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Top 10 Red Card Goal Celebrations

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Hit LIKE and SUBSCRIBE Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed, please Subscribe us; http://bit.ly/Wrzzer Title: Top 10 Red Card Goal Celebrations Track: +Epic and Emotional Music - Last Dawn https://youtu.be/wWjgsepyE8I
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Text Comments (3344)
Josi Okoniewski (2 hours ago)
What a bunch of immature children. They all deserved to be ejected!
3:39 the guy puts up the middle finger while running
IB R (2 days ago)
"I just scored a stupid goal, let's have a stupid celebration". Violani
Rk Mobile (4 days ago)
Where is Ronaldo s red card bloody fool
Flippy Floppy (6 days ago)
Jordan Falor (6 days ago)
that was funny need more
ZAID SSERUBOGO (7 days ago)
Abuse of powers is not exercise of power, so things are decidable
Aboode Ali (7 days ago)
2:17 😂😂
سيد مرمل (8 days ago)
BANG OPAH (9 days ago)
wowwww,,,niceeeee welcome back
Gamerboy1984/ASMR (9 days ago)
I swear the first one was offsides
John Smith (9 days ago)
These are the moments that make football somewhat fun. Why do lame referees ruin them?
lil Dirt (10 days ago)
2:18 meanwhile my man does the worm
Fus Ro Dah (11 days ago)
ref decision is stupid
Mikeson Siulapwa (11 days ago)
Reno ft slap see and mark 2
Futan Mia 55 (12 days ago)
Brother valo
Essy B (12 days ago)
What did the guy at 1:34 do?
Essy B (5 days ago)
brome thanks
brome (5 days ago)
check 1:45 in the replay he does a sniper gesture
blueblue x (12 days ago)
4:16 was he 3 years old
skiduxx83 (13 days ago)
https://youtu.be/8gvVU0xKYuU if do you like videos like this try this one
Erhan Altan Türk (13 days ago)
2:17 LOL
m. afran darbuka (14 days ago)
Wasit nya mau gua gampar
ZorbaTheDutch (14 days ago)
People doing the chicken dance deserve more punishment than just a yellow card. I suggest jail time. And not just for football players. Everyone.
Rollex (4 days ago)
ZorbaTheDutch sarcasm is real lol
Hexegonalija draws (16 days ago)
I love how the guys gets a red and he still does the worm
Transcendent Studios (17 days ago)
Don’t think any celebration warrants a red card 🖕🏻
R. M. (17 days ago)
Abrar Basher (19 days ago)
carlos tevez 😂😂
Ar-j Masigla (19 days ago)
How about dabbing?
nelmezzodelcamminooo (21 days ago)
omg the last two or three ahahahah
Mr. Azorian (21 days ago)
4:16 why man?
bronsonlee777 (9 days ago)
Probably cocaine.
Mr. Azorian (10 days ago)
+brandon garcia am smoking every day and nothing happend yet
brandon garcia (10 days ago)
This us why my mom says son don't ever smoke weed
Mr. Azorian (21 days ago)
when judge is a hater
Yasini Salimu (19 days ago)
Skylar Whittington (21 days ago)
The player doing the work was the funniest part of the video and when the ref pulls the red card, I love when like the whole team starts gathering around the ref like what the heck did ya do that for. And they start yelling and getting mad at them
BeWaRe Jay (19 days ago)
You mean "worm"?
hi baby (22 days ago)
Barzan Faris (22 days ago)
CHIRAPHAT PHANDA (23 days ago)
CHIRAPHAT PHANDA (23 days ago)
เอาซะลีคไทยขึ้นปกเลย 555+
Dina Floissac (23 days ago)
Dina Floissac (23 days ago)
I cloud not tell if the black guy was trying to take his pants off or being funny
Scinecio GT (25 days ago)
Chicken dance wtf
Y'tesss (27 days ago)
2:17 Il m'a achevée celui là 😂😂
Vancea Matanu (29 days ago)
Sugi pula Fancasetcnmlcfaseryiunlpviqwxvfsabhpytqw
Tsubasa Tomiya (29 days ago)
John Tana (1 month ago)
Stupid very very stupid😂
corys167 lmao (1 month ago)
Many peoples use to take off them shirt cuz when they score they r like super happy
Big Dave (1 month ago)
0:55 had me weak.
