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5 AMAZING Ship Launch Videos

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Ship launching is the process of transferring a vessel to the water. It is a naval tradition in many cultures, dating back thousands of years. It has been observed as a public celebration and a solemn blessing. Ship launching imposes stresses on the ship not met during normal operation, in addition to the size and weight of the vessel, and it represents a considerable engineering challenge as well as a public spectacle. The process also involves many traditions intended to invite good luck, such as christening by breaking a sacrificial bottle of champagne over the bow as the ship is named aloud and launched. There are three principal methods of conveying a new ship from building site to water, only two of which are called "launching." The oldest, most familiar, and most widely used is the end-on launch, in which the vessel slides down an inclined slipway, usually stern first. With the side launch, the ship enters the water broadside. The third method is float-out, used for ships that are built in basins or dry docks and then floated by admitting water into the dock. In all cases, heavy chains are attached to the ship and the drag effect is used to slow the vessel once afloat, until tugboats can move the hull to a jetty for fitting out. Watch what happens when a ship collides: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vD_7Mfx4C0 But what happens when ship launch fails? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GTBVRDziss Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/EWC102/
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Text Comments (8713)
William (2 years ago)
That's what it's like when I get in the bath 🛀
Hola soi no
moto 142 (11 days ago)
Чё по русски слабо написать а?
Nadia Didou (11 days ago)
Rafael Angetib (24 days ago)
Follow me
FifaMobileBalkan (2 hours ago)
1:45 is what you came for :)
クンクン (2 hours ago)
江戸川ナンコ (1 day ago)
Number one
Predeep Kumar (3 days ago)
Kadek Yudhistira (4 days ago)
1:26 Directed by Robert Weide
Ridoy Ismael (4 days ago)
Number two
Babita Verma (4 days ago)
Radit Mandiraja (5 days ago)
Gravity Falls Gamer (5 days ago)
What boggles my mind is how they are going to launch the Titanic 2 in the same way. It is beyond me how a replica of the Titanic will be side launched instead of being dry docked like the original. Hopefully the ship doesn’t capsize at launch.
sabo TEN (6 days ago)
Volk OZ (7 days ago)
Нельзя этак корабли на воду спускать ак 47
indian indian (8 days ago)
No 2 which country??? Nice place
김수정 (9 days ago)
Fahad Pk (9 days ago)
ss (9 days ago)
2:01 Fish
Tonya Barnes (9 days ago)
I. Like. All. Of. Them
AroundMe TheWorld (10 days ago)
Gening Pratolo (10 days ago)
Auto kaget ikan2 disana 🎏
トルラプ (10 days ago)
Hilda Kalsbeek (11 days ago)
l hope she comes back the little giant girl into the museum that would be great 🙏
Paloma Lara (11 days ago)
れーるうぇい (12 days ago)
lolnek 5 (12 days ago)
Joemarie Valdevia (12 days ago)
Big wave/tsunami
The best things Mondal (12 days ago)
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杉Pooh (12 days ago)
浸水式ってこんなすげーのか( ^_^ ;) 良く船倒れないなw
Om Narayan (13 days ago)
H N (13 days ago)
れんこん (12 days ago)
Dakhanavar99 (13 days ago)
When you think its someone giving orders to release the ships.. No.. Its only Chuck Norris who is in the midle of the crowd and sneezes to the ships releasing them...
