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The Microsoft Xbox Stadia

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Gaems Sentinel Pro XP (USA Link) - https://amzn.to/2YhX6dc Gaems Sentinel Pro XP (International) - https://geni.us/M7W0U Google Stadia recently launched promising AAA gaming on the go. In honor of that announcement I decided to showcase the ultimate portable Xbox One X gaming setup. This setup features the Gaems Sentinel Pro XP which will work with either Xbox or PS4 (Playstation 4). ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy
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Text Comments (5224)
Happymonday (1 hour ago)
You could just get a switch and not waste your money on this contraption. And also not carry a giant briefcase everywhere... If you want every game just get a gaming laptop, probably cheaper than both and looks better too
Chris S (17 hours ago)
Guys they make one thats just a screen powered by a usb cable. Meaning you only need one power cable for everything to work! Pretty cool if you ask me. Combine that witb your phones hotspot and you got a great little mobile set up in minutes
Rehana Mapker (1 day ago)
Me: every thing in China is fake China: no it's not Me: if so, then spell games China: G- A -E- M -S 0:09
dante lenin (1 day ago)
The Animator (1 day ago)
austin evans made this like 5 years ago
kingbeasten (1 day ago)
I use the last gen case to bring to fields, deployment, and cq for army my only complaint is the duel cables it was more of a problem with the original xbox one with the giant power brick but still
one way (1 day ago)
you don't need a click bait, you had 14 millions subs.. it's pathetic !!
NYCD86 (2 days ago)
Lmao Lew
Tom Bowyer (2 days ago)
Will it work with a nintendo switch???
Morzo 283 (3 days ago)
Do you think he knows about the switch
succ me (3 days ago)
ThisIsG (4 days ago)
Made in China xF
Jason Patrick (4 days ago)
provably expensive payment for these service I don't trust it probably a great way of infomation theft for advertising
Timothy Obioma (4 days ago)
Better to buy a gaming computer
Priye Rai (4 days ago)
They named this device on a misspelling of "GAMES" ... very fascinating.
Victor Supreme (5 days ago)
Probably better if it could fit the controller too.
Tom Beedall (5 days ago)
These have been around since xbox 360 days
Ben Shear (2 days ago)
Try Nintendo GameCube days...
Stupid Person (5 days ago)
He suggested a college student could afford that lol
Thats how MaFiA works (5 days ago)
Braden Nugget (5 days ago)
Do you have to sniff everything
Wrecks (6 days ago)
This is nothing like Stadia.
Colby Brasher (6 days ago)
It's a bit bulky, but if you really like your Xbox, this wouldn't be a bad idea. Imagine if it had a rechargeable battery....
Anubhav Yadav (6 days ago)
bro get a switch
Roronoa Zoro (6 days ago)
So basically you click baited us for a glorified, less capable, 10x bigger laptop?
Muhammad Farhan (6 days ago)
I'll buy it if they release a brighter 1080p or 4k screen
QIan Yefan (6 days ago)
made in china is so big
Isfahan Ismail (6 days ago)
Its not even April 1st!
Please don’t lie. Stadia isn‘t from Xbox , it‘s from Google. That video is only Clickbait. And Stadia isn‘t a Physical device, it is a gaming service!
eag 8999 (7 days ago)
I had this shit in 2002 with an original Xbox.
Daniel Jeffery (7 days ago)
I'll bring one to work everyday for my lunch
Jonathan Rodriguez (7 days ago)
He could have just gotten a switch 😂🕹️
Ethan Price (7 days ago)
Google stadia is so cool! I was involved with the testing and it's insanely smooth
Killgood246 Gaming (7 days ago)
Use it in your house when your fiance wants to watch TV 😂
David Mootoo (7 days ago)
As the owner of a GAEMS Vanguard, with a PS3 and an Xbox One, I like this unit because of its size, but I must wonder where do you keep all the accessories? With the Vanguard, you keep the cords, power bricks and a controller IN the unit, WITH the console. This unit seems smaller and way more compact, which would work against it, as far as I am concerned, requiring you to carry more stuff in separate packaging. Sweet idea, though.
Stoica Ion Gabriel (7 days ago)
What hungry you are after money. it's time to unsubscribe. I lost 9 minutes of my time. shame shame shame to be yours
halaswamy k (8 days ago)
You are so cooooool
GACH HCAG (8 days ago)
I would buy a switch... Hahha
PAHADI SAVAGE (9 days ago)
The Microsoft - Xbox Stadia (Prod. Google)
DrAy D (9 days ago)
I bought the first one they released and it’s still holding up.
Tanmay Arora (9 days ago)
worst vo ever r u fucking stupid
SHAPE SHIFTER (9 days ago)
I'd rather get a Nintendo switch though
Pyro (10 days ago)
And the difference between a gaming labtop is?