U Wot M8? (1 month ago)
You can understand the red cards for the guns because they could seriously hurt someone being that reckless with a firearm...
Ankit Dubey (1 month ago)
2:16 Thank me later
John Yeo (1 month ago)
I like chicken dance
PkMsoccer 22 (1 month ago)
None of these should be red cards
Fire Dragon Master (1 month ago)
Lmao 🤣 he takes off his pants on the 2nd one
Regan Ateh (1 month ago)
John Hernandez (1 month ago)
I didn't know they were so strict
Tyler Cline (1 month ago)
Somd of these were dumb calls.
hasniza hashim (1 month ago)
Sounds of Nature (1 month ago)
great video
Achata MMadi (1 month ago)
Il ma tuer a la fin
Rebecca Phiri (1 month ago)
Only we football fun's understand lol
Boss. (1 month ago)
Killer line the way he said it And ejected off the match Carlos tevez...
Alper (1 month ago)
Red card imitating a chicken? Ridiculous!
Matias Joel Achetoni (1 month ago)
River Plate and Boca Juniors have a strong rivality (both from Argentina), the fans of River Plate are known as ''Chickens'', Carlos Tevez celebration it was a humilliation for all of them.
Darki (1 month ago)
3:23 Imao
Lotus Hempelonium (1 month ago)
Idiots! All of them!
Dyangoma Nicky S (1 month ago)
Oh refereees got no chil
Zaki Dumont (1 month ago)
Dude the funniest red card is when he ran on the stands and applauding himself😄😄😄😄
Adeon55 (1 month ago)
Such dramatic music :o
ZionHillCalling (1 month ago)
I would like to see the FIFA guide lines for inproper goal celebrations.
lucy wright (1 month ago)
New Subscriber xx
MANJUNATH AP (1 month ago)
they are tottaly mad when make goal
MeNnoiiz Pattawong (1 month ago)
กูมาดูมาริโอ ยูรอฟสกี้ จอมเกรียนโดยเฉพาะ 5555
Gray Smithil (1 month ago)
When you score and almost run mad you deserve a red card lmao....I can't stop laughing
Radhe Radhe (1 month ago)
No. 9 is awesome
The Pipe Men (1 month ago)
Cavan I rocking the heavy siper
Leon 1710 (1 month ago)
2:27 dont get that one
That was awesome, excellent share... Carl
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Joe O Sullivan (1 month ago)
I can't decide if I disagree with a player a red card for celebrations, or if a player deserve a red card for taking the risk while on a yellow, or if I'm glad they got sent off for acting like idiots. A red card for half taking off your shirt is a bit unfair alright though..
Joash Keya (1 month ago)
no.9 is very funny...😂😂😂😂
No brains demo ... pathetic
Pibaren Lourembam (1 month ago)
Kick out such judge
Lucifer 777 (1 month ago)
2:18 yay I got a red card I'm so proud of meee
Justice Gemini (1 month ago)
02:16 when she says she isn’t home alone no more & you feel frustrated.
Dante Christians (1 month ago)
Some football rules are stupid
tony montana (1 month ago)
Fake crowd noises
comlab ch th (1 month ago)
ALL THINK BD (1 month ago)
where is naimar
Labbaik Kexzyas (1 month ago)
Auto redcard ..
Mihr Fdg (1 month ago)
ي . ىى .ب ىى. ع .ق .
VorcePlay Z (2 months ago)
Refs r so stupid mate!
ANJELO CHANNEL (2 months ago)
AppliedWay Company (2 months ago)
#9 was top 2
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Valentine Kiptoo (2 months ago)
Justice Gemini (2 months ago)
Why the sad music man? 😂
Ju 215 (2 months ago)
I AM A TWONK (2 months ago)
3:11 wait a minute the ref was doing the chicken too and 2:18 that guy looks happy that his teammate has been sent off
5tr3ps1l5 (1 month ago)
The ref was showing why he was sent off. The player doing the worm is the one sent off
Peter Tiughwa (1 month ago)
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MLULEKI MOYO (2 months ago)
No comments. ...it's a beautiful game
Yanton Ekspress (1 month ago)
Children at play.
Akin Yadeka (2 months ago)

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