DOĞUKAN S (14 days ago)
3th :'(
Stephen Liang (14 days ago)
destroyer (14 days ago)
Блять, я задумывался до последнего, что какой то из их перевернется
arik Yuniarsih (15 days ago)
arik Yuniarsih (15 days ago)
Frégate L'Hermione (16 days ago)
Découvrez le nouveau teaser de L'Hermione ! Voyage #Hermione2019 / Normandie Liberté ! https://youtu.be/zikSn8sjdtw Discover the new teaser of the Hermione ! #Hermione2019
Jacob Sartorius (16 days ago)
Who is the one who entered for the video image
Yasi Vlog (16 days ago)
جميلة هذه اللحظة ❤❤👍👍👏👏🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
Красивое зрелище👍
Funny Moments Game (17 days ago)
David D. (17 days ago)
Legends say the water is still spreading
Mas Iqbal (17 days ago)
Looks like little tsunami
Orion Bumstead (17 days ago)
Joanne Lloyd (18 days ago)
All of them
うんこうんこ (18 days ago)
Sea Marine (3 days ago)
うんこうんこ 共感しすぎて街飛べそう
ラーメンねぎ (4 days ago)
うんこうんこ 共感しすぎて空飛べそう
gg gg (18 days ago)
Меня бы там распидорасило нахуй
Kevin Paul Barnaiha (18 days ago)
2:36 the water is so satisfying to watch
levi's josh gaming (18 days ago)
Kanti Ahir (18 days ago)
3 last
เซ ฮาย (18 days ago)
Fanboy Deluxe (18 days ago)
The clock is 2 in the morning and I am watching this??? Wtf, Enough YouTube for today
Mark Mikhail (18 days ago)
Oh God... They almost did not cause a Tsunami (2).🙌
Marc Taylor (19 days ago)
Godwin Mathew Dungog (19 days ago)
Number 2
King150 Kurdi (19 days ago)
shashank manikanta (19 days ago)
Last ship I loved so muchhhhhhh
Udhayakumar Bhuvi (19 days ago)
First one
김보민 (19 days ago)
Swagat Gour (19 days ago)
Momo Smile (19 days ago)
Rip nomber 3 !!
Rico Renzo Peliño (19 days ago)
the 1 one
SkuLL Tech (20 days ago)
Chirag Chavda (20 days ago)
2nd last one...
The Feathers (20 days ago)
2 nd one is awesome
Mọi người đk kênh ủng hộ mình
المعجبين (20 days ago)
my mam is dowt that 😭😭😭
Md Farhan Murtaza (20 days ago)
SA MP (20 days ago)
Amazing! 😀
king beattle (21 days ago)
My home made ship is best
Omaha Joe (21 days ago)
Weird how they just drop it in like that.
HB Game Tech (21 days ago)
I never knew how boats are launched into water
Black 34879 (21 days ago)
What is this duck shaped thing ? 2:46
Black 34879 (21 days ago)
And kids that’s how tsunamis are made
Jabogs Plays (21 days ago)
1 & 2 are the best .
Christian G (21 days ago)
Imagine the ships be like "sh*t its cold and jumps right back"
Uau que top
Mikayla Dupree (21 days ago)
3 was an epic fail, 2 was an epic flood so I’d 1. Whet they hell. My mom would be ashamed🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️. She worked for the Navy back in 41-44 at Hunters Point, CA as a welder.
Adrian Mejia (22 days ago)
The 1st of course
Suneeth Chunni (22 days ago)
源デブとも (22 days ago)
Akash shaw (22 days ago)
3 is very bad
Ronny Ad'ha (22 days ago)
1:27 the cameraman was killed by tsunami ?🤪
Marc OK (22 days ago)
jonathan prawira (22 days ago)
Fish:fak you
johncarlo amarga1 (22 days ago)
The Cool fire Taurtis (22 days ago)
Number 3
MasterLance_Gaming (22 days ago)
Welcome back toooooo the recommended show!!! Today we see today Yoda teaching Luke how to use the force!!1!1!!
Anuar Anuar (23 days ago)
Kalla Durga prasad (23 days ago)
The last one is highlighte
Andrei _22 (23 days ago)
Ахуеть 58 млн просмотров я вахууууе!!! Пусть мерикосы задумываются что написал что-то дельное... ☝️
Afjal Husain (10 days ago)
ВЛД (17 days ago)
+Andrei _22 ахщхпхахахха +
Andrei _22 (18 days ago)
+Mr boss пшол нахуй
Mr boss (18 days ago)
Tina tuno ton ton
kadoys Vlog (23 days ago)
woahhhhh! what’s happened on the 3rd video? was the camera man still alive?
Aí do nada vem a onda...😂
Ivan Santos (23 days ago)
Number 3 Me:Water Freebies!!!!
nakarouto (23 days ago)
They where al dutch ships 😂
Ready Steady (23 days ago)
BEHEL GAMING (23 days ago)
Become tsunami

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