can I consume protein shake in water during IF?
azha Lone (8 days ago)
No.. you are not allow to eat even a 0.5 of calorie
Jai Narula (13 days ago)
Does If effects height growth ?
Ammy Romeo (13 days ago)
sir... what about morning post workput shake... do we need to avoid that
own world (14 days ago)
Can we do our workout in the 16 hr period because i m going for zumba and exercise in 7 to 8 am. Plz help !
souvik mitra (14 days ago)
Hi ranveer, i am keeping a 20 hour fast and thinking of breaking the fasting with fruit bowl, is it fine?
Cerene Maria Joy (15 days ago)
I lost only 1.5 kg after a month of IF.. I didn't change my routine in anyway.. Dint incorporate exercising.. just began IF without any other changes.. guess it's just slow change for me :(
sumit slathia (15 days ago)
brother nice but your recent guest kuke coutinho guru of IF told specially not to have coffee or tea during IF has its contains caffeine just water is enough.....but your saying it to have ?
yolo mo (17 days ago)
I'm 17 can i do IF
Tanish Yadav (16 days ago)
Please do, it will make you taller.
Rohan Singh (17 days ago)
Sir mere pass ek question h HGH Js matlab ki hum 4 dino tk khana na khaye 🤔🤔😂😂🤔🤔🤔🤔
Nikhil Kumar (18 days ago)
Very informative video. Thanks to you. I gonna try this.
Manal Khalique (19 days ago)
the 2 disadvantages u mentioned are allmost negligible. lol
mayoonly (22 days ago)
I have a query jus like water and other stuff like green tea and black coffee is it ok to have fresh juice or coconut water , or that is also during eating period please do let me know if possible thanks a lot in advance CHEERS!!
Prashik S (22 days ago)
Did IF for 3 months with a walk of 4 km per day {with some running} got astonishing results . Now I am 11 kg lighter
Gaming Fever 1 (23 days ago)
You are the best
ArYA FK BHagWaT (25 days ago)
@BeerBiceps how do I tighten loose skin after losing fat?
GIRL with DREAMS (25 days ago)
IF kitne din tak krna h??
shreshtha bansal (27 days ago)
Does it impact your body if you start a normal diet after a while ? Please tell
Masum Janid (17 days ago)
No, but once you start IF, you won't feel the need to go back simply because it's so energising and detoxifying.
Taiyeba Ahmed (27 days ago)
I fast for 24 hours from every Saturday dinner to Sunday dinner. 😀
Leo Kartikeya (28 days ago)
The body will get used to it in a week or so as we are told it's too smart.. then why Will it burn fat..it knows that there is an 8 hour window coming up with food??
Vikas Mishra (29 days ago)
Sir if I do my workout in morning 5-7 am and my 1st meal or breakfast at 10 pm(my if time 10 am to 6pm). Is it right because you always told that after workout you have to take protein
Kumar Saurav (29 days ago)
Bro please don't use background music in your science videos , it's quite irritating .
Divyansh Kumar (30 days ago)
You are a good guy with knowledge 😁
Sam Lakhmani (30 days ago)
When you do excercise.... What if your gym is during your fasting period .... Doesnt it effect your performance ? If performance is effected then your not getting the muscle tear that you want...... Isn't that counter intuitive ?
Sam Lakhmani (30 days ago)
Bro ... Keep up the info... Crazy videos
suman beniya (30 days ago)
I'm a skinny guy.. Please make a video on how to build muscles and gain weight. Please include exercises which I can perform at home..
Shazil Mujtahid (1 month ago)
I can easily get used to intermittent fasting because a fast in ramadan is for around 16 hours. (and i fast in Ramadan.
The unseen (1 month ago)
doesn't insulin stores fat??
pragati malik (1 month ago)
How about not skipping breakfast, including that in 8 hours and then proceeding with 16 hours after noon till next morning ? This is keeping in mind the regular workout schedule in morning so mandatory meal before and after workout hence breakfast too. Does this make sense ?