Noxxum Ti0n (8 days ago)
spelling is the difference
SuperSteve (10 days ago)
I thought the Xbox came with it, i didn't order it just saying that's what it looked like from the thumbnail
SuperSteve (10 days ago)
Factory Fresh
Mike Wagner (11 days ago)
OMEGA RED GAMING (11 days ago)
Wow that's cool lew
Greg Schrack (11 days ago)
Bought one of these for deployments bc lugging around a my own tv and Xbox on a ship just doesn’t work.
Elite Swarrior (11 days ago)
Hate this guy.....hes a damn troll..... hope stans dad rapes you as lorde
mega man (12 days ago)
Hey look its still a piece of shit lol
Y A (12 days ago)
How this is a Google Stadia killer? Are you so stupid to spell words or you lost your mind by making stupid commercials to different companies?
ArsenalPM 247 (11 days ago)
The fact is there is Google stadia killer the Microsoft Xbox cloud but this guy just made a portable xbox
Unknown L (12 days ago)
My briefcase TV is a limited edition Halo4
Jonah Francois (12 days ago)
PsykoHesse gaming (13 days ago)
I bought that case 6 years ago for 360. Perfekt for lan.
PsykoHesse gaming (7 days ago)
+moboy100 we just have big brains......
moboy100 (7 days ago)
PsykoHesse gaming who are you and why do you know my name and history cause I did the same thing too
Sam (13 days ago)
Hilarious all you *Dumb Fools* that keep saying Click Bait. This all comes down to Perception. The title is only suggesting *The XboxOne Equivalent of the Stadia* - (The Microsoft Xbox Stadia) Those of you (which seems to be a large Majority) could not see between the lines. Unsurprising given that most of the viewers are most likely Millenials & SnowFlake Generation that lack *Social Intelligence* Instead of talking and discussing about the product *Gaems Sentinel Pro* You all start kicking and screaming like a bunch of Babys and little girls. *Bunch of Children*
Mark Moros (13 days ago)
Wait its got its own power sorce thats cool as hell you can game in quiet places now
Alamda Ali (13 days ago)
4:56 Look atchu.. uncle LEW
Michael Morrow (13 days ago)
I have the first gen gaems case. Got it used for 50$ off a marine who used it while in service. Still works perfect. Take it on trips for the kids and into my bedroom when kids are using the living room and wife is watching her rom coms in there.
VectorNinja1 (13 days ago)
I had a friend at college who had one of these of a different brand and he just sat at lunch for several semesters never went to class and just played on this all day LOL
Mark Moros (11 days ago)
Thats dope
Eym Me (13 days ago)
99% - People on the comments talking about clickbait and how misleading the title was 1% - Others
lakshay dhami (13 days ago)
it's great because you can take it anywhere. nice video
Prapanch Jagadish (13 days ago)
You've sold out... Lol
the messiah man (13 days ago)
Wow it looks so portable. I want to bring it to the bathroom and play it while im on the toilet.
Top Ten Everything (14 days ago)
DO a Samsung A80 review please
Darren Keathley (14 days ago)
I don’t get this video, it has nothing to do with why I clicked the title.
Sam (13 days ago)
Thats because you're actually a retard and could not *read between the lines* and realize it had nothing to do with the Stadia. Congratulations you're one of the 1000s of Self Declared dumb fucks on this Video Thread
marion pierre (14 days ago)
Is it water proof💦💧⛲🌊🔵🚢🚣🏄‍♂️🏄‍♀️🤽‍♂️🤽‍♀️🤽🚰🚤🚣‍♂️🚿🚣
BunB4523 (14 days ago)
I'm on the road quite frequently and this perfect for protecting my xbox and be able to play, about to order it now.
Georgio Khoury (14 days ago)
I am starting to get annoyed by this guy..LAST CHANCE BRO STOP CLICKBAITING
Dior Karakurt (14 days ago)
No PS4 one
lee am (15 days ago)
It’d be cool if it had a battery so I can use it on a plane etc
Elon Musk (15 days ago)
this is not uploaded on april 1
Prapanch Jagadish (13 days ago)
I hoped that it was..
Gniewko Paczkowski (15 days ago)
well I remember there was something similar for PS1 mini where you was able to attach screen and you could put it just in your backpack not to drag a freaking suitcase this idea is like 20 years old already.
Thaide Martins (15 days ago)
This remembers me so much of ps1's dedicated screen you could buy it in 2000s
Ricky Morales (15 days ago)
Thaide Martins I thought the same exact thing! 😆
Mayank Rawat (15 days ago)
So even on gatherings people or gonna play .. we are going far away from reality and companies like these are really promoting it.
