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Microsoft Fluid Framework Unleashed!

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Special web design and development training offer: https://www.killersites.com/blog/2019/webhost-company-pays-for-your-web-design-training/ Microsoft is unveiling a whole new Fluid Framework developer platform today at the company’s Build 2019 conference. Fluid Framework is designed to let developers build more shared and interactive services and apps on the web. Microsoft’s framework will include support for co-authoring on the web at a speed and scale “not yet achieved in the industry,” says the company. Microsoft has dabbled with multiperson collaboration on the web in both Office and its Whiteboard app, and it appears it’s bringing those learnings and benefits to everyone. Read more: https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/6/18530191/microsoft-fluid-framework-productive-collaborative-web-technology-build-2019 My popular courses: Learn web development fast: https://shop.killervideostore.com/ Learn Python 3 fast: http://www.killervideostore.com/python/ My business courses: Complete Freelancer: https://www.killervideostore.com/freelancer Complete Entrepreneur: https://www.killervideostore.com/video-courses/complete-entrepreneur.php My social links: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stefanmischook/?hl=en Twitter: https://twitter.com/killersites Thanks! Stef #microsoft #FluidFramework
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kellyjohna (2 days ago)
This fluid is complete BS. Microsoft is basically a marketing company and thats all they have. They are behind the eightball and they are trying to market their way out only its not going to happen this time. They have absolutely nothing to offer of any significance. This is Windows Phone 2.0 only its going to end way worse than it did in the past. They are embracing Open Source ? Good for them, they are about 50 tech years behind ! They have their Captain CEO chief head of BS at Micrograft. They got nothing going but a game of Three Card Monty. Windows 10 abysmal failure, Azure not far behind, the only people using Azure are poor non profits getting subsidies and just totally numb Micrograft devoteess that dont understand they are paying extra to run linux on top of a Micrograft server system thats going away soon. Fluid is going down the drain, complete marketing fantasy.
Rock Tulip (3 days ago)
Hi Stefan. Great content, really loving it. Wanting to ask when the offer will last till? Thank you :)
Giwa Tech (3 days ago)
I'm MS and I approve of this commercial.
Darko Gelevski (3 days ago)
Herb Leonard (4 days ago)
Awesome video.
statorworks 345 (4 days ago)
And yet another MS framework... 🙈 They love moving to a new shining object leaving the old ones half assed
Giovanny De Jesus (4 days ago)
Yay! more frameworks!..Feels like christmas morning.
Youtube L (5 days ago)
make introductory vid on this
wroot (5 days ago)
I couldn't find any separate video of this, but i saw it during Build 2019 keynote and it looked cool (dynamic, real-time updating tables and charts in Teams or Outlook, instant translations for all participant in the document, real time typing and drawing indication in the document).
Your Name (5 days ago)
Question for a vlog, Mr Mischook: For someone wishing to avoid inexorably malignant social dynamics, toxic personalites/bosses, et cetera, in workplaces in general (coding in teams...); - To what degree would you say that it is possible to freelance predominantly Solo. I.e. to work alone, either webb or programming in general. Possible at all? If so - what avenues may be open for such a way to make a living, to fly Solo in your line of business? Thank you very much for all the great info :D
Balazs Pk (5 days ago)
i hate microsoft
Philip Martin (5 days ago)
They also announced that .NET 5 will be fully cross platform and open source. They are specifically adding support for WebAssembly which is crazy
Philip Martin (5 days ago)
+Owain Harris I'm really not a huge fan of JS, I love the performance magic I can do with actual value types and pointers. That said, seeing that react development can move onto more serious platforms makes me happy anyway. It will improve the productivity of a lot of studios, and hopefully make the react team a lot more ambitious. My real moonshot hope is that Microsoft starts supporting Python and maybe JS on the CLR. This might make the CLR big and open enough to convince the big browsers to support C# and Python, which would be a tremendous leap forward for web applications. They already have backwards compatibility with wasm, but being full integration could be unbelievable.
Owain Harris (5 days ago)
Philip Martin Yeah, it makes React/JS a pretty attractive language/framework. One language that is already trending for web, mobile and desktop.
Philip Martin (5 days ago)
+Owain Harris that's weird I didn't see that
Owain Harris (5 days ago)
Also React Native support in Windows
Alan Gramont (5 days ago)
I’ve been in this business longer than even you have and I have tried many times to write multi platform solutions. Starting with Java 1.0 back in 1996. My most recent app was a Nativescript app for a company. They choose the technology. I will say that 90% of my dev time was dealing with issues related to simple things like button placement and getting features to work on both iOS and Android. And I didn’t feel like it took any less time than just building two apps natively. And as that app matures there will be a web of “isAndroid” and “isIOS” blocks that potentially can make it more expensive to maintain.
ijaz khan (5 days ago)
That'll be really good for PWA. I've been building response PWA's in React. This can help me a lot...
siddharth bhonsle (5 days ago)
WOW now i can put my website in my resume and show off my skills better thats a brilliant option
Darko Ristanovic (5 days ago)
I dropped web dev because I just got job in native realm (iOS dev). And now I see this. :D
Paula J. Bean (4 days ago)
Don't worry, apps made with cross-platform frameworks are a declining minority on the Appstore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_I3Gg_XHsk
Some Viet Guy (5 days ago)
Can't stand Windows, only use when I have to. LInux is for me all the way.
ConquerJS (4 days ago)
You're so cool man I wish I could be like you, very l33t
Job Gondwe (5 days ago)
I think that's great news for the web, and it's surely going to open bigger gates for PWAs(Progressive Web Apps). PWA is the future.
New Programmer (5 days ago)
Mr stef. Do you know how to reverse a link list?
siddharth bhonsle (5 days ago)
Matthew Rhodes (5 days ago)
Man, I love your videos. I get an alert, click on the notification and your video pops up with INSTANT INFORMATION. No stupid intro with Minnie mouse singing in the back ground. No wacky lambo show off. JUST PURE INFORMATION TO CONSUME!
Yusuf YURTSEVER (3 days ago)
Hahaha Minnie mouse singing.... You got me there 😂🤣😂🤣😂
busyrand (5 days ago)
If, when Microsoft adds the Linux kernel to their hardware, I'll be firmly back to Windows.
Jimmy Chameleons (5 days ago)
Matthew Rhodes (5 days ago)
Heck yeah! Me too!
Gregory Shavers Jr (5 days ago)
Great another framework to learn. LOL Fundamentals or not who wants to learn a 5th framework. lol
Still learning web pack and trying to master js. Gotta tell myself that I don't need to look into this one heh.
Ihtisham Zahoor (5 days ago)
In other news, Microsoft is merging .Net and .Net Core, which is amazing. Microsoft is changing for good, finally!
ObinAtor 1 (4 days ago)
New terminal also, nice
Kevin Florenz Daus (5 days ago)
yeah Ive read about that news too.. quite an amazing feat by Microsoft..
Sharad Raj Maurya (5 days ago)
Thanks Stefan
FinnFrican (5 days ago)
We don't need another web framework. Argh!
FinnFrican (5 days ago)
Whatever it is, I hope it adds true value to the community.
davlmt (5 days ago)
It's not a web framework
Sava nZ (5 days ago)

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