Bro your body language is like sis
sanad nazer (1 month ago)
This is what Muslims have been doing for 1000 years during Ramadhan😂❤️
The Karma (2 days ago)
This is what Educated Hindus have not been doing for previous 2000 years
Zeba Rayees (1 month ago)
You are almost dancing while talking
Տurya Տingh (1 month ago)
It's my Day 2. I.F
pranav kadam (1 month ago)
Sir how much day/month we have to follow this #INTERMEDIATE FASTING diet Plzzz reply
deep bhavsar (1 month ago)
As per "Jainism"(religion) IF was modern name but in Jainism it describes before IF invented ;)
Preethi Anusha (1 month ago)
IF was in Indian lifestyle since ages. Remember ? Upvas for once or twice a week ? Just that instead of taking us through the science behind, we were made to be bound to it by the name of God. May be this is to make sure we do not break the fast fearing (if not excess fat ) God.
Aryan Arora (1 month ago)
I Love You Man.
Amit S (1 month ago)
Sir,, I m going to follow 16×8 diet plan. My first meal is on 1pm and the last one is on 9pm ok. Then I have to fast till 1pm next day. So my querries regarding this IF are, what kind of workout i should perform? Is it ok that I do simple cardio workout at home (spot running jumping rope, star jumps and push ups?) Should I eat anything before or post workout? is protein supliment require during fast period or feast period?
NEIL SEN (1 month ago)
I got a burger, zomaro add beofre this, XD
Aditya Dhole (1 month ago)
Can we break our fast with pre-workout?
madhu rima (20 days ago)
Pre workout won't provide all nutrients
Sarban Sengupta (1 month ago)
Is there any other way (apart from intermittent fasting) to increase HGH? I suffer from severe gastroenteritis and IBS . So any kind of fasting or remaining on empty stomach is forbidden for me. It drives me sick and I start puking bile after an hour of fasting/ remaining on empty stomach!
Sahil Patel (1 month ago)
Can we drink protein shake on I.F diet ?
No not while you are fasting..
Vemulawada Susheela (1 month ago)
Can intermittent fasting burn of fat in thighs and buttock? I mean can it burn of lower body fat??? Please tell me.
There isn't spot reduction of fat, You will lose fat over all.. (Through out your body).
Hari Priya (1 month ago)
Sir people are saying that if u do this u will definitely get gastric pblm so pls don't do .....is it true
RAHUL DUHAN (1 month ago)
Dude you are just awesome🙋‍♂️
anupriya rawat (1 month ago)
Is it a healthy option for thyroid pateint and what if we are getting headache during fasting ?
yes me !! (1 month ago)
Can we drink weight loss drinks something like Be slim drinks during this IF???
kamesh shankar (1 month ago)
In yoga teacher training our first meal is on 10am and the last meal is at 6pm...just tea in between...work out for 4 hours... Really felt like superman. . best version of myself ever.....must try
Amisha Rathore (1 month ago)
How long can I continue this diet
Imran Shaikh (1 month ago)
How do I take pre and post workouts while doing IF since I could be in my 16 hrs window? Or should I workout outside the 16 hrs window?
Gowthaman Shivkumar (1 month ago)
Is this applicable for teens?
Anvar Mansoor (1 month ago)
I started 24 hours fasting , 3 days per week 😀
Jeet Bhatt (1 month ago)
funkyhunk007 (1 month ago)
Nice video. What should be the frequency of IF. How many times a week or it has to be done as Permanent lifestyle?
Alvee Omar (1 month ago)
excellent description.. thank you so much, my dad is really interested in this I.F. diet and I have been on it since last 7 months.. lost a lot of weight through the process.. I can finally show my dad a good video on it and help him burn his bhuri (belly). much Love from Bangladesh. ❤
Kusuma Kp (1 month ago)
Bro good amount of info...but I think u got the facts wrong ...because basically insulin is a hormone which is secreted from pancreas which is the responsible for converting glucose to glycogen ........glucose is ready energy where as glycogen is stored energy ie fat.....so more insulin more fat
Amul Gurubaxani (1 month ago)
Wanna try this !!💯💯
Chandan Singh (1 month ago)
Hey bro, Can you explain shangri La Diet and its pros and cons. Also is it effective or not?
Tanuj Joshi (1 month ago)
I watch your video also for englsih language..i love ..the way of taking
Shankar Chidambaram (2 months ago)
Man, you have super attitude
laila roshid (2 months ago)
a video on cutting down love handles please?
Sanj Talkies (2 months ago)
This is genius. You are such an inspiration.
Surabhi verma (2 months ago)
How is oziva as protein ??
Amit Sharma (2 months ago)
On IF from last 8 years. I am 35 and I can give any youngsters in 20s run for their Money.
Su Pra (2 months ago)
So thats why they call BREAK - FAST .
Su Pra (2 months ago)
dislikers for this video are our parents......
San Ravi (2 months ago)
If we workout the calorie intake gets increased right, how do you manage it? E.g I need 1700 calories a day according to BMR calculator to lose weight so I take less than 1700. If I add my workouts to the BMR calculator it says I need 2000 calories.
Gaurav Kotecha (2 months ago)
Sir what to eat before workout early morning while in fast and is post workout protein shake ok while in fast??
shruti ojha (2 months ago)
Wonderful video!! The best with most of the important areas covered!! Well-done bro!!
Nabajit Saha (2 months ago)
Hy Ranveer Just bit confused plz help me out For example if im a working guy and im following intermitted diet does will work and if im doing a nyt shift then also everything will same like.. Watever u said in this video
taufique Dynamite (5 days ago)
Nabajit Saha yes
gowtham kamireddy (2 months ago)
I am following this diet but Somedays i feel more drop in energy during 16 hrs and sometimes absolutely fine.....i need to know exact food to know for protein....in my lifestyle of food achieving more carbs than recommended
Hardik Jain (2 months ago)
IF has very much importance in Jainism as well, infact people have been practicing it since ages! Thanks for the video ranveer and for putting light on this technique!
Bussa Yashwanth (2 months ago)
do we develop GAS during IF???, because when we starve without food for 5-6 hrs it leads to development of gas.....
prashant singh (2 months ago)
bhaiya i m in hostel and i can diet very well but my food doesn't have those ticks told... and i dont have that much money too to get brown bread/rice and paneer on a daily basis... can you suggest me something?
Shraiya Manhas (2 months ago)
ap supplements fir fat loss ka batao
Aayush Sharma (2 months ago)
I m 19 and i can't get away with anything i eat...i suffer enormous contipation and weak metabolism...am i dying or what??
Sandy Lourus (2 months ago)
Start doing weight training
Max Walker (2 months ago)
Aayush Sharma BTW you Army!?!??
Max Walker (2 months ago)
Nah bro start workout and do IF you’ll definitely find a change in your life
Khusboorani Patel (2 months ago)
is green tea not healthy
Raj Agarwal (2 months ago)
He is absolutely right i myself using keto diet along with intermidiate fasting since 15 days and lost 3 kgs.. You will burn fat too fast.😈😈
Rustom bhesania (2 months ago)
Nice click bate
Prithivi Cr (2 months ago)
Excellent explanation.
Barun Jena (2 months ago)
My mom yells at me and taunts me saying I will fall ill and become weak. I showed her one video but she still doesn't understand. I was like fine! But you can't stop me! 😂😂😂
Ridhima Das (2 months ago)
For how long can a person continue with IF? @beerbiceps
Ayushi Pande (2 months ago)
It's my second day on IF diet. And I was going crazyyy because I am fasting like this for the first time in my life. But after watching this video, I feel much better. I feel that I can do it. My body will get better. Thankyou for such inspiring videos Ranveer. You are amazing as always! 😊
Ayushi Pande (1 month ago)
I started my Intermittent Fasting on Feb 2nd and yesterday (i.e. March 5) when I measured my weight, I found out that my weight fell by 3.5 kgs.
Junaid Khan (1 month ago)
did you lose any weight ?
Saurabh Dhiwar (2 months ago)
Hey I'm trying to do this but I have some questions Firstly I'm doing this at 7pm to 11am but I go to gym at 7am so it is ok And secondly that is before going to gym what should I do or eat for gym some pre workout types Please help
Nawaz Pasha (2 months ago)
Does drinking alcohol beer helps IF and screws liver can u answer?
ANMOL DENGANI (2 months ago)
Does milk tea in the morning break intermittent fasting??
Junaid Khan (1 month ago)
yes anything more than 50 calories will break the fast

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