Alex Aguilar (15 days ago)
tHiS wAs cLiCkBaIt... shaht uupp. this is dope and I’m glad I saw this probably going to buy one
Noxxum Ti0n (8 days ago)
JuSt GeT a LaPtOp
Sultan Khan (15 days ago)
Its basically some btec nintendo switch ( but bigger.....MUCH BIGGER)
BENSON XAVIER (15 days ago)
Mac12 (16 days ago)
I have one for sale of someone wants one I gotcha! 😏
Mac12 (10 days ago)
Mark Moros posted on eBay so it’s a secure transaction for you!
Mark Moros (11 days ago)
+Mac12 $200 you got a deal
Mac12 (13 days ago)
Mark Moros $250 mine is a little different, but only used one time. Pretty Cool device! Let m know if your interested.
Mark Moros (13 days ago)
Guido Rowe (16 days ago)
Or for much cheaper, you could buy a nice old breifcase and a similar monitor and fit straps to fit it all in. Is $350 really worth it, effectively for a 1080p small monitor? Not in my eyes.
Jes2beast Media (16 days ago)
Didnt they come out with this idea with the original xbox and the ps2 ? and didnt sell
Jesse Fleming (16 days ago)
they even made an original playstation that had a flip screen on top.
Bryce Light (16 days ago)
I think you're addicted...factory fresh =)
Captain BroadSword (16 days ago)
What's the name of the background track ??? Anyone plz??
Mutch Louis (16 days ago)
Why will someone play games when they are out to camp? What about enjoying the nature ?
Unlimited Rapid (16 days ago)
Mutch Louis well it’s 2019
MiniExtreme (16 days ago)
It's an LCD Panel, there's no such thing as an LED Panel.
Gabriel Blanca (14 days ago)
Like most people, they mix the panel and backlight tech.
Daniel Orozco (16 days ago)
Is it compatible with the Switch?
it's tmt (17 days ago)
it's dumb and stupid 😡
Austin Bell (17 days ago)
Everyone needs to chill. So what if it’s clickbait? It’s still interesting. This “clickbait” isn’t half as bad as most the other real click bait out there.
m0nsta (17 days ago)
This thing is ridiculous! A big box to put an xbox in equipped with its own unimpressive monitor, so now one can carry it round making bulky heavy gaming a portable mobile platform?!?!? I thought tech these days was trying to go smaller, lighter and more convenient. Think I'd opt for a Stadia subscription over this any day.
Dominic Dobrowolski (17 days ago)
Looks like nuclear briefcase
delip kumar (17 days ago)
Bro make video of Samsung S10+ variants because S10+ has 3 variants US, Canada, & global version global version total different processor in India we got that its exynos processor 8nm us,Canada have sd 855 7nm. Tell to people how much difference in speed and graphic every thing may Samsung cheats
Nighetmare (17 days ago)
I call it directly to my pocket, no kidding I'm going now to buy one
DesignIt (17 days ago)
Wtf this video is SO dark, the device is all black, and he decides to play a game with very little color and is dark....
Zack mark (17 days ago)
This thing is not even 4k. In 2-3 years 8k will be norm and these people are still stuck on 1080p display🤦🏻‍♂️
trihard (16 days ago)
Its $300 and 8k wont be a thing for everybody for another 5-10 years tf you on
eagle20g (17 days ago)
I'm just not fan of the price
lil ForzzeS (17 days ago)
Gaems teh fkuc
Nava_ Inc (17 days ago)
>>>>>> Lewis PlayStation already made a Google Stadia competitor when the PlayStation 4 Was released it's Called "PlayStation Remote Play" and you can Use it on any Sony Smartphone or Amazon Fire TV and even on PC. So you can virtually play your PS4 anywhere.
Cesar Zuniga (18 days ago)
Did you mean to say "The Microsoft Xbox STATION"!!!
Magic_Josiah (18 days ago)
Our you could buy a Nintendo switch
Sleepwalking Writer (18 days ago)
Well that’s an answer to Xbox, Stadia, and the Nintendo switch. I mean, it’s like how everything retro is new again. This thing reminds me of the old school car phones that were a suitcase. How much did they pay you to say it’s smaller than you expected? This brick probably causes testicular cancer and that’s only after it gives you back issues after repeatedly setting the thing up. The only place this is convenient is where you are, in a home. Where your computer, TV, and consoles are. This in a car? On a plane? Ask your girlfriend while at the beach if she wants to watch a movie and you setup the gas powered generator in the trunk to fuel this energy efficient turd that won’t flush. I award you no likes, and may God have mercy on your soul.
sean stillwagon (19 days ago)
sean stillwagon (19 days ago